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DE/FF-1066 Rex Ferry BM3 1/73 - 12/76 mferry (AT) party on
DE/FF-1066 Thomas Martin OS2 1986-1988 stlrs88 (AT)  
DE/FF-1066 Kenneth Moore ST1 precom - 1972 kenmooresd (AT)  
DE/FF-1066 Matt O'Donnell HT2 1984-1986 jako209 (AT)  
DE/FF-1066 Leo Warden BM3 3/75-7/78 nedraw (AT)  
DE/FF-1066 Ernie Williams 0S2 1984 to 1987 Ernest.Williams (AT) Marvin Shields was the best ship I serve on and her crew the best I had the privitege to serve with in 21 years
DE/FF-1066 Jim Williams MM2 Sept 73 to April 77 JSWilliams4 (AT)  
DE1066 John Gomes HT2 1972-73 shippy_10 (AT)  
DE-1066 Frank Armenta STG2 Precom-5/75 farmenta11 (AT) I am happy to have served the U.S.A. as a crew member of the Mighty Marv! Hail to all my shipmates!
DE-1066 Richard Avara ETR3 73-76 ravara (AT) I had fun and hope to get in touch with shipmates.....
DE-1066 Doug Bailey BM3 06/71-10/72 kdude13 (AT) Deck ape served aboard Mighty Marv at Yankee Station Tonkin Gulf 1972.
DE-1066 William Barron SN 1971-1972 Bgizmo3733 (AT) Plank Owner Quartermaster Striker
DE-1066 John Carroll GMT3 1974-1976 Katehc61 (AT) Miss the old crew WesPac 74-75. Been in touch with Gary Metcalf,Steve Silvis-wanting to hear from others.
DE-1066 Guy Cornett RM2 6/71-8/74 gcornett (AT) 1st reunion set for San Diego, June 9-11, 2006. Contact me!
DE-1066 Jim Demkovich OS2 1970-1974 jimdemkovich (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1066 Gary Ferguson MM3 9/71-6/73 gdferguson (AT)  
DE-1066 Hozell Francis RM2 03/71 to 03/73 hlfranc (AT) Some good times, and adventures on the Mighty Marv. Enjoyed working in the Radio Shack.
DE-1066 Thomas Gillis E-4 1971-1975 Roadkingmoj (AT) Lifetime ago but memories are still vivid!
DE-1066 Leo Goebel MM2 12/70 - 12/73 lgoebel1 (AT) Can Do!
DE-1066 John Gomes HT2 1972-1973 shippy2 (AT) Take a moment and drop a line
DE-1066 Jerry Hackney MM2 1971 to 1973 JHackney (AT)  
DE-1066 William (Bill) Hodge MRFN 3/71 -9/71 wphodge (AT)  
DE-1066 John R. Horan, Jr. GMG2 9/72-10/74 John_Horan (AT) 1st ship Retired in '91 as GMC(SW)
DE-1066 Jeff Hungerford MM3 7/73 - 7/76 jmhun (AT) looking for shipmates from my time onboard
DE-1066 Steven Johnson RM3 08/73 to 06/75 sjohnson617 (AT) I was known as Little John
DE-1066 Roger Kram BT2 12/72 - 5/76 rbkram (AT) I serverd as Oil King. Join our Association
DE-1066 Benjamin Laxson QM3 9/72 to 9/75 relaxin_56 (AT) From SA to QM3-accident kept me from continuing-good friends-anyone hear frm SN Southerland after Guam?
DE-1066 Allan MacLean EM3 1971 to 1974 ajm5ajm5 (AT)  
DE-1066 Rodney May GMG3 10/73 - 11/74 mayhomestead (AT) has anyone heard from Mike Burns or Jim Clark GMG
DE-1066 William (Bill) Morgan RM2 6/71-12/74 wwm527 (AT)  
DE-1066 Bill Murchler HT1 4/70 to/72 billm4326 (AT) Plank Owner, Great Ship and Crew
DE-1066 Edward Schoeler ETN2 09/71 - 08/73 ecschoeler (AT)  
DE-1066 Stephen Silvis GMT3 73-75 oneofninek (AT)  
DE-1066 Ken Swart SK3 4/71-1/73 playahuero (AT) looking for the guys from 71 to 73, 1st WestPac
DE-1066 Edwin Trapp OS2 2/70 - 11/73 etctrapp (AT) Plank owner, like to contact the radar gang that made the 2 extended tours to Nam.
DE-1066 Ronald Tripp E-2 12/74 - 1/76 ronaldtripp627 (AT)  
DE-1066 Lee Unger AD2 1974 lee.unger.jr (AT) not sure of the month that I started or ended. went on WWSPAC with HSL-33
DE-1066 Cameron Vale PC4 1973-1976 cameronvale (AT)  
FF-1066 David Anders, Sr. BTFN Mid 76 - 10/77 Lionel19572000 (AT) Served in B-div. Looking to talk to crew members that remember me.
FF-1066 Ronald (Andy) Anderson STG1 11/77 - 06/81 ronandlynda (AT) show for the reunion, Guy did all the work, jst show up
FF-1066 Rene Aquino MR2 07/76 - 12/77 odlan4yer (AT) R Division
FF-1066 Mark Baker RM2 11/76 - 1/79 markbaker12 (AT) Looking for shipmates
FF-1066 Scott Barker SN 1977-1978 SCOTTBARKER823 (AT) EARTHLINK.NET  
FF-1066 Bruce Beasley STG1 1986 - 1990 pmtech9 (AT) Good ship Good friends
FF-1066 Kelly Berry QMSA 1986-1989 kellyberry67 (AT)  
FF-1066 Chopper Bissing STG3 1988-1992 jbissing (AT) Does anyone have videos of the Boat?
FF-1066 Peter Brennan BM3 10/75 - 12/78 Vhoyb (AT) Finally Retired from the Navy as a CWO5/BOSN after 32+ years. Now where do we muster at?
FF-1066 Don Caterson ET1/NC1 Oct 1985 - Apr 1990 doncat51 (AT)  
FF-1066 Ray Cook RM3 1977-1978 ScoutR53 (AT)  
FF-1066 Guy Cornett RM2 6/71-8/74 gcornett (AT) Association has been formed. Contact me for info.
FF-1066 Mike Crady PN3 Jan89 - Jul92 CRADY777 (AT)  
FF-1066 Eric Curtis STG1 8/90-decom ecurtis (AT)  
FF-1066 Randy Cusick GMG2 Precom - 8/73 Rcusick (AT) Asroc Gunner
FF-1066 Jerry Dalton OS1 1984-1986 jd2593 (AT)  
FF-1066 William Daniels EW3 1990 to 1992 ddocwill (AT) Looking for SN Hamm
FF-1066 Jeff Earnest OS2 1987 to 1991 royalnissan.jeff (AT)  
FF-1066 Larry D. Feigt DCC(SW) 02/88 - 11/91 loriannfeigt (AT)  
FF-1066 Bill Garner STG2 88-90 gouyu (AT)  
FF-1066 Leon Gerry BT2 5/84- 6/87 ccfcocti (AT) Was ships oilking during westpac 86
FF-1066 Carlos Gonzales YN3 07/88-09/91 carlos.gonzales (AT) I was called ''Gonzo''
FF-1066 Jeff Gray MM2 02/87 - 10/89 jealgr (AT)  
FF-1066 Joe Gregor MS2 Nov 77-Aug 80 oowingnut (AT) wespac 77 and 80
FF-1066 Alfred Hamm BM3 4/88 - 3/92 alfred_hamm (AT)  
FF-1066 Kim Hanthorn BT3 1989-1992 mr1hanthorn (AT) Worked my butt off on her, but she was a great ship.
FF-1066 Jim Harper QM2 1977 -1981 jlharper (AT) looking for my ship mates
FF-1066 Gene Harrison OSC 1988-1990 chien (AT)  
FF-1066 Dean Hatch IC2 10/83-8/86 dhatch (AT)  
FF-1066 Ron Hawks PN2 83-87 haw2r (AT) good day
FF-1066 Roger Hay OS2 1975-1979 hay (AT) Welcome news from old shipmates
FF-1066 Richard Hill OS3 01/80-08/82 zoanthids1 (AT)  
FF-1066 Darrell Hill BTFN 5/83-6/84 hilldmack (AT) anyone remember Perth, Sydney,92 days in the indian ocean
FF-1066 Brett Jacobs PN3 09/82 - 04/85 bwjjacobs (AT)  
FF-1066 Robert Jones SH2 1981 - 1983 ryan070196 (AT)  
FF-1066 Mike Kopp BT2 1/80 - 7/83 Mikekopp61 (AT)  
FF-1066 Sean Kuhn MM3 2/87-7/90 crue22 (AT) looking for shipmates/ reunion
FF-1066 Haasan Lamont STG2 1983-1987 hlamont (AT) Feel free to contact me, shipmates.
FF-1066 David Leach SM3 88-91 doc-55 (AT)  
FF-1066 Mark Looney BMC 08/76-08/77 boatslooney (AT)  
FF-1066 Glen Mabe DCC 1985-1989 glen_sherri (AT)  
FF-1066 Paul Marc-Aurele RM2 1981 to 1985 paul.marcaurele (AT) Loved Australia!
FF-1066 Richard Marquardt OS3 84-87 eponariannu (AT) Life is good. How about you?
FF-1066 Thomas Marx OS2 1985-1989 jetsguy14 (AT)  
FF-1066 Larry McCrary PNCS 06/90-07/91 larry.mccrary (AT) Current Navy Veterans Awards Coordinator
FF-1066 Bob McDermott ET2 3/80-8/81 spleef123 (AT) Served during ''dream Cruise'' 1980.. Lookin for shipmates.
FF-1066 John McKinley SN 05/81 to02/83 elderoneuk (AT)  
FF-1066 Greg Moos MM3 1973-1975 gmoos (AT)  
FF-1066 Robert Mundy RMC(SW) 1986-1990 cdmrlmclm (AT)  
FF-1066 Robert Myers STG2 1981-1985 rmyers1 (AT) Anyone know where Critter is?
FF-1066 David Nelson SK2 1983 to 1987 smedave (AT) Where is that Bulk Head Spare we brought onboard?
FF-1066 Matt O'Donnell HT2 3/84 -8/86 jako209 (AT)  
FF-1066 Jeff Oehm BMSN/OSSN 1977 to 1981 Jkoehm (AT) Have pics-love to contact all of you-OH ya I havenít changed much-in Mesa,AZ-480-246-6867 rock on mates
FF-1066 Reno Overson MM2 1/77 - 1/82 rjoverson (AT) Looking for shipmates
FF-1066 David Pederson IC3/E-4 1988 to 1991 vegtam2003 (AT)  
FF-1066 Gil Polanco PN3 1/76 - 7/79 gil (AT) Looking for a pile of people. If we partied or fought together, drop a line and say hi.
FF-1066 Don Powers STG2 7/75-1/79 don_penny (AT)  
FF-1066 Dave Precourt RMSN 1974 to 1976 dprecourt (AT) Hey Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy
FF-1066 Paul Radmer SM3 12/82-08/86 sm1rad (AT) Love that ship!!!!
FF-1066 Marty Reed IC2 5/76 - 12/80 carpetdown (AT)  
FF-1066 Troy Robinson MM3 1986-1990 trobinson (AT) Life is good
FF-1066 Andrew Rutkowski QM2 1977 to 1982 xandrewx10666 (AT) looking for all my good friends.
FF-1066 Bob Scriven EMCS 9/75-2/78, 6/81-9/83 bscriv (AT) I served two tours, the first as EM2, second as EMCS.
FF-1066 Brian Sheely TM3 12/90-10/91 silent_lullabies (AT) Looking for shipmates
FF-1066 Robert Simpson HT3 1/84-11/86 robert.simpson (AT)  
FF-1066 Bill Striegel MAC 6/76-6/78 bil19jul9 (AT) Looking for shipmates for possible reunion
FF-1066 Jim Swank EW3 1/84-1/87 Jswank (AT) Looking for people on board at this time. Go Bucks.
FF-1066 David Thomas STG2 precom 04/75 mardave (AT) Retired Navy Reserve STGC 1998. See you at reunion.
FF-1066 Ronald Tollison DCCM(SW) CMC 7/89 - 6/91 rtollison (AT) great ship and great shipmates
FF-1066 Ronald Tripp E-2 74-76 ronald_tripp (AT)  
FF-1066 Chris Walsh SM2 12/75 - 5/79 contactwalsh (AT) I'll never miss cleaning puke off deck/swabbing gull dung-but saw the most fantastic sunrises/sunsets of my life-learned about duty/honor/steadiness.
FF-1066 Jim Walsh RM3 1983-1987 jcswal (AT) anyone onboard those years,email me?
FF-1066 Ricke Whiteside TM2 1975 to 1979 efd715 (AT) Intrested in hearing from anyone I served with
FF-1066 Shannon Williams IC3 1986-1988 drilling_rig_oil (AT) Looking for shipmates that remember me
FF-1066 Brian Wool QM2 3/89 - decomm brianwool (AT) Marvy Do is still alive, although now with the Mexican Navy.
FF-1066 Joseph Yuhas ET2 1977 to 1986 josephyuhas (AT)  
FF-1067 David Dunlay STG2 4/80-3/84  

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