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DE-351 Gerard Baker SM3 9/55-9/57 b-jerry (AT) Many trips from Newport to Key West and back
DE-351 George Baumann MIDN1 7/53 gwb-ymb (AT) Midshipman aboard to Norway & Denmark
DE-351 James G. Bennett SK3 1954-1956 Deceased 1988  
DE-351 Robert Berry SK 3 12/54 - 12/56 ceciliab (AT) Great to find the listing
DE-351 John Blais LT(jg) 1955-1956 biddog (AT)  
DE-351 Clyde Cain, Jr. S1 1945-1946 mjmoldshellback (AT) Send me your WWII memories
DE-351 Pete Cerone EM3 10/54 - 12/57 Rope427 (AT)  
DE-351 David Christensen MM3 1953-1956 dmwoolard (AT) Living in Seven Hills, Ohio
DE-351 Harold Corbin SK3 8/53-7/55 hjcorbin (AT) Would like to hear from my old shipmates
DE-351 Jack Cross BM2 1953-54 jcross (AT)  
DE-351 Nicholas D'Alessandro BTG3 1954-1956 dalessandron (AT) Still here
DE-351 James Davidson   7/1/54 dontoni5 (AT) My uncle Jim was on this vessel July of 1954
DE-351 John Kenneth Dick RD3 1955-1957 dukjhn (AT) Left when decommissioned at Philly Vaval Yard.
DE-351 Derald Dinger   1951 Deceased  
DE-351 John P. Farrell DK2 9/54-8/56 JPF534 (AT) Discharged USNR as DKCS in 1977
DE-351 David Garrett GM 1945 d.garrett (AT) My father's 80th birthday is in June
DE-351 Howard Gilbert LT(jg) 1/52 - 8/54 gilbert (AT)  
DE-351 Edwin Haupt MM2 1955 - 1957 dedhaupt (AT) Transferred off just prior to decomissioning in 1957
DE-351 Robert Hilliard SK3 1955-1956 rhilli1 (AT) We did a lot of trips to Key West to train sonar students.
DE-351 Paul Hubert RDM3 1944-1946 thubert (AT) Deceased 9/30/1981
DE-351 John Knight BT/FN 11/55 5/57 john_k 7391 (AT) Wva Gang Holcomb Brunett Cook Gray Reno
DE-351 Charles Kolbert TESN 453-1/54 charkol1 (AT) what about a reunion
DE-351 Bruce Leonard GM3 1955-1957 dollyk (AT) Looking for Clarence Donovan/William Costner/ Dan Belcher/ro
DE-351 Gerard Maker, Jr. SM3 9/55-9/57 b-jerry (AT) remember are trips to cuba
DE-351 George Murray YN2 09/52-5/56 thinkwork (AT) Interested in meeting my old shipmates
DE-351 Jack B. Noble SN1 1944/1946 starbird2000 (AT) My father-was proud member of the DE clan. He joined many of his crewmates on 3/22/10-I'll miss you Chief!
DE-351 Edward O'Brien RNSN 1955 to 1956 rob8886 (AT) went aboard in phil/nav/yard after transfer from d.j.buckley
DE-351 Sam Perkul FN 4/56 samsperk (AT)  
DE-351 John Rochminski EM3 04/51 to 05/53 johroc (AT) Worked more as an IC man than EM..Spent time w/comdes atlanic in '52
DE-351 Troy Stanley SN 1955 to 1956 ptstan (AT)  
DE-351 Herbert Stephens Radio Operator 1944-1946 (WWII pacific) c/o hgstephens (AT) Now living in Hagerstown MD, built 36'' model of ship
DE-351 W. Stokes GM 1951 1952 Babenme (AT) Any reunions for the Manuel?
DE-351 Gerald Taylor SO2 54-55 grandpopdaycare (AT) Roger, Ed,Niel-are you guys still around?
DE-351 Fred Traynor GM2 9/51-6/55 f-fred (AT)  
DE-351 John Watt RM3 8/44 - 4/46 johnandedithwatt (AT)  
DE-351 James Wilson FM 1956-1957 repete38 (AT) unaware of any ship reunions
DE-351 James R. Wood BT/FN 8/55-6/56 zzzbantam4788137 (AT) Names FF(doster)(cofee)(tarsitana)(Hostella)(Cook)(Gray)
DE-351 Gil Yates EM2 1943 - 1946 gildot (AT) lived in Baltimore 1943 now in Alanta 2012

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