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FF-1084 Leonard (Lenny) Bonville TM3 1983-1987 lennynvicky (AT)  
FF-1084 Raymond Boring QM/E-5 1984 to 1988 boringmi (AT)  
FF-1084 John Bos FC1 1987 to 1989 jbos (AT)  
FF-1084 Ronald Cain MM1 1984-1988 jennifer616 (AT) would love to hear from any of my shipmates
FF-1084 John Capron QM2 4/78-10/81 JCap02 (AT) been a long time, alot of fun back then
FF-1084 Louie Cardinale EN2 10/76-05/80 loueee (AT) It seems like a lifetime ago ... good memories
FF-1084 Charlie Carpenter STG2 1986-1990 Chucknsherry (AT)  
FF-1084 Mark Chadwick MM2 1986 to 1990 mjchadwick (AT)  
FF-1084 Mike Cleary MM2 1982 to 1985 mclearone (AT)  
FF-1084 Terry Cole E-4 Nov. 71 to Aug. 75 Momcnick (AT) I was a plank owner, ship decommissioned? Looking for info
FF-1084 David Collins QM2 4/81-12/84 davecollins13 (AT) Wonder if they told the Turkish Navy about Helsinki!
FF-1084 John Cradic EM2 2/71 johncradic (AT) Plankowner retired EMCM
FF-1084 Thomas Craig ADJ2 8/73-1/74 chf451 (AT) Hell of a Med Cruise with the HSL-30 Helo Crew
FF-1084 Chester Craig, Jr. MM3 06/90 - 09/93 Fire53537 (AT) It's good to see some old friends' names on the list.
FF-1084 Richard Crain EM2 12/80 to 7/84 crainrr (AT)  
FF-1084 Carl Crater GMT1 1975-1977, 1979-1980 craterce (AT) Served aboard with a great bunch of guys. Both times
FF-1084 Mike Currin OS2 1977 to 1981 currin (AT) Remember the graffiti raid on the Virginia in St Croix??
FF-1084 David Dasen SN 1988 to 1990 groundzero6 (AT)  
FF-1084 Damon De Leaver EMFN 1990-1992 MrAbduNur (AT)  
FF-1084 Paul DeBesse MM3 79-80 Paul (AT)  
FF-1084 Keith Deering STG3 1988-1990 keefy_keef (AT)  
FF-1084 Angelo Demetriou RM3 7/76-10/79 ademetriou (AT)  
FF-1084 James Deputy MM2 1989-1992 jdeputy288 (AT) Lots of familiar names out there
FF-1084 David H. Doremus II LT(jg) 1984-1987 oceansail0 (AT)  
FF-1084 Michael Dugas RM2 06/80 - 06/84 michael.dugas (AT) Big Mac.No other ship can compare....She was home, and a place where great friends met
FF-1084 WIlliam Easley HM3 1980 to 1981 smokyhomes (AT) Great times-rode this ship to the Med as the only Hospital Corpsman for several mos of that deployment (9/80)
FF-1084 Alan Easley STG2 11/79- 05/83 Alan_Easley (AT) Looking forward to the Reunion
FF-1084 Craig Eitreim E-2 April 8 77 - Oct.80 craigeitreim (AT) Thanks for the website on McCandless!
FF-1084 Richard Emerson/Alexander BM3 82-85 investments (AT) anyone suffer from the lead or asbestos from the ny ship yard. If so I would like to hear from you.
FF-1084 Jim Eubanks OS2 03/79 - 10/82 eubyklan (AT) Best three and a half years of my young life. Great Officers and Enlisted men.
FF-1084 Don Fogleman BT1 1986-1991 woodsey (AT)  
FF-1084 Jim Fredricks OS2(SW) 88-90 jamesfredricks (AT)  
FF-1084 Tommy Fullen EW2 10/76-7/78 LTCTLFullen (AT) Look forward to the reunion
FF-1084 Frank Fulton STG3 12/91 - 5/94 frankiefulton (AT) I look forward to hearing from my shipmates.
FF-1084 John Garbes E-5 90 - 92 jwgarbes2000 (AT) Was part of LAMPS squadron attached to ship
FF-1084 David Gaskins EM2 1971-1975 Wind_Dancer4 (AT) Plank Owner, Crossed the line on her 1st cruise, Mid-East
FF-1084 Mike Gaston GMM2 1991 to 1992 gmm1trucker (AT) have some good memories, but time goes on.
FF-1084 Tom Gentile OS2 83-87 Old cruise bk-thought I'd look up shipmates-ran across this site-we were characters but got things done.
FF-1084 Mark Gillette AE3 1979 mskj (AT) Med/middle east cruise. Air Div. HSL-32 Det. 7
FF-1084 Shane Gilmore BM3 12/91-9/93 gilmo5 (AT) Greetings to all 1st Divisioners!!!
FF-1084 Bill Goodfellow STG2 8/1980 - 3/1983 bgoodfellow (AT)  
FF-1084 T. R. Goodson MA1 1986 to 1989 tgoodson_2000 (AT)  
FF-1084 Shawn Graves MM3 92-94 gruvygravi (AT) The Mighty Mac was awesome! A-Gang - Decom Crew
FF-1084 Frankie Gutierrez MSSN 4/92-5/94 jibarito2 (AT)  
FF-1084 Jim Hacsi MR2 1978-1980 jjhasi (AT) Great memories of the 'Steamin' Mac'!
FF-1084 Curtis Harriott EM3 1983 to 1985 SailorE6 (AT) I wish I could make the reunion, maybe next time
FF-1084 Mike Helinsky E-4 1988-1989 gatorus (AT)  
FF-1084 Cesar Hernandez EN3 1/84-9/85 seasir7 (AT)  
FF-1084 Tony Hettinger BM2 1/88 to 1/90 thetting (AT) Hey to all the Guys
FF-1084 Buddy Hinds QM1/QMC 01/82-01/84 whi (AT) This was the real Navy at it's best and I loved it, great ship and great crew.
FF-1084 Paris Hodo HT3 12/91-06/93 texasng250 (AT) would like to hear from my old shipmates
FF-1084 David Hutchins BT3 79-81 kc2gjj (AT) Great ship great bunch of guys!
FF-1084 Jonathan Jarrell OS2 1983-1987 jonathan.jarrell (AT)  
FF-1084 Michael Johnson STG2 1984 ibeweagle (AT) glad to see some shipmates getting older haha rochester MN phone cell 507-269-4920
FF-1084 Jeff Johnson OS2 1976 to 1979 flathills (AT) Hi all, anyone that remembers Schoon give a hoot
FF-1084 James Jonatzke MM3 1/79 -6/82 jajonatzke (AT)  
FF-1084 Thomas Jones E-5 1977 mrjones_1 (AT) Looking for an old shipmate
FF-1084 Sam Kaigler FTG2(SW) 6/83-6/87 skaigler (AT) No....the XO never did kill me.
FF-1084 Al Kitagawa MM2/BT2 3/85 - 11/89 kitagawadad (AT) I would love to here from some of you shipmates that i served with.
FF-1084 Curtis Knapp PN2 11/85 - 5/89 sitruc22000 (AT)  
FF-1084 John Landa E-4 7/80 -7/84 jlanda1 (AT) lets get together hole snipes! its grease time!!!!!
FF-1084 Carl Lattimore BM3 82-85 wulfegar2000 (AT) try too find some old shipmates from the ship
FF-1084 John Leary IC3 1984-1986 minlear (AT) Looking for Cody Cramer!!
FF-1084 Daniel Lesheski MM2 1982 - 1987 copsgt (AT) looking forward to hearing from former shipmates
FF-1084 Phillip Long MM1(SW) 1983 to 1989 prlong54 (AT) love to hear from old shipmates
FF-1084 Robert H. Long BT3 1974 to 1976 corky (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
FF-1084 Larry Lusby STG3 12/78-5/80 otto5562 (AT) My first and best ship. Many good memerories and a few funny stories.
FF-1084 Fred Macias BT2 1/79-6/81 fam1fl (AT) How about that no nukes, signed big Mac attack in the Carribean.Had a lot of good times
FF-1084 Shane Martin GMG3 12/88 to 5/92 shanemartin1 (AT)  
FF-1084 Jason Martin MM2 6/91-5/94 dahmcc (AT) M-Div, was on Decomissioning Crew,
FF-1084 Tony Martin STG2 11/77-01/79 A65LA (AT)  
FF-1084 Gary Mastriano MM2 04/82-12/85 gmastriano (AT) A-Gang
FF-1084 Richard McClellan OS2 12/83-7/87 mn1rmm (AT) glad to hear from shipmates of the mighty mac
FF-1084 J. D. McClure OS1(SW) 03/86 - 08/90 cessna172pilot (AT) Planning reunion for 6/14 in St. Louis-if interested pls contact me & pass the word-will be a great time for all
FF-1084 Keith V. McIvor BM2 80 83 kmcivor (AT) anyone heard form Gunderson, Trabodica?, or Lt. Dan Olone?
FF-1084 Loney Mellott ETCM(SW) 3/92-5-94 mellott (AT)  
FF-1084 Dan Menken STG3 10/85-03/88   612-788-4685 Arrrrr.!!!
FF-1084 Donald Michael STG3 9/76 to 9/79 subnikel (AT)  
FF-1084 Wendell Miller OS2 1989-1992 wendell.miller (AT) Wow, I guess this offically makes us OLD!!
FF-1084 James Morgan GMM3 5/89-5/91 Jimmo1301 (AT)  
FF-1084 Dwight Moss BTC 3/81 - 11/84 Cool65_dwight (AT) Would like to find Greg Chetwood , tried hie listed e-mail and did not work .
FF-1084 Charles Muckelston, III OS2 1980-1982 chuckmuck1 (AT)  
FF-1084 David Murphy PNCS 4/76 - 3/79 davetee109 (AT)  
FF-1084 Larry Myers BM3 10/84 - 6/88 lawrencemyers65 (AT)  
FF-1084 Rick Neal OSC 1983 - 88 rickneal (AT)  
FF-1084 Mike Niles BM3 1983 to 1987 mikeike1084 (AT) whats up guys the king unrep bos,n
FF-1084 Tom O'Donnell LT(jg) 9/78-5/80 todonn8501 (AT) Disbursing Officer
FF-1084 Joseph Pavlick STG2 9/83-6/86 jpav4 (AT) Living near Pittsburgh, PA
FF-1084 Tim Posemato GMG2 82-85 tposemato (AT) Remember some names on this list-great crew,good times,good days-fun-seemed we were always on a cruise
FF-1084 Christian Price EM 11/88 to 01/92 christian.d.price (AT) looking for shipmates that were on board when we crashed into the freighter in the red sea during gulf war.
FF-1084 Edward Proulx E-3 1989-1991 mariskaproulx (AT) Remembering the guys in our div & the BT's and the mess cranking-would love to hear from fellow shipmates!!!
FF-1084 Jonathan Richwine QM3 5/91-5/94 richjl (AT) I look forward to hearing from old shipmates
FF-1084 Frank Rodgers RM3 9/87-2/91 realestateizme (AT) Whoever remembers me please email me!
FF-1084 Mathew (Puleo) Ryder EN3 1991-1994 mryder (AT) A-Gang, Decomission Crew.
FF-1084 James Saben RM2 1976-1979 jk.saben (AT)  
FF-1084 Michael Sattler GMM2 1993-1994 msattler (AT) John Joiner where are you ?get in touch with me man!!!!!!!!
FF-1084 David Schafer BT3 91-93 Davidschafer6 (AT)  
FF-1084 Todd Shellhammer STG3 1978-1980 freeride (AT)  
FF-1084 Scotty Silvers EM2 1984 to1988 ssilv200 (AT) Man it's good to see some of my shipmates on this page. E-Mail me.
FF-1084 Geoffrey Simril LT(jg) 8/74-1/76 gsimril (AT)  
FF-1084 Roy Smith BT2 1987-1992 roy_smith3 (AT)  
FF-1084 Jerald Smith RM2 1971 to 1973 jerald.smith (AT) Plank Owner
FF-1084 David (Smitty) Smith BT 79-81 neverfails (AT) fred macias please give me a shout 478-935-3515 any shipmates
FF-1084 Randy Sowinski LT 1982-1986 birdnav (AT) G Division, AE Division
FF-1084 Don Spencer STG2 8/81-12/83 1bigfish (AT)  
FF-1084 Barry Stacy HT2 8/1980 - 6/1983 barry (AT) (Big Mac page coming soon!)
FF-1084 Daniel Stansbury MM2 4/77-9/80 ddstanz (AT) Hope to see as many of you as I can at the reunion Aug2003
FF-1084 Paul Steele E-6 1976-1978 44paul.steele (AT)  
FF-1084 Tod Stowers OS2 1987-1990 stompers1 (AT)  
FF-1084 Jerry Surrett BT2 1988 - 1992 jerry.surrett (AT)  
FF-1084 Jim Szerletich EN 1/81 - 4/85 ccpi (AT) Some of the best years of my life. New York ship yards - WOW
FF-1084 Erskin Tallent TM3 5/88 - 6-91 Erskintallent (AT) Had a great time on the Mac
FF-1084 Dexter Tucker MM3 05/87-02/90 dexbrytuck (AT) The site brought back a lot of memories.
FF-1084 Mickey Turner SK3 06/80 thru 08/82 mickeyaturner (AT) I have nothing but fond memories of the Mighty Mac
FF-1084 Leonard Udell STG2 04/81-01/83 len1069 (AT) Would like to hear from guys I served with.
FF-1084 Dan Vining EW1 1982 - 1987 Viningele (AT) Didn't expect to find this while surfing. Anybody still kicking?
FF-1084 Calvert Wallace STG3 5/85 - 5/88 sardog4mac (AT) Illumino marem!
FF-1084 Mike Ward OS2 1/79-7/82 MJ4102 (AT)  
FF-1084 Shawn Waterman OSSN 12/89-3/92 shawnwaterman (AT)  
FF-1084 Mike Whitlock GMM2 6/89-6/92 whitlock1548 (AT)  
FF-1084 David Williams E-4 1984 dwilliams.wi86 (AT) I was aboard during the ship yard period in NYC
FF-1084 Van Worman MM1 Feb.-Mar. 1979 sbuvan (AT) busted dopers in helo crew. Angelina Lauro burned St.Thomas
FF-1084 Paul Zettek MM3 3/83 to 5/87 pzettek (AT) Good to see some Mac Sailors online.
FFT-1084 R. Ashton Tennant SN 1992-1994 Ashtontennant (AT) 1st div, decommissioning crew.

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