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DE-750 Robert Aaronson SO2 1954-1955 marandbob (AT)  
DE-750 John Andre EN3 01/53-12/55 andrejrj (AT) adventureous
DE-750 Eddie Arnold IC3 6/58 - 8/59 DD547 (AT) Reserve Training out of Philly for 4th Naval Dist
DE-750 Ralph E. Chappell YN1 5/52-5/54 rchappell (AT) Earned my sea legs and everything a sailor needs to know.
DE-750 Donnie Ray Cooley SA 8/55 DonnienJanice (AT) Reserve Training out of Charleston, SC to Newport, RI .
DE-750 Bill Dilling SN3 1958 to JUNE 1960 N3SSR1 (AT)  
DE-750 Roland Dupuis FN 1961 rojodu (AT) reserve out of trenton NJ /put out of comm 1961
DE-750 Tom Eastlack QM 1954 1955 tomeastlack (AT) Captain Pickles was a good skipper
DE-750 Wade Farley SN 10/50 - 8/52 wadewf12 (AT)  
DE-750 Jerry Hale SA 6/48 jandbhale (AT) With the reserve based in Jacksonville-training cruise to puerto rico in 48-like to hear from anyone on that cruise
DE-750 Ron Halpin YN3 1954/1955 hnronald80 (AT) Captain Ralph pickles was the greatest skipper ever! He was one of the guys!!!
DE-750 James Helms FN 1955 toogoodjimmy (AT) Served with some good teachers and Officers.
DE-750 Douglas Hendriksen SR 6/53 - 7/53 fl_collector (AT) I was USNR on training cruise to Panama CZ
DE-750 David Hershey EM3 10/57-10/59 catmasterh (AT) some of the best years of my life great crew members
DE-750 Joseph Jordan EN2 1950 and 1951 neptp2v (AT) A darn good ship and simple to operate and maintain.
DE-750 David Jordan SN1 11/50 - 6/54 djordan1930 (AT) The best home away from home. I loved her. She was one of the
DE-750 Tom Kasch SN 1/58 to 7/60 tk3300 (AT) work on deck till duffy put me in payroll office
DE-750 Ronald Leeper RM2 5/55-6-59 rleeper320 (AT)  
DE-750 John Lipski EN3 1953 - 1955 coalminer (AT) I served as the Oil King
DE-750 James Maines SN 50-52 jmaines (AT)  
DE-750 David Ponds END3 6/52, 5/54 david.ponds (AT) I was USNR on training duty. Great Crew-Great Ship-Good Chow
DE-750 Eric Ralle SN June 1952? EJRalle (AT) Two week cruise to New York from Charleston. First time in my life 100 miles away from Tampa. What excitement.
DE-750 Charles Reynolds BM2 comm to deactivate norushcan (AT)  
DE-750 Wilbur (Bill) Steele MOMM2 9/44 - 5/46 wgstee (AT) on skeleton crew to date of first Decommishoning.
DE-750 John Taylor SR 6/53 Johnt25811 (AT) USNR on training cruise to Panama,St. Thomas & San Juan, the start of my military service & a very good one.
DE-750 Cliff Walker SA 11/54 oldkids2 (AT) USNR training cruise to San Juan Puerto Rico. Had two storms. What a way to get my sea legs.
DE-750 Donald L. Wolfe COX3 1944-1947 v1pac (AT)  

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