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DE/FF-1038 Joseph Bailey, Jr. E-1 1973- 8/73 ? Joseph.Baileyjr (AT) Transferred from USS Little Rock Clg4 early 1973-thank you and looking forward to being listed as a crew member.
DE/FF-1038 Charles Brooker QM2 01/72 to 10/75 cathybrooker (AT) do anyone have mr frys phone number ? he was communications officer in 1972
DE/FF-1038 Steven DuLaney MM3 05/1983-05/1986 swdulaney (AT) Please correct my e-mail address to reflect above.
DE/FF-1038 Joseph Mathews BNAM 1980/1983 joemathews11 (AT) now a firefighter in alabama after two med. still can talk good of the years in wepons dep.
DE/FF-1038 Ken Murray RD3 10/70-7/72 kmurray96 (AT) Hated being on that ship. Would give my left nut to be on her now. The little ship that could.
DE/FF-1038 John Nies GMG3 12/68 - 2/72 jnies8 (AT) Updated email address
DE/FF-1038 John Schraft OS2 1985 to 1989 john_schraft (AT) I was an OS2 during all those great drug chasing years. Those were the best times out of my 20 years in the Navy.
DE-1038 Greg Allard ET1 12/68 to 3/73 gregorian (AT) Always like to hear from shipmates.
DE-1038 Vaughn Lee Anthony BT3 1963-1965 carmen31 (AT) Looking for old friends!
DE-1038 Ed April RM1 1973-1974 chradioman (AT) TASS testing in Black Sea was a hairy experience.
DE-1038 Jack Atkinson GMT2 1972 to 1973 ddgjackgm (AT) Leading ASROC Gunner's Mate
DE-1038 Jim Barnett RD/BM 1964 - 1966 harley.jim (AT) we did have some fun!!!!
DE-1038 Robert Barthel FTG3 2/70-6/72 bbart51 (AT)  
DE-1038 Douglas Benson MMFN 11/67 to 12/68 dbenson48 (AT)  
DE-1038 Herman Biederman DC3 1972 to 1973 hjbjr1 (AT) Nickname- Beets
DE-1038 John Blackledge IC3 6/65 to 3/67 jblackledge1 (AT) Sometimes like McHales NAVY
DE-1038 Bob (Bud) Breitweiser BM3 1/72-9-75 bobbudweiser24 (AT) Worked for Taylor in the galley when I was mess cook-worked for BMC Davis/BM1 Colvin,BM2 Blihar,BM3 Hartwell
DE-1038 Daniel Bright MM3 1973 to 1974 vonBright (AT) Didn't like it then. What I wouldn't give to do it over again.
DE-1038 Fred Brinkman SN Comm. to 65 fnkbrink (AT) Plankowner. Also remember the burning fishing boat in 65. Was Weapons Yeoman.
DE-1038 Dennis Carper MMFN 1966 to 1968 dcarper99 (AT) Shellback and Blue nose watta trip
DE-1038 Keith Consoer STG3 8/69-8/73 kconsoer (AT) Only ship I served on-aft incident with monkey-fist on the aft deck I was assigned to the depth sounder aft of bridge
DE-1038 William Cossette, Jr. EM2 1964-1967 two-blk-labs (AT)  
DE-1038 Bruce Creighton RMSN 7/70-11/71 Bmmcj48 (AT) served in radio gang with tony gutierrez,don olah,harper,crane,johnson,chief jenkins,rm1 hutchinson
DE-1038 Joseph Decosta SN 1970-1970 Jdecosta7 (AT) Had a lot of laughs tony G, Bruce C
DE-1038 Bill DeMoranville OS3 1972 to 1973 bdemoran (AT)  
DE-1038 Dave Dutcavich STG1 03/76-02/78 funeraldut (AT)  
DE-1038 David Gamache ET-2 3/69 to 10/71 gamache.david (AT) Great times, many ups and downs at sea.
DE-1038 Danmiel Garson MM2 9/74-8/77 dansr3955 (AT) Does anybody remember the missing anchor while we in the triangle
DE-1038 Robert Getz RD3 1966 to 1969 robert (AT) 406 932 4498
DE-1038 David Gooden FTG2 6/68-12/72 Stang321dg (AT) Wish I knew how many miles we traveled during that 4 1/2 yrs
DE-1038 Anthony (Pepi) Gutierrez RM3 1969-1971 drakeyoula01 (AT) did North Atlantic Cruise, Mediterranean Cruise, Several cruises to Bermuda, Halifax Nova Scotia & GTMO.
DE-1038 Don Hagen BT2/MRCS 1968 to 1970 hagen_don (AT) I must say that the McCloy days were fun and the BT group was a fun bunch.
DE-1038 Dave Hannon OS3 2/76 - 6/77 Davehandleit (AT) Towed TASS,held Soviet subs down,rescued British sub,etc on 1st Med cru-rem losing power,steerage & 47o rolls
DE-1038 Gary Hartsook MM1 10/63-07/65 bageoman (AT)  
DE-1038 Charles Hopkins DC3 1967-1968 chopkins64 (AT)  
DE-1038 Edward James SH2 12/28/64-1/10/69 ejames30 (AT) Served with my brother Hayden (SM1)-great time together (Match Maker II & UNITAS IX)-like to hear from shipmates.
DE-1038 David Jenkins LT(jg) 1969 to 1970 djenkins (AT)  
DE-1038 Thad Jiles OT3 1976-1977 eighteenforward (AT)  
DE-1038 Mike Katona RD2 com to 4/65 mkatona (AT)  
DE-1038 John Keiffer ET2 1972 to 1973 jrkeiffer (AT) Left COMSTA Charleston and arrived McCloy while she was in Hamburg, Germany. Was the SPS-40 technician.
DE-1038 Daniel Kellogg EM2 7/74-7/78 daniel_k05765 (AT) Ed Street,Bun Sell,Randy Halberg,Tinoko, hows it going ?
DE-1038 Mike Kilmer   1970-1974 mtkilmer (AT) nickname ''Squirrel''
DE-1038 Robert Kyser MM2 05/68 to 04/70 robert.l.kyser (AT)  
DE-1038 Joel Labow LT 1967-1969 jmj.labow (AT) ASWO/DASH controller
DE-1038 Roger Lewis STG1 2/65 to 1/70 rlewis8837 (AT) nickname ''Louie''
DE-1038 Bruce Lindsay DK3 1965-1966 bglindsay38 (AT) Key West when capt ran aground & seach party for whaler when the officers mesh crew didn't come back on time
DE-1038 John Lisic FTG3 8/65-1/67 jelisic (AT) Remember going aground in Key West?
DE-1038 John Lobosco RD2 4/1963 - 6/1966 JohnD.Lobosco (AT) Great tour. I am clarifying my e-mail to be correct
DE-1038 Dave Lockett STC 10/63 - 7/68 dalockett01 (AT) Plank Owner, the longest served on the McCloy.
DE-1038 Robert Mack GMG1 1966 - 1969 bjmack (AT)  
DE-1038 Donald Marciniak GMM2 1966-1970 marciniak46 (AT) Great ship and crew
DE-1038 Paul Mayo E-4 July 63- Oct64 mayoPl (AT)  
DE-1038 Paul McDonald SOG1 9/64 to 9/67 paulmarg2 (AT) Matchmaker 2 (with HMS Berwick)
DE-1038 Gerald (Jerry) Miller BMC 7/73-7/74 jjm2244 (AT)  
DE-1038 Joe Moellendick MM3 10/63 to 3/65 jesmb (AT) Plank owner. worked for LT Francis X Munger engineering office
DE-1038 Jack Moore IC2 Comm to 1965 jmoore284 (AT) I remember our New Orleans visits best
DE-1038 Michael Murray HN 1964 webmaster (AT) Corpsman with Chief McNamara on original crew.
DE-1038 Ken Murray RD3 10/70-7/72 kmurray96 (AT) Big hello to Boomer, Daniello, Murph, Mick, Silvestri & Zick
DE-1038 John Nies GMG3 12/68-2/72 jmn1038 (AT)  
DE-1038 Robert Nova EN3 1965-1967 zenbones (AT) DASH Helicopter, Throttle Watch, Sea-Detail Helm, & Wild Times
DE-1038 Eddie L. (Ozzie) Osborne SN 02/68 - 01/69 Osborne_sc (AT)  
DE-1038 Richard Owens STG3 10/66-6/67 rowens8 (AT)  
DE-1038 Mike Peck RM2 9/71-11/72 michael.peck1 (AT) Leading RM in radio gang for North Atlantic/North Sea cruise in '72. Ens. Fry Div. Officer and eventual VADM.
DE-1038 Tony Phillips IC2 comm to 1966 j.anthony.phillips (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1038 Norman Porterfield BM3 1970 to 1971 naport02 (AT)  
DE-1038 Danny Riley BT3 2/65 - 7/67 buckeyedan (AT)  
DE-1038 Pete Russo BT2 10/67-12/70 PGRusso10 (AT)  
DE-1038 Rich Sabo FN 12/64-8/65 richnkay3 (AT) Anyone remember picking up the fishermen off their burning boat during a cruise in 1965? I have a couple photos.
DE-1038 Curtis Sanders STG3 1965 to 1969 txvet 1038 (AT)  
DE-1038 Danny Scaggs RM3 1967 to 1970 dsbscoot (AT)  
DE-1038 Wally Schling QM2 1966 to 1968 wcs (AT)  
DE-1038 Charlie Schmidt ICFN 10/66 - 11/68 Charles.Schmidt (AT) NATO, GITMO, UNITAS
DE-1038 Ken Schneider STG2 72-75 schneider (AT) Good to hear from any old friends
DE-1038 Arnold Schultheis PO/FTG3 12/69-10/70 cathyschultheis (AT) last stationed newport ri, went to bermuda on this ship. anyone remember?
DE-1038 James Smith CSC 1972-1974 JScw04 (AT) Great bunch of chief's
DE-1038 Dan Smith SM2 11/69-12/71 botts0515 (AT)  
DE-1038 W. Paul Spalding ETN2 4/66 - 3/69 wpsfla (AT) John Wilkinson, Jim Wooten, Cook, Cheney, Jones, Frank Gehrig
DE-1038 David Sumner A/B Royal Navy 2/67-3/67 dsumner2 (AT) Radar Plot cross polonisation from HMS Berwick on Matchmaker Sqd. Looking for Doug Vore
DE-1038 Kenneth Taylor CS1 01/72-12/74 sailor64 (AT) it would be nice to hear from old shipmates
DE-1038 Loda Wallace GMG2 1963 to 1967 lwwallace (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1038 Dan Welsh RM3 1963 to 1965 dwels42 (AT) Loved this ship and New Orleans during shake down.
DE-1038 Jim Whitson ETR2 12/71 - 2/76 tsacbujimw.cell (AT)  
DE-1038 Donald Wiley SH3 1970 to 1972 wiley5787 (AT) i ran the ship's store while onboard.
DE-1038 John Wilkinson ETN2 7/66-6/67 bigjohn_88220 (AT) Hello Paul S.
DE-1038 Warren Williams BT3 8/66 thru 4/69 martywill565 (AT) bluenose shellback gitmo san juan port au prince,haiti
DE-1038 Bob Williams GMT2 1/72-1/72 BOB (AT) TNTCS.COM ASROC gunner's mate 1 month out on Feb 25, 72
DE-1038 Trip (William) Wilson ETR2 12/71-12/74 wjwilson43 (AT) First ship after returning from Vietnam. Great group of folks in OE and OI Division. Wishing them all well.
DE-1038 Paul Wilson STG2 10/1973-07/1974 wilsonclan (AT)  
FF1038 Michael Van Dorn GMG2 05/80 to 02/84 vandorn.mike (AT) Miss my pals in 1st Div-then onward to Fox Div-learned meaning of Rock & Roll and Dive,Dive Dive on that ship
FF-1038 Phil Adikes OS2 10/80-4/84 phil (AT) What pitch and roll?
FF-1038 Kirk Bachison MM3 81-84 kbachison (AT)  
FF-1038 Garry Baker BT2 7/83-7/85 baker1279 (AT) Good times... mostly
FF-1038 Benjamin Bankston LT 09/79 - 08/81 bbankston (AT) Best ASW ship in the fleet. Was priviledged to serve under (then) LCDR Vern Clark as my CO.
FF-1038 John Bowman HT2 12/75-7/80 nthinuf (AT)  
FF-1038 David Bradigan QM2 1975 to 1979 DAVID.BRADIGAN (AT) Shipmates if you remember me shoot me an email.
FF-1038 Michael Branley E-3 1981 to1984 l.branley (AT) Would like to hear from all my shipmates
FF-1038 Richard Briggs E-4 1976-1978 rsbriggs56 (AT)  
FF-1038 Randy Brock EW2 1984 - 1987 ranbro63 (AT)  
FF-1038 Charles Brooker QM2 12/71 to 10/75 cathybrooker (AT) I sure miss all the fun i had going to germany and all my shipmates
FF-1038 Keith Bruno RM1(SW) 1986 to 1988 kbruno342 (AT)  
FF-1038 Tommy Burgdorf FC2 (SW) 12/85 - 5/87 Tommy.Burgdorf (AT) Email Me
FF-1038 David (spunky) Casterline MM2 1977-1980 Midsummerstream123 (AT) Crazy 3 years!!
FF-1038 Julio Cintron E-3 6/82-4/86 Cintronjulio4 (AT) Tin can and junior captain made me leave the navy
FF-1038 James Ciolek OTMC(SW) 10/82 - 10/84 jimciolek (AT)  
FF-1038 Dennis Coffman MMCS(SW) 87-90 auxexh4057 (AT) Great ship-great guys to work with-anyone know where Tony Wallace,Mike Wass,Bill Rolle lits or Bix are
Ff-1038 Steve Conley FTG3 1981 to 1982 Stephen.conley (AT) Should have been SS McCloy
FF-1038 Dennis Conrad OTCS 4/79 - 12/81 dennis.conrad1 (AT) My regards to all who sailed in the Navy's best little ship
FF-1038 Steven Conrad MM2 1983-1985 brmcwhitewire (AT) You mean there is a town in Central America??
FF-1038 Gary Cook HT1 11/81-6/83 Gary6102cook (AT) Shake, rattle and roll!
FF-1038 Tim Crotts RM2 Jan 78 - Aug 81 Tarheel1775 (AT) any mac guys drop a line
FF-1038 Bob Cupples BT2 3/74-4/76 RobertCupples (AT) this command is what made me leave the navy
FF-1038 Jeff David BT2 1979-1982 jeff1 (AT)  
FF-1038 Ronald David BM2 8/78 to 4/82 rcardsfan4 (AT) awesome little ship. I watched the bow go under many times standing watch.
FF-1038 Robert Dorbritz SN 4/78 - 11/80 misterfuji (AT) been a long time, best couple years of my life
FF-1038 Ron (Dougie) Douglas STG3 4/78 - 10/81 dougie_64 (AT) Nothing like being a Tin Can sailor..
FF-1038 Steven DuLaney MM3 05/1983 - 05/1986 swdulaney (AT) I am chief engineer for 15 boiler Powerplant, it may take me a few days to respond to e-Mails.
FF-1038 Richard Dunn OS2 9/76 thru 12/79 p321rich (AT) check out my McCloy forum at
FF-1038 Lisa Evans ST 89-90 j24gordon2001 (AT) did anybody know a richard adams
FF-1038 Richard Foster BT3 1/1/78 to 10/1/82 thesuspectwas (AT) best canoe in the fleet
FF-1038 Dave Franclemont BM3 1/77-9/78 dgfwebdrop (AT)  
FF-1038 James Glading QM3 1987 to 1990 gladingj (AT) Nothing like the North Atlantic and Carribean cruises.
FF-1038 Antonio Gonzalez MM1 1969 to 1971 Handytg (AT) Loved this ship and the clean engineroom. Where has MM1 Gordon that repaired the evaps gone?
FF-1038 Roger Greufe BT2 1981-1984 heathen (AT) Would like to hear from all.
FF-1038 Paul (Anthony) Guthrie ET3 7/88-03/01 lv4pnkflyd (AT) Gotta love the mighty MAC, water hours and NO A/C :)
FF-1038 Terry Hawkins PC2 07/77-08/79 THawk36116 (AT) Uncle Sam's haze gray yacht. What a thrill surfin' the North Atlantic on her!
FF-1038 Ed Jemmings FTG3 1977 to 1978 ed (AT) Great ship
FF-1038 Frank Johnson BT2 9/80 - 7/84 f1trueblue (AT) What a ride, I'll never forget it
FF-1038 Donald Johnson, Jr. BT3 1978 to 1979 DONRAVENMAD (AT) Long live the McCloy
FF-1038 Lewis Kline PN2/E-5 12/85 - 5/89 lewis.kline (AT) Great tour of duty!!
FF-1038 Frank Law BT2 7/82 - 3/85 FRL5219 (AT) Best 3 years of my naval career.Great crew. Great boat. Great party!
FF-1038 Phil Loughran ET3 3/89-12/90 lougpj66 (AT) Mighty Mac was the best
FF-1038 Bruno Maio HT2 04/81-04/84 bruno.maio (AT) Good times and great friends
FF-1038 Rick Mathews STG2 1976 to 1977 rick (AT)  
FF-1038 Dale McVey MMC 11/77 - 11/78 dale.mcvey (AT) Served on board from Nov 77 to Nov 78. Was in charge of Main Engineroom.
FF-1038 Bill Mohler HTFA 12/77 - 09/78 gmohler (AT) Great Ship. Enjoyed Beaumont Texas and Bermuda while onboard this ship.
FF-1038 Chris Moren YN2/E-5 12/85 - 3/89 cmoren (AT) Great tour of duty!
FF-1038 Douglas Murdock SN 1980 to 1981 d1murdocco (AT) Remember those who molded me into 1st class sailor-contact me anytime: BM1 Ret.CHB 10 Williamsburg,VA
FF-1038 Tom Murphy RM3 12/77-4/80 tpmiii (AT)  
FF-1038 William Newhouse LT Mar 1977 - May 1980 wilnwhs (AT)  
FF-1038 Robert Bruice Nickerson, Jr. RM2 10/75 to 5/79 nnckr1 (AT) Roughest thing I ever rode-learned more about being an RM than I thought you could-had fun-great people!
FF-1038 Greg Phariss BT3 6/88 - 9/90 gregphariss69 (AT)  
FF-1038 Robert Potts YNC 04/84 - 07/86 YNCSUSN (AT) Great ship and crew. Best at sea duty assignment.
FF-1038 H. J. Pullen BM2 1977 to 1980 Desperadosun (AT) Loved the ride..Would love to hear from ole shipmates..desperadosun at
FF-1038 David Raines SN 1982-1985 DRaines (AT) Master Helmsman under Capt Scott A. Frey
FF-1038 Roberto Reyes OT2 3/79-6/82 Avionics18 (AT) Love to hear from shipmates-attended our 1st reunion-a blast-Can't wait to do it again,see friends/meet new ones.
FF-1038 Paul Rose STG3 5/78 - 9/81 pjrose516 (AT) Thanks for the memories!!
FF-1038 Daniel Schumbrecht SH1 1980 to 1983 Diegoboy55 (AT)  
FF-1038 Charles Sikora GMM3 1987-1989 casik67 (AT)  
FF-1038 William Smith STG3 6/87-9/89 snrtek (AT) Feel free to say hi
FF-1038 James Stanfield OS2 1982-1984 exptexan (AT) hi guys .
FF-1038 Fred Swalef BT1 6/80-10/82 fswalef (AT) Anybody remember Chief Mazlock and the other nutcase Chief
FF-1038 David Swigart MM1(SW) 9/85 - 12/90 SEADOGMM1 (AT) Member of the Decomm crew. Good memories of a fine old ship
FF-1038 Boyd Sylvester ETN2 1966-1969 boyd.sylvester (AT) Aas a member a few yrs back and I want to rejoin;also,want to get the newspaper that I enjoyed so much.Thks
FF-1038 Jerry Thomas OS1 10/73-04/75 killain (AT) Nice bunch of guys to work with. I wasn't on there long,but enjoyed the time.
FF-1038 Paul Valdez BT3 5/81 - 10/83 Ppvaldezlr (AT) Yeah i remember spending 19 days on French Riviera and alot of time at sea
FF-1038 Michael Van Dorn GMG2 05/80 to 02/84 vandorn.mike (AT) Some of the best memories, especially Birkenhead, England, and some of the sickest rides in rough waters.
FF-1038 Frank Vosburgh MM2 11/76 - 4/79 frankf53 (AT) I ran the distilling plant for most of my tour. She was one rough riding ship!
FF-1038 Robert Wade HT3 1980-1981-Reserve bucnelson (AT) rinky dink.
FF-1038 Robert Way MSSN 6/84 to 6/86 814-897-9795 Those were the days, eh mate?
FF-1038 Neil Widerman OS2 11/79-5/83 neilbud (AT)  
FF-1038 Cole Wilson STG2 1973-1976 c52d54 (AT)  
FF-1038 Lance Wilson STG3 8/86 to 12/89 lawilson (AT)  
FF-1038 Dane Witham QM3 4/84 -1/88 danewitham (AT) Had some real good times with some real good guys. Great crew
FF-1038 Brian Woods BT3/BT2 4/80-4/81 Brian.a.woods.60 (AT)  
FF-1038 Mark Zinnel STG2 1975 to 1977 mhzinnel (AT) First ship, ended up doing 30 years active duty.

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