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DE-365 Tom Alexander RD3 4/53-10/54 dabadwop (AT) Living in Arizona, looking for shipmates anywhere
DE-365 Victor Armfield BT2 1951-1954 thelummidummi (AT) Boiler tender forward fireroom, General Quarters Station, Hot shellman, fwd mount
DE-365 Walter (Red) Baker SH3 2/51-4/52 waltnorma (AT) anybody out there that remember us.
DE-365 Horace Barnes BT2 1955 - 1957 hbarnes6 (AT) I would like to hear from members of the crew.
DE-365 Davis (Bart) Bartlett SM2 4/57-8/61 dkinsale (AT) navy at it's best.pearl to swan island.haze grey & underway.
DE-365 Claude L. Bean   9/44-1946 racefan (AT) My wife's father. Anyone know of him?
DE-365 Cornelius Benner, III YN3 02/58-l2/59 cbenner3 (AT) I have an 8x12 ''o'' Div photo, Plan of the day for 7/15/58
DE-365 Charles Berry ET2 10/55 thru 11/57 cberry5362 (AT) Died June 8, 2013, Oxnard CA
DE-365 Gerald Blanchet FA 12/58-9/59 GLBSLB63 (AT) served in aft eng room & mess cook 4 chiefs
DE-365 Lloyd Brickey E-3 USNR 5/65 - 5/68 c.l.brickey68 (AT) spent my reserve time on this ship at Swan Island Portland Oregon
DE-365 Leon Brown CPO WWII Tsponville (AT) Served as a cook aboard the McGinty during WWII.
DE-365 Jocko Burks LT 1/61 - 12/62 4str (AT) Berlin activation
DE-365 Mike Cahill ET2 4-53 to 2-56 mikecahh (AT)  
DE-365 Stephen Casey   WWII ronmaples (AT) this is my stepfather now deceased anyone know him
DE-365 Andrew Cheslock Y3 WWII acheslock (AT)  
DE-365 Daniel Davis BM3 1962-1963 ddaneva89 (AT)  
DE-365 Russell Dedmon DK3 5/56-4/58 ricepaddyruss (AT) reported aboard at bikini atoll 5/11/56 as DKSN. transferred to USS Dixie (AD-14) on 4/17/58 as DK3.
DE-365 Danny Dolan RM3 1961 to 1962 dufferdan (AT)  
DE-365 George Dunn FN 1952-1953 joy (AT) Daughter (Joy) hoping to locate shipmates of my father
DE-365 Conrad Forks MM3 4/54 - 12/55 don't have email Contact me at 1718 S. Country Club Rd., Warsaw, IN 46580
DE-365 Bobby Gunnin GM3 3/51-10/52 Bobahlu (AT) Remember Wonsan area as a cold and dangerous place--but the pay was good.
DE-365 Roger Gurthet ENS 1/52 - 2/54 r.gurthet (AT) Final assign was Ops Off even though I was still an ENS-these were the days when it took 3 yrs to make LT(jg)
DE-365 Larry Dean Hays EM2 7/61 - 10/62 larry (AT) I went on the Vietnam Cruse 1961 and 1962
DE-365 Jose Hernandez BT2 12/59 - 6/65 josepepejoe (AT) Looking for shipmates who may wish to hols a reunion of our deployment to Vietnam 1961-1962.
DE-365 Gerald Higgins FT3 3/57-6/59 jerryhigg68 (AT) face book Jerry Higgins,Spokane Wa.
DE-365 Donald E. Hughes CDR/CO 07/1962-04/1965 noname (AT)  
DE-365 Phil Jacksi T2 Oil King 55 to 59 livetorideusa (AT) Just turned 80 Matey !
DE-365 Ronald Jarvis RM3 1954-1957 frontporchclark (AT)  
DE-365 Ivan (Geneo) Kendall MM3 9/55-5/59 zeny15 (AT) phone no. 707-446-1950 Vacaville, CA
DE-365 Larry Long FT3 8/55-1/59 lalong1 (AT) date 7/05
DE-365 Richard E MacCabe EMP3 5/52 - 10/53 richmaccabe (AT) Just one of the crew
DE-365 Robert Mackey EMP2 03/51 - 05/52 dennisinponca (AT) Recommission Crew and Korean War Remembers Schrapnel Hits
DE-365 Arnoldo Mendietta BM 55-58 m2_88 (AT) Anyone know of a McGinty reunion coming up???
DE-365 Don Murdoch SK3 1958-1962 dmurdochshipmate (AT) Been writing USN today-TY for everything you are doing out there-I recall how much mail from home is cherished
DE-365 Freeman Nelson RD3 7/56 - 10/59 bnelson2 (AT) Reported in Pearl Harbor-aboard until ship was converted to Res Training Ship-new home base Portland,OR
DE-365 Nick Nickson MM2 1960-1963 www.wtrmonkey (AT) Good times-aft eng rm-activated for Cuban Blockcade/ended up in Vietnam peace time-reinlisted for 6 more yrs
DE-365 Harry Perez BMSN 1963 to 1966 harryperezsr (AT) home ph.# (559)781-8712 porterville, CA.
DE-365 Mel Prouty RM2 6/56 - 12/59 mel872 (AT)  
DE-365 Jim Pruitt YN3 1956-1959 captain2 (AT) Looking back it was a good trip.......Home Port Pearl Harbor
DE-365 John Rechs MR3 1/52-12/53 jrechs (AT) Served as ships machinist in machine shop
DE-365 Don Reece SN 2/51-7/51 donr (AT) anybody remember me?
DE-365 Eldon Schuknecht FBG3 4/51 to 12/52 patschuknecht (AT) Stood watch in engine room #2 - Throttleman
DE-365 Ramond Shears ?   brian78526 (AT) My grandfather passed away some time ago-he never talked about the war. (Korea)-Looking for info.
DE-365 Ronald Traurig SN 2/53-12/54 BOOMPATEE (AT) CHAPLAIN------BARBER APPRENTICE
DE-365 John Truhe   45 - 46 bill_truhe (AT) My father served on the McGinty as a MM-I'm not sure of dates, but know he was at sea when war in Japan ended
DE-365 Frank Valentine   1944 ronmaples (AT) My wife's father (deceased)-just discovered my stepdad &my wife's father were aboard same ship anyone know him?
DE-365 Robert K. Walker SOG2 1951 to 1954 rkwalker (AT) I served in Wonson Harbor from '52-'54
DE-365 Clarence Weatherby E-3 1957 - 1960   399 Lees Mill RD Fayetteville Ga 30214 Atlanta GA. 30214
DE-365 Marion Wilson GM3 2/52 nfw36 (AT)  

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