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FFG-8 Charles Allen E-5 plank owner maywilliam37 (AT)  
FFG-8 Don F. Bates MSSN 9/80 to 83 donfbates60 (AT) net  
FFG-8 Jan Bigler MR2 1987to1991 www.jan.bigler (AT)  
FFG-8 Mike Burns ET2 9/79 - 3/82 mburns7 (AT) precomm Norfolk and Bath, then couple years after that. Recognize a few names on here...
FFG-8 Anthony Burr OS2 10/86 - 02/90 surfsailx (AT) Best guys I ever served with-thks Kevin Sobzac for being coolest OS & best teacher-best to my CIC teammates
FFG-8 Alejandro Castillo SK2 06/1993-05/1997 alexmoral (AT)  
FFG-8 Jason Christian EN2 06/95-10/98 mindasman1115 (AT)  
FFG-8 Daniel Cornett SH3 04/93- 10/96 kcornett (AT)  
FFG-8 Jack Daley HT2 6/79 - 2/81 red93tracker(at) Plankowner-DCA Mike Holmes,CHENG George Schaeffer,Capt John Berg-1st to reenlist aboard (prior to comm)
FFG-8 Wayne J. Dietel FCC(SW) 07/1985-10/1987 DietelWJ (AT) CS-4 Division - Divisional Chief Petty Officer
FFG-8 Russell Fiser TM3 1990 to 1994 afrfab (AT)  
FFG-8 Odis Frost FN 2003 to 2005 odisedwardfrostjr (AT)  
FFG-8 Ken Hardison GSE1 1979 - 1983 kenneth.j.hardison (AT) We fixed alot of control problems so the rest of the class could take it easy, not to mention pioneering helo ops.
FFG-8 Michael Holmes LT 1979-81 michael.d.holmes1 (AT) Commissioning DCA. Best tour of duty with a great engineering group
FFG-8 Kevin Hufnagle FC1 7/83-11/87 bob_hoodie (AT) First sea tour
FFG-8 Adam Jabkowski E-3 1/90--7/92 arjabski (AT) Anyone onboard during my stint feel free to shoot me an email.
FFG-8 Raymond Kelley GSE2 11/79-02/83 Raymond_Kelley (AT) Commissioning Engineering Crew/E-1 Division
FFG-8 Andrew Kelley GSE3 1986 to 1987 andyk1166 (AT) Hello Shipmates!
FFG-8 Jerry LaPalm HM3 01/94 - 7/96 helodoc72 (AT)  
FFG-8 Stephen Lee EM2 7/82 - 8/84 steve7lee (AT)  
FFG-8 Bryan Lorts GSM3 1988-1991 alejandro_1 (AT)  
FFG-8 Joseph Marshall GSM1 1979 to 1982 joseph.e.marshall (AT) plankowner
FFG-8 Kevin Martin EN3 12/89 - 4/93 kevincmartin68 (AT)  
FFG-8 Juan Mata GSM 6/1989- 6/1992 jnmt2 (AT)  
FFG-8 Craig McDonald GMG3 7/80-6/82 macslife1 (AT)  
FFG-8 Michael McQuilkin RM3 1996-1999 fishman008 (AT)  
FFG-8 Michael Mitchell EW1(SW) 1990-1994 getyourmikeon (AT)  
FFG-8 Philip Monje OS1 1979-1984 Riverwat1 (AT) Last Plankowner to get gonged off!
FFG-8 Samuel Moore STGC Aug79-Oct83 ssmoore (AT)  
FFG-8 Jason Odom PN3 1995-1999 jasonrodom (AT)  
FFG-8 Raymond Paine QMCS 6/79 - 4/82 ligar (AT)  
FFG-8 Jeffery Pearson BM3 10/82 to 8/84 jpearson (AT) proud to be part of history on the ''BIG MAC''.
FFG-8 Terry Poindexter GMM2 11/79 - 10/82 tgpdexter1 (AT) Old Times.
FFG-8 Pat Rapp E-4 9/85-4/88 patrapp (AT)  
FFG-8 Scott Riddlemoser OS1 02/79 - 12/80 sriddlemoser (AT)  
FFG-8 Robert Rivera OS2(SW) 97-99 Bob_Rivera_usnret (AT) My last ship, Great crew
FFG-8 Nicolas Ruiz SN 2002 to 2004 ruizn84 (AT)  
FFG-8 George Schaeffer LCDR 5/79 - 3/83 gschaeffer (AT) commissioning engineer officer
FFG-8 Craig See GSM2 1979-1984 craig.see (AT) McInereny is having her Decom Ceremony on 31AUG 2010 at 1900 Mayport Naval Station
FFG-8 Pat Simmer MR2 4/16/80-4/16/82 patricksimmer1958 (AT)  
FFG-8 Michael Simmons OS1 07/02 - 08/07 mrmike98eclipse (AT)  
FFG-8 Tom Smith GSMC(SW) 1979-1981 tsmith04 (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-8 Kevin Sobczak OS1(SW) 10/83 - 02/89 ksob89 (AT) Some of the best years of my life... See ya at the decomm..
FFG-8 Padraic (Pat) Soule PNC 1979-1982 miepat (AT) PN1-Plankowner
FFG-8 Weston Steins HT2 3/81-9/84 weston.steins (AT)  
FFG-8 Graig Steszewski BM3 08/02 - 08/04 graig.steszewski (AT)  
FFG-8 Craig Taylor DC2 10/93-05/96 ctaylor (AT)  
FFG-8 Daniel Thompson E-4 3/86 - 7/89 bchastings (AT)  
FFG-8 Craig Thompson GSE2 1987-1988 craig (AT)  
FFG-8 Robert Tiedemann OS2 6/93 to 09/96 robert.tiedemann (AT) If you cant' run with the big dog's, stay on the porch.
FFG-8 Bill Tutcher HMCS(SW) 08/89-03/92 wtutcher (AT) Best Unit I ever served on, the Crew was great.
FFG-8 Gary Waldron GSM2 1979 - 1982 old.sailor (AT) Commissioned the Mighty Mac at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine.
FFG-8 Gary Weaver E-9 02/02-07/04 gary.weaver (AT) Looking for old shipmates during that time frame

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