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DE-416 Elmo D. Barnes Jr. DC3 9/52 to 7/55 elmo (AT) Trying to locate some of my buddies I served with.
DE-416 Walter Davis RD3 1952 to 1953 davisw (AT)  
DE-416 Ignacio Elizarraraz SN1RN 1951-1952 melizarraraz (AT)  
DE-416 Bob Flack RM1 1950's upsafety (AT)  
DE-416 Richard Fox RM1 1956 to 1959 rfox89 (AT) Went aboard as RMSN came off as RM 1/c
DE-416 Raphael Gemzik RD3 1951 to 1953 gemzik (AT) innernet. net  
DE-416 Joe Giovingo SN 5/56-11/57 giovingo9 (AT) would like to hear from anyone who served at the same time as I did.
DE-416 Bobby Glosup SN 1951-1952 gmitzu (AT)  
DE-416 Martin Herbst FP2 9'/52 -5/56 bbherbst (AT) hope I can make contact with some of my past shipmates
DE-416 Ramon Hollnagel FN 11/57-11/58 racey (AT)  
DE-416 Axel Johnson SO3 9/56 to 9/59 patttoby (AT)  
DE-416 Bernie LaFianza SA-DK2 1/57-1/59 OLDSAILORBJ (AT) Like to hear from any old shipmates.
DE-416 Roger Lewis   1942-1945 lp007 (AT) My dad served as gunners-mate survived typhoon WW2.He's 83. Anyone remember? Please email
DE-416 Vincent Polomsky   1945-1946 vfpolomsky (AT)  
DE-416 Ed Possnecke BMSN 1951-1952 Chinaed (AT) Transferred to USS Yellowstone in 1952
DE-416 Carl Robbins RD2 11/58 - 6/59 robbinsnest (AT)  
DE-416 Jack Stephenson RM2 1950-1952 kathygolondon (AT) Helped take ship out of mothball fleet in San Diego 1950.
DE-416 James Ulm PO1 1950-1952 mandjulm (AT) Recommisioning crew IC Electrician
DE-416 Fernand (Frenchy) Villeneuve CS2 1955 to 1959 Villeneuvef (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who served on ship during 1956 to1958
DE-416 Henry Wittkamp     rugrat24u (AT) Trying to locate shipmates of my dad,so I'm not sure of the years he was on.any info would be appreciated
DE-416 Carl Lee Young, Jr. SO3 1943 - 1945 My dad was in WWII-a book about that time of life on board-''28 mos of heaven & hell'' got to get it great read.

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