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DE/FF-1058 Noe Cortez MM2 5/85 - 5/87 noecortez1207 (AT) Damm good warship
DE/FF-1058 Jody Gittins ETR2 Jan 1974-Nov 1976 jgitt (AT) 2 WestPacs Jan 75-Aug 75, Jun 76-Nov 76
DE/FF-1058 Russell Dean Gojkov MM2 1974-1976 rdgojkov (AT) Engine Room and Aux 1.. Did log room duty too.
DE/FF-1058 Donald Knox BT2 11/79 to 7/82 donald_knox (AT) thanks for the memories guys, snipes rule just like a shell back
DE/FF-1058 Ralph Lymburner OSC 1974-1977 rly,burner (AT)  
DE/FF-1058 Michael E. Myers BT3 Dec 1974- Aug 1978 Michael.Myers (AT)  
DE/FF-1058 Mark Porter BT2 2/75 - 10/79 mark.baspro (AT) B-Div - Never have so few done so much with so little for so long...
DE-1058 Daniel Bain PO3 1975 to 1976 kc1bud (AT)  
DE-1058 David Carter MM3 5/74-3/77 Cheng1058b (AT) netzero.Net  
DE-1058 David Crews MM2 1971-1972 crews.davids (AT)  
DE-1058 Joe Ebaugh FTG3 1971 to 1974 jebaugh (AT)  
DE-1058 Ray Fox BT2 1972 snofox1 (AT) Last of three ships I served on.
DE-1058 Daniel Gardner BM3 1969 to 1973 fowldrmn (AT) looking for ship mates at that time
DE-1058 Bill Garfield ENS 1970 to1972 wmwg (AT)  
DE-1058 Charles Gerrard EM 1972-1974 charlesagerrard (AT) Good memories with a good crew
DE-1058 Paul Hartman HT3 1972-1974 plhartman (AT)  
DE-1058 Steve Herron BT2 1969 to 1970 steveherron (AT)  
DE-1058 Frank Hood GMG1 1971 TO 1976 fhood2 (AT)  
DE-1058 Jeff Keller MM2 8/70 - 9/73 jeffkeller_7 (AT) Made 2 West Pacs on this ship. Was in ''M'' Division and ''A'' Gang. Served with some great guys!
DE-1058 Jim Kurtz PC/E-5 10/69 - 3/71 jrckurtz (AT) Plank owner, where is our ship now?
DE-1058 Paul Main MM1 1978-1980 pjm1153 (AT) A Gang Hey Roger
DE-1058 Gary McKinney MR1 1971-1972 garym112 (AT) Great ship and good crew
DE-1058 Richard McVean GMG1 11/69 - 12/71 mcveanrichardl (AT) Sure like to hear from some old plank owners.
DE-1058 Jack W. Miller EMC 7/69 - 6/70 moc105 (AT)  
DE-1058 Gordon Mills GMT Seaman 11/72-05/75 harleymaniac54 (AT) Asroc Gunners Mate
DE-1058 Gary Mitchell YN/E-3 1970-72 Garymitchellhorseshoeing (AT) Would like to hear from gary kaminski. Great times
DE-1058 Eddie Nikolas RM2 1969-1972 eddienikolas (AT)  
DE-1058 Dave Peterson QM3 1970-1973 lyrch_54 (AT) Great ship, great guys, long days, lots of laughs and memories
DE-1058 Darwin (Vince) Preuss BM3 1969-1973 nannaandpa1and2 (AT) Great ship and shipmates,had lots of fun!!!
DE-1058 Jim Reynolds GMG2 11/69 to 9/72 jimnsuzi (AT)  
DE-1058 Michael (Pink) Schibly ST1 1972-1976 mschibly (AT)  
DE-1058 Wayne Smith SN3 11/70 to 11/71 Texas2004 (AT) Would like to hear from other plank owners from this period.
DE-1058 Scott Stick YN3 3/72 - 6/73 sticks169 (AT) Great crew
DE-1058 Everett Suchland RMC 6/69 - 5/72 esuchlandldo (AT) Plankowner and served until promoted to WO-1 and went to NCS Iceland.
DE-1058 Bill Tichansky BT2 10/73-10/77 BillTich55 (AT)  
DE-1058 David A. von Roemer QM2 2/73-6/74 davidavonroemer5 (AT)  
DE-1058 John Wells BT2 1969-1972 kwells16 (AT) 60923 Onyx Street, Bend, OR 97702
DE-1058 William Young GMG3 69-71 young_bill (AT) a good ship and crew
DE-1958 Tom Wirth RD2 2/70 - 7/71 tjwirth48 (AT) The older I get, the more I cherish the memories of serving aboard DE-1058 with a great crew.
FF-1058 Jerry Bauman BT2 4/87 to 11/91 baumanjerry (AT) Westpac 87 was a blast! Best group of engineers I ever served with!
FF-1058 Frank Bean STG2 05/85 to 03/87 frank.bean (AT)  
FF-1058 Michael Bede MM2 74 - 77 michaelbede (AT)  
FF-1058 Josh Berelson EW3(SW) 8/88-01/90 berelson98223 (AT)  
FF-1058 Darin Berg BM3 01/87 - 12/90 Rhinoxl (AT)  
FF-1058 Gary Bergen YN2 10/79-4/80 garyandjoybergen (AT) Ch Corley & crew slamming the hatch by rack at all hours-Tipp Kelling joined Office crew as SN & made YN3
FF-1058 Gale Bickle OS3 1975-1976 gale.bickle (AT) OS1....Chief Kiesel.........selling pencils on the corner ended up being very profitable
FF-1058 Tim Blackmore MM2 1985 to 1987 tblackmore (AT) I was in ''M'' Division. Participated in westpac ''87''
FF-1058 James Brown RM2(SW) 1983-1986 jdbrown328 (AT) 1st duty station-search/rescue mission for downed Korean jetliner KAL-007-Russian units were so close
FF-1058 Fred Bunnell E-4 8/74 to 6/77 f2nl2014 (AT)  
FF-1058 Michael (Bushy) Bush HT3 1976-1977 MBush37 (AT) Swapped duties from Halsey (CG23) to Meyerkord. Just visited Rod Spacey Asay.
FF-1058 Phillip Carlson EW2 1988-1990 phillip_carlson (AT)  
FF-1058 Paul Chastain FTGC 1976-1980 paulc7476 (AT) Mk 68 GFCS
FF-1058 Pete Cliburn STGCS(SW) 9/81 - 3/85 jcliburn (AT) Good Skippers/Better Shipmates-my favorite duty station in 24 yrs-that's right-not a lifer,just an old ping jockey!
FF-1058 Gary Corley FTCS 1978-1983 gcorley (AT) Great advancement ship
FF-1058 Omar Cruz BMSN 1978-1981 cruzin41 (AT) The defining exp of my life-many lessons learned,some the hard way-great times/great friends I'll always remember.
FF-1058 Cletus Cryderman FTG3 82-83 meyerkord (AT) What a time! WestPac to drydock in Long Beach.
FF-1058 Daniel Demmitt RM/E-3 12/88-1/04 demmitt20002000 (AT) I miss my navy days and all my friends I made in San Diego
FF-1058 Shannon Engel OS2 11/87-7/91 rainydays (AT)  
FF-1058 Gary Euteneuer EN2 9/79-9/80 geut252 (AT)  
FF-1058 Chuck Foyt EM2 1975-1979 crfoyt (AT)  
FF-1058 Tony Gervse E-3 1985-1986 gervase4 (AT)  
FF-1058 Douglas Gould STG2 04/73 -08/77 doug_gould2000 (AT)  
FF-1058 Gordon Gray OS2 8/84-3/88 screwloose1 (AT) went to some pretty cool places with some really good guys
FF-1058 Ken Green GMG2 76-80 kengreen (AT)  
FF-1058 Robert Guzman GMGC 1975 to 1978 pgcbomar (AT)  
FF-1058 Jody Hallman BT3 12/86 - 4/90 searider (AT) Looking to hear from old shipmates
FF-1058 Jerry Harvell BT3 9/78 - 3/82 JerryHarvell (AT) The Mighty Mo- Westpac-79, 81.
FF-1058 Larry Hays GMT1 1973-1977 lfhays (AT) Good times with a great crew.
FF-1058 Arthur Hempfling EM3 3/81 to 11/83 arthempfling (AT) some sail the sea's we surfed damn thing.
FF-1058 Wes Howard QM3 10/81-6/85 weshoward (AT) Served during the commands of Capt. Finn, Capt Center, Captain King. Great ship. Two WEST-PACs and one yard.
FF-1058 Earl Johnson ET2 11/84-5/88 ejohnson (AT)  
FF-1058 Tip Keeling YN2 6/79-7/81 TKeeli (AT)  
FF-1058 Mike Kelly GMG2 01/81-11/84 michael.kelly4 (AT) Had a great time in the Navy, some of the best memories of my life. Think about those I served with often.
FF-1058 David Keul STG3 11/1975 - 1/1979 Keuldavid57 (AT) gmail  
FF-1058 Robert Kiesel OSC 5/74 - 11/78 (AT)  
FF-1058 Donald Knox E-5 12/80 - 07/82 KNOXD74 (AT) Thanks men for all the memories-before your are a shellback you have to be a snipe/BT
FF-1058 Jason Kopp E-4 04/89-01/92 koppjasonh (AT) Served under Dewey Whitmire and Cmdr Sweet. Please contact.
FF-1058 Larry Laposky BTC 85-91 prspctr1 (AT) Steamin
FF-1058 Mark Lowe MM2 8/85 to 11/89 mark_d_lowe (AT) Battle Frigate!!!
FF-1058 George Mackley EM2 03/74-10/75 mackleyk (AT) Shipmates please contact, West-Pac-75 Great time. Evac Siagon
FF-1058 Buddy Magill MMFN 08/76 - 03/79 bmaghen (AT) good times. Remember mad dog Bruce?
FF-1058 Joe Manning STG2 1/85-2/87 goofmap (AT)  
FF-1058 Hayes Mark OS3 12/76 - 12/77 post1mark (AT)  
FF-1058 David Marrow, Jr. MM3 6/84 - 10/89 dmarrowjr (AT) I was Parker trained.
FF-1058 Stephen Martin MM3 1975-1976 smartin8634 (AT) MMIC AUX 1, loved that ship, wish I could of done my whole 4 years on her.
FF-1058 John Marxmiller IC2 01/75 - 01/80 Flycatcher101 (AT)  
FF-1058 Tom Masserant BM3 7/88-4/90 mrmazzman (AT) If you remember me, please e-mail
FF-1058 Paul McMurray MM2 01/78-02/80 pauls70ls5 (AT) would like to hear from old shipmates
FF-1058 Dan Mohr MMFN 82-84 dmohr69 (AT) miss those days and the friends I had! Would love to hear from anyone on board at that time
FF-1058 Russell ''RC'' Monegue FC3 1986-87 and 1987-89 moneguerc (AT) I was in deck, broke my leg, and came back as Firecontrolman
FF-1058 Robert Nau TM2 2/88-10/91 robert.nau (AT)  
FF-1058 Wayne Parker MMCS(SW) 4/87-4/89 parkerw (AT)  
FF-1058 Adam Perez OS2 8/87 - 11/90 adamamazin (AT) 1st week onboard: The Typhoon of '87 followed by a real shellback initiation!
FF-1058 Billy Pitt E-3 5/82 - 5/85 swamplitter (AT) M - Div. who's up for spades or cribbage in aux. 2 ? sure miss the good times.
FF-1058 Stan Price LT 05/80-08/82 szprice (AT) Disbursing Officer & Supply Officer during my two deployments onboard during two deployments.
FF-1058 Jim Reber ETR2 1/74-6/77 james.reber (AT) Still working for the Navy, managing Navy training systems.
FF-1058 Tom Richey STG3 06/77 - 12/78 tdr57usa (AT)  
FF-1058 Raymond Robbins YN2/E-5 01/76-08/78 ukfanray (AT) Attempting re-union, please contact me asap. Thanks, Rob
FF-1058 Edward Roberts QM 1978 to 1981 eddier1981 (AT)  
FF-1058 Dennis Russell SM 1974-1977 denruss (AT) I wish I could do it all over again-hope ayou guys are doing well-had a very special crew-sure miss those days
FF-1058 John Saburn ENS 1983 to 1984 JSaburn (AT) Division Officer during overhaul in Long Beach: 1984
FF-1058 Chris Shultz RM2 1980-1983 ctopher799 (AT)  
FF-1058 Peter Spoonhower BT1 1976 to 1980 pjspoony (AT) Just looking for old shipmates
FF-1058 John Stiehr MM3 9/87 - 3/91 johnstiehr (AT) A - GANG
FF-1058 Andrew Szumilo FC2(SW) 12/98-12/91 andys2 (AT) CIWS Tech, nickname was Shmo
FF-1058 William Taylor BT2 79- 80 taylors (AT) remembering good times
FF-1058 Brian Underwood EM4 1973 to 1975 bauwood2 (AT)  
FF-1058 Ray L Vaughn, Sr EM1 1984-1988 vaughnsrray (AT)  
FF-1058 Robert Wallace BTCM 1976-1977 irdnk (AT)  
FF-1058 Deric Watson MM2 8/84-4/88 sailtonka (AT)  
FF-1058 Roger White MM3 6/78 to10/80 chargers43 (AT) was in a-gang
FF-1058 Stephen White LCDR 2/87 - 8/88 retnavyguy94 (AT)  

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