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DE/FF-1097 David Beich BT3 11/88 to 12/90 davidbeich (AT) i now live in outside of pittsburgh area , contact me if you know me,hung out with bts and mms mostly
DE/FF-1097 Denis Carpenter GMGSN 10/76-8/79 carp (AT)  
DE/FF-1097 John Chase Jr. BMC 7/90-5/92 jrchase (AT)  
DE/FF-1097 Mitchell Cooperman RM3 2/77- 8/80 coooo811 (AT) nickname was (Coop)
DE/FF-1097 Steven Delisle, Sr. BM2(SW) 4/74 to 7/77 delisle1097 (AT) looking for precom& deckapes on my crew til 7/77 an stuwert warthall sn an bt2 james hamlton
DE/FF-1097 James Fess BT2 8/74 -7/78 james.e.fess (AT)  
DE/FF-1097 Tim Hill EN2 10/77 to 06/81  
DE/FF-1097 Jack Ogburn, II OS2 1974-1977 jack_ogburn (AT) I Never Forgot My OS/CIC Shipmates !
DE/FF-1097 Randall Orchard MM 2/92-2/94 r.orchard (AT) Hope shipmates are doing well/adj to civilian lives-great times-will never forget life lessons learned in the military.
DE/FF-1097 Scott Reid STGC(SW) 11/92-07/94 subicpingjockey (AT) Shifted Homport to Mobile, AL
DE/FF-1097 James Scarbrough RM3 1973-1977 BIGTRUCK112756 (AT) Plankowner looking for info on GMGSA Danny Eichholtz
DE/FF-1097 Bill Stein QMSN 1974 to 1977 whs123 (AT)  
DE/FF-1097 Danny Womack SK36 6/73 to 5/76 dnnywomack (AT) still looking for pat blankenship worked in suppy with me
DE-1097 Jorge Lopez MM2 1974 to 1978 jorge7172 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1097 Dave McConnell EMCM 1974-1978 daveemcm (AT) Plank owner, Great ship
DE-1097 Roger Randall STG1 1972-1978 rograndall (AT)  
DE-1097 Donald Walters BT2 11/74 to 12/75 waltersfamily (AT)  
FF1097 David Price BT2 8/76 - 4/80 dprice (AT)  
FF-1097 Alfred Albers RMCS 07/85 - 01/89 af72ma (AT)  
FF-1097 Scott Bacon STG3 01/87 to 08/90 bacons4 (AT) Living in Northern Virginia, Contact me if you're in the DC area.
FF-1097 James Baumhardt E-2 11/89-6/92 james.baumhardt (AT) looking for Shane
FF-1097 Robert Behm STG2 9/78-10/82 behmbehms (AT) Bradley Pruit-remember morning qtrs w/your shirt inside out/pants on backwards?even Chief Rowell had to laugh.
FF-1097 William Binkley MM3 4/91-9/92 bubbabink70 (AT)  
FF-1097 John Bivins ET-1 1974-1977 Johnb1022 (AT) precom crew, electronics div.
FF-1097 Larry Blackburn E-3 88 to 92 blackburn2l (AT) looking for ''blockhead'' found ''dinko'' (he found me)
FF-1097 Ted Bradley BM3 06/1990-05/1994 ted.m.bradley (AT) Well I'm in the army now. Looking for people who know me.
FF-1097 Douglas Buckla MS2 SW 83 - 87 Dougb258 (AT) Looking for shipmates.was on board for boiler room fire in 86.
FF-1097 Joe Bumb AW3 1976-1978 joe (AT) det 5 workups 77 Med cruise, Thanks guys had fun. Send pics
FF-1097 Vincent Burke FC2 87-91 beatenbacktopure (AT) I'm alive you squid punks!!
FF-1097 Russell Carpenter RM3 7/74 - 3/77 russ_carpe (AT)  
FF-1097 Juan Carrion SN 1/84 - 4/85 juan (AT) I left the Sub buster to head to ET A'' School. QM Nave would be upset. I ended up a QM after all''
FF-1097 Keith Clark OS2 (SW) 12/82-07/85 Klcpack (AT)  
FF-1097 Donald Clayton   1986-1988 judyclayton (AT) Any contact with crew members, operations specialists
FF-1097 Tom Cobb OS2 10/87-06/90 tntcobb (AT) CIC, the place to be.
FF-1097 Bruce Conrod GMGSN 5/74-1/78 bcnormie (AT) any plank owners out there
FF-1097 Bud Cooper MM2(SW) 1/83 - 6/87 bntcoop (AT)  
FF-1097 Harold Paul Dal STG2 (SW) circa 84-86 paul.dal (AT)  
FF-1097 Elmer A. (Andy) Deal, Jr. OSC(SW) Dec 1982-Mar 1987 eadeal55 (AT)  
FF-1097 Chris Doleno BTFN 1990-1991 dolenoc (AT) looking for fellow BT's
FF-1097 Tim Duggan MM3 12/91-07/94 four_to_go2007 (AT) looking for M and B div personnel
FF-1097 Randall Duncan BT3 93-Decomm scottfoxduncan (AT) Scott
FF-1097 Stephen Duvall BMSA 1-78-10-79 littleman4442 (AT) Looking for Ray Fryer or anyone else who knows me.
FF-1097 Danny R. Eichholtz GMG2 9/73 - 12/77 deichholtz (AT) Best Knox class frigate in tge fleet. Great Gun gang and FC we did alot of steaming after Commissioning.
FF-1097 Steven Elkin MM1(SW) 92-93 iowalostintec (AT)  
FF-1097 Mark Fallon EM2 1979 to 1983 markfa (AT) I'd like to hear from all of my former shipmates!
FF-1097 Larry French MMCS 01/81 to 01/82 lfrench (AT) Other email 'larry_french (AT)'
FF-1097 Richard (Sam) French STG2 3/80 to 4/83 richardf (AT)  
FF-1097 Randy Gear BTFN 08/78-08/82 randygear39 (AT) hope to hear from any old friends.
FF-1097 Angelo Georganas BM3 1985-1989 AGEORGANAS (AT) Married with kids.
FF-1097 Gary Gill STG2 1988 to 1990 Geroxx (AT)  
FF-1097 Troy Goodnow STG1(SW) 5/83 - 8/88 troy.goodnow (AT) We need to have a reunion...
FF-1097 Alan Gothard OS2 SW 11/83-1/88 gothland (AT) haze grey underway
FF-1097 Edward Grabow B2 12/79 - 6/83 canvas (AT) Looking for Schriver, Big bird/Little bird, Reber & gang
FF-1097 Jeff Grant ET2 1986 - 1990 jeffgrant38 (AT) Hows the fellas from the shop been? Oh yea and those who wandered in.
FF-1097 David Gray SM3 12/80-08/84 gray3d2h (AT)  
FF-1097 Chris Griffin GMG2 10/80-7/83 griffin45 (AT) Retired in 2000 as a GMC
FF-1097 Keith Grove HT2 08/74-09/77 keithgrove (AT)  
FF-1097 Larry Gunn E-5 11/89-3/93 larrygunn (AT) anyone still alive???
FF-1097 Michael Hamilton PN1 11/74-04/76 catamount17 (AT) Great officers/enlisted shipmates-busy making a living since the Navy-many fond memories are always there!
FF-1097 Jerry Harvell BT2 7/83 - 7/85 JerryHarvell (AT) Oil King
FF-1097 Tommy Hatcher BM3 2/84 - 12/86 tommyhatcher (AT)  
FF-1097 John Hatley STG3 4/78-8/80 jdhatley1954 (AT)  
FF-1097 Donald Heffner OS2 06/87-04/91 donhef (AT) Last Ship of my Active career. Grear
FF-1097 William Henry TM3 1977-1979 henry_william (AT)  
FF-1097 Ronald Hentges STGSN 06/85-11/88 rhentges (AT) When's the reunion??
FF-1097 Pete Hicks BM3 1980 to1983 enterpriseh (AT)  
FF-1097 David Hill OS1/E-5 10/88-4/91retired davidmichaelhill (AT) it was a great experince my time on broad.
FF-1097 Dennis Hill TM2 8/75-8/79 dhill71 (AT)  
FF-1097 Tim Hill EN2 1977 to 1981 thill1097 (AT)  
FF-1097 Daniel (Hogie) Hoggard BT1 1983 to 1986 daniel.hoggardsr (AT) Retired 1994 after 24 years in the Nav.
FF-1097 Ed Holt DC2 (SW) 5/88-10/91 (AT)  
FF-1097 Rip Horan STG3 1974-1977 ahoran (AT) Plankowner
FF-1097 Don Jackson SK2 1981 - 1983 donjackson1954 (AT)  
FF-1097 Tommy Jolly ETR3 1977 to 1979 tjolly (AT) Mare Est Vita Mea
FF-1097 Mike Joyner FC2 (SW) 4/84-11/87 mjoy1096 (AT)  
FF-1097 Tony Kincaid OS3 August 1980 - April 1983 tonykincaid (AT) or email me at: tonykincaid (AT)
FF-1097 Mike Klemm STGSN 78-81 mklemm51 (AT) The Stump
FF-1097 Ed Knope BTFN 1991-1993 eknope (AT)  
FF-1097 Chris Kretschmann BT3 1991 to 1994 kmann920 (AT) pink-belly!!!!
FF-1097 William Lanagan, IV MR2 9/76-2/79 dllrbill (AT) looking for bubba downey, kim tomlin, or john baum
FF-1097 Louis Lee OSSA 6/78 - 5/7 louis0118 (AT)  
FF-1097 Joseph Lee LT 1991-1994 cherilee (AT)  
FF-1097 Dennis Lescowitch HT2 8/79-8/81 djlecw (AT) Was known as Lefty. Ran the HT Division at end of career. Fond Memories!
FF-1097 Ed Liebau E-3 3/89-9/90 gmliebau (AT)  
FF-1097 Todd Londin EMCS 1984 to 1988 todd (AT) Looking for any one that remembers the boiler room fire
FF-1097 Thomas Lott STG3 1989 to 1993 twlott (AT)  
FF-1097 Peter Lynch OS2 04/78-10/81 Lrodptl (AT) Doherty,Mace,Borders,Smitty,Keefer (RIP),Hooten,Maciejczyk.........
FF-1097 Michael McGlothlin OS2 1974-1977 mac34777 (AT) Looking for anyone in OI div.
FF-1097 Mike Mummey MM1 (SW) 5/91-7/94 mikemummey (AT)  
FF-1097 Mark Neurohr BT3 9/1977 - 12/1980 mneurohr3 (AT) Hope all of you are doing well! I'm in Kittanning, PA
FF-1097 Ronald Nicholson BM3 1992-1994 Bmuoneboats (AT) Currently active duty LCAC Craftmaster at NAVAL BEACH UNIT SEVEN in Japan!
FF-1097 Christopher Nuneviller STG3 10/1989 to 07/1991 cnuneviller (AT)  
FF-1097 Mark Orhelein QM3 9/78 - 2/79 HARLEYRIDER55 (AT) MCHSI.COM  
FF-1097 Robert Overkott STGCM(SW) 5/90-12/91 BOverkott (AT)  
FF-1097 Robert Peterson E-2 4/80-3/82 poohcook (AT) Nickname was Fritz
FF-1097 Roger Pinkley BT2 8/75-1/80 roger.pinkley (AT) Like to here from any of the BT's
FF-1097 Charles R. Price YNC 1977 to 1980 crprice08 (AT)  
FF-1097 Bradley Pruiett STG3 1/76-6/79 ishmister1 (AT) you guys were great...we're still alive and making it for those that are mia................
FF-1097 Peter Riggle MS3 1991-1993 peter (AT)  
FF-1097 Steve Sanford BM3 6/85 - 4/88 cfd_28 (AT)  
FF-1097 Shawn (Dog) Schmitt HT2 5/80 - 4/83 akfatboy98 (AT) Love to find Tomlin(Spanky),Robison(Robo),D Teeter,R Robison,Dan Deheer,snipe crew BT's HT's MM'S.
FF-1097 Skip Schroeder MM2   sschroeder001 (AT)  
FF-1097 David Scianna STGSN 1/77-11/80 scianna6900 (AT) I'm radar.
FF-1097 David Simpson HMC 1977-1979 dmsgls (AT) A part of me is still on that ship. I visit her in my dreams from time to time.
FF-1097 Ernie Smith STG3 08/73-05/76 damatoman871 (AT) Would be awesome to hear from other 3rd Division shipmates from commisioning crew
FF-1097 Brian Snyder AW3 1981-1982 BandDSnyder (AT) HSL-34 : Great ship, crew, and food!
FF-1097 Ty Stephens E-4 1985-1987 tystephens1961 (AT)  
FF-1097 Michael Sterlacci EM3 1974 to 1977 z062k1 (AT) R Division
FF-1097 William Strempfer ET2 9/86 to 9/90 wcstrempfer (AT) Looking for ET2 Mike Wright, ET2 Mick Tate & FC2 Vince Burke
FF-1097 Geoffrey Strynadka MM3 5/89-01/93 gwyneth3 (AT) looking for Tom Lott, Larry Blackburn, William Gouldan
FF-1097 Curtis Thomas SH2 10/74-09/76 curthom (AT)  
FF-1097 Richard Tripp GMG1 4/83-3/85 shipwreck-85 (AT)  
FF-1097 William (Bill) Turner RM1(SW) 86-89 rmcbill (AT)  
FF-1097 Michael Van Dorn GMG1 (SW) 1989 to 1994 vandorn.mike (AT) Best 5 guns in Atlantic Flt-awesome Div-never forget CG Div-Jackson Gebhardt & Zelinka-you guys are the best
FF-1097 Stuart K. Walthall SN 1974-1977 stuartkwalthall (AT) looking for any deck apes out there during the 74-77 era good times in the med cruise
FF-1097 Mark Warneke E-2 Deck div 3/89 - 12/90 memarkw2 (AT) I'm curious to find out whatever happened to the guys I worked with.
FF-1097 Michael Wright ET2(SW) 11/86 to 02/91 link1611 (AT) Looking for Bill Strempfer, Jeff Grant, Paul (Mick) Tate....
FF-1098 Tom Sheehan STG2 1978-1982 tsheehan3 (AT) They used to call me lips

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