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DE-538 James Arnold Brown SN 03/57 - 04/58 arnoldbrownsr (AT) Would be glad to here from anyone that served on the Osberg
DE-538 Arnold Brown SN 03/1967-09/1958 greenlawn7602 (AT) comunicate with anyone that served during my time aboard
DE-538 Jack Casey FN 10/56 - 1/58 jcasey7417 (AT) decommision Osberg 1958 in new jersey went to orange tx. retire in 1975
DE-538 Carl Cays SA 9/56 2/57 ccays (AT)  
DE-538 Roland Desjardins MM1 1952-1956 ddesjardins (AT) He served in the Aft Engine room from 52-56. If you served with him, Looking for people that served with him.
DE-538 Neil Dickman BT3 6/53-4/55 nhd420 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
DE-538 Glen Gibbs RD1 1953 to 1957 gibbsenterprises (AT)  
DE-538 Joseph Ladevaio, Jr. FTSN 1953 to 1956 embcfwdng (AT) Looking for shipmates who served during this time
DE-538 James McDonald RDM2 12/45 2/46 JMcdon3341 (AT) This was the first commisioning and decommissioning
DE-538 James J. Ryan BT3 12/52-12/55 ryanmoe59 (AT) would like to hear from former shipmates
DE-538 Terry Scheidt SM/E-3 1956 terryrs (AT) Served on the OSBERG awaiting my assignment to CT school. Took several
DE-538 Charles Shaw RD2 1952 to 1956 charkey6 (AT)  
DE-538 Weldon Smith MM3 10/56-2/58 wsmith (AT)  
DE-538 Harry Specht SN 3/56-9/57 harrygogo (AT) Was the cook for these years.
DE-538 Virgil Tuley LCDR 1956-1957 Mtmurat (AT) My grandfather. He has passed away but Id love to learn more about his time aboard Osberg.
DE-538 Walter Wieczynski SSM3 1946-1948 titaniummom (AT) Was laundryman

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