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DE/DER-244 Kermit Cadrette SN 11/55-9/56 runkac (AT)  
DE/DER-244 John Imms CPO 1943-45 Johnimms (AT) My father John W. Imms Jr. passed away in April 2011. Buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
DE/DER-244 Duncan McKenzie GMC 02/42-00/46 scottishthrower (AT) My father (died 3/94)-have several pics of him/shipmates onboard & on shore leave if anyone is interested.
DE-244 Dick Banczak GM 1941-1945 MDOUGHERTY (AT) This is my Dad who has passed away..Anyone remember him?
DE-244 Theodeore (Ted) Bolas   1945 bolas (AT) My father-deceased-told stories of ship leave in Shanghai & being made PO for a day (can't remember reason)
DE-244 Curtis Chase QM2 1942 to 1944 james.m.williams (AT) Still kickin' & wish I were still there
DE-244 Charles Cobb FT3 7/54-12/54 Cobb40j3 (AT) Does anyone remember john sipes,GM1, lost overboard on return from Cuba?
DE-244 Richard Cook PO2 1941-1944 pjcook60 (AT) My Dad is still living in Wichita, KS. Often talks about his shipmates and days aboard.
DE-244 John Covello SFC 1945 jny6 (AT) This is my Dad, still living in Florida and doing okay
DE-244 James Goolsby CPhM 1945 jhgoolsbyjr (AT) My Dad-died too young in 1990-onboard aft being w/Seabees in Normandy-have letterhead & ship newsletters
DE-244 James Hudson SFC 1945 to 1946 Box 332, Gibson, NC 28343 My dad passed away 7/24/06 age 82 please honor him by listin
DE-244 John Imms CPO 08/43-10/45 Imms (AT) PlankOwner - Still Kick'n
DE-244 Peter John Kuffler CMM 3/44 - 1945 bllkuffler (AT) USN from 1925 to 1945 and 1950 to 1952. Deceased July, 1983, San Bernardino, CA.
DE-244 Frank Jacob Lamartine   1942-1946 flamartine (AT) My dad, FJ Lamartine, deceased, served 4 yrs. on same ship.
DE-244 William (Billy) McKnight ? around 1944 sctoingirl (AT) I would love any information anyone has about my father. He passed away of cancer in 1989.
DE-244 Owen Robert Reilly F1 07/44-12/45 James.Delugan (AT) This is my grandfather. I just discovered his ship. Does anyone remember him?
DE-244 Frederick Scism LT 1955-57 or 58 cscism (AT)  
DE-244 Melvin Spencer CMM   MLSpencer1 (AT) Our father-died 6/10/09-original crew of DE 244-proud he served his country during WW2 & was close to his mates.
DE-244 Maxey Stewart GM 1944-1946 astewart3134 (AT) My grandfather-passed 12/97. Have pictures of him on deck of ship with ice chunck from N. Atlantic.
DE-244 John Stouffer SN 1944-1946 john (AT) This was my father, who is deceased. Does anyone remember him
DE-244 Ralph Stoutenger S2/S1 06/1942 - 01/1944 macri72 (AT) My grandfather. Died 12/07/01. Lived a great life-had a great family. Just in case any one wanted to know.
DE-244 Joe Sturgill SN1 1/44-12/45 whoami6959 (AT) This was my grandfather who passed in 1983. Searching for someone that may have know him
DE-244 Walter Tarka MoMM3 1944 wctjr (AT) This was my father who is deceased, please list him anyway.
DE-244 Harold Ulin   ? ulin171 (AT) this is my dad any with info plez e-mail me danual ulin
DE-244 Blake Wert MoMM2 1943 to 1945 djw1 (AT) This is my dad, who is still alive and well. Plankholder.
DE-244 Harold E. Williams GM3 3/43-5/46 whocares2 (AT)  
DER-244 James A. Brown BM3 10/59-6/60 jabrown (AT) I helped Decommission the ship in May 1960
DER-244 Kermit Cadrette SN 11/55-10/56 runkac (AT) twcny.rr.comI In Oct 1956 I went on board the USS Kretchmer 329
DER-244 Raymond Cranna EN3 01/57 - 6/30 rccmacrmc (AT) I was on board the time that the radar mast broke off and hung down and we had too cut our picket short
DER-244 Phil Dana MR3 7/58-6/60 philipDPAD (AT) Aboard as she went into Boston Navy yd for 3 mos-Gitmo-several pickets & then out of comm in Orange,TX
DER-244 John S. Downs SN 56-57 ldowns (AT)  
DER-244 Robert Fitzgerald RM3 1953 thru 1956 JROB365 (AT) Anyone who knows & remebers me please write
DER-244 Steve Frankel RM3 7/59-11/59 smitch (AT) 1 picket cruise before discharge-Capt. Valentine Commanding
DER-244 Joe Gavin EM3 2/55 - 8/56 gavinjands (AT) Aborad when we lost the whaleboat during mail/movie transfer at sea.
DER-244 Dave Goodness RMSN 1/1960 to decom davegoodness (AT) Made two pickets and then went to Texas to Decommission her
DER-244 Bobby Hales EN 1955 to 1957 bobbyhales37 (AT) I was in Engine Room B3 & Log Room, officer in charege of the Log Room was jg or Ltjg McCoy
DER-244 Paul Henderson CPO 1942-1944 shendy537 (AT) This was my father. Passed in 2006. Would love to hear any stories-on duty or off'
DER-244 Donald Hungate GM3 11/53-12/55 maxdba (AT) Please contact me about a reunion or get-together
DER-244 Michael Lambert ET2 3/59-5/59 Fivekiller1N (AT) transferred off the USS Pillsbury DER-133 for 2 picketts
DER-244 John Letus ET2 1955-1956 jletus1 (AT)  
DER-244 Edgar Morrell GM 12/55 - 4/57 ermorrell (AT)  
DER-244 John O'Keefe RM3 2/57-10/60 johnrokeefe (AT) I remember a whale boat lost at sea, as a radioman we even lost voice contact with them.
DER-244 Larry (Ski) Oknowsky RMSN 5/52-12/55 Larry1845 (AT)  
DER-244 John Quest SO3 55-56 jcquest (AT)  
DER-244 George Quigley END2 1957 to early 1958 gsquigley (AT) I think I was only on board 7 or 8 months
DER-244 Paul J. Rauschenplat RM2 1/56-8/58 Paul-sue (AT)  
DER-244 Allyn (Al) Rowley LT(jg) 1/54 - 6/55 arowley136 (AT) Served as Supply Officer. Retired as CDR. Living in San Juan Capistrano CA
DER-244 Jerry Smith RD3 5/57-5/59 kismet4425 (AT) (new) to many pickets to count
DER-244 John Syvarth RM3 6/56-6/57 Syvarth (AT) I served with Paul Rauschenplat and Gene Weatherford. Swapped off for a ship going on a Med cruise.
DER-244 Fred Taylor RM2 11/59 to 6/60 freddiejoet (AT) Went on several pickets out of Newport, RI until we decommisioned her in Orange, TX
DER-244 Bill Warner IC3 01/56-05/58 Warner5 (AT)  
DER-244 Gene Raleigh Weatherford   11/50 thru 6/52 racerrich1 (AT) My father, currently living in Central Florida

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