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DE/FF-1077 David Huinker RD3 8/70-12/72 dhuinker (AT) Plank Owner. The hurricane ride off the Carolina coast was something I'll never forget!!!
DE/FF-1077 Malcolm Raimey SA 1971-1974 mwraimey49 (AT)  
DE/FF-1077 Jerry Socall GMG1 1//74 - 12/76 Jerry1961a at Long Beach, CA to PH, HI, Worked with GMG1 Valentine, CO was Cdr. Eckstrom. Great cruise to Wespac in 76-77.
DE/FF-1077 Michael Swiatek BM3 5/73-11/75 swike72 (AT) what great time to be young and a sailor.
DE/FF-1077 Mark Tevis E-4 1978 to 1980 mtevis58 (AT) Awesome Ship, great time on board in pearl harbor.
DE-1077 Jim Anez RD2 1970 to 1972 jim (AT)  
DE-1077 Harold Allen Baer ETR2 05/7-09/74 buddy.baer (AT) Plank owner
DE-1077 Wesley Bailey IC2 12/70 - 03/72 wesleybailey44 (AT) Came aboard comm day in Charleston,SC-Leading IC man(1st IC to stand Bridge Wheel Watch)-1st Mk 19 Gyro Tech.
DE-1077 Dennis Belk YN3 09/70-06/71 www.navyddg33 (AT) precom crew, plank owner, newport-charleston-pearl-oc div. how about a reunion? i am getting old
DE-1077 Brion Bell TM3 1970-1973 babell (AT) Good Ship! Good Crew! Plank Owner, Side Boy on the gangway when commissioned in Charleston
DE-1077 George Beltran E-3 10/72 to 07/75 beltran25ga (AT) Man I feel old
DE-1077 Gregory Bond EN3 1970 - 1973 navyvnvet72 (AT) Plank Owner, Home Port - Pearl Harbor, HI, A-Gang, WESTPAC 1972 & 1973, Vietnam Veteran.
DE-1077 Kenneth Borders MM3 02/74 - 07/76 Kborders (AT) 1st Ship, was aboard when she became FF 1077
DE-1077 Ronald Cagle GMT2 1969-1972 rgsm (AT) Plankowner
DE-1077 Gregory Cross RM3 12/70-6/72 gacross (AT) Pre-commissioning crew; Plankowner; 1st WESPAC cruise
DE-1077 Leo De La Torre SH3 1971 to 1973 freedom4vr (AT) made 2 westpacs in 2 years
DE-1077 Michael Denomme FTG2 1970-1973 mike (AT)  
DE-1077 Dennis Garidel BT3 1970/1972 dgaridel (AT)  
DE-1077 Edward (Ed) Goodwin MM3 4/89-3/92 egoodwin9 (AT)  
DE-1077 Taylor Graham RM2 1/72-12/74 taylor.n.graham (AT) Great memories; great times; great friends! I miss them all and I miss being young!!!
DE-1077 Bill Griffith E-2 1973-1974 bjgrif2 (AT) Westpacs were alot of fun
DE-1077 Roger Lewis STG1 6/70-9/71 rlewis8837 (AT) nickname ''Louie''
DE-1077 Jim McCoskey RD3/OS3 1970 - 1973 jamesmccoskey (AT) Plank Owner (New Orleans, Charleston (hurricane ride 40 degree roll), Panama Canal, Pearl Harbor, 2 WESPACS
DE-1077 James McGinley YN2 09/74 - 09/76 jbmcginley48 (AT) Gummers Mate Socall how you doing. WestPac 75/76 for sure was great.
DE-1077 Donald Perritt ETN2 9/70 - 5/73 cowtown49 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1077 Clyde Raines MMCM April 1968 January 1971 Maxload69 (AT) Great Ship, Nice CPO Mess WestPac 1969,70
DE-1077 Jim Richardson EM2 8/71-3/73 jmjer (AT) Plankowner, Newport-Charleston-Pearl
DE-1077 Stewart Roer SM3 Plankowner -3/73 karfarni (AT) great ship great crew got us home save
DE-1077 Fred Schools FN 8/70 - 7/71 fneale2 (AT) I am a plank owner of the original crew to first serve on owed.
DE-1077 Tom Selbe FTG3 4/72-10/73 selbes (AT)  
DE-1077 Patrick Smith BT3 83-85 patwsmith63 (AT) great crew
DE-1077 James Smith RD2 12/70-8/72 JLSMITH722 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1077 Glenn Stettler FTG1 12/11/70 - 9/22/73 grs AT charter DOT net Missed plank holder status by [] that much-we worked/played hard-like to know condition of 72 WesPac crew.
DE-1077 Bob Tackett STG2 1970-1972 rtackett (AT) Plankowner - Newport-Charleston-Pearl
DE-1077 Michael Taylor EM1 01/75 to 07/79 miketaylor75 (AT) She had the best crew in the Navy. 2nd to none.
DE-1077 Thomas Wilkinson TMSA 1/73-7/75 ThomasJWilkinson (AT) Best bunch of men you would ever want to meet.
DE-1077 Gilbert Wulff MM 1/73- 5/74 wulff51 (AT)  
FF-1077 Denny Arnold MM3 1983-1985 dennyarnold931 (AT)  
FF-1077 Steve Bates BM3 8/84- 2/88 Bates302 (AT) Best time of my life. What a great ship had so much fun and got to know some of the best people in the world
FF-1077 Jeffrey Becker BT1 1982 to 1987 jeffrey_a_becker (AT) great ship and crew
FF-1077 James Bourgeois BT1 7/79-6/82 jamesmariab (AT) Fireroom Snipes Unite
FF-1077 Christopher Bradley STG1 4/83-5/86 chris.bradley (AT) Great Ship... Great Shipmates!
FF-1077 Michael Cassidy OS2 01/81 - 01/85 mcass4435 (AT) Had the best time on this ship during my 20 year career.
FF-1077 Al Colby LT 1/85-12/86 acolby (AT) Served as Navigator. This was a great ship and a great crew
FF-1077 Joe Feuker MM1 5/76 to 12/79 aporomano (AT) Good times! Great memories and friends.
FF-1077 Omer Fournier, III FTG3 7/80-9/82 AFourn4384 (AT) Radar tech for the 554 Forward Gunmount (AN/SPG-53f)
FF-1077 Art Gazelle MSC 10/83-10/88 art.gazelle (AT)  
FF-1077 Roy Gernhardt ET3 10/77-6/79 royf14tomcat (AT)  
FF-1077 Thomas Healy OS3 89-92 tjh513 (AT)  
FF-1077 Lloyd Hunt PC3 1978 to 1980 llyween.hunt (AT) time will spent
FF-1077 Michael Invergo RM3 1976-1977 invergo (AT)  
FF-1077 Robert Johnson AMS (AW) 2 1987 to 1087 rjohnson (AT) Helo Det HSL-37 Easyrider 55
FF-1077 Jack Kelly EM2 11/84-12/87 ucswoop (AT) the rolling casino
FF-1077 Robert Kirkpatrick STGSN 02/78-02/80 ledforthehead (AT) Had a great time on her
FF-1077 Scott Law HT3 83-87 SKKJL4 (AT) AOL.COM Sure don't miss chasin' turds, but what great memories...
FF-1077 Evan Lewis SK2E-6 at decom 02/90 - 6/93 decom e6navsquid1 (AT)  
FF-1077 John Linderman STG1 3/83 - 3/87 John.Linderman (AT) Had a great time onboard Ouellet! The Pineapple Fleet was THE place to be in the 80's!
FF-1077 Stephen Litwin BMC(SW) 1989 to 1991 stmseaman (AT)  
FF-1077 Benito Lovato, Jr. BM3 1978 to 1981 benlovato (AT) Best times ever
FF-1077 Curtis Mayo E-4 1976-1979 crtsmy43 (AT)  
FF-1077 Frank McCafferty HT1 1984 - 1986 frank (AT) Great days they were, fine men I served with.
FF-1077 Steven Miori MM1 1976 to 1978 seamsmm (AT)  
FF-1077 Kenneth Morris RM2 80-83 kenmorris38 (AT) This is the finest ship and finest crew I ever served with
FF-1077 Michael Pastorello SK3 1985 to 1988 communityears (AT) Gret ship.... nice people
FF-1077 Michael Piepenburg STGC 83-86 mpiepenburg (AT) Had a great time on the ship. West Pac's were great
FF-1077 Randy Potter SKC 12/1988-01/1991 rdpotter (AT) ret 1993
FF-1077 Stu Richmond FTM2 83-84 commdude450 (AT)  
FF-1077 Jerry Rudd LT 04/79-04/81 norse.horseman (AT)  
FF-1077 Philip Sedgwick ST1 08/70-08/74 galastro (AT) Plank owner and on first two Westpacs. What a ship.
FF-1077 Jay Sensenig STGC 10/88-10/92 jsensenig (AT)  
FF-1077 joseph Shephard HT2 1/86 to 5/89 joe_shephard (AT)  
FF-1077 Pat Smith BT2 1983-1985 patwsmith63 (AT) good times
FF-1077 Robert Snyder EW3 1986 to 1988 ru18qtpi (AT) Had a lot of fun in the PI!
FF-1077 Gary Sorenson FTGC (SW) 1/80 - 5/83 gary.k.sorenson (AT) 'Haze grey and underway''
FF-1077 James Sprague E-2 1977-1980 Adamm (AT)  
FF-1077 Dave Sullivan STG3 86-89 David.Sullivan (AT) Great ship...The Phantom frigate
FF-1077 Dannie Towne BTCM 1980-1983 palomino (AT) Fantastic Ship and Crew!!!!!
FF-1077 Chris Truett STG2 1979 - 1981 krspkritter2000 (AT) Oh let me go home! I think I have the photo of the Phatom!
FF-1077 Adam Turner BT3 1986-88 adamiki00 (AT) Good Ship, Good Crew, Good Memories
FF-1077 Dan Wallace FTG1 1983-1985 danwallace (AT) Pineapple Fleet Rules!
FF-1077 William (Bill) Young, Jr. ET1/E-6 1984-1985 williamyoungjr (AT)  

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