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DE/FF-1080 Leo Ancefsky SN 1/74 - 7/75 oldfrog72 (AT) Came aboard Brazil for MidEast cruise-X Div-reg at crap game/card guts.Hung with B Taylor, E Floyd-great times.
DE/FF-1080 Michael Buffone MS3 1/73 - 8/76 buffit4 (AT) Came onboard Tonkin Gulf, Mid-East, North Atlantic, Med.
DE/FF-1080 Bob Crabbe HT3 84-86 spamziller (AT) hey John Waugh(got pic of you on camel when we saw sphinx), Roy Diaz.-Egg McMullen-Sam Holland-Smitty-holler
DE/FF-1080 Mark Dallner STG1 78 - 5/80 mark (AT)  
DE/FF-1080 Al Good OS2 1/74-5/77 agood (AT) Mid-East,Med,North Atl, Philly Yards, Those were the days my friend
DE/FF-1080 Charles Gullette MM2 10/72-8/74 chuck642 (AT)  
DE/FF-1080 Richard (Rick) Martin FTGC 01/71 to 06/75 rickmartin412 (AT)  
DE/FF-1080 Wendell Princa RM3 1982-1986 wppower (AT)  
DE/FF-1080 Joe Pugh MS3 2/83 - 3/85 annapugh66778899 (AT) I may live to be a hundred but I would not exchange it for nothing-long may we few rmember it
DE/FF-1080 Fredrick Zill RM3 01/76 - 06/79 zz (AT)  
DE-1080 James (Jim) Adams HT3 1972 to 1974 jamesadams621 (AT) first ship,plank owner,learned a lot-thank god it's over-sailing merchant fleet last 24 years. now chief engineer
DE-1080 Bob Agle MM3 8/70 - 4/74 bobagle (AT) Loved it all. Retired and living in Grand Rapids, MN Best to all who served!
DE-1080 Haze Baker SN 1972-75 brandysmith (AT)  
DE-1080 Lawrence Balise SKS2 02/73-09/76 mattiedaisy (AT) Bafone, I remember you always with the hair net.
DE-1080 Steve Brown SM3 6/72 - 5/74 deaconsteve (AT) Nick Name cheap charlie
DE-1080 Thomas Buffington MM2 4/71 - 10/74 thunder_rooster (AT) plankowner
DE-1080 Michael Carter E-2 08/71 - 11/71 mdcarter1097 (AT) Dischgd soon (injury in Fire Fighting training)-remember singing w/Billy Farber in barracks stairwell at FTC.
DE-1080 Thomas Clements CS3 5/71 - 4/73 CLEMENTSNAVSUP (AT) Plank Owner, mess cook, food service records keeper
DE-1080 Al Cotham BT3 7/72-11/74 alco2 (AT) Vietnam & Red Sea cruises, knee high
DE-1080 Timothy (Tim) Crowley SH 3 1970 to 1974 tdcrow (AT) Plankowner-saw her in Dry Dock before she was Comm Boston Naval Shipyard-Vietnam and saw the World
DE-1080 James Daugherty E-5 Jan 75 - Feb 80 jwd55 (AT)  
DE-1080 Robert Dunbar HT3 1972 to 1975 Bobdunbar52 (AT) (409) 898-2840 Beaumont,Texas !
DE-1080 William Eisentraut STG2 1970-1972 william.eisentraut (AT) From Avondal ship yard to Boston and back to New Port
DE-1080 Billy Farber BM3 1/71 - 6/72 mrc3221 (AT)  
DE-1080 J. Richard Fox LT 1970 - 1973 richloufox (AT) Pre-com; Commissioning Weps, the Ops; 1st cruise to Viet Nam
DE-1080 James Franklin GMG3/E-4 1970 to 1972 jim0516 (AT) Plank Owner-onboard at Newport, RI. Commissioned in Boston beside Old Ironsides. Worked on 5/54Gun
DE-1080 William Giglio EM3 03/72 -01/75 giglio308 (AT) Mid-east cruise 74
DE-1080 Wayde Glover MM1 2/71- 9/74 awayde (AT) Logroom yeoman, Aux 1, Eng Rm, Vietnam, Indian Ocean
DE-1080 David Grass IC3 1971-1974 dcgpag (AT) Met the Pre-Commissioning crew in RI Was piped off the ship in Ethopia
DE-1080 Chuck Gullette MM2(SS) 10/72-8/74 chuck642 (AT) A-Gang ex-submariner
DE-1080 Dave Hill HT3 1973-1975 davehill (AT) 'Rabnud', 'Beasley', any of you guys out there?
DE-1080 Steven Johnson BT3 8/70-4/74 steamer1974 (AT) plank owner,now retired,worked in boiler rooms for 39 yrs
DE-1080 D. Keith Kaider LT 1971 to 1973 dkeith (AT) Commissioning MPA - Fleet-up to Chief Engineer
DE-1080 Chas Kalmanowicz OS3 1972 to 1974 Sandychas1969 (AT) Had a good 2 years and made a lot of friends. Westpac cruise was fun.
DE-1080 John Lamkin QM2 01/73 - 11/75 Dmiamgd (AT)  
DE-1080 Gordon LaPorte EW1 6/72-6/1975 Gordon (AT) Mid East and Viet Nam...Greates time of my life !
DE-1080 William Leonard RM2 2/73-2/74 Tunizip (AT)  
DE-1080 Randall (Randy) Lesh PC3 04/72-04/73 lladnar23 (AT) Exchanged duty stations to transfer to this ship-Cuba then Viet Nam with the ship till it came back in 1973.
DE-1080 Irwin McCabe BMSA 1972 to 1974 icamac (AT) Remembering Vietnam Service; Captain Nehi; Newport, RI and Mayport, FL; Good times...Good Crew!
DE-1080 Richard W. McDaniel RM2 12/72-12/74 bdmcdan (AT) RadioCentral Group - Ham Call KC5OEG
DE-1080 Bob Moyer FTG3 1975 moyerrp (AT)  
DE-1080 Glenn Pladsen CTM3 5/74 thru 6/74 ae0q (AT) TAD with NavSecGru van. Got on in Mombasa,left in Ethopia.
DE-1080 Peter Refsnider EM2 1971 to 1975 prefsnider (AT) Golden Shellback, Vietnam Tour; Where's Tom R. Buffington from Pine Bluff, AR?
DE-1080 Barry Richardson BT2 1971-1974 barryerichardsonsc (AT) Plankowner
DE-1080 Edwin Roberts BT2 1971-1974 abbi (AT) commissioning,shake down, Getmo, Vietnam, RedSea
DE-1080 John Rogerson ETN2 11/74 - 12/79 john.rogerson (AT) What a Ride! Got some great memories
DE-1080 Theodore Salmons MMFN 1971 to 1972 comstar11 (AT) ''A'' gang AC&R shop, precom-gitmo, transferred to DE-1044
DE-1080 John Robert Sparkman MM3 05/71-12/71 sparkman5091 (AT) orignal crew member ,, generator room ,, Newport , R.I
DE-1080 Richard Tarcheski SM1   oldsalt (AT) anyone can contact me
DE-1080 Steve Vierra MMFN 1974 to 1976 Seebo10 (AT)  
DE-1080 Les Walton OS3 1970-1974 waltonles (AT) precom newport thru red sea
DE-1080 Kenneth Werth E-4 1972 - 1973 Oneragtop88 (AT) gmail .com Ben long time brothers miss u all
DE-1080 Paul Whiskeyman SN 5/72-12/75 paulf (AT) Hey, balise, e-mail me
DE-1080 Keith Woodin MM3 1971-1974 ktwdn (AT) Plankowner
DE-1080 William Zimmerman SM3 4/72-4/73 veteranzman (AT) WestPac End Of Vietnam War
FF1080 Gerry Morgan SK2 1975-1980 glmorgan52 (AT) I really would like to hear from my old shipmates
FF-1080 Randy Anderson E-4 4/75-10/76 randy (AT) Sonar Tech
FF-1080 Cornelius Armstrong SK3 07/1979-06/83 dad21542154 (AT) i would really locate a few friend like /bobby young /stanley davis
FF-1080 John Baker MM3 9/78 - 11/80 gielbaker (AT)  
FF-1080 Don Banks MM2 1976-1981 banksdna (AT) Two North Atlantics One Med and Two Carribeans. Loved it all.
FF-1080 Larry Barger BM 1976-1978 colts1957 (AT) hull and norway was great and haiti was wild
FF-1080 Jeff Bauer IC3 1983-1986 jbauer4941 (AT)  
FF-1080 Ross Beasley MM3 1972-1975 carolynbeasley2 (AT) yahoo Dave Hill,Rabnud,Gearhart,franny,call me at 409-682-0433
FF-1080 Fred Beckwith GMTC retired in 1989 died summer of 1994 this is for my father who was left off the list on dd-997
FF-1080 Jack Bird LT 81-83 tbfi (AT) former dca
FF-1080 Mike Bivona STG2 02/88-08/92 mikeb (AT) Med Cruise 88', Naples Bombing, left then back for Decom
FF-1080 Warren Blazer GMM1 1/81-9/85 webs_grizzlebear (AT)  
FF-1080 Jim Borchers BM2 6/85-6/87 borchfive6471 (AT) one med geat time
FF-1080 Scott Bowers GMTSN 09/79-08/81 meadowbrites7 (AT) 3 north atlantics 1 med cruise and lots of visits to the car
FF-1080 David Buckner BM3 10/84 - 10/86 david.buckner (AT) Looking to catch up with old shipmates
FF-1080 Omar Carrasco LT 1/18/90 omarcarr22 (AT)  
FF-1080 Dwight Charles HT2 10/76 - 10/79 dwightcharles (AT) Ment some good guy's had fun on two North's and a med.
FF-1080 Henry Coleman DK3 3/76 to 10/78 hankc_72 (AT)  
FF-1080 James Crooks BM3 4/87 to 3/91 jjjcrooks (AT)  
FF-1080 James Daugherty FTM2 Jan75-Jan80 jdaugherty (AT)  
FF-1080 Roy Diaz SN 1982-1985 dizu (AT)  
FF-1080 Wayne J. Dietel FCCS(SW) 03/1989-02/1992 DietelWJ (AT) 2nd Division - Divisional Chief Petty Officer
FF-1080 Bill Dorminy QM2 1980-1984 bill (AT) Great time-was with New Jersey bombing Beirut,Assasination of Anwar Sadat,thought world was ending.
FF-1080 Paul Drinkard MA1 7/83-9/84 graybe2828 (AT)  
FF-1080 Mike Drummond RM3 7/88-8/92 mkdrummond (AT)  
FF-1080 Spencer Ernst MR3 9/77-6/79 south4ty (AT) which hurricane?
FF-1080 Edwin Evans QM3 10/72 - 1/76 egevans (AT)  
FF-1080 John Fallon MM3 11/74 to 7/77 jandlfallon (AT) 3 years of fun in the engine room
FF-1080 Dan Fedric GMG1 1979 to 1984 danl1950 (AT) and stent in femoral artery, 4way heart bypass and right corroded artery clean out
FF-1080 Shawn Frakes MM3 1990-1992 Penclrtist (AT)  
FF-1080 Dennis Franklin LT 10/83-05/85 honest761 (AT) Great Ship
FF-1080 Martin Frye RM3 1978 to 1980 MARTYFRYE (AT)  
FF-1080 William Fulton   1980 to 1984 livewire1962 (AT) would like to chat with anyone from the USS Paul
FF-1080 Lenord Hames BT2 1979 to 1982 lhames (AT)  
FF-1080 Dean Haukap FC1(SW) 1985-1989 dhaukap (AT) FireControl. CIWS tech.
FF-1080 Charles Hodgson FTGSN 7/76-5/78 chuck108 (AT)  
FF-1080 Russell Horne RM2 1984 - 11/86 rhorne (AT)  
FF-1080 Joe Humenick QM2 1/73-8/76 beamcon (AT) What the (AT) X*$% .over.
FF-1080 Mike Ince FC3 1985 to 1986 ince army (AT) Proud to have served aboard--time and distance has got the better of my address book and I need to update it.
FF-1080 James Irre STG3 ?/77 - 2/81 irre.jim (AT) PIcked her up in the yards, Gitmo (REFTRA), Caribbean (78), N. Atl. (78), N. Atl. (79), Med (80)
FF-1080 Neal Jefferis LCDR 02/88 - 08/89 greyhull1092 (AT)  
FF-1080 Eric Johnson HT2 1983-1985 eric (AT) Great time on the Paul in R div and DC shop. Good stories still being told of my navy days
FF-1080 Leroy Johnson HT2 2/85 to 5/89 ljohnson (AT)  
FF-1080 Patrick LaRotonda HT2 11/81-10/84 trick153 (AT) My beautiful ship became scrap metal-was sold to the Turks-if I had the money I would have bought her myself.
FF-1080 Terry Lawson MM3 1976 to 1978 terry (AT) Met her in Kiel Germany-2 fond yrs in eng & generator room-great memories of M Alferio,R Smith,K Hyenga,others
FF-1080 Donald Losey MM2 04/78 - 08/80 fallhiker (AT) Lifted safeties in port testing main engines without putting a strain on the lines-thanks for the Beer BTC Leonard!
FF-1080 David Lydick GMT3 12/82-10/84 davelydick (AT)  
FF-1080 Don Mansmann EW2 80-83 dmansmann (AT) 1 med, many spec-op, pain in lt jg Scortinos @@@@
FF-1080 Richard (Rick) Martin FTGC 01/71 to 06/75 rickmartin412 (AT) Nucleus crew New Orleans 71. West Pac 72/73. Homeport chg to Mayport 73. MidEast cruise 74/75.Great ship & crew.
FF-1080 Steven McCulley IC3 07/84 to 12/87 SMcC59 (AT) Went from blue to green. Now retired from the serbvice and working at the V.A. Still serving.
FF-1080 Jim McFeley FC2 83-85 artvark (AT) lets connect
FF-1080 Bill (Wild Bill) McNeil STG3 1980 - 1981 billmcneil1959 (AT)  
FF-1080 Barney Meredith OS3 1972-1974 wwkrowe (AT) Vietnam & Mid-East
FF-1080 Mark Mobley SM2 02/85 to 02/89 mobley (AT)  
FF-1080 Mike Nohava EW1 02/75 to 09/79 Nohava1 (AT) Great first ship, my reason for staying in the Navy!
FF-1080 Kevin O'Connor PC3 1980- 1982 kwoc1 (AT)
FF-1080 Ted Painter FTGC/ENS 7/75 - 6/78 thepainters2 (AT) Contact me regarding the 2006 USS PAUL Reunion
FF-1080 Scott Pigmon EW3 7/88 - 12/89 spigmon (AT)  
FF-1080 David Ponthieux GMG3 06/77 - 07/79 emailthisplace (AT) It was an honor to serve.
FF-1080 Joe Pugh MS3 4/20/79 - 3/22/81 annapugh66778899 (AT)  
FF-1080 David Rose MMFN 6/74 - 12/75 davcrose (AT) Med,N Atlantic,Gitmo,NYC (the payroll disappeared)-poker in the lounge/craps in electical central-great memories.
FF-1080 John Rough OS2 2/77-8/80 zososoz1 (AT)  
FF-1080 Louis Scandole EM3/E-4 6/75 - 1/79 lscandole (AT) served under capt Hale &capt Tameny. north atlanti was the best.
FF-1080 Fred Schassar RMC(SW) 1980 to 1982 frednc2005 (AT) made CPO in a Communist Bloc Country, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia with MSC DeWitt,
FF-1080 Vitold Silevicz EW1 6/83-9/85 cobra-52 (AT)  
FF-1080 Robert Singer FTG1 9/77-4/82 rcaug27 (AT) Hellish at the time but many fond memories later in life
FF-1080 Robert Singleton   1985 to 1987 ewoke00 (AT) USS Paul FF-1080 Rocks
FF-1080 Jim Smith STGC 1970 to 1975 JIMS8950 (AT) I loved being part of the crew on USS Paul This.was the best crew in destroyer navy.
FF-1080 Charles Stevens BT2 12/79 -5/83 chazman3355 (AT) Where are all the snipes
FF-1080 Robert Stise SM3/E-4 6/75-6/77 rstise25 (AT) Med cruise 1975, blue nose 1976, North Atlantic cruise, first overhaul 1977
FF-1080 Pat Stroud FTCM 1985-1989 stroud1 (AT)  
FF-1080 Stephen Syputa STG2 1971 to 1976 ssyputa (AT) Love to hear from shipmates-photos from mideast cruise available for online viewing. send email for Picasa link
FF-1080 Len Syverson BTFN 1982-1983 lsjrur (AT)  
FF-1080 Chuck Taylor FTG2 5/76-9/80 johntaylor01 (AT) Hello out there!
FF-1080 James Terry RM1 07/75-10/78 tjames420 (AT)  
FF-1080 Richard Thomann SM3 1975 to 1979 ThomannRick80 (AT) Came on board. In 1975. In Spain spent 4years. On the Uss paul what. An Adventure
FF-1080 Barry Thurston SM2 11/75 - 12/76 freedomspirit56_69 (AT) Looking 4 old shipmates & photos if you can e-mail them.
FF-1080 John Waugh MM2 3/82-10/86 johnpwaugh (AT) Where is the HOGG? #2 Engine Crew. never again volunteer yourself.
FF-1080 Paul Whiskeyman SN 5/72-12/75 whiskeymanp (AT)  
FF-1080 Warren White STG2 10/80-6/84 WFMK99 (AT) Two Meds/ Beruit
FF-1080 Bruce Woods E-4 07/86-10/88 brucewoods76 (AT)  

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