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DE/DER-382 Richard Belcher 5C ? 1945 -1946 rbelcher (AT) Died December 2, 2008 Please conact son Richard Belcher Jr.
DE-382 Clifford (Dick) Cartmell Ch EM Coast Guard 1943-45 rubem (AT) Daughter Mary is contact. Died 7-15-1999
DE-382 Glenn Coleman   1943-1945 shadowic728 (AT) This was my father. He passed away 2/22/00
DE-382 Eddie Diesko PO1/MoMM 1943-1946   502 Hedges, Independence,Mo 64054
DE-382 Howard Hackman PhM1 5/20/44 to 1/1/45 rphackman (AT) my father, Howard Hackman, died in 1994
DE-382 Craig Hoepner RM2 59 - 60 choepner (AT) Picked her up in Pearl Harbor and rode her to Mare Island Naval Ship Yard and helped in her decommissioning.
DE-382 Stanley Potter FC 12/43 - 9/45 starlite (AT) Died 2/4/2001
DE-382/WDE-482 Richard Dubbs ET3 08/52-10/53 dubbarundo (AT)  
DE-382/WDE-482 Dennis Foust BM3 10/52 - 7/53 pt_comfort67 (AT)  
DE-382/WDE-482 Jack Gillen Coast Guard 1941-1944 jillsifer (AT) Died 9-84; shipmates please contact daughter Jill
DER-382 Tony Bates FN 58-60 tony623329 (AT)  
DER-382 John (J. C.) Bloom RB2 1957-1960 bloomvillenorth (AT) give us a holler
DER-382 Frank Callahan ET2 8/58 - 6/60 thecal39 (AT) gmail great bunch of guys to serve with
DER-382 Louis (Lou) Courtney RD2   hooknfib2 (AT)  
DER-382 Donald Creamer E-4 1958 to 1961 creamerdoli (AT)  
DER-382 Ralph Gannon IC2 1956-1958 rcgannon (AT) Was aboard to recommission ship in Long Beach.
DER-382 Gilbert Grayson TM3 58/60 gilbert.grayson (AT) I reported aboard in 68-went to HI-in 1960 I went the Mare Island where we put her out of commission.
DER-382 John Hammons LT(jg) 7/57 - 11/58 linknspace (AT) Plank Owner Damage Control Officer
DER-382 John (Jack) Hanscom LT(jg) 9/57-7/59 hanscom (AT) My second ship. Plank owner re-commissioning crew 1957 1st Lt, Gunnery Officer
DER-382 Ron Hughes   1958 - 1961 rhughes (AT) I'm Ron's daughter Ronda. Dad does not have e-mail...
DER-382 Arthur John, Jr. ET2 1957 to 1960 artjohn (AT) What a ride it was!
DER-382 Ray King RD1 8/57-6/59 RCKUU62 (AT) Retired Engineer/Manager
DER-382 Robert Murphy SOGSN 5/59-12/60 Merf451 (AT) I was in the first group to leave when it was put out of com
DER-382 John L. Pedigo TM1 7/58-7/60 tubes2 (AT)  
DER-382 Robert (Peeps) Pieper FT1 1957-1960 bobpeeps (AT)  
DER-382 Alfred Ragas FN 10/57 - 4/59 ARagas05 (AT) Long radar picket patrols
DER-382 Mike Ryerson SN 1960 mikeryerson (AT) Aboard for her last trip back to the mainland in 1960.
DER-382 Frank St. Marie FT2 Plankowner-til 12/58 santosan (AT) Still alive here in Connecticut
DER-382 Richard Stephens ETN3 12/58 - 6/60 papas833 (AT) We had a great, and close ET gang. We recommissioned an LS(T I think), and decommissioned the Ramsden.
DER-382 Tom Van Hoose RD2 10/58-05/60 tdvanhoose (AT)  
DER-382 Albert Vernon RDC 1957 to 1960 alvernon (AT) Request any info. on Captain Van Pelt
DER-382 Michael Warnock RM3 1959 to 1960 warnock.m (AT) Decommissioned her at Mare Island Shipyard.
DER-382 Gene Wrobel LT(jg) 1957 to 1959 geno31 (AT) Plank Owner Suppply Officer

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