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DEG-2 Charles C. Arrington EM2 1966-1967 bamaglory2 (AT) I was a plankowner but have no plank
DEG-2 Randall Austin BT2 1975 to 1979 powerboiler (AT)  
DEG-2 Robert Bare QM3 4/69-8/70 rbare (AT)  
DEG-2 Jerry Beckius FTM1 1972 to 1974 jeromejbeckius68 (AT) Westpac Four
DEG-2 Terrance Boncada E2 1971 flyguy32 (AT)  
DEG-2 Richard Branan BM3 1969-1970 rickyb (AT) great crew lots of memories of friendships made
DEG-2 Ralph Butler QM3 1973-1974 mlbern (AT)  
DEG-2 Jay Cheek SN GM striker 67-68 jay.cheek (AT) came aboard 1 day past commision . Bremerton ,wash. One west -pac tour--nam
DEG-2 Gene Church FTGSN 10/74 to 4/78 dgchur (AT)  
DEG-2 Jerry D. Church FTM2 1966-1970 jerrydc_ok (AT)  
DEG-2 Ron (Ralf) Church FTG2 1969-1975 revron (AT)  
DEG-2 David Cobourn BT3 1974 to 1976 sparkydgc (AT) would love to hear from my shipmates and rehash westpacs. Have been back to Dago and there is nothing left of our old navy housing
DEG-2 Walter Coe BT1 1967 - 1969 drwaltercoe (AT) Joined Ramsey at Subic Bay-was PO in-charge of the B Div & Fireroom-dischg frm Ramsey 10/69.
DEG-2 Niles Conkling SM3 8/65 - 1/69 dmconk (AT)  
DEG-2 Robert Courtney YN1 1/69-4/71 seattledoowop (AT) Just found out about this - very interested in joining
DEG-2 Dennis Dearing CS2 1968 to 1971 dearing204 (AT) I retired out of USNR in 1993. with the rank of MSC . I served with the navy seabee's for 19 years.
DEG-2 Dean R. Delano BM3 1970-1973 DRESIDENTEVIL (AT) Great Website Looking forward to the reunion in Sept.
DEG-2 Richard Diamantine BM3 3/71 to 12/72 2 years, 2 wes pacs. Very fortunate to see so much and meet good people
DEG-2 Thomas Dickson E-5 20/69 - 12-70 Thomaswdickson (AT) many good friends
DEG-2 Arnie Donovan GMM2 12/68-1273 arnie (AT)  
DEG-2 James Dunn SN 1972 to 1975 dunnfour (AT) what a wild ride fire out of subic losing power up north hauling rangers up north gun line what a ride
DEG-2 Glenn Ewaskie EM3 1968 - 1971 sewaskie (AT) gmail Great group of sailors in R Div
DEG-2 Bill Fankhauser ST1 06/68-07/72 b1172e (AT) 3 WP tours&lots of good memories
DEG-2 Robert Feldman BT3 1976 to 1977 donfeldman (AT) Great times! Check out photos of ramsey at site, go to link page
DEG-2 John Funk SH3 9/67-3/71 videoman67 (AT)  
DEG-2 Gregg Garrison ST1 1968-1971 gregggarrison (AT) Looking for 3rd Div members from 1st & 2nd WestPacs
DEG-2 Michael Gaspard SN 1969-1970 redmike2626 (AT) very good crew.
DEG-2 Richard Granstaff E-2 1974 to 1976 rgranstaff (AT) nickname Boo Boo
DEG-2 Greg Gray RM2 6/72 - 6/75 greggraygg (AT) Two WestPacs,1 fantail cookout,1 high speed race & limp back to Subic-Ramsey referred to in Subic as building 2.
DEG-2 Robert N. Greene SK2 1/67-12-68 eneergbob739 (AT) Plank owner-WESPAC1-Retired from USNR w/21-Great memories,lessons learned & many friends for life.
DEG-2 Steve Hagin RM3 1970 - 1973 shagin (AT)  
DEG-2 Michael Hagin FTM1 1968 to 1971 mike (AT) Remember the Rudder repair in Subic and the Engine repair in Sasebo.
DEG-2 William (Ron) Hamm STG2 1968 - 1971 ronhamm (AT) Hello to shipmates, especially 3rd Div.
DEG-2 Erik Hansen LT(jg) 1968-70 erikandann (AT)  
DEG-2 Paul Hasskarl EM2 1/69 thru 3rd WESTPAC hasskarl (AT)  
DEG-2 Barry Hefty STG3 1969-1972 nav (AT)  
DEG-2 Jim Henry RD2 1966-1969 Jimdonhank (AT)  
DEG-2 David Holm MM1 9/65-11-70 dvholm37 (AT)  
DEG-2 Kenny Holt GMG2 1970-1975 Kennymholt (AT)  
DEG-2 Stanley Hutchens SM2 6/68-2/69 hutchens9137 (AT)  
DEG-2 William (Jake) Jacobs MM2 10/74 - 3/76 billj (AT) WestPac 75
DEG-2 Greg Johnston QM2 9/71-1/75 daley32 (AT) Alternate e-mail address: hankslappy (AT)
DEG-2 Bobby Jones GMCS 08/65 to 08/69 Cabob8 (AT) Good ship, lots of memories
DEG-2 John Kaelin, Jr. E-4 09/65 - 05/67 jnkjr1 (AT)  
DEG-2 Robert Kasper SN 1969 1975 FISHNBOB (AT) CLEARWIER.NET  
DEG-2 Stuart Lande SM3 7/64-5/70 molande (AT) Plankowner
DEG-2 Jim Linton FN 1968-1969 JimL (AT) I served in the boiler room under Chief PO Florida.
DEG-2 Joe Lipa FTG2 4/17/68 -5/71 statisticaljoe (AT) Trying to get disibuility for my time on the Ramsey-anyone looking for disibuility in 73,ship tied to pier in Danang
DEG-2 Ken MacDonald RMC 07/67 - 01/71 Macdo66 (AT)  
DEG-2 John J. (Jake, Marty) Martinez HTFN 5/72-1/76 jjakemartinez1452 (AT) 2 WestPacs,great shipmates & memories-72-73 cruise opened my mind-75 cruise closed it-anyone want to reflect?
DEG-2 James Mason BT3 1772-1975 jmason10 (AT)  
DEG-2 Rick Matlock SM3 69-71 cmatlock8 (AT) would like to hear from shipmates as i am fighting va for benefits
DEG-2 Douglas Minnis BT3 1973-1976 minnisd (AT)  
DEG-2 Allyn Mosher FTG3 1973 to 1975 admo3 (AT)  
DEG-2 John Moss EN1 12/74 - 6/78 a63polara (AT) sbcglobal,net I hope to see you at the Ramsey reunion June of 2017, meet some old friends, and make some new friends.
DEG-2 Blaine O'Connell LT(jg) 12/67-6/69 blaineohio (AT) mail address has changed and my dates of service are shown incorrectly on the list. Thanks.
DEG-2 Roger Osborne ETR2 11/67 - 4/70 rosbo (AT) Served with ET-1 Parker and ET-1 Allen
DEG-2 J. Vinnie Otis MM3 3/75-12/79 vinnieo (AT) 2 west pacs love it. Please E-mail
DEG-2 Tom Parker LT(jg) 5/65 - 8/68 tompark5173 (AT) Was nucleus crew and lockheed drove us nuts trying to violate building specs. at every turn.
DEG-2 Dan Pellegrini BM3 1970-1974 dpellegrini (AT)  
DEG-2 Howell Porter na n/a porterhowell (AT) I need photos of the ship?
DEG-2 James Rapata DC2 1968 to 1969 jimnaples (AT) My last ship. So Small.
DEG-2 James J. Robertson BM 1969-1972 JROBERTSON (AT) HVC.RR.COM had a great time on board, reunion sounds great.
DEG-2 Gary Salpeter E-3 1971 to 1974 salpeterg. (AT) We had a great time on two west packs and good times in long beach will never forget hope all is well.
DEG-2 Phil Sanfilippo GMM3 7/70-7/74 filippo (AT) Retired 1/09 after working for the dept of the army for 34 yrs-live in NJ-never forget time we got towed to subic bay
DEG-2 Keith Scholl HTFN 1974-1976 leatherbylongshore (AT) Down in back we can't see out the review mirror.
DEG-2 Alan Schoppet RD2 1966-1970 schoppet (AT) Plank Owner, WP-1 & WP-2
DEG-2 John Simmons BT3 11/71-06/74 bigbadjohn32 (AT) looking for some shipmates. in particuler James Williams BT2 at the time I believe.
DEG-2 Terry Smay EM2 5/71 - 6/72 Tssmay (AT) Finished my enlistment aboard the Ramsey after serving on the USS New Jersey BB-62 and USS Decatur DDG-31.
DEG-2 Phil Smith RM2 1966-1968 cdpi (AT) No matter where ya' go.... There ya' are.
DEG-2 Dick Trueblood STG2 1967 to 1970 rltrueblood (AT) Plank Owner. WP 1 and 2
DEG-2 Dewey Turnipseed E-3 8/72 - 8/73 papaseed (AT) would like to hear from some of the guys
DEG-2 Michael Ure SK2 1/74-8/77 mikeure51 (AT) Was stationed on Ramsey when it was DEG-2 and when it changed to FFG-2
DEG-2 James Viola SA 1968 jviolasr (AT) Last staion Danang Vietnam
DEG-2 Myron Wambold SN 10/8/66-9/30/68 myronnw (AT) Second to None Plank Owner
DEG-2 Donald Weir E-4 1966-1970 donalweir (AT)  
DEG-2 Robert Williams PNSN 09/72-10/73 robzilasan (AT) The experience was truly Second to None!
DEG-2 Ron Wrolson TM3 1973-1974 starlauncher (AT) Mostly in Drydock
DEG-2 Gary Yaeger BMC 1971-1975 garyyaeger (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates, also need help in filing claim with VA about deployments to Vietnam
DEG-2/FFG-2 Mark Doherty BM3 1973 to 1976 markdo (AT)  
DEG-2/FFG-2 Jack Hartt BT2 73-76 jack.e.hartt (AT) Please replace existing info with new e-mail address
DEG-2/FFG-2 Honesto Loren SH3 6/74 - 4/78 nerolssen (AT) You have to get in touch with me. If you're on board with Ramsey fr 1974-1978, Pls get in touch.
DEG-2/FFG-2 Ronald Noel BTC 10/72 - 2/76 rnoel01 (AT) P.O. Box 2005, Snowflake, AZ. 85937....928-536-2234
DEG-2/FFG-2 Nick Previti E-3 1966-68 RAMSEY2NEDIST (AT) Plankowner. We have formed an Assoc.and having first reunion in Sep.2003
DEG-2/FFG-2 Larry Throe FTG3 1973-1975 res0d0p7 (AT)  
DM-16 Robert Summitt RDM3 09/43-02/46 dalott (AT) Not my email. just a friend
FFG-2 Steve Autry E-2 1/1975-1/23/1976 steveautry10 (AT) I miss those days.Westpac 75 was an awesome experience.
FFG-2 James Blackwell EW3 Sept. 1985/April 1987 jdblackw (AT)  
FFG-2 Mike Bowcutt ENC 1983 mbowcutt (AT) Ran Emergency Diesel Room, JP5 helo fuel
FFG-2 Bill Bradley FC2 1983-1988 bradley547 (AT)  
FFG-2 Steve Faltisco GMG2 10/77 to 5/81 steve.faltisco (AT) 2 west pacs.
FFG-2 Ricky Farris ETCS(SW) 1985-88 rwfarris1 (AT)  
FFG-2 Gary Ferguson STGSN 12/81 - 7/84 g.ferguson (AT)  
FFG-2 Bruce Gauthier ST1 1971-1973 eman2.1 (AT)  
FFG-2 Dan Gillan BT2 8/74-3/79 gillandan (AT) Webber,I have pic of all of us at Donnely's house(my last night in the Navy)I can try To have it copied-interested?
FFG-2 Daniel Gomoll FTG1 1977-1980 dgomoll (AT) 1 WESTPAC caught tail end of yard period at Long Beach.
FFG-2 Jack Hartt BT2 1973-76 Jack.E.Hartt (AT)  
FFG-2 Chris Hollenbeck FC2 1/85-decom VideoRN (AT)  
FFG-2 Paul J. Hornyack, III MM3 07/72-09/76 chrome112181 (AT) Love to hear from any of the old snipes
FFG-2 Thomas Jacobs ETC 9/1982 - 2/1985 tsjac (AT) Became a Chief and a Shellback on her
FFG-2 Bill Jacobs MM2 10/74 - 3/76 waccamaw01 (AT) Made WestPac 75. Stayed in the Reserves and retired as MMC. Now living in Amarillo, TX.
FFG-2 Curtis Jones EN2 04/84 to 8/88 Cjones7of9 (AT) Second to none
FFG-2 David Jones ET1 08/82-02/86 tech_1956 (AT) Great crew. Had great times and bad times aboard
FFG-2 James (Butch) Kent OS2 6/82-5/84 jbkent727 (AT)  
FFG-2 Clarence (Sonny) Koepp ENFN 78 - 79 sonny.koepp (AT) made wespac, had a good time
FFG-2 Larry Laposky BT2 81-83 prspctr1 (AT)  
FFG-2 Mark Lees QM3 9/85-8/88 vpacop (AT)  
FFG-2 Jeff Lockie BM2 1/78-10/81 jdlockie (AT) E-mail me if you get a minute
FFG-2 Honesto (Ness) Loren SH3 1974-1978 nerolssen (AT) Pls e-mail me. Will write back soon when hear from you.
FFG-2 James Marshall OS2 4/76 to 10/80 jambo082014 (AT) Enjoyed the friendship, softball and the 2 WestPacs and the IO cruise. Best capt was CMDR Hitchborn
FFG-2 Wayne McCann STGC 1965-1968/1970-1977 macbch (AT)  
FFG-2 Kevin McCullough FTM2 11/1979-04/82 kevin.mccullough3 (AT)  
FFG-2 William McCurdy GMM1(SW) 1986 to 1988 gmm1sw (AT) Looking for any old shipmates
FFG-2 William Meggett BM3 1973-1975 WILLIAM.MEGGETT (AT)  
FFG-2 Donn Osier MS3 10/76-2/78 guguwich (AT)  
FFG-2 Phillip Randall YN3 1975-1979 ramsey.pr3 (AT) BNSN until 1977 change to YN
FFG-2 Daniel Reed MM2 1976-1981 DiabloLobo56 (AT)  
FFG-2 Mark Rester SM2 7/85-7/87 mrester (AT)  
FFG-2 Kenneth (Dusty) Rhoades MM/E-3 1974-1977 bgken (AT) Iwant to see or talk to all MM crew from the 75 west pac
FFG-2 Bob Rouiller BT1 1987-decom bobspad (AT) Fire Room retired
FFG-2 Jorge Salvio NC1 04/85 - 05/87 joriztravels (AT)  
FFG-2 Richard Salyers SH3 1985-1988 trucker14u (AT) Was proud to be part of the best ship in the fleet.
FFG-2 Gerald (Jerry) Self OS3 1976 to 1977 gerlself1 (AT) God bless the Ramsey and all who served on her.
FFG-2 Roland (Tony) Shelton OS2 2/76-8/78 drmformenow (AT) First ship and it was good. Great OS gang that could play some softball.
FFG-2 Derreck Smedley DK3 07/82 to 07/85 dsmedley62 (AT) Some very fun and informational years and the crew was very close.
FFG-2 Michael Smith LT(jg) 1985-1988 navigator502 (AT) Charter member of ''The A Team''
FFG-2 Bob Smith MM2 1972 to 1974 tdwbob (AT)  
FFG-2 Steve Sokolow BTFN 09/81 - 04/82 steve_sokolow (AT)  
FFG-2 Tom Stearns BM3 1977 to 1979 ASTEARNS (AT) TWCNYR.R.COM Good ship-good friends-lotta fun.
FFG-2 John Strait SM2 75-77 sigss (AT) two years aboard two wespacs had fun
FFG-2 Bill Thomas MM2 11/75 - 5/79 wfthomas (AT)  
FFG-2 Robert K. Tucker RMC 1976-1977 usnretired (AT)  
FFG-2 Fletcher Tucker SM1 9/73 - 12/75 fstucker (AT) Onboard from the mid Nam unt surrender of S Vietnam-intercepreted ship leaving dur fall surrender of S Vietnam.
FFG-2 Michael Ure SK2 1/74-8/77 mikeure (AT) Great time, two westpacs, hope to hear from old shipmates
FFG-2 Marc Volkman RM3 1982 to 1983 sharky (AT)  
FFG-2 Duke Wall OS2 (SW) 1982-1984 dukewall_1 (AT) First ship, good times. Good crew.. Contact me dukewall_1 (AT)
FFG-2 Bob Waller STG/E-4 1978-1981 robcat4 (AT)  
FFG-2 Dennis Weber BT2 4/78-10/80 ddweb101 (AT) The rammer was a good time,partys (AT) Donnley's and the end of Palm Ave. Will remember alot of snipes for life.
FFG-2 Onis Wilson OSSN 4/83-6/85 onis.wilson (AT) trying to talk with some old shipmates about some good times
FFG-2 Stan Wilson MM2 1976-1977 sshgfwb (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates, especially engineers.
FFG-2 Richard Work MM2 1978-79 workrii (AT) Hope all my rammer-buds are doing well-great time in M div(now that it's over)-still recovering, to those who know me.

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