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FFG-46 Shan Barry GSM3 1992-1994 CALGARYOILLAD (AT)  
FFG-46 Kent Batsell SN Plank Owner-6/86 Bbatsell43 (AT) Plankowner-1st ship out of boot camp/school-in Todd ship yds when assigned to ship great times and crew
FFG-46 Eric Booth SM2(ESWS) Plankowner - 5/87 ejbooth2 (AT)  
FFG-46 Brian Bowman CMDMC(SW) 06/99-04/02 brian.bowman1 (AT)  
FFG-46 David Conn E-5 4-87 thru 7-88 Dcinsed (AT)  
FFG-46 John Dupree OS3 1991 to 1994 jdupree (AT)  
FFG-46 Jason Fisher ENFN 1985 - 1987 na4jay (AT) Onboard 1st trip to Persian Gulf (Oper Desert Shield), China Squad Cruz & 1st cross of Equator (becShell Back).
FFG-46 Dennis Frey GSE2 8/86-8/90 dennis.e.frey.ctr (AT) China cruise,4 trips to gulf-did alot of good with good ship/fantastic crew-great times-life altering experience
FFG-46 John Gaudet E-3 1/91-7/92 Jgaudet71 (AT) West-Pac 91
FFG-46 Dan Howard ET1   HOWARD.DANIEL11576 (AT)  
FFG-46 Terry Hunter LT(jg) 10/88 - 09/91 Wolfin33 (AT)  
FFG-46 Scott Jobinger EM2 09/94-08/98 Jobingers (AT)  
FFG-46 Bruce Johnson LT 11/85-7/87 bruce.johnson1 (AT)  
FFG-46 Willard Lawson E-5 1984 willardjlawson (AT) I was a plankowner, the first postal clerk or postmaster
FFG-46 David Leuba ET3 91-96 david_leuba (AT)  
FFG-46 Ron Lorenzana E-3 5/92-02/94 ron1999 (AT)  
FFG-46 Mike Lyons SN 10/92-5/94 mikelyons (AT)  
FFG-46 Teddy Matlock GMM1 1991 to 1995 matlocks05 (AT)  
FFG-46 Ken McWilliams EN3 6/85-7/86 kmcwilli (AT)  
FFG-46 Edward Mickle RM3 1994-1998 nvsvandle (AT) fair winds and following seas shippies!!
FFG-46 Juan Montoyasoto GSM3 12/2003 - 05/2006 jms7109 (AT) I salute all former and actual shipmates of MP Division
FFG-46 Daniel Morrison EW3 06/88 - 12/89 dannee01 (AT) Serving with the Buffalo Buff Man and the Magnificent Seven.
FFG-46 Doug Nielsen OSC 03/99-10/01 nielsen.douglas (AT)  
FFG-46 Doyle Perry BM2 05/99-03/03 bm2peterpan (AT)  
FFG-46 Eric Petersen ET3 05/95 - 08/98 e_petersen_2007 (AT)  
FFG-46 Matt Pitts QM2 1998-2002 mattpitts01 (AT) What's up guys
FFG-46 Kenney Stephens ENS (SW) 11/94-01/98 kmax4113 (AT) One of A gangs baddest engine man one top snip!
FFG-46 Kim Studer GMG1 3/93 to 3/96 kstuder (AT)  
FFG-46 Todd Swartzlander SK1 10/95 - 11/99 phillip.swartzlander (AT) or toddskc (AT) Would Love to hear from my old shipmates.The Mighty 46. What a terrific softball team we had.
FFG-46 Toyar Lee Vaughn PO1/E-5 2005 - 2010 Vaughntoyar (AT)  
FFG-46 Emilio Velezortiz GSM3 12/03-11/06 miloveltiz (AT) MP Division (The best)
FFG-46 Jason Williams IT1(SW) 1997-2002 jason.williams1 (AT)  
FFG-46 Charles York MA1/MAC 01/98 - 08/2000 charles_york11 (AT)  

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