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DEG/FFG-5 Puck Caiazzo SB3 Ships Barber 69-72 Barkley8 (AT)  
DEG/FFG-5 William Eads YN3 01/74 - 12/75 sbdnoldtimcville (AT)  
DEG/FFG-5 Cecil Johnson BM2 02/1974-10/1975 bmcswusn (AT) Ken Campbell in RIdley Park, PA., anybody know what happened to BM1 Schuller or BM3 Bronson?
DEG/FFG-5 Stanley Littrell E-3 06/1971 -05/1972 s.littrell (AT)  
DEG-5 Robert Adams STG2 4/69 10/73 baa_1948 (AT) Retired in Reservers
DEG-5 Leonard Ahders RM3 8/67-11/69 ShotnBeer (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Wayne Baker SFP3 6/67 - 3/70 godeep20w (AT) Plank Owner, Pre Com Duty
DEG-5 Robin Berry STG2 3/71-4/74 robin (AT)  
DEG-5 Bill Beyer E-3 1968 to 1968 Martini2323 (AT)  
DEG-5 Gregory Beyer BM3 5/70 - 8/72 Beyergd (AT) AKA: Sugar Bear
DEG-5 Charles Blankenship EM3 1973 - 1975 charlesaff (AT) looking for old friends
DEG-5 Carl E. Blatt RD3 1970 to 1972 lydcar (AT) Enjoyed my time on the ship
DEG-5 Raymond Boutz STG3 6/67 to 7/69 crazycat774 (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Rick Cable E-3 1969 to 1972 clockworks50 (AT) Great North Atlantic cruise, long hours in the fire room
DEG-5 Kenneth Campbell BT2 1974 to 1976 ad5do (AT) Break away- William Tell Overture and Foggy Mountain Break Down
DEG-5 Michael Carey CS2 8/67-10/69 mpcarey45 (AT) plankowner-Bath Maine Great ship,Great crew
DEG-5 James H. (Jim) Caylor GMCS 6/1967 to 6/1971 caylorx2 (AT) Plankowner, Leading Ordnance and Chief Master at Arms
DEG-5 Frank Chaslong YN3 9/69-8/71 fchaslong (AT)  
DEG-5 Wayne Choinsky BM3 67-69 waynechoinsky (AT) Plankowner, first crew
DEG-5 Will Cooper CYN3 8/68-10/69 wcooper1 (AT)  
DEG-5 James Cowan FTM2 08/67 to07/69 jkcow1 (AT) I'd have stayed in the Navy for another tour on the Page.
DEG-5 Jim (Casey) Cox QM3 1970 to 1972 jimcox8713 (AT) Great crew, North Atlantic voyage was great time.
DEG-5 Chuck (CW) Dennis STG2 68-70 & 72-74 stgcwo (AT)  
DEG-5 Carl (Mario) DeRose YN3 4/71 - 10/73 lasvegascarlo (AT)  
DEG-5 Henry Derrick HT3 11/72-11/74 ghderrick (AT)  
DEG-5 George Diefenderfer SK3 1967-1970 JDiefenderfer (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Frank Duffy BTFN 1972 to 1974 US-5 (AT) SUffolk, VA
DEG-5 Tom Ege FTG2 1969 -1970 barbntom11 (AT) trying to locate BM3 Richard Gambrell
DEG-5 Bob Ermlick E-3 1972 1974 bob.ermlick (AT) great ship and crew
DEG-5 Jack Essayian HT3 1971-1974 essayian (AT)  
DEG-5 Stan Fintzy FN 3/67 - 2/69 esseff (AT) Plank Owner first Log Room Yeoman
DEG-5 Richard D. Furrow BT2 3/72 - 8/75 richard.furrow (AT) Newport, R.I. : Athens, Greece ; Philadelphia, PA
DEG-5 Michael T. Furtado BT2 1973-1975 mtfurtado (AT)  
DEG-5 Frank (FX) Gallagher BM3 4/67 - 11/69 Flvetman (AT) Plankowner-Assigned before 8/67 commissioning in Newport, RI. Served aboard RL PAGE until 11/28/69. BM3.
DEG-5 Randal Gans BT1 1972 - 1974 randal.gans (AT) #1 plant in DESLANT
DEG-5 Jay Gill YN1 07/71-03/75 elmgroveguy46 (AT) Made the whole Newport-Athens-Philadelphia homeport experience. Great crew.
DEG-5 Earl Gill BT3 01/28/71 to 04/30/74 gilley (AT)  
DEG-5 Eddie Girdner STG2 8/74-11/77 eddiegirdner (AT) My Navy Novel: Fair Winds. Take me on a trip on your magic swirling ship. On Amazon Books
DEG-5 Ken Goodson RM2 1966-1968 kogo (AT) first entry was incorrect
DEG-5 Randall Gordon E-1 1972-1974 roadway10462002 (AT) truly an adventure
DEG-5 Rene Guerrero E-2 1973-1975 reneg416 (AT) Great ship,will always remember great times.
DEG-5 Bill Haack GMT2 1967-1969 whaack67 (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Niles Hamblin FTGC 1966-1969 niles (AT) Fine times on a fine ship.
DEG-5 Brian Hansen EM3 1973 - 1974 bantonh (AT) Home Port Athens Greece
DEG-5 John Hartney BM3 1971 - 1972 John_hartney2000 (AT) Searching for Scott Haggerman or Fred Makitta
DEG-5 Don Hawkins IC2 9/67- 12/68 donh28 (AT)  
DEG-5 Edward Huff E-3 1968-1970 edhuff (AT)  
DEG-5 Jack Hutchinson BT3 1971 to 1974 Jckhutchinson (AT) Great group of people on board
DEG-5 Bill Johnson FTM3 70-72 bill.johnson0812 (AT)  
DEG-5 Tom Justice STG2 1971-1973 7justom (AT)  
DEG-5 Dennis Keefe EM5 1971 to 1974 truebrookroad (AT)  
DEG-5 Paul Konecny ETR2 1967 to 1970 paulkonecny (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Thomas Kramer SN 1971 to 1973 tkramer583 (AT)  
DEG-5 Dale Lary GMG2 8/69 - 9/70 dalelary (AT) North Atlantic Cruise 1970
DEG-5 Glenn Lewis STG3 3/73-1/74 glennatat (AT) Homeported in Athens Greece,saw everything there is to offer in the Med.
DEG-5 Robert (Bob) Lipps ETN2 9/68 - 11/69 relnew (AT) Received orders after she sailed for Med (68)-flew to Spain then Italy. Believe it was La Sezia where I joined her.
DEG-5 John Lonkey HT3 1972 to 1974 jlonkey (AT) Athens was great
DEG-5 Michael Margarit SN 5/71-7/71 mmargarit (AT)  
DEG-5 Bruce Marker ETR2 8/72 - 10/75 brucemarker (AT) I was onboard for the entire homeport time in Athens, Greece. An experience my wife and I will never forget.
DEG-5 Jack Marks RMC 08/67 to 1969 jacbet (AT) Plank Owner -Reported while in BIW. Great radio gang
DEG-5 Kirby Mc Lain STG3 1970 to 1973 tgmclain (AT)  
DEG-5 Hal McGlinsey MM2 07/74-05/76 halmcglinsey (AT) Med cruise and a trip thru Philly and Gitmo
DEG-5 Micheal McGuire TM3 1973-1974 mmicheal224150 (AT) On board when stationed in Elefsis (Elefsina), Greece as part of DESRON-12.
DEG-5 Kirby McLain STG5 1970-1973 kirby.mclain (AT)  
DEG-5 Paul Micciche FTG2 8/68 to 10/69 paulm5 (AT) Plank Owner
DEG-5 Robert Mistretta SK3 2/67 - 2/69 conbyt (AT) Plank owner
DEG-5 Jim Morris FTM2 1970-1974 omareo (AT) hello Chief Slack permission to come aboard
DEG-5 Joe Nappi SK3 1967 to 1969 jnappi1 (AT) Plankowner. First Division and Supply Division
DEG-5 Bob Patterson BT2 1972 - 1978 rnp31013 (AT) Great to hear from old shipmates !!
DEG-5 Ed Pike BTC 3/69-4/72 epike (AT)  
DEG-5 Bruce Puckett SN/SH 1972 -1974 Brucewpuckett (AT) Best time of my life in Athens with friends
DEG-5 Tony Rerrick FTM3 2/74-6/77 trerrick (AT)  
DEG-5 Larry Richardson SK3 7/73-12/75 l_richard_cm (AT) wouldn
DEG-5 Milton Roberts FTM2 08/67-02/70 meroberts2 (AT) Contact me for reunion information
DEG-5 John Rogers FTM1 1968-1971 J275 Rogers (AT)  
DEG-5 Larry (L.J.) Russell E-2 6/74-76 ljrussell12001 (AT) Ain't no Navy like the Tin Can Navy
DEG-5 David Sadis BT1/BTC 67-70,77-79 Dasadis (AT)  
DEG-5 David Salamida CS3 7/70-6/71 uncledavids (AT) Hell of a Start. Boston, North Atlantic, Southampton, Won anchor pool.
DEG-5 Richard Sande STG2 2/72 - 8/76 rsande (AT)  
DEG-5 Paul Sankey FTM2 1968-1972 pds1948 (AT) My best helm order was to ''steer in the wake of the guide.''
DEG-5 Steve Schwab BT2 1968 - 1969 saschwab (AT) Aboard when homeported in Athens-reassigned when we got back to states-holler if anyone remembers
DEG-5 Paul Seney GM3 67-69 pseney (AT) Plank owner
DEG-5 Ronald Sharps ET1 3/67-7/68 ronsharps (AT) Joined with the first crew at BIW; Plankowner;Enjoyed the time on board!
DEG-5 Michael Sherman EM2 8/71-8/72 sherm (AT)  
DEG-5 Larry Sherman EM2 4/1969-4/1971 idrlarry (AT) Please contact me.
DEG-5 Larry Shorts RM2 6/3/67-5/7/69 windy7271 (AT) was a plank ower, went through precommission training 6/3/67
DEG-5 David Sikes STG2 8/67-4/70 David.Sikes (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Carl Slack FTCS 1972-1975 Slack_39 (AT)  
DEG-5 Don Smith DM3 3/70-4/72 rugguy51 (AT) Great times from Gitmo to Sslo !!!!!
DEG-5 Rickey Smith E-3 6/72 - 7/74 rickeylsmith (AT) Athens was great. Would do it all over again.
DEG-5 Dan Snyder RM3 1969- 1972 slickers24 (AT)  
DEG-5 Daniel Stellabotte YN3 7/68-4/70 allie3j (AT)  
DEG-5 Gary Swisher BM3 1970 to 73 swish1 (AT) would like to hear from anybody that was onboard
DEG-5 Vic Turvey STG2 5/70 - 7/73 parsley1 (AT)  
DEG-5 Richard Vaara STGSN 10/69-10/70 ruachGen27 (AT) Dischg early-ship's Admin lost my pers file(?)-4 days later I was civilian-exp why info not avail for some things (?)
DEG-5 Howard Voight RM2 6/67-7/70 lvoight274 (AT) Plankowner - living in Virginia Beach, VA
DEG-5 Ed Warner MR2 9/69-9/70 edwardwarner1 (AT) It was a great ship with a great group of shipmates
DEG-5 John Welsh BM3 1967-1969 Brackie01 (AT) Original crew plank owner.
DEG-5 David Wicker FTM2 7/67 - 9/70 wicker_d (AT) Plankowner
DEG-5 Don Willfong FTM3 1967 - 1969 donald.willfong (AT) plankowner
DEG-5 Bob Williams GMT2 12/69-12/70 BOB (AT) TNTCS.COM ASROC gunner's mate
DEG-5 Freddie Wray E-3 1973/1975 bossmsm (AT) I was a electrician on the Page In Greece & then docked in Pa.
DEG-5 William Zimmerman SM3 12/70-4/72 veteranzman (AT) Ist ship duty. Great time aboard. Would like to find SM3 Keating & SM3 Hascup.
DEG-5/FFG-5 Terry Bushore STG1/STGCS 69-70, 75-78 tlbushore (AT) Great crew both tours. Lots of fond memories.
DEG-5/FFG-5 Phillip Keller E-5 2/74 -12/77 slincolin2116 (AT) ship was home ported in Athens, Greece. Great times. Yard period in Philly shipyard in 1975.
DEG-5/FFG-5 Joe Lemon FTG1 11/1977-6/1978 citrus315 (AT)  
DEG-5/FFG-5 John Marston TM2 4/67 - 4/69 dorismarston (AT) Plank owner, leading TM, good crew, great ship; pls send reunion info
DEG-5/FFG-5 Henry McNatt BTFN 1973 to 1977 zselmo2000 (AT) Beware the single screw! (looking for old friends)
DEG-5/FFG-5 Russell Repkie CSSA 1973-1975 RSREPKIE (AT) Looking forward to hearing from my shipmates
FFG-5 Fred Allard, Jr. LT Feb85-Jul86 frederick.allard (AT) Weapons Off while in extended Overhaul at BIW, Bath, ME
FFG-5 Peter Antoniou BM3 11/1/76 antoniousr (AT)  
FFG-5 Dean Burkhalter FTG2 5/75 to 10/77 daburkhalter (AT) Like to hear from any shipmates.
FFG-5 Timothy Carroll OS2 1977 - 1980 tcarroll1 (AT) J.M.Blesch, best CO ever! Remember when Page Superstars ruled the Med!
FFG-5 William Chambers OS3 9/76 6/80 chambersfrog (AT)  
FFG-5 Larry Cleveringa MMC 1984 to 1988 cleveringa1dad (AT) Best crew I ever served with.
FFG-5 Richard ''Rick'' Cole YNC(SW) 3/82-3/85 cole1299 (AT) A true greyhound, never in port too long!
FFG-5 Don Coleman BM 3/79 - 10/81 dacbu1122 (AT) Where's the Gut ?
FFG-5 Joe Connolly STG3 8/81-2/85 jconn3 (AT) GREAT crew, GREAT ship!
FFG-5 Ed Cook PN2 12/7 - 06/78 cookster39 (AT) Real sailors rode tin cans. Any of my old party buds, look me up!
FFG-5 Vincenzo Cordi MMFN 1980 - 1983 v.cordi (AT) had blast served with some good sailors joined in philly anybody remember gitmo
FFG-5 Ed Donahue E-3 Jun74 - Nov77 Ed_Donahue (AT)  
FFG-5 Jeff Fairbank OS2 85 to decom jfair1010 (AT) these were the best of times!
FFG-5 Mike Farley EW2 12/82 - 02/86 msfarley (AT) We had one hell of a good crew on the ''Dicky P''!
FFG-5 Terry Farrell ET2 4/84-9/86 twfarrell (AT)  
FFG-5 Joseph D. Favro HT2 06/79 to 09/81 FAVFORGE (AT) Had a lot of good times and friends
FFG-5 Dave Flory MM2 Dec76 - Dec79 nitrofuel (AT) worldnet.attnet  
FFG-5 Chuck Francis STG2 1976 -1979 chucky (AT)  
FFG-5 Tim French MSSN 80-81 tfrench (AT) joined in Phily dry dock left after Cuba..Great time!!
FFG-5 Michael Fridley E-3 11/76-6/77 mike.p.fridley (AT) looking for some shipmates
FFG-5 Michael Furtado BT2 1973 - 1975 mtfurtado50 (AT) The Greece years
FFG-5 Franco Gaiola GMG1 1987 Lorenzo.gaiola (AT) I was P.E.P. personal on board - and for me it was the best destination .
FFG-5 Stanley George FC3(SW) 1986 till decom 1988 sgeorgefc2 (AT) Plankowner, Weapons DIV, 51 c/d radar
FFG-5 Mike Gilmartin EM2 1976 to 1978 mgilly1234 (AT)  
FFG-5 James Greathouse YN3 01/73-06/76 james.greathouse (AT)  
FFG-5 Carl Greiner LT(jg) 1/83- 7/85 cfg1008 (AT) Disbursing Officer
FFG-5 Rene Guerrero E-2 01/73-09/75 reneg416 (AT) great time in greece will always remember
FFG-5 Brian Hansen EM3 72 - 74 brian.hansen (AT) Great time in Athens & great times.
FFG-5 Leonard Hazley SH2 7/84-8/88 hazleyl (AT)  
FFG-5 John Hooker RM1 75-79 jahooker (AT)  
FFG-5 Steve Jorgensen SMSA 1984-1985 uspsinc (AT)  
FFG-5 Thomas Kenna MMFN 1981-1985 tmk1230 (AT) crazy years.....palma,panama,gitmo,norway,gitmo,bahrain
FFG-5 David T. Lanman, II GMT/E-3 1/72-5/76 dlanman1 (AT) We hunted with sonar/killed with rocket launched depth charge, ASROC-any shipmates still around. I am now (2016) a volunteer at the veterans hospital in Fresno, CA. I got your back covered. Many covered mine.
FFG-5 Steve Lubawski EW2 June 86 to Aug 88 steve_583 (AT)  
FFG-5 Vincent Masse SKSN 04/72 - 10/75 vmasse56 (AT)  
FFG-5 Lewis Mayberry GMG1 4/77-6/80 Lewis.mayberry (AT)  
FFG-5 Rich McCallister BM3 03/86-05/88 301-737-4343 Looking for any bm's onboard at that time
FFG-5 Leroy McClain RM3 05/86 - 08/88 leroymcclain (AT) Great Crew, RLP was my first ship.
FFG-5 Bill McCombs BTC 1985-1987 williammccombs (AT) Boiler room, Oil Lab, Boiler Chief, (after BTC Hann left)
FFG-5 Sean McDermott BT3 11/77 to 6/81 seanpmc59 (AT) We taught the World' Navy's how to do it RIGHT
FFG-5 George McDonld SKC 8/86 to decom yankblubooy (AT) last one to leave page, was tad to desron2
FFG-5 Alan McFarland OSSN 9/82-3/85 amcfarland2 (AT) I had a few good years on this boat. Met many good friends.
FFG-5 Kevin Mead HT1(SW) 1986 to decom bulathing (AT) Hey anyone know where Ht1 Htc Cooney is?
FFG-5 Matt Myers PN3 1977-1980 mmyersa (AT) Ship's Moddo: ''Fit to Fight''
FFG-5 Robert Nickerson BT1 1984-1988 danran (AT) Sick Nick is waiting for your emails
FFG-5 Pat Perkins SM2 9/81-5/85 PDPVW67 (AT) Loved the great liberty ports we visited!
FFG-5 David Peterson GMG2 Nov 86 - Jun 88 gunnerdave (AT)  
FFG-5 David Pitchford MM2(SW) 01/78-05/83 pitchx6 (AT) My first, and the best ship I served on.
FFG-5 Bryan Power DCFN 1986-Decom bpowerggle (AT)  
FFG-5 Ron (Punt) Puntolillo EM3 9/82-11/85 ronpunt (AT) Great Guys great times (I'll miss you Jay Kelly)
FFG-5 Pete Quattrini BT2 1981 to 1984 pquattrini2 (AT) Had a good time, good crew, good B-Divison!!
FFG-5 Len Revard BT3 8/86-9/88 boilerzlen (AT)  
FFG-5 Richard Rhoads FTM2 8/1973 - 11/1977 bumpyr (AT)  
FFG-5 David Roderiques EMC 2/82-6/87 asparky (AT)  
FFG-5 Michael Samuels BM2(SW) 5/79-6/82 Napa567 (AT) Awesome ship
FFG-5 Frank Santaquilani EM2 8/85 - 12/87 porvaz (AT)  
FFG-5 Darrin Sawyer BM3 1986 to 1988 dsawyer4 (AT) alot of memories of ship and crew
FFG-5 Randy Semones STG2 1979-1981 semonesr (AT) My first ship.
FFG-5 Sebron Session FTG3 1974-1978 sess7377 (AT) great mid cruse of my life.
FFG-5 Justin Smith EW1 12/84-5/88 justinj61 (AT) Best Med Cruise on the Page.
FFG-5 Howard Smith RM1 01/75-4/78, 6/81-02/85 howard.smithjr (AT) Finest ship in the Navy
FFG-5 Daniel Spicuzza MM2 1982-1984 radconpro (AT)  
FFG-5 John Stevens BT2 1976-1978 johnstevens1018 (AT) like to hear from old shipmates,see what they are up to these days
FFG-5 Martin H . Stewart BT1 10/83-decom mhmj02 (AT) possible reunion?
FFG-5 Ronald Tafoya LT(jg) 1973-1079 ronald_tafoya (AT) Was not able to make the reunion in Boston but looking forward to the next one.
FFG-5 Patrick Tafoya OS3 1973 to 1977 pataf7 (AT) Best ship in the navy. Best adventure!
FFG-5 Mark Thompson EW1 12/84 to decom methomps (AT) Aug 2005, would love to hear from ole shipmates.
FFG-5 Jim Tibbels RM2 11/84 - decom in 88 jtibb (AT) Plankowner on Decommission Crew. Med Cruise '87 - GTMO!
FFG-5 Mark Uelmen NCC 4/87-to decommissioning MUelm (AT) No CIWS, no Persian Gulf, Romaina?? what a deployment!
FFG-5 Marion White STG3 5/85 to 2/86 flattopman2001 (AT) great ship never seen her get underway loved the fishing in
FFG-5 Elton ''Pup'' White SM3 6/83-4/87 Crazyone (AT) Dicky ''P'' rules
FFG-5 Donald Wilhelm OS2 12/76-07/79 wilhelm4don (AT)  
FFG-5 Glenn 'Willie' Williams BM3 4/86 to decom/88 glen.williams (AT) Finest times a sailor could have. Awesome crew!!
FFG-5 Bill (Willy) Wilson MM3 8/73 to 9/75 hotrodderB-2 (AT) Had a lot of fun and did a lot of growing up on my Med Cruise met a lot of friends would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. In particular Terry Counts
FFG-5 Robert (Rob) Wright ETN2 5/77-11/79 yaggerhammer (AT)  

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