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DE/FF-1053 John (Kuke) Caral EM3 1971-1972 jlcaral (AT) On watch in elect. central with Diz Dean, during the fire. Looking for Boz Brown EN3
DE/FF-1053 Robert Mattox MM3 3/72 - 3/74 kent.mattox (AT) would like to hear from my buddies Brian Morel and Jigar stats if they're out there
DE/FF-1053 Wade (Pete) Pedersen HT2 1973-1977 Wadepedersen1952 (AT) I came on board after the typhoon. Had to ride the USS c
DE/FF-1053 Nick Plum YN3 1/83 - 12/86 lnp63 (AT) Would love to get in touch with my x shipmates
DE/FF-1053 James Savage RMC 1985-1989 jamessvg67 (AT) made WO upon transfer
DE-1053 Jack Adrianse   1969-1973 jdadrianse (AT) Great crew, lots of great memories
DE-1053 Earl Axe OS3 72-74 axeearl (AT) Still remember my first boarding. Dropped on a line from a helicopter on the gun line.
DE-1053 Ed Babe BT2 6/72 - 3/76 edb (AT) Hated it than, miss it now!
DE-1053 Mike Baxter BT3 1969 to 1973 baxtermike63 (AT) great times and lots of fun
DE-1053 Mark Brock BT3 1971 - 1974 mrk.brock (AT) 3 tours Nam and several ships parties.
DE-1053 Greg Brown EN3 10/70 - 2/74 motown01 (AT) Just found this site. Hi Kuke,this is Boz! Hope you see this message. I'd really would like to get in touch with you.
DE-1053 Jerry Bunch MM2 1974-1978 jerry_k_bunch (AT) Was in M & A, logroom yeoman, and, oil king, Quite a ride.
DE-1053 Greg Burch GMG2 1972 to 1975 rburch (AT) I painted the playboy logo on mount 51 OMC door circa '74.
DE-1053 John Cary TM3 5/71 - 12/72 johncary77 (AT) ASROC Roving Patrol
DE-1053 Bill Cornett BM3 1969 - 1971 wdcornett (AT) Great crew
DE-1053 Gary Crane MMFN/E-3 08/72-7/75 garycrane (AT) Great bunch of guys-Great times-lot of good memories, especially of WesPac. Hope to hear from MMs and BTs.
DE-1053 David Crumley SM3 1971-1974 decrumley1 (AT)  
DE-1053 Michael Denman SN 7/1972-7/1975 michaeldenman59 (AT) Great ship-we went to Portland,OR for the Rose Festival-my parents got to ride the ship up the Columbia River.
DE-1053 Pat Dincognito BM2 3/8/70 to 1972 c3198x (AT) Had a great time I had some great ship mates.
DE-1053 Pat D'Incognito BM2 2/71-8/72 c3198x (AT) Great ship proud to serve with such a great bunch of guys,
DE-1053 Douglas Fields MM3 11/69 to 5/73 dfields4 (AT) great party time
DE-1053 Bill Floyd MS3 8-/73-3/75 bjsj97 (AT) Has there ever been a ship's reunion? If not, why not?
DE-1053 Stephen Forney RD3 1970 1972 steve (AT) Great memorys, great guys, great places!
DE-1053 Robert Gray SN 8/71 2/75 gray9921 (AT) Looking To Find Other Shipmates! Sepke Where You At Bubba?
DE-1053 Paul Herbst RM3 11/71 - 3/73 pdherbst1107 (AT) I met a bunch of excellent folks onboard.
DE-1053 Robert House YNC 08/69 to 08/70 ROBERTHOUSE1938 (AT) GMAIL.COM Pre-commissioning crew, Plank Owner, Set up Captain's Office. Skipper CDR Beech.
DE-1053 Doug Hughes MM3 1973-1974 hughesldusmc (AT) Doug Hughes in M division picked guitar had fun
DE-1053 Kevin Johnston     hopscotch (AT) I have in my possession a Zippo lighter inscribered USS Roark DE-1053 Plankowner and the name M W Streeter.
DE-1053 Bob Kelsey E-3 1973-1975 bobkelsey55 (AT) Some good times, It seems like only 30 or so years ago...
DE-1053 Charlie Kizer RM2 9/69 - 12/72 b3body (AT)  
DE-1053 Kevin Lee RM2 1971 to 1974 rmcmss (AT)  
DE-1053 Roger Marsh QM2 1973 to 1976 menace1sea1 (AT)  
DE-1053 Ronald Miller STG2 9/69 - 5/71 ronald.miller (AT) Plankowner. Was on Mid watch in Sonar at time of fire.
DE-1053 Ken (Mitch) Mitchell OS2 1971 - 1974 kmitchman (AT) Time of my life. Greatest bunch of guys I've ever met.
DE-1053 Brian Morrell FN2 11/72 - 6/75 bmm_113053 (AT) looking for Roy Haley
DE-1053 Richard Nielsen RM2 09/69 - 12/72 redgray1 (AT) Plank Owner..... ''What-A-Ride''
DE-1053 John Notheis RM2 1979-1983 john.notheis (AT) anyone remember ''Pigs and Rowdies'' from Seattle, 1980?
DE-1053 Carl Olson LT 1969-70 hirsutecjo (AT) Plankowner. 'Oly' here - email me and give me an update.
DE-1053 Bob Orta SGT1 1968-69 rro (AT) 26CX/114 Mnt. Worked w/ STG1 Danny Sweet, Jon Roller
DE-1053 Stephen Parmarter SMSN 1969-1970 Sarge617 (AT) Plankowner...Great crew, lot of good memories!!
DE-1053 Larry Pavey STG3 9/69 - 12/72 ldpavey (AT) Plank Owner. Aboard during the fire. My whole time on ship was with Roark.
DE-1053 Rick Ralph GMG3 1972-1975 rg (AT) email me dudes
DE-1053 Mike Ratty MM3 3/72 to2/74 ratty (AT) great time steamin in Subic
DE-1053 Ronnie Reese RD3 11/69 - 8/71 Ronnie (AT) Lot's of good times!
DE-1053 Robert Rispone EM2 1970 to 1971 bobrispone (AT) looking for robert hawkins EM3 , on board smame time
DE-1053 Al (Roach) Rocheck IC3 '71-'72 a21050 (AT) On board for the fire and the awesome cruise that followed! In search of Boz Brown EN3
DE-1053 S. Dale (Chow Hound) Ruffo TMO3 12/71 - 7/75 druffo99 (AT) Great Wespacs! w/ good signal bridge & fantail parties.
DE-1053 Kenneth Simpson FTG3 1/70 - 3/73 KenSimpson (AT) WestPac '71 (fire) & '72 (hostile fire).
DE-1053 Joe Smith MM2 1970 to 1973 THPRE (AT)  
DE-1053 John Stakes MS3 1972-1975 stakeshome (AT) miss some real good times
DE-1053 David Stewart STG3 12/74 - 1/77 stg1.stewart (AT)  
DE-1053 Michael Streeter GMG2 1968-1972 mikie225 (AT) Plank owner
DE-1053 Armand Tancrede MM2 11/69 - 3/73 MUGGSIE_18 (AT) VERIZON.NET Engine room fire, best crew on the to serve with
DE-1053 Gary Watson E-5 1970-1971 tctireinc (AT) good times and good memories
DE-1053 Chris Weishaupl SN 1969 to 1971 DRIVER8282 (AT) Plank owner. Was at sea the time of the Engine Room fire.
DE-1053 Rex Wellman STC 1971-1973 wellr (AT)  
DE-1053 James Wilson MM3 72-74 groundhogjames1953 (AT) Sure do miss Sam's Hotel on Magasaysay Drive in beautiful downtown Olongapo City,PI.
DE-1053 David Yaple YN2 1972-1973 dyaple (AT) Looking for anyone who remembers the captain running the ship up on the beach to rescue a friendly.
DE-1053 Joseph Zipprich EN2 11/69-10/71 joez (AT) Aboard for Engine Room fire
DE-FF-1053 Mike (Moe) Ashmore MM3 12/73- 06/77 ayensdreamer54 (AT) whatever happened to Hiram walker MM1 in main & FN rosiska frm aux 1-good ship lived & learned a lot there
FF-1053 Sam Allen MM2 09/73-03/77 psi250 (AT) Worked A - Gang and Aux 1
FF-1053 Gary Altig RM1 80-09/81 gary (AT) Last ship/cruise. Royal Baby. Departed at Diego Garcia
FF-1053 Pete Arguello RMC 10/82 - 7/85 Viracpi (AT)  
FF-1053 Mike Ashmore MM3 12/73-6/77 ayensdreamer54 (AT) reportrd toroark on dec 73 on the day of homecoming fromwestpac worked in m div aux 1 and main
FF-1053 Mark Azevedo OS3 02/88-08/91 Azzy23 (AT) Worked with some of the best in the fleet!
FF-1053 Richard Baer ETN2 74-78 rdbaer1975 (AT) Floods of memories, good and bad.
FF-1053 Ted Barrnhart MMFN 1975-1978 barney1046 (AT) worked in 'M' DIV
FF-1053 Brian Bastian SN 9/73 to 10/75 bbastian (AT) Went from M div to Ops because I wnted to see daylight.
FF-1053 Max Blankinship BT2 2/88 - 9/91 maxb81 (AT)  
FF-1053 Andrew Bond RM2 1986 to 1990 navyitcs (AT) It would be great to hear from the old Radio Gang.
FF-1053 Phil Booth BM2 1975-1976 philnjojo (AT) You snipes got a fresh air chit??
FF-1053 Ben Boyd FA 1975-1976 ibenjammen (AT) M div under lt beasly worked on the gold E
FF-1053 Louis Butler RM3 6-77-1-81 genebutler59 (AT) made a lot of good cruises aboard her. saw world in whole new way
FF-1053 Tony Campisi GMGC 1975-1979 triplectony (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew, Best Goat Locker in the Fleet
FF-1053 Dale Carmine FTM1 78-82 dcarmine (AT)  
FF-1053 John ''Pork Chop'' Castell BTFN 1985 to 1989 johntabcas (AT)  
FF-1053 Bill Caufield ET3 1978 to 1982 bill_caufield (AT) A proud participant in Operation Handshake!!!
FF-1053 David Clark STG3   mommyc325 (AT) My father-died 2005(daughter Bonnie)-love to hear frm anyone who knew him-know little about him/his service
FF-1053 Roger Cole SH3 12/72 to 11/76 no1trainer2001 (AT) great ship
FF-1053 Manuel (Manny) Constante E-3 1978-1980 econstante1 (AT) Ahoy-had great ship/crew-hope to see alot of you at the reunion-any fellow michiganders out there? drop an email.
FF-1053 Dave Covey MM1 1971 to 1975 dcovey1939 (AT) What an experience. Good food. Good friends. BAD Fire!!!
FF-1053 Paul Davison BT/E-5 11/80 to 3/82 davison290 (AT) Wish I had never left. Best damned ship ever on!!!
FF-1053 Michael Denman SN 1972-1975 michaeldenman59 (AT) Great ship to serve on.
FF-1053 Steve Deutsch GMG2 10/76-8/80 SDEUTSCH (AT) SAN.RR.COM  
FF-1053 Steve Dudley EM2 1976-1980 SteveD (AT) I have no regrets. I would do it again.
FF-1053 Calvin Duncan QMC 1977-1979 ceedee713 (AT) Great ship, great crew and a great tour.
FF-1053 Dave Eastburn BM3 6/83-12/86 deastbu (AT)  
FF-1053 Renaldo Espinoza MSC 1976 to 1979 RENALDO.ESPINOZA (AT) DFAS.MIL I would like to communicate with shipmates.
FF-1053 Gerald Fitzhugh STGC 1982 to 1986 Firefighter4238 (AT) Still Kickin
FF-1053 Daniel Flanagan GMG2   dflana9396 (AT) Retired 1994.
FF-1053 Freddy Gaitan E-5 4/81 to 8/85 fgaitan1961 (AT) Best time of my life,hope to get in touch with old friends
FF-1053 Matt (Flash) Gordon MM3 1983-1985 gordon1958 (AT) Aux 1 Supervisor, Logroom Yeoman
FF-1053 Walter Graham BT2 1976 - 1980 walter_graham (AT) If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't change a thing!
FF-1053 John Gross OS1 04/83 - 09/88 grodyone (AT) Best ASW team in the fleet. Great ship and awesome crew!
FF-1053 Michael Harrison QM2 1981-1983 mdharrison60 (AT)  
FF-1053 Douglas Hart RM3 1979 to 1983 dougieh (AT)  
FF-1053 Michael Hartert BT2 2/77-3/78 michaelhartert (AT)  
FF-1053 Dale Harvey MM3 79-80 daleoffshore (AT) SOPAC crew, I'm trying to get a reunion in June 09 going.Check our ship at and see what I've proposed
FF-1053 Jim Heath GMG2 1982-1987 Rough Riders
FF-1053 Jerry Herrington BM2 1977 to 1981 coastjerry (AT) Really proud our my service to our country. Great ship.
FF-1053 Greg Hobbs E-3 79-81 GM340 (AT) Anyone remember Capt. BeNo or Hitting the Coronado Bridge or a collision at Seal Beach?
FF-1053 David Horn BT3 1980 to 1985 dhorndreamdesign (AT) What a great bunch of guys I served with-we worked hard/played hard-wish I could go back and do it again!
FF-1053 Kevin Huff SKC 1976 to 1980 Huffkb (AT)  
FF-1053 Dennis James GMG3 4/80 - 1/83 djames7479 (AT) Great honor to have served with the men of the Roark. Some of the best years of my life. Thanks You
FF-1053 Nicholas Kandis E-4 04/81-08/84 thewayofdragons (AT) I agree with LT Wahlstrom: Best damn Engineering Department in the Fleet. B-Division ruled!
FF-1053 Doug Karr ET2 1977-1980 doug.karr (AT)  
FF-1053 Chuck Kelley SM2 3/80-10/83 charleskelley (AT) Anyone I knew on board still living for Jesus?
FF-1053 Kenneth Kendall MM2 07/84-09/88 kenkendall4 (AT)  
FF-1053 Mark Kent F3 1974-1976 unioncreekkid (AT) Great times. Looking for my pals Edd Mcdivitt and Jerry Bunch.
FF-1053 John Kraft MMCM 1990-1991 mmcmret94 (AT)  
FF-1053 Scott Lesinski SM3 6/84 - 8/87 scott (AT)  
FF-1053 John Lesinski SM3 6/84 - 8/87 scott (AT)  
FF-1053 Michael C. Love SM2 1981-1986 6loves (AT)  
FF-1053 Jim Lowe MM2 1975 - 1979 jim (AT) LogLowe, Radar. Good time on South Pac.
FF-1053 Stephan Mardis BTFN 1981-1982 smardis (AT) Served dur Oper Pineapple-1st battle group since WWII for ops off Hawaii/have aircraft carrier dock at pearl harbor
FF-1053 Kent Mark MMFN 6/74-4/76 unioncreekkid (AT) Looking for my pals Jerry Bunch and Edd McDivvit
FF-1053 Lyman Mark ET2 1976-1981 tornado_watch (AT)  
FF-1053 Todd Martin BM2 07/82-07/85 tandymartin (AT)  
FF-1053 Stanley Mayes BT3 9/80-5/83 mayes1161 (AT) We had the gold E with three stripes on the stack.
FF-1053 Jack McKenzie (Mac) EN2 7/85 to 10/88 johnmck (AT) Yards and underway
FF-1053 Michael Napolitano HM3 6-84 - 10-85 mikenappi007 (AT) Remember the ''Rough Riders''
FF-1053 Milton Nobles RM2 1975 - 1977 mrnobles (AT) Looking for any Radiomen that served with me.....
FF-1053 Charles Norman SM2 03/82 - 4/84 sundoulos77 (AT)  
FF-1053 John Notheis RM2 5/27-5/83 john.notheis (AT) any of my old shipmates out there? its been 20 yrs!
FF-1053 Mike O'Neill MS 1976-1980 moneill5 (AT) going out overseas and geting drunk........Fun Times
FF-1053 Bob Orta STG1 1974 to 1977 bob_orta (AT) LPO
FF-1053 Rudy Pantoja RM1 03/83 - 03/87 PAPIUNO1117 (AT) HOTMAIL.COM Capt Webb was the best C.O. He treat all the crew with the upmost respect, He was a great moral booster.
FF-1053 Dan Patterson MM3 1980-1981 Dannypat43 (AT) Looking for old friends who I proudly served with
FF-1053 Alan Pelno MS3 1979 to 1983 pelno (AT) looking for old friends!!
FF-1053 David Piech BT3 1984-1987 snipe1 (AT) West Pac/North Pac Worlds Fair Cruise
FF-1053 Michael Pittman BT2 1/80-7/81 mpittman (AT) b div clean sweep 1981 oppe great ship
FF-1053 Mike Polk OS3 1/82-1/84 rubygirl (AT) EMBARQ.COM FRIENDS ROR LIFE
FF-1053 Robert Pugh SN 1983 to 1986 robert70b (AT) Remember being on the helm during typhoon off the Philippines lost all power
FF-1053 Frank Randle MMFN 10/72-8/75 ELDNARF10 (AT) what an experience, whats up Cliff Edwards
FF-1053 Robert Reinig EWC 08/86-09/91 rjrintl (AT) Best 6 yrs in Reserves I had. Great ship/duty,(even when I was on Port and Starboard) watch duty underway.
FF-1053 John Richardson STG2 6/84 - 12/87 yutdahey (AT) Haze Gray and under way !
FF-1053 Rick Robbins BT/E-4 10/80-8/82 rikryder (AT) Wish I could do it all over again the right way-great people-great times-probably best part of my single life!
FF-1053 Terry Rudolph ETN3 11/69-2/73 ctrudolph1949 (AT) the fire on board the ship on the 20th of january 1971 made you glad you were still alive
FF-1053 Martin Salazar HT2 1972 to 1975 mws3344 (AT) miss the good times with friends/shipmates but sea sickness moved me1975-95 in a MIUW team (on land)
FF-1053 William Schramm FTG2 1978-1981 wcschramm (AT) Best time of my life
FF-1053 Larry Scott GMT3 10/80-6/83 scott.larryd (AT) Ship number four of seven
FF-1053 Jay Sensenig STG1 1982-1984 jsensenig (AT)  
FF-1053 Mark Sikel E-5 88 thru 91 asikel (AT) Loved time onboard-great people-mems of lifetime-wouldn't trade for anything-really miss the ol' radio gang.
FF-1053 Jamie Spenner BT2 1981 to 1986 jspenner (AT)  
FF-1053 Jody ''Baby Doc'' Spracher MBA HM2 07/88 to 07/00 SpracherMD (AT)  
FF-1053 Wade'Brant' Starke E-3 1983-1986 briar (AT)  
FF-1053 Trammel Stevens SMSN 1989-1991 Trammel (AT) Best time I had in my life. Great Family
FF-1053 John Sussilleaux LCDR 7/77-1/79 capnjack (AT) XO for COs Weston & Ferguson. Roark sailors do it with EEEEs
FF-1053 Michael Taglialavore STGC(SW) 9/90-12/91 Taglim (AT) De-Commissioning STGC.
FF-1053 Danny Terrell FTM3 1976-1979 dandog (AT) I remember shooting that BPDSMS missle & hitting targets
FF-1053 G. Tomlin DP2 1988 GERALDTOMLIN (AT) Reserve AT Hawaii - Seattle
FF-1053 William ''Stoney'' Tuck MS3 5/73 to 3/74 IMNAVY52 (AT) Looking for MS3 Bonavincent and other MS's.
FF-1053 Max Underwood LT(jg) 9/81-9/83 maxu (AT) Commo and Nav/Admin for two cruises. Great Times, especially second cruise with CAPT Webb and XO Butt.
FF-1053 Glenn Utter E-3 1980-1983 snakesdylan (AT) I was a boiler tech down in the forbidden fireroom.
FF-1053 Michael Venditti E-3 76-80 njsparkie108 (AT) Great time's...smoking with my boy' know who you are
FF-1053 Mark Wahlstrom LT 1982 to 1984 successmark (AT) Best damn Engineering Department in the Fleet
FF-1053 James Ward MM2 9/79-2/81 Okieflies257 (AT)  
FF-1053 Hugh Webb CAPT 10/82 to 5/85 theduke2 (AT) to all the rough riders,thank you!!!
FF-1053 Art Wildbergef BTCS 1980-1983 Abw051150 (AT) I remember the gold engineering E and the Bean-o years
FF-1053 Jim Williams MMC 1989 jswilliams4 (AT) It may have been real and maybe even nice but not real-nice.
FF-1053 Jackie Willis MM1(SW) 2/97-12/91 waterboy (AT) The absolute best time in the Navy was the 5 years onboard.
FF-1053 Christopher 'Woody' Woodham MMFN 1986-1990 cncwoody (AT)  
FF-1053 Doyle Yarbrough ETCS 1968 to 1971 depops (AT) Plankowner-EMO & OI Div LCPO-Great ship/skipper-like most shipmates the fire is burned into my memory.

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