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DE-419 Donald C. Bruch MMFN 09/56 to 08/57 dcb1230 (AT) I enjoyed two trips to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Cuba
DE-419 Charles Buhlmann SO1 4/52-5/55 cebuhlmann (AT)  
DE-419 Ralph Carter ET2 9/50 to 1/52 rjcarter31 (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates.
DE-419 Glen Chesbrough GMGSN 1964 glc2cruise (AT)  
DE-419 Paul E. Coffey S1C 1944-46 pdmrc (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DE-419 Sam Cox FN 10/53 - 10/55 sgcoxsr (AT)  
DE-419 Robert Donlon SOGSN 4/54 - 8/55 Rdonlon (AT) I am looking for Charles Buhlmann who served with me
DE-419 Calvin Eudy   1944 to 1945 barbara_eudy (AT) Trying to find shipmates also copy of ships logs
DE-419 Don Fedorchak EN/FN 7/52 - 4/54 mmav42511 (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates, but John Betts from Waynesboro, PA in particular.
DE-419 Robert Fehr   1943 - 1945 Snyderjn50 (AT) looking for people who remember my Dad
DE-419 Anthony Fracassi   6/43 to 5/45 bizimuther (AT) proud daughter of sailor--
DE-419 Daniel Green LT(jg) 1962 to 1964 greenlr (AT) Not a well maintained ship.
DE-419 James Grimes EM1 1943-1945 jogrimes78 (AT)  
DE-419 John Harker IC2 2/59 - 8/59 jbtrac73 (AT) Trying to find shipmate Samuel F. Sisco EM3-we stood 4 on 4 off watches in the engine room while underway.
DE-419 James Hassall BT3 1958 to 1959 Anotherhassle (AT)  
DE-419 Paul Hefflefinger EM2 3/52 to 5/54 Ssantanana (AT)  
DE-419 A. Shelton Horton BT3 11/57 to 4/59 ashorton1 (AT) great duty, homeport DC trip to cuba in 58, Halifax, San Juan.
DE-419 David Jalbert LT(jg) 1953 - 1955 djalb44471 (AT) Were are the rest of the Keller gang?
DE-419 Jim Leach LT(jg) (SC) 1/57-5/59 jl236 (AT) Home port Washington,DC. Trained reserves. Good liberty ports.
DE-419 John Lefeber SA 7/61-7/61 jhl43 (AT) one of those 2 wk reservistS in Baltimore-my 1st ship-remember riding train from WI overnight to Baltimore & back
DE-419 James McGuire GM3 2/58 - 9/60 sndfleet (AT) I miss all my buddies? Doug! Where are you? Great ship.
DE-419 Franklin J. Modley FN 1954 to 1955 fpmodley (AT) Now retired ins. adjustor.
DE-419 Thomas A. Moore FN 2/59-9/59 dobro101 (AT)  
DE-419 Tom Morris FTG2 10/60 to 1061 htm3 (AT) Ship Keeper 'til Recommissioning for the 'Berlin' crisis
DE-419 Roger Schulrud MM1 3/55-12/57 r_schulrud5009 (AT) updating my info , have talked with D Jalbert and a few others. retired from RTC Great Lakes as MMCS Aug 1974.
DE-419 John Michael (Mike) Sheehan   10/61-9/62 cathleendixon (AT) served Berlin Crisis; looking for dad's shipmate & groomsman, Carl Schneider
DE-419 Andrew Small     asmall (AT) Searching for someone who served with my father AC Small from Monroe NC
DE-419 Dick Tritt RM2 1961-1962 rft1959 (AT)  
DE-419 Earl Vanier   1942 to 1945 dvaniernh (AT) I would like to meet people that served with my Dad
DE-419 Don Warner E-4 9/59 to 1/61 dcwarnerj (AT)  
DE-419 John Williams MM3 mid 1957 late 1957 ojisanjohn (AT) horrible ship !
DE-419 Horace Wilson BT2 11/30/50 to 4/15/54 horace.wilson (AT) to many 8 on and 4 off

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