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FFG-39 Wayne Hatchell E-3 1986 to 1988 iamanidiot2 (AT) would like to hear from my old shipmates
FF-G49 Dino D'Allessandro BM3 1984-1987 GOBUCS123 (AT) if you remember me then send me an email
FFG-49 Jeff Blazer RM3 12/89-05/93 blazefam32004 (AT) Would like to hear from the rest of the RM's
FFG-49 Leon Brown MS2 01/99-02/01 Leon.Brown8694 (AT)  
FFG-49 Allen Casey EM3 2/89-5/92 aelectricman (AT)  
FFG-49 Rickie Coleman GSE2 86 - 88 bbeentrod (AT)  
FFG-49 Matt Colvin QM3 Plankowner 1983-1986 mcolvin (AT) If there are any plank owners out there, give a shout.
FFG-49 Richard DiFatta STG1 1983 to 1985 kittdi101 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 Warren Emeey MS3 1983-1988 felesh7 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 Warren Emery MS3 1983-1987 feleah7 (AT) PLANKOWNER
FFG-49 David French HT2 1988-1990 frenchdavid44 (AT)  
FFG-49 Anthony Gallagher E-5 1983 to 1985 ajgallagher (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 Donald Harkness E-4 02/00-02/04 klown142003 (AT) if u know me then u know my comment
FFG-49 Wayne Hatchell E-3 1986-1988 iamanidiot2 (AT) Like to hear from old shipmates
FFG-49 Calvin Henderson SKCS(SW/AW) 6/2006-09/2009 calvinhenderson49 (AT) To all my shipmates and Chief's / Officers it was a pleasure to serve onboard the mighty war ship Bradley
FFG-49 David Johnson PC2 1994 to 1999 bigtex32_2000 (AT)  
FFG-49 Warren Kemper E-5/GMG2 1988 to 1992 sonspeedy5 (AT) Trying to find old shipmates
FFG-49 Corrie King SM2 11/92 - 10/94 king40pham (AT) Great ship and CO when I was aboard. I learned alot on here.....
FFG-49 Robert Langan OS1 1984-87 robert.langan (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 Daniel Mallard EM1 5/90-6/93 daniel.w.mallard (AT)  
FFG-49 Joseph Mangano GSM3 1996-2000 jos.mangano (AT)  
FFG-49 Vito Mannino LT 1991-1993 vito.mannino (AT) SUPPO
FFG-49 Sandy Mason GMG1 11/90 - 09/93 gunrunner9376058 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates.
FFG-49 Jeremy Mitchell BMSN 09/97 - 01/01 repoburr (AT) write if you remember me
FFG-49 Daniel Ohlinger BM2/E-5 86-89 mrohly (AT) Any buddies remember me shot me an email. Nick name was Ohly and still is.
FFG-49 Marc Perez BM3 4/84 -6/87 Perezmarca (AT) Retired 30 years, BMCM
FFG-49 Robert Peterson ET2 8/90 - 9/92 rwpeterson (AT)  
FFG-49 Seth Peterson DC2 2000-2004 scpeterson84 (AT)  
FFG-49 Bill Petry OS2 1984-1987 petryx11 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 Charles Pror RM1 09/91 to 02/94 biglittle1965 (AT) Would like to here from anyone who remembers me.
FFG-49 Richard Remp-Morris HM2 1989-1991 kymidcenturydude (AT) baby doc onboard with HMC Robert Wenz. would like to hear from old friends
FFG-49 Thomas Swindle BM2 Plankowner swindle204 (AT) if u remember me holla'/I was capted to 2nd class.
FFG-49 Jim Talbot ET2 84 to 87 Jim.talbot (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 William Westcott FTM/FC1 83 - 88 wwestcott (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 William Wigginton ET2 1/84 to 11/85 williamrebecca (AT) Plankowner
FFG-49 Darrel Wilson PO3 12/83 - 12/87 pdq004 (AT) Wanting to reconnect
FFG-49 Scott Wilson PC3 3/84-8/86 scooterjo (AT) plankowner

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