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DE-1048 Lenny Kliebert BT2 1970-1973 lenny_kliebert (AT) Remember all the good times and some of the bad, but we held together and survived.
DE-1048 Paul Kulakowski RDSA 1968 - 1971 Dplm777 (AT)  
DE-1048 Van Langford SN 12/67 - 11/68 coleman.langford (AT) I worked in the personnel office and stood CIC watches underway. Retired as PNC.
DE-1048 Tom Link EM3 2/71 - 12/72 dakota.link3 (AT) Lots of good memories. Send email if you want to talk.
DE-1048 Hill Lynn MS1 1974-1976 navtir (AT) Draging the pig tail (not again)
DE-1048 David Marth HT2 4/72 to 4/74 moggy (AT) Will always remember Westpac '72 and '73.
DE-1048 Doug Mater SN 9/71-8/73 doug.mater (AT) Great experience-great crew,many memories-grew up on those WestPac cruises-hope to hear from shipmates.
DE-1048 Bill Mayfield IC3 1968 william1 (AT) One of 1st to board her while in dry dock in Bremmerton-me & Denicil Johnson at Sand Pt naval Ctr until onboard
DE-1048 Jesse McCracken RM2 1968 to 1972 jdsntrbl (AT) Wow what great times we had overseas. Hope to hear from some of my shipmates
DE-1048 Jim Mellor SH2 3/72-8/75 whiteranger.jim (AT) She was a true tin can...I grew up back in those days. 2 westpacs do that to ya.
DE-1048 Al Mingus MM2 12/67 to 7/71 pettyofficer2 (AT) My memories of her live on forever.
DE-1048 Larry Murphy STG3 1968 to 1970 murphav8 (AT) Don't hit our sonar dome! Again!
DE-1048 Ron Nishihira RM3 4/70 - 12/70 rnknish (AT) My 3rd destroyer in 4 yrs in USN-proud to have served in Tincan Navy and glad I was able to go on three Westpacs.
DE-1048 Steve Nungesser EM3 2/71-6/73 arpt15 (AT) great memories and friends
DE-1048 Fred Nussbaum ETN2 69-73 fnuss1733 (AT)  
DE-1048 Greg Pack E-3 1970-1973 kosmicpastor (AT) What a long strange trip it was-hope my shipmates are well & blessed-Godspeed and fair winds-Rev. Greg Pack
DE-1048 Russ Perkins GMG3 09/70-09/72 lukela808 (AT) We need a website
DE-1048 John Peterson BT3 11/69 - 2/73 weirdly (AT)  
DE-1048 Jonathan Wayne Raby STG3 10/72-6/74 jwayneraby (AT) so many memories in 2 short years. So long ago. Hawaii, beautiful.
DE-1048 Bill Redman HT3 1972-73 willredman (AT) Great memories/miss DC,HT shipmates
DE-1048 James Romanick SN 1971 to 1973 jimroman1985 (AT) Looking back, wish I could do it again. Westpac 1972, Vietnam. Great ship, great crew.
DE-1048 Bob Sappia FTG/SA 10/1/72 roberttumo (AT)  
DE-1048 (Walter) Bryon Satterfield MM2 1968-1970 bryons (AT) Pre-com, plank owner, sea trials, 1st Westpac cruise, great experiences and friends.
DE-1048 Ed Scalzitti E-3 8/70 - 12/70 tonyored (AT) Great tour, though short-would really like a list of all the actual ports/times-were escortng the DLG USS King.
DE-1048 Jerry Schutte OS2 1974 - 1975 jshooty (AT) So long ago seems like just a blip on the radar.
DE-1048 Frederick Shearer ST1 9/69 to 12/72 fshearer (AT) I have pictures
DE-1048 Herbert Smit HT3 1969 - 1973 smit.herbert (AT) Miss Hawaii
DE-1048 Tom Smith FTG2 12/67-12/68 stomsmith (AT) On board when commissioned 3/68
DE-1048 Robert J. (Bert) Smith DC3/HT3 1971-1972 b_smith (AT) I have so many great memories of my time on Sample.
DE-1048 Jim Smith MMFN 70 to 72 oldman1023 (AT)  
DE-1048 Jeffrey Q. Soechting BT3 1969-71 jsoechting (AT)  
DE-1048 Fred Swett RM3 06/68-03/70 choicesforhealth (AT) Remembering like it was yesterday. am now residing in Missouri..what happened to the guys in the radio room?
DE-1048 Mike Thompson BM3 1971 to 1975 thompsonmike4 (AT) Lot of good memories,great friends and fantastic home port.
DE-1048 Mike Turok STG3 3/73-3/75 mjturok (AT) 1st ship-1 of the best-great 73 Westpac- XO LCDR Kelley & DIVO Jocko Worthington were inspiring-ret an LCDR.
DE-1048 Don (Van) Van Buhler ST1 1969 to 1973 dvanbuhler (AT) Shaped my life forever. Stuck on the ocean with 200+ guys will do that. 2nd best period of my 70 years.
DE-1048 Dave Whittaker FTG2 11/68 - 7/73 dewhitt1 (AT) For the most part, enjoyed shipboard life.
DE-1048 Ingo Wilcke QM3 1970-1972 im.wilcke (AT) Swam in Tonkin Gulf (man overboard)-lovd doing ''Wilcke's tours'' (a hit with some mates)tks for good mem.
DE-1048 James Wold EN3 8/70-4-73 woldcheyenne (AT) Great ship/crew.Learn more on this ship from some of the great leaders on her. BM1 Edward and EN! Brasswell
DE-1048 Alan Zeller ET1 4/68 to 2/72 azeller (AT) I will always remember with fondness, the fine liberties we enjoyed in Taiwan.
DG-1048 Dennis Weber BT2 4/76-4/78 ddweb101 (AT)  
DR-1048 Steve Hage CS3 1971 - 73 Sfhagels (AT) Best crew I've ever sailed with
DR-1048 Steve Hagel CS3 1971 - 73 Sfhagels (AT) Best crew I've ever sailed with
FF-1048 Roy Bayless IC2 83 - 12/86 send2mehere (AT) So many years ago...
FF-1048 Kevin Bernard E-3 07/83 - 02/87 kevinrude64 (AT) Great time had.
FF-1048 Carl Breithaupt OSSN 10/78 - 04/82 ecarlb (AT) 2 WestPacs,2 EastPacs & an Overhaul-OI Div,Laundry,Ship's Store in Supply-proud outstanding crew and fine ship
FF-1048 Michael Brown GMG3 1979 - 1983 mbrownm (AT) Hosting a profile page on Face Book named Sample Uss-join some your fellow USS Sample Brothers there.
FF-1048 Michael Carden BT2 9/73 - 10/78 fittercrdn (AT) what a wonderful life
FF-1048 Ken (Littlechile) Carnes EM2 1976-1979 kennethcarnesr (AT) A lot of good times
FF-1048 Nick Carter MM1 11/77 - 6/80 njncarters (AT) Some of the best memories of my life.
FF-1048 Dennis Christianson OT2 8/76 - 10/77 djc2mac1 (AT) My great friends made while on board.
FF-1048 Rick Claar BTC 02/77 - 12/80 rcmn10nce (AT) Great ship. Last person I've run into was ''Chipmunk''.
FF-1048 Charles Crabtree OTM1 1977-1981 ccc1062 (AT)  
FF-1048 Martin Cyr BT2 1983-1985 martin.cyr (AT) Great ship! Great time homeported in Pearl Harbor
FF-1048 Robert Daniel BTFN 1982-1986 (AT) Great time on the Super Sample made some good friends.
FF-1048 Jeff Davis E-4 1985-1988 jcdavis1966 (AT) Where is everyone? Anyone in AZ?
FF-1048 Michael Davis HT3 86-87 sawdust_000 (AT) like to hear from the HT shop
FF-1048 Don Driemeyer EM2 1975-1979 ddriem2 (AT)  
FF-1048 Joe Feuker MM3 1973 to 1975 aporomano (AT) Good times! Great memories and friends.
FF-1048 Michael Flournoy YNC 6/82 - 7/85 Michael.Flournoy (AT) Great ship-memories of the crew/parties we had-reunion in works for 4/15 iNew Orleans-see you guys there!
FF-1048 Thom Floyd EM3 1978--1982 thom.floyd (AT) What a great time in my life. Made some really great friends.
FF-1048 Thomas Flynn GMG3 1976-1979 b4tyme69 (AT) great guys,made many friends,a lfetime experience.
FF-1048 Joe Franz EW1 2/80-8/84 aufranzj001 (AT) Never a dull moment!
FF-1048 Ruben Garcia FTG2 10/76 - 06/81 rubenrgarcia (AT)  
FF-1048 William T. Garnett, III MM1 4/74 to 6/77 MM2TEX (AT)  
FF-1048 George Gibson BM1 1/80-9/76ers GeorgeGibsonJr2053 (AT) Yahoo.Comm miss the old girl.
FF-1048 Larry Grant SK3 76-49 lrgrant58 (AT) First and Best, Great Crew
FF-1048 Robert Gravert ET2 1985-1988 cal_fun_guy (AT)  
FF-1048 Robert Gregory FTGC 1976-1981 bob.gregory (AT)  
FF-1048 Wayne Hendrix QM3 07/85-9/88 advcc (AT) Master Helm, Unrep steerage, Tension to the Span Wire!!
FF-1048 Bobby Herring SKC precom to 1972 ybbobherring (AT) First registerd on this website years ago. Just checking in to say I am still kicking.
FF-1048 John Hogan MRFN 7/81 to 2/82 hoaj61 (AT) Some of the best memories of my life!
FF-1048 Bryce Iverson ETC 3/83 - 6/86 bryce (AT) Would like to hear from any of the Shipmates I served with
FF-1048 David Katz IC2 8/80-12/83 dakjmkndk (AT) Dawgggggsssssssssss
FF-1048 Gary Keener BT1 1967 to 1972 GLKonbay (AT) would like to hear from some of the old b-gang. reunion i hear is planed sept 2013 norfolk va.
FF-1048 Mark Kehoe RMSN 09/78 -11/79 wetlander (AT) Go Navy!
FF-1048 Fredrick Klopsch ENFN 1975-1977 klopschfredrick (AT) Manila during Bicentennial, passing OPPE first time out 2 years in a row
FF-1048 Kevin Knack OS3 75 - 77 tenncpa (AT) Great memories with the 'Pineapple Fleet'!
FF-1048 D. Tracy Lane EW3 1977-79 kc5rbq (AT) Retirement ceremony aboard USS New Jersey BB-62 in Feb 1998
FF-1048 Carl Langston HM1 7/69-12/70 5159busybee (AT) Super ship and crew.
FF-1048 Ed Larson BM3 9/83-7/86 larsoneddie (AT) had a lots of fun on and off the ship
FF-1048 Kenny Lietaert MM3 11/83-4/86 wipeus22 (AT) Had a lot of fun, would like to hear from anyone I served with!
FF-1048 Greg Lopez STG2 12/78-06/82 crashm59 (AT)  
FF-1048 Peter Lund BT2 85-88 jeb3662 (AT) One of the best ships I was on and we always had water because CHENG had good BTs
FF-1048 Rodney Malloy GMM2 1986 to 1988 jrm165 (AT)  
FF-1048 Angelito Mangahas MM2 2/74 - 11/78 angelito,mangahas (AT) like to hear from mm1 garnett and senior chief jonhson
FF-1048 Patrick McCann E-5 3/78 - 6/81 Budyandme1234 (AT) Should have stayed in , just to many ass holes ..
FF-1048 James McCarthy MM2 1/80-1/83 headwagger (AT) where is John Willis?
FF-1048 Shornden McCloud MAC(SW) 01/81-10/83 shocon (AT) A great tour with a great crew!
FF-1048 Manuel Medrano BM2 01/75-10/77 sandy_medrano (AT) t contact james morrow!
FF-1048 Steven Moran MS3 2/81-7/83 stevenmoran3 (AT) Longest seatime 18 days
FF-1048 James Morrow BM1 July76-Jan.80 boatts51 (AT) hope to hear from former shipmates
FF-1048 Joe Morse BT1 1973 -1975 JDMORSE1 (AT) like to hear from old shipmates mike carden
FF-1048 George Nickerson BM3 1982-1986 schneider1125 (AT) pure history with a bunch of friends off the coast of Iran 1983-1984
FF-1048 Michael Norris MM2 1986-88 mmswretusn02 (AT) great west pac, last cruise awesome baby.
FF-1048 Bradley O'Keefe E-5 02/76 to 08/79 kcspd (AT) Every once in a while I really miss the days on this old tub
FF-1048 Lee Paranada SMC 1982-1985 lparanada (AT) 2017 Reunion in the making. Check out the Sample's Facebook Page for info.
FF-1048 Eric Prevo SK2 1/86-9/88 popeye1048.ep (AT) A great crew
FF-1048 LeRoy Ray MA1 1977 to 1980 maanavcop (AT) retired aboard DDG8 in Nov.1982
FF-1048 Lawrence (Larry) Repass OS2 6/81-1/85 lrepass (AT) The first where I learned the most
FF-1048 Jimmy Rheinhart BT2 1985-1988 jimmy_rheinhart (AT)  
FF-1048 Fred Riordan E-3 1/78 1/79 Fredrio59. (AT) Like to find randy young, kevin Clark, Phil huebner my phone no. Is 256-777-1412 ok to text
FF-1048 Lyle Rogness SH3 1/78-12/79 jsrogness (AT) Great shipmates
FF-1048 David Saunders OSCS 06/82-06/85 emwena (AT)  
FF-1048 Jesse Schrum LT(jg) 01/78-01/81 jschrum (AT) 2 WESTPACs, an EASTPAC and an overhaul. Hard working crew.
FF-1048 Jon Sedlacek BTFN 1988 BIGJSED (AT) B-DIV , DECOM CREW
FF-1048 Steve Smith OS3 1975 to 1979 steve.smith (AT) Where it all began, Ret 1997 Naval War College.
FF-1048 Gary Smoyer HM2 6/82 - 6/85 gsmoyer (AT) Hope to hear from shipmates. We also have a USS Sample page on
FF-1048 Joe Szitta ETN2 8/72-8/74 jjoeszitta (AT) Great crew! 2 outstanding WesPacs, RIMPacs, and cruising Hawaii.
FF-1048 Glen Threlkeld FTG2 01/77 - 05/80 glenet57 (AT) I'm looking for FTG1 Ken Bolte. He was on from 1977 - 1978
FF-1048 Terry Tisdale HTFN 1985-1988 Darkseed1 (AT)  
FF-1048 Sibbalds Tom RM2 1981 to 1986 tsibbalds (AT) Fantastic Crew ! Soooo many years ago. 3 Westpacs and an ROH. I'd do it all again (if I were alot younger).
FF-1048 Joe M. Torres, Jr. E-3 10/84 - 07/87 agksilver (AT) Served in the Weapon's Dept/ Senior Deck Seaman
FF-1048 Monte Tucker BMC 1984 to 1986 cpo (AT) Like to hear from anyone who served with me.
FF-1048 Earl Waidelich LT 12/86 - 9/88 hwaidelich (AT) CHENG ... we ALWAYS had water! Was I ever that young?
FF-1048 Scott Walalce QMSN 1/75-11/76 swallacez1 (AT) was known as Wally
FF-1048 John Walker EN2 1978-1982 johnnyt575 (AT)  
FF-1048 Dennis Weber BT2 1976 to 1978 ddweb101 (AT) Had a good time, 2 west-pacs with a great bunch of guys. Hope it's been smooth sailing since for all.
FF-1048 Randy G. Young GMG3 1976 to 1979 admrlanton (AT) Roughest ship I ever was on

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