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DEG/FFG-3 Danny Ham EN 1973-1975 drham608 (AT)  
DEG-3 Mark Acker RM3 1970 to 1972 markacker (AT) Good memories. Schofield has her own web site. Check it
DEG-3 Dick Baber PC2 DEC 67 - JUL 69 rbaber (AT) Original Postal Clerk. Greatest crew in the Navy!
DEG-3 Elmer Barnes FTMC 1968 - 1970 pappy (AT) Let's play Ball. I'm to old to play Baseball but still love it
DEG-3 Robert Blackwelder SN 1970-1972 tbblackwelder (AT) looking for ross worrell and other shipmates--
DEG-3 Allan Blevins RMSN precom to 11/68 allanblevins (AT)  
DEG-3 James Borowicz GMG2 May, 68 thru Mar, 71 borowicz (AT)  
DEG-3 Ed Bossart LCDR commissioning to Feb 69 wilmed (AT) Was PXO and XO
DEG-3 Earl Burks STG2 1968-1971 godawgs (AT) Plankowner. Would like to hear from shipmates.
DEG-3 Lou Clark GMM1 1968-1970 navgoat (AT) I am a plank owner and would to hear from other shipmates.
DEG-3 Elliot Clayton SF1 1968 to 1969 RtrdEmcs (AT) Plank-owner Call Clayton (AT) 931-762-5646
DEG-3 Duane Clifton STGC 6/70-12/72 grampturk (AT) change of e-mail addy
DEG-3 Richard Cohagan EMCS 4/68-1/70 RtrdEmcs (AT) In Charge 'R' Div. Plank Owner
DEG-3 Sam Cotten ETN2 1968-69 (AT) plankowner, left schofield via helicopter to carrier,da nang
DEG-3 Charles Dickens YN3 03/68-06/70 cedickens (AT) Plankowner
DEG-3 Tim Dobbs-Dobber ET 1972-1976 wireknot (AT)  
DEG-3 Ronald Domino SN 05/72 - 01/74 1645 Mary Ellen Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70810 PH#225-769-4504
DEG-3 Dave Dutcavich STG2 08/73 - 03/76 funeraldut (AT)  
DEG-3 Robert Feldman BT3 10/73 to 06/76 donfeldman (AT)
DEG-3 Dayne Frary SH3 3/69 - 3/70 dolomite149 (AT)  
DEG-3 John Furstenwerth RM2 1968-69 ElkMagik (AT) Came aboard in BremWash, sea trials, then WestPac and Nam.
DEG-3 Tim Gallivan YN3 Pre com - 1969 tgallivan (AT) Log room YN. Started typing in office in shipyard-thank God I took typing in HS-saved my butt-fond memories!
DEG-3 Johnny Gardner SN3 4/68-11/69 Jgardner (AT) Looking for Tom Pierce old buddy
DEG-3 Steve Garner SM3 1971-1972 SGarnerSGCco (AT) good memories of '71 WESPAC cruise,signal gang & the TICO
DEG-3 Bruce Gauthier ST1 1969-1971 eman2.1 (AT)  
DEG-3 Gary Guesto BM3 3-1968 to 12-1969 One of original 18 crew members sent to Bremerton, Wash.
DEG-3 Paul Halberstadt LT Jun 69 - Jul71 halberstadt (AT) Served as Weapons Officer during two WestPac deployments
DEG-3 Dave Hasher BTFN 73-74 dave_mari (AT) All E-mails welcome, Do have some pics of 72-73 wes-pac,
DEG-3 Donny Hensley TM3 1971-1973 Butch48 (AT) Served while in long Beach CA dry dock then to sandoego then tour on Vietnam Tonkin Gulf firing line
DEG-3 Carroll Housdan GMTC 7/73 to 6/75 chousdan (AT) A great crew, a fantastic Chief's Mess
DEG-3 Carrington Johnson S/A 72 - 73 corycj1429 (AT) really enjoyed my time aboard
DEG-3 David Johnson STG3 1969 to 1971 thedoctor5 (AT) WESTPAC 69 & USS Evans work party
DEG-3 Scott Kelley STG3 1975-1976 obbopp (AT) Thanks to all who taught me so much!!!
DEG-3 Walter Kirsten     boomer (AT)  
DEG-3 Robert (Bob) Koehler QMC 1968 to 1969 bobjean (AT) I go all the way back to pre-com detail. Taught Chuck Murtomaki how to catch a steelhead.
DEG-3 Walter (Skip) Kropp GMG2 1971-1972 kropwg (AT) Great memories
DEG-3 Gaylord Larson BTC 4/65 - 4/70 gtlarson35 (AT) Plankowner
DEG-3 David Laug OSSN 1971-1973 Laugo (AT) I was known as Baby San due to my youthful appearance
DEG-3 Claude Linn EM1 6/69-1/72 cmel_lin (AT)  
DEG-3 John Loran OSC 1968 - 1970 loranja (AT) Commissioning Crew
DEG-3 Jim Loran RD3 August 68-March 70 pajm124 (AT) Would like to hear from other RD's during same period
DEG-3 Rick Martin IC3 9/68-6/70 cbcapt (AT) spent 25 yrs in Navy Reserve Civil Engineer Corps 1975-2001
DEG-3 Larry Martin SM2 2/68-11/69 hondo382001 (AT) best crew in the navy. I would do it all over again.aloha
DEG-3 James McClain BM2 May 1968 to Nov. 1969 jimmy32547 (AT) Like to hear from shipmates. Especially 1st. Div.
DEG-3 Mark Medford SN Aug 1971 to June 1973 mmra (AT) The longer I'm out, the better my memories of active duty.
DEG-3 Jay Mills FTMSN/SR 11/74-12/75 Jfmills91977 (AT) Good times always,partied with all rates-In port/at sea-Little Jake,Daddy Wags,Bob Feldman,Harry Webb,etc.
DEG-3 Joseph Murphy FTG3 09/69 to 02/72 murf50 (AT) Schofield taught me a lot.
DEG-3 Charles Murtomaki CWO2 Dec 67 - Dec 70 cmurt (AT) Sonar Maintenance Officer
DEG-3 Bill Neeley FTM2 Mar 1968 - Nov 1969 bneeley (AT) plankowner
DEG-3 Wesley Oxenrider EN3 10-70 to 6-74 woxenrider (AT) It was fun but I would never go back now
DEG-3 Edward (Ed) Palmer FTM2 1968 - 1970 joyunspeakable2 (AT) Plank owner--Hope to make reunion in Charleston, SC this year
DEG-3 John Peterson SM2 70-71 jppeterson (AT) Became a Shellback!!
DEG-3 Gary Phillips MM3 09/1970 to 5/1974 yrageph (AT) permission to come aboard, that is the day all of our lives started changing
DEG-3 Bill Praznik SN 1970-71 sevenmag (AT) Would like to hear from all my old buddies
DEG-3 Bob Rantschler LT 1968-1970 rrantsch (AT)  
DEG-3 Kenneth Robinson FTM2 4/72-12/74 robinkwr (AT) Great bunch of shipmates
DEG-3 Dale Roeder E-3 1971 to 1972 DR53 (AT) Spent most of time in boiler rm standing firewatch while yard birds removed insulation. Looking for Black Doc frm Schofield in dry doc, Long Beach.
DEG-3 Paul Sadler GMG3 12/67-7/71 PaSdl2 (AT) Plank Owner-Shellback
DEG-3 Jonathan Sage STG2 8/70 - 12/74 jsage (AT)  
DEG-3 Bill Schweizer RM3 1972 - 1973 wwglid (AT); bills (AT) Trying to find anyone that remembers anything about our cruise in 1972 to Viet Nam-plse email-thks Wild Willie
DEG-3 Richard Scott STG3 4/73-4/75 v_r (AT)  
DEG-3 Thad Seligman QM2 1969-1970 tseligman (AT) Thankful for time I served & friends I made onboard-welcome any contacts from old shipmates-living in Phoenix, AZ
DEG-3 Mike Shepard BMSN 10/72 - 10/74 Mike_shepard2002 (AT) She was a lady
DEG-3 Gerald Sigman RM3 9/70 - 8/71 geraldos (AT) Great experience-will always remember beauty of the S China Sea & garbage in the water coming into Hong Kong...
DEG-3 Jim Sinclair FTM1 05/68 - 11/71 sinclairjim (AT) plankowner
DEG-3 Joe Sissel QM2 1968-1970 Hushie241 (AT) Looking to hear from shipmates
DEG-3 Daryl Smathers SH2 72-73 Smathersda (AT)  
DEG-3 Milton Smith, Jr. SN 11/67 thru 7/68 wfg4u (AT) Plankowner. Part of original crew. Sailed from Todd Shipyard
DEG-3 Mark Soltanuk HT3 1970 to 1972 msoltanuk (AT) loved liberty in Hawaii at Christmas
DEG-3 Larry (Mooney) Southworth RM2 1972-1975 ctr3rm1 (AT)  
DEG-3 Ron Spagna FTM2 precom to 12/71 ron6978 (AT) Plankowner. 2005 Reunion special!!!Let's do 2006!!!
DEG-3 Jackie Stout ETN2 1970-1974 jackies (AT) Eric Bouchard? Kent Solberg?
DEG-3 Dan Tufnell QM2 1/69-6/72 dtufnell (AT)  
DEG-3 James Virmala ST1 1970-1974 jvirmala (AT)  
DEG-3 Len Wahlig LT(jg) May 1968 - Oct 1969 lwahlig (AT) Seattle, Bremerton, Long Beach and WESTPAC
DEG-3 Jack Walling RM3 4/66 - 3/69 jackwalling (AT) One of the best ships and crew that I have served with.
DEG-3 Donald Ward BTFN 9/71 to 4/72 owldaddy1 (AT)  
DEG-3 Robert Winsjansen ETN3 1968-71 REWINS (AT) Sorry to hear that she's gone
DEG-3 Lee Witham LT(jg) 1968-1969 witham (AT) Plankowner First Lt. Still enjoying San Diego, CA
DEG-3 William Wright MM3 4/73 to 4/77 peanutcoach (AT)  
DEG-3 Glenn Young DK3 1967 to 1970 eldergyoung (AT) where is everyone
DEG-3 Bill Zbaeren EN2 June 68-Apr 70 bzbaeren (AT)  
DEG-3/FFG-3 Robert Bartron LT(jg) 7/73 - 1/76 bobbartron (AT) 1st LT then 3rd Division/ASW Officer
DEG-3/FFG-3 Thomas (Jack) Campbell GMG2 75-76 gunz_44 (AT)  
DEG-3/FFG-3 Andrew Golden STG2 9/74-2/78 agolden274 (AT)  
DEG-3/FFG-3 Danny Ham FN 1973-1975 drham608 (AT)  
DEG-3/FFG-3 Robert Scott EM3 8/30/73-11/19/76 skutter (AT)  
FFG-3 Ronald (Dawg) Alano BT3 8/77-8/81 ronalano (AT) Like to hear from some former shipmates.
FFG-3 Roger Anderson RMC 1985 to 1986 randers (AT)  
FFG-3 Manny Arellano MM3 1976 to 1980 mlayout (AT) I had some of the best times of my life on board that boat,
FFG-3 Ken Benningfield IC3 6/84-6/86 kbenningfield (AT)  
FFG-3 Willie Berry RM1(SW) 1972-1976 Crazcajotlaw (AT) Enjoyed my tour of duty aboard
FFG-3 David Bowman ETR3 6/76 to 9/79 davpen_7 (AT) Living in Greenville NC: any emails welcome!
FFG-3 Keith Byrd ET3 08/80-08/81 kbyrd (AT) give me a shout shipmates! I found Fontaine(know i mean?)
FFG-3 Robert Childers LT 8/75 - 5/77 onezbuz (AT)  
FFG-3 Duane Clifton STGC 6/70 12/72 grampturk (AT)  
FFG-3 Allen Davis QM2 78-82 adavisla (AT) Great memories
FFG-3 Dave Dedon STG2 1976-1978 ddedon (AT) I welcome any communication
FFG-3 John Deets ETCS 1969-1974 jamn249 (AT) wouldl ike to see a goat locker list for while I was aboard
FFG-3 Thomas Denny HT3 10/79 to 3/82 Thomas.Denny (AT) Newark De.
FFG-3 Jerome Doroshenko BM2 Jan 1985-Aug 1988 jdoroshenko (AT)  
FFG-3 Charles Ellenberger FTM3 1983-1987 chuck (AT) Always interested in talking to old friends/shipmates
FFG-3 George Escalante EW1 6/75-12/79 gsescalante (AT) Small, hot and always breaking down, but home for 4+yrs.
FFG-3 Dave Evensen LT(jg) 2/78-1/81 Daevensen (AT)  
FFG-3 Robert Feldman BT3 10/73 - 6/76 donfeldman (AT)  
FFG-3 Mark Fletcher GMG 1974-1978 mcfletcher (AT) I made a lot of good friends. Would like to see you at one of our ship reunions.
FFG-3 Kevin Fontenot STG/SN 1977 to 1980 mr_breeze57 (AT) Haze Grey & Underway, 2wespacs,67days P.Gulf great times!!
FFG-3 Mike Garcia DCC(SW) 10/85 - 8/88 fftr (AT) Sailors belong on ships,ships belong at sea.
FFG-3 William T. Garnett, III MMCS 6/85 to 10/87 MM2TEX (AT) Who's got the Dear Senior Videos fm Panama/Wespac87?
FFG-3 Donald E. Garrett RM3 4/84-1987 don-tammy (AT) Like to talk to men how served aboard fm 84-87
FFG-3 Gene Hoffman SH2 10/81-12/82 gchoffman (AT) Great ship
FFG-3 Michael Hunter GMM2/SW 8/85-decom huntermk (AT) Looking for GMC Zierau
FFG-3 Richard Kearney EM3 Dec76 thru May80 rkearney (AT) Enjoyed my time on the Schofield and made many friends!
FFG-3 John Kelbowski MM2 1977-1979 jtkflash (AT) I work in A-GANG my shipmates call me Killer.I would like hear from some of my shipmates
FFG-3 Michael Killian RM2 1985-1987 mkillian (AT)  
FFG-3 John Kinnier LCDR 1970-72 kinnier (AT)  
FFG-3 Phil Kochel TM3 9/76 - 1/79 sirleo (AT)  
FFG-3 Michael Kraus FC3 Jan 86 to decom m1kraus (AT)  
FFG-3 Chuck Lisk GMMC 8/83 -7/87 krischuckl (AT) We kicked butt!!
FFG-3 David Maass SKCS Nov 79 to Nov 82 maass75 (AT)  
FFG-3 Terrill Martz FCCM(SW) 1986-1988 ttt789 (AT) 2nd Div is still the best group I ever worked with. Thanks
FFG-3 Bill Miles LT(jg) 2/75 - 2/77 Bill (AT) Good memories ( most of the time) anyone know where Klein is? DK Punobayan?
FFG-3 Jeffrey Mills RM2 12/81 - 7/85 millsy (AT)  
FFG-3 Rick Ness SM3 84-88 nessautomotive (AT) sorry to hear the old girl was sunk, she was a fine ship.
FFG-3 John Neumeister LT(jg) 10/76 through 11/79 jneumeister (AT) Still in San Diego
FFG-3 Curt New GMT-SN 1979-1981 curtnew (AT) ASROC another name for Glorified Boatswains Mate
FFG-3 Vance Nixon ET2 4/85-8/88 vanixon (AT)  
FFG-3 Jim O'Donnell PO3 2/79-11/81 jaodonn (AT) Had a real good time aboard the Schofield ,I welcome any emails from friends
FFG-3 Donn Osier MS3 4/78-10/79 guguwich (AT)  
FFG-3 Brian Parker GMM2 8/84 - 4/88 bkparker (AT) Old Ship; Great Crew. Recognize a few names from my era.
FFG-3 Randy Proehl RM2 1975-1977 randyproehl (AT) Some of the best years of my life.
FFG-3 Chuck Rath STG2 1979 - 1983 cjrath (AT)  
FFG-3 Thom Richards HM2 Jan-Sept 1975 thom1155 (AT) Looking for old shipmates
FFG-3 Mark Schilling E-3 1/85 - 1/87 mbschill (AT)  
FFG-3 Bill Shoots RMCS 2/84 - 10/87 saleboat (AT)  
FFG-3 Stephen Sickels STG1 1978-1980 stgcssws (AT)  
FFG-3 Kevin Siefken   1981-1984 kevin-terry (AT)  
FFG-3 Mark Smith GMG2 83 through 87 mark123s (AT) Cant rem many names-if you rem me(tall,skinny,sometimes loud Kiwi GM) email-love to get in touch.
FFG-3 William Smith FTM2 81-82 spacecraft (AT) Would love to see pics from 82 West pac
FFG-3 Gene Sparks ETN2 1972 - 1976 sparksmail (AT)  
FFG-3 William Steinke STG2 1979-1980 Jendebil (AT)  
FFG-3 Nathan Sturre BM2 1978 to 1982 nathan.sturre (AT) loved my time in the Navy. 2westpac's lots of good friends.
FFG-3 Kevin Sumpter SM2 3/82 to 11/85 Kfsumpter (AT) First ship...first westpac cruise...experience of a lifetime
FFG-3 Douglas 'Scott' Tercy EW2 11-81 to 10-84 raptor01 (AT)  
FFG-3 Darrin Tuers E-4 1986 till decom dtuers503 (AT) looking for Rob Conger, served the same time or any others
FFG-3 Michael Turner FTG2 1976-1979 mturner (AT)  
FFG-3 Nick Ungaro SH2 1977 to 9/79 ungaroni (AT) Some great memories need discussing
FFG-3 Kevin Uphus MM2 1976 - 07/1980 kuphus (AT) Living good in Spokane, Washington with my wife and kids.
FFG-3 Alex Villegas IC2 09/81-12/84 alexvillegas (AT) used to call me Richie...How bout these nicknames huh?
FFG-3 Robert Vitai EM2 1974 - 1978 rvitai (AT)  
FFG-3 Roger White MM2 11/84 to decom rdwhite1960 (AT) looking to hear from shipmates that served in that time frame
FFG-3 Eric Williams STG2 05/85 to 06/86 ewilliams (AT)  
FFG-3 Ralph Young OS3 9/79 to 3/82 ryoung2711 (AT) Looking for any shipmates from the Schofield.
FFG-3 Fred Zierau GMC SW 09/84 - decom fredrik.zierau (AT)  
FFG-3/DDG-3 Daniel Laureano Cintron SN/BM   danny.puertorico (AT) USNRET as a BM1 on board USS Clark FFG11

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