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DE-255 Wilbur (Bill) Armstrong SFC 1945 to 1946 In memory of my father
DE-255 Milton Baugnet SO 1943-44 Guntar501 (AT)  
DE-255 Richard (Dick) Breil MOMM2 1/44-6/45 desaman (AT) Glad to be onboard
DE-255 Thomas Dolan BM1 1942-1946 In memory of my father Thomas Dee Dolan, proud to serve on the USS Sellstrom during WWII,
DE-255 William Hanka CDR 1943 04/46 Bill794 (AT) Request name and address any former radiomen.
DE-255 Andrew Malewicz Chief eng rm 43-46 jdmalewicz (AT) E7 in 1941
DE-255 Larry Newman Chief-eng rm 1944-1946 Deceased In memory of my uncle, and my father, who got him assigned to the Sellstrom.
DE-255 Forrest Rose CEM Chief EM 12/1943 - 3/1946 rose2711 (AT) Proud Coast Guard Veteran of WWII
DE-255 Willis Veirs CBM(a) 1943 to 1946 mlvei (AT) In memory of my father and his service
DE-255 Joseph Edward (Eddie) Young MoMM3 5/45-9/45 snyoung (AT) In memory of my father. Would like to connect with shipmates or family to exchange information.
DER-255 Ernest Abbott ENFN 59/60 ernest .abbott (AT) put ship out of commission (AT) orange texas,went to uss roy o. hale der 336
DER-255 Marshall Allen BT3 9/56-10/58 Herkjr (AT) Oil and Water King
DER-255 Vincent Cardillo RMSN 10/58 - 9/59 jmcfund (AT) I've been to Newport several times since and it has changed
DER-255 Norman Cowder ET2 10/56 - 10/57 normcowder (AT)  
DER-255 Gerard Cullen RM3 1956-1958 mrgerardc (AT)  
DER-255 Ralph Fredrickson RD3 8/56-3/58 ralphfredrickson (AT) Was there for the recommissioning 1 Oct 1956
DER-255 Edward Goutink RD2 1956 to 1959 thegouts (AT)  
DER-255 Fredrick Jacobson DKSN 59-60 rickj20 (AT) 1959/60 Aboard till she was put out of service in Orange Texas. Next duty was as DK3 aboard EDE 791 Maloy
DER-255 Dave Johnson ENS 1959-1960 cada (AT) ASW Officer
DER-255 William Koskuba ET3 1957 - 1959 b.koskuba (AT)  
DER-255 Ronald Lindman SK3 10/56-6/58 relind (AT) Hello Stoutenburgh and Lindsey, I was Storekeeper
DER-255 John Lindsay CS3 1956 1958 heressjohnny (AT) I put her in commision 56 and cooked all that time
DER-255 Dave Mahar FT2 4/57-12/59 davemahar (AT) Went to Argentia 11 times but never saw it
DER-255 Richard Maxwell   10/56-5/60 elspunky (AT) this is for my late father who died in '73 from his daughter
DER-255 Gene Palmer ETR2 1958-1960 genepa (AT) wikipedia claims the ship was decommissioned at Philadelphia but it was stripped & mothballed at Orange, TX ??
DER-255 Richard Reintsema LT(jg) 1958 to 1960 rcreints (AT)  
DER-255 Ralph Sherman RD3 1958 to 1960 sailorpoppy (AT) do not miss north atlantic
DER-255 William Starling FT2 9/58 to 12/59 misterbill1936 (AT) looking for onyone who has gotten as bestis related heaalth problems
DER-255 David Steele SF3 2/58 to 1960 Kane4005 (AT) I also served aboard the USS Mills DER-383 and the USS Norris
DER-255 William Stoutenburgh ET2 12/56-10/58 willi (AT)  
DER-255 James Sullivan ET2 9/56 - 10/58 sylvt333 (AT) Great experience - launched a 20 year career
DER-255 Walter Trauceniek RMSN 12/58-9/59 waltert1225 (AT)  

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