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FFG Samuel Allan BM2 1/84 - 3/85 samuelallanjr (AT) Phone number 603-497-7949
FFG-14 Samuel Allan BM2/E-5 1984 1985 samanda (AT) my phone 603-497-2069
FFG-14 Joseph Alvores E-4 10/91 thru 06/93 tophatpestcontrol (AT) My phone number is 904-259-3009. Feel free to call me shipmates.
FFG-14 Ronald Anderson STGC 1990 - 1995 ronandlynda (AT) made Chief here with STGCS Rooney as sponsor 1993
FFG-14 Juan (Archie) Archuleta, Jr. RM3 11/92 to 05/96 jarchuleta (AT) I had a great time and I met a lot of cool guys. Would like to keep in touch.
FFG-14 Jeff Bachtel E-5 3 85-10 86 i   i can be reached at 7 burton ave ripley ny 14775. what happened november 1985-december
FFG-14 John Bast LT 5/91 - 4/94 john_bast (AT) DCA & ORDO
FFG-14 Eddie Batten CS1 6/97 - 8/01 ddbatten (AT) just look me up on Facebook
FFG-14 Raymond Biard EN2 03/83-11/86 rbiard (AT)  
FFG-14 Joe Billesbach STG1 12/93-11/96 jbillesbach (AT)  
FFG-14 Terry Bross E-6 12/2000 to 02/28/2002 trekbross (AT) feel free to contact me 231-421-3770 hm 231-218-2765 cell
FFG-14 Ronald Brux RM2 2/83-7/84 rabrux (AT) great time with great bunch of guys
FFG-14 Jeff Burns FCC(SW) Jul 94 - Apr 98 jpdude999 (AT)  
FFG-14 Greg Carlson EN3 8/91-6/94 duckhead24 (AT) any snipes out there
FFG-14 James Cearfoss, II GMG1 1980 jamesce (AT) Plankowner
FFG-14 Dan Chaffin FC1 5/85 to 4/90 00valk (AT)  
FFG-14 Mike Ciccione MS3 1981 to 1984 navcporet (AT) My First Ship, Retired after 22 Years...
FFG-14 Dale Cocita GSMC (SW) 12/81 to 12/82 dalebill (AT) Plank owner
FFG-14 Kenneth Cook GMGC 1979 to 1981 klcook5 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-14 Daniel Costello MS1 9/99 - 2/03 dancny (AT) Retired now.
FFG-14 Jerome Donnelly OS2 4/80 - 11/84 jerry (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-14 Michael Gray HT1 07/07/81- 08/13/84 oldsquid48 (AT) Sides Plankowner. What a great bunch of guys onboard!
FFG-14 Fred Hammann MS1 02/84-06/89 vfwfredh (AT) ha guys it chef fred did the gulf war thing any body can tell me that they did on board uss sides ffg14
FFG-14 Jeff Hill GSM2 2/84 - 11/87 alaikat (AT)  
FFG-14 Charles Howard GMG3 83-85 choward06 (AT)  
FFG-14 Gregg Hughes FC3 93-95 gshughes (AT) Called Huey by most.
FFG-14 Scott Kahre HT1 10/99-decom sides14 (AT)  
FFG-14 Daniel Langlais LT Feb 99 - May 2001 DLang1075 (AT) Ships Engineer
FFG-14 Mark Leach FC2 1986-1990 gungis (AT) Some great adventures, a few scary moments, and many fond memories.
FFG-14 C. J. Lucas YN1(SW) 1997 to 2000 buggss1981 (AT) Best and worst days of my life. Much love to all that served inside her.
FFG-14 Frank Manis OS2 6/80-5/82 frankm01 (AT) Commisioning crew.
FFG-14 Richard Marruffo STGC(SW) 10/98-12/01 srch_n_rsq (AT) Great Ship, Great Crew!
FFG-14 Daniel McKee E-6 08/86-08/91 mckeesd (AT) Some of my best times were on the Sides
FFG-14 Joseph Meadows SK3 08-96/11-96 jmead1963 (AT) Best Frigate on the Waterfront
FFG-14 Bob Miller EW1 4/84-4/88 arbymiller (AT) Can see the old girl every day in Bremerton, WA.
FFG-14 C. J. Mitchell PN1 10/95 - 10/98 CJ_Mitch (AT) I did ''Crack PAC'' in '96 and CARAT '98
FFG-14 Barry Moore FC2   wanacmoore (AT) Worked with Dan Chaffin and Mark Leach. We where the Originals for the Ciws System
FFG-14 Shane Murphy FC2 1999-decom gtrmrf (AT) 1 and only ship, loved every minute of it.
FFG-14 Charles Neill GM2 2000- decomm cdneill (AT)  
FFG-14 Richard North OS3 2/91 to 8/93 cableguy4308 (AT)  
FFG-14 Daron Palmer BM3 02/86 - 10/89 dpalmer (AT) Had a Great time !!!
FFG-14 Phil Pople RM2 06/82-04/86 brewskers (AT) Best 4 years I've ever spent
FFG-14 Gregory A. Powell RM3 4/80-12/83 gpgthang (AT) Plankowner!!$ Hope all you fellas learn't sum'n sum'm. BIG P...What they call't me.
FFG-14 Philip Richardson GSE2 03/97-03/00 richardsonp (AT)  
FFG-14 Adolphus Ross OS2 12/1984-10/1985 adolphusross (AT) get in touch shipmates
FFG-14 Daryl Roy IC2 82-85 daryl.roy.ctr (AT) My first ship. Great crew
FFG-14 Raul Rubio E-3 91-92 rubten(at) Fun times!
FFG-14 Marc Schatmeier FC1 07/97-08/01 marc.schatmeier (AT)  
FFG-14 Steve Schwarz FTM2 1980-1985 radsrus (AT) plankowner
FFG-14 Darrell Scott OS 1979-1982 scott3165 (AT) Plankowner. I miss the nostalgic years, and miss the people whom I encountered.
FFG-14 John Seaman MS1 4/80-11/81 stortstuff (AT) Plank Owner. made alot of mistakes while on board sorry to anyone I offended . good ship and crew
FFG-14 Richard Spaulding SKC 4/80 - 4/84 rickspaulding (AT) Plankowner
FFG-14 Carl Stadler IC2 3/93- 6/96 c.stadler (AT)  
FFG-14 Don Stevens HM1 1987-1989 dstevens58 (AT) IDC (Doc) there for Persian Gulf Deployment
FFG-14 John Svejkosky MSC 04/90-05/94 john.svejkosky (AT)  
FFG-14 Don Turner EW2 03/88-09/88 supplicate (AT) My 1st & only time to visit Hong Kong, too much rain then...
FFG-14 Larry Waite PO3/E-4 85 to 88 lwaite787 (AT) kicked it with palmer , stevens, baranowski- in persian gulf-that was heat/drop me an email
FFG-14 Gary Waldron GSCS 1987 - 1992 old.sailor (AT) SIDES was a reserve ship and as such didn't have a full crew until deployment time. We did the Gulf in '88.
FFG-14 Bradley Walker ET2 2000-2003 walkerbj (AT)  
FFG-14 Steve Wallace RMC 10/84 - 5/88 dingtoo (AT) Part of the greatest Radio Shack in the USN. Hoping to stay in contact with shipmates.

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