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FFG-31 Frederick Albano RMC(SW) 1987 to 1988 mecureal (AT) Trying to reconnect with old shipmates before we get too much older.
FFG-31 Mark Allen ETC 01/82 - 12/84 markflynavy (AT) Early arrival to the Pre-Com Unit in Norfolk-departed aft 1st Persian Gulf Deployment 12/84 as CPO for Flight Sch.
FFG-31 Tom Bambara SK3 87 - 91 TomBambara (AT) From Pascagoula 1987 to Persian Gulf 1991
FFG-31 Shawn Bayliss SKSN 12/89 - 9/92 shawnbay7 (AT) Best ship in the fleet-so many mems/friends-if I had to do it all over again, I would'nt change it-God bless the crew
FFG-31 James Bevan STG3 1990-1992 jbevan69 (AT)  
FFG-31 Glenn Booker FC2 10/82-03/86 glennbooker (AT) Many fond and life changing memories
FFG-31 Paul Brown MS3 12/84-08/87 Paulrobertbrown48 (AT) Looking for Ship mates from the Stark 434-645-8807
FFG-31 Tom Cadle OS2 9/89-4/93 tcadle (AT)  
FFG-31 John Cashin GMG2 Pascagoula to 1991 jcashin0001 (AT)  
FFG-31 John Ciletta, Jr. BM 1986-5/87 Vinced1563 (AT) My nephew-one of 31 who didn't survive attack-don't forget guys who died & those who battled to keep that ship afloat.
FFG-31 Michael Claypool E-6 12/97 to 5/99 mlc3530b (AT)  
FFG-31 Jason Debler STGSN 12/94-4/95 jasondebler (AT) Pulling into downtown Jacksonville was cool-ship parked right by Folgers plant-wish I'd been wiser then & stayed in
FFG-31 Christopher Enlow EN3 06/84-05/87 caenlow124 (AT) transferred from vessel two weeks prior to the ship's attack.
FFG-31 Greg Forester     HPExxon (AT)  
FFG-31 David Gay EM2 11/85 to 03/90 davegay1959 (AT) Saw the Stark in the Philly Shipyard in 2000, very sad.
FFG-31 Tony Giddens RM2 1984 - 1988 t_giddens (AT) On board during attack, retired since 2004.
FFG-31 Chris Hallett AT Persian Excursian 1987 challett55 (AT) I live in mayport now since 1993. Still working on helos. Anyone remember us airdales from that cruise?
FFG-31 Harry Haverkamp OSC 12/87-05/92 hhaverkamp (AT) The best ship I served on. Just retired in Feb/08 with 30yrs.
FFG-31 Todd Henrichs OS2(SW) 1/90 - 2/94 psibrone (AT)  
FFG-31 Kevin Higley EW3 1993-1994 higleyk (AT) Good times. Unitas 93.
FFG-31 Richard Ihde YN1(SW) 1/82 - 12/84 raihde2003 (AT)  
FFG-31 Scott Isham BM2/SW 1990 to 1992 snlisham (AT) Best crew that I ever served with!
FFG-31 Robert E. Johnson STG1 1993-1998 Tincan 734 (AT)  
FFG-31 Thomas Jones BM3 07/87 to 07/89 twjgolfin (AT) would love to hear from anyone I served with
FFG-31 David Knecht RM2 1/13/90 -1/27/92 knechted (AT) Anyone remember me, call 216-407-0533.
FFG-31 Daniel Langlais GSMC May 88 - Nov 91 DLang1075 (AT) Re-commissioning crew from Iraqi missle hit.
FFG-31 Tony Long EN2 1982 to 1985 andulong63 (AT)  
FFG-31 Douglas Lossman PC2 11/88 to 8/92 lost1357 (AT) GITMO, STANAVFORLANT, and who could for the Arabian Gulf (92)
FFG-31 Robert Luce ETC 02/89-10/91 r-luce-orange-park-florida (AT)  
FFG-31 Michael Lusk CWO2 5/90-5/93 Mykeusn (AT)  
FFG-31 Edwin Manint HM 1982 to 1984 edjan95 (AT) Plankowner-started as SN recruit-worked w/R Ernisse as Corpman striker-comp 4 yr tour at Nav Hosp, Millington, TN
FFG-31 Bernard Martin GMM3 2/84-5/87 Martin65 (AT) In the army on active duty in support of Enduring Freedom,
FFG-31 Timothy Martineau MR3,Ships Diver 01/86-11/87 trmartineau (AT) Onboard during the May/17/1987 Iraq attack.Ships Diver and On Scene Leader for Repair 5
FFG-31 Shawn McLaughlin PN3 2/92-6/94 smacess6 (AT)  
FFG-31 Robert Garrett McLendon E-4 1984-1986 garrettmclendon65 (AT)  
FFG-31 Michael Morton SK2 (SW) 8/91-8/93 saltman52 (AT) Enjoyed being on Stark
FFG-31 Sal Naranjo HT3 2/86-5/88 salnar (AT) served aboard on May 17,1987
FFG-31 Nick Norfleet GMG3 5/85 - 7/87 nicknorfleet (AT)  
FFG-31 Stephen ''Pete'' O'Connor PNC(SW) 7/1992-6/1995 shoconnor (AT) Great tour, fine ship.... don't forget our fallen shipmates.
FFG-31 Richard (Pooch) Poucher FTCM 1987 1988 gpoucher (AT) i help put here back to gether great crew
FFG-31 Carroll Putnam ENC(SW) 1986 to 1989 putnammax (AT) Retired in Jacksonville Feb.1990
FFG-31 Rudy Rudloff ENC 4/84 to 3/86 fouroaks511 (AT) Persian Gulf 84-Great Lakes cruise spring 85-ret 3/86 aft 26 yrs active duty-Persian Gulf cruise imenint-dec not to go.
FFG-31 Jeff Schmidt ENC 1994-1999 Jschmidt (AT)  
FFG-31 Brian Schmidt DSC 08/87 - 01/91 bigbull12 (AT) Put her back together.
FFG-31 Dan Sears FN 89-91 rodanfaith (AT) Stanavforlant Cruise.... Best time of my life...Miss you all
FFG-31 Mike Slobe GSE1 1987-1990 gsec_usn (AT)  
FFG-31 Brian Stevenson OS3 1988-1992 w1nds1gn (AT)  
FFG-31 Alan Swiger BM2 11/01/83-07/29/88 alswig (AT) I would like to hear from anyone that served with me
FFG-31 Dion Trotter BM3 5/91 to 5/93 dtlaw11 (AT) A great ship, not to mention the best deck div. in the Navy.
FFG-31 Robert Vaughan E-5 12/83-12/89 RsVaughan2001 (AT)  
FFG-31 Robert Woods BM3 1991 to 1994 engf815 (AT) had some good times on that tin can

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