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DE/FF-1065 James Craven QM1 1972 -1973 jascraven (AT) Retired as QMC (SW) in 1987
DE/FF-1065 Frank Jackson BM3 1971-1975 Frankejackson54 (AT) Also plank owner
DE/FF-1065 Gary Mahon MM2 8/73-8/76 zicron (AT)  
DE/FF-1065 William Maxwell IC2 1981-1986 Maximus2112 (AT) Wow....
DE/FF-1065 Scott Reid STGC(SW) 04/85-04/90 subicpingjockey (AT) Homeported San Diego
DE/FF-1065 Gary Serkin SM 1975-1977 makserk2 (AT) Came aboard Swan Island,Portand,OR-a blast-fond memories,dennis robbins & mike woods-got cool pics of you
DE-1065 Roger Abbott RM3 11/71 - 8/73 rabbott69 (AT) Plankowner ....
DE-1065 Rick Bailey FTM2 8/72-11/73 rbailey3711 (AT) BPDSMS LPO and Mess Decks MAA during first deployment-joined crew in the yards when BPDSMS installed.
DE-1065 John Bevers IC2 1/71-1/75 jcbev (AT) Looking for old shipmates. Plank Owner
DE-1065 Tom Carr OS2 1/72-3/75 carrtommy (AT) Plankowner. Like to hear from other OS's
DE-1065 James Craven QMC Precomm - 1973 jascraven (AT) Came aboard as a QM1 for the Balance Crew. Made QMC Aug 72
DE-1065 Craig Elder STG3 1973-1975 ccselder (AT) It's been a while, seems like yesterday. Nobody but you guys would believe the stories. You were in them.
DE-1065 Patrick (Espo) Espinoza E-3 12/71 - 8/73 ESPO1313 (AT) I'm a plankowner looking for shipmates. Has anyone heard from Pat?
DE-1065 Kenneth Farley BT3 1/73 to 6/77 kenwsf (AT) Its time for a reunion of Steinmen, Btc Kwowlton& I want to
DE-1065 Douglas Fox GMG3 1971 to 1973 dlfox (AT) Also a plank owner, she was a good ship. Any other plank owners contact me if you want to.
DE-1065 Jim Freeman ST1 1972 to 1973 jimwfreeman (AT) I came on board right after she arrived in San Diego
DE-1065 Randy Hansel BTFN 8/72-12/75 hansel.randy53 (AT)  
DE-1065 Albert Hansen HT2 1971-1972 bbhansen808 (AT) plank owner
DE-1065 Gregory Held MM2 4/73-9/76 g.held54 (AT) Where are all the old a-gang? Hanley where r u
DE-1065 Larry A. Hill DK1   5990 Dandridge ln. San Diego 162  
DE-1065 James R. Hunter TM3 11-72 to 7/73 jhusnret (AT)  
DE-1065 Jim Joy ETR2 5/72 to 9/74 jimj (AT) Almost a plank owner, met her in PI on 1st voyage
DE-1065 MSCS Steven C. Karoly, USNR, Ret. MS2 5/73 to 4/75 steve (AT) Trf to NAS Cubi Point
DE-1065 Richard Marier, Jr. GMT2 5/72-6/75 paradise (AT)  
DE-1065 Joe Perez BTFN 1971-1973 lbbq (AT) Plankowner
DE-1065 John Pesce SR/E-2 74-75 johndebpesce (AT) Who is left among us that can recall yet alone describe life on a tin can back then.
DE-1065 Roger Phillips EM3 1973 to 1977 rcav8or (AT) Still alive and kicking!
DE-1065 Jeff Puritz QMSN 3/73-11/73 jeffpuritz (AT) Beautiful ship-squadron cdr aboard for a while-he admired seaworthiness of vietnamese fishing junks
DE-1065 Raymond Ragano E-3 1/72 - 9/73 rragano (AT) Plank owner-great ship/crew-will never forget our shakedown cruise to S America & passing equator what a trip.
DE-1065 William Richards MM3 1975-1976 richardswm (AT)  
DE-1065 Ira (Rosie) Rosenberg EN2 1971-74 Rosie1065 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1065 John Schwarz OS3 1971 - 1973 jschwarz1 (AT) We conquered Ecuador and Acapulco, too!
DE-1065 Dan Stores RM2 1972-1974 danstores (AT) Would like to hear from anyone that was on the first Stein Westpac Cruise.
DE-1065 Bob Tackett STG2 1/71 - 1/74 rtackett (AT) Want to hear everyone elses stories. I may be getting senile!
DE-1065 Sidney Tobias OS2 1971-1973 stob1065 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1065 Robert Tournat SN 1/71-5/75 bctour (AT) Sure would like to hear from somebody.
DE-1065 Dennis Wolfer EM2 3/71 - 10/73 denniswolfer432 (AT) Would like to contact shipmates-Shrum,Rosenberg,gadaria,Carr,bevers,briggs& any others-phone 6418142655
FF1065 Michael Sarelli MM3 1986 to 1989 michaelsarelli (AT)  
FF-1065 Rick Baker EM3 1980 to 1984 rbaker (AT) Looking for anyone who remembers-Subic City Strollers. Want to hear from any EM from the aft electic shop.
FF-1065 Michael Bogacz HT3 07/83-08/85 mtbogie (AT) Tranfered to USS Samuel Gompers AD-37
FF-1065 John Bogensberger STG2 1981/1985 john_Bogensberger (AT) Nice to see Rick Estrada & Tony Simone-what happ to Devil John? Frank Enos? I guess Bach got locked up.
FF-1065 Randy Bolin SK2 1978 to 1981 DEUCESWILD12002 (AT)  
FF-1065 Craig Brewster MS2 1990-91 mainecraig2004 (AT)  
FF-1065 Rob Bridges AXAN 01/87-7/87 robertbridges (AT) Airdale-HSL-35 DET 10 World Cruise '87
FF-1065 Kevin Bristow BMSN 32324 bristohvac (AT) im looking for sn t j rucker 1st div
FF-1065 Paul Brock MM 1975-1975 wolfden333 (AT) I remember being on her, she was a good ship and always will be.
FF-1065 Bill Burgess STG2 1980 to 1984 billb76112us (AT)  
FF-1065 Anthony Crow FN 1987 to 1989 jamjcrow (AT) Would like to hear frm torpey,rodgers,melton,Jacobs,paulson,davis,brooks,prejean,johnson,castillo,foust,castro,MrO
FF-1065 Norman Cuperus ET2 10/84 - 1/88 n.cuperus (AT)  
FF-1065 Clarence Davis E-6 1974-1978 clarendav (AT)  
FF-1065 Glenn DeCoster STG1 1971-1976 uncleglenn242 (AT) Plank Owner
FF-1065 Chuck Ebeling LT 2/76-8/77 chuck.ebeling (AT) Chief Engineer with help from BTSC Knowlton
FF-1065 Rick Estrada STG1 10/78 to 7/83 estrada4 (AT) Hey Riff and Smidge drop me a line
FF-1065 Tom Forehand AZ2 01/87-07/87 thomas.l.forehand (AT) world cruise 1987 ''HSL-35 DET 10''
FF-1065 Kevin Fritze FN 1/81-1983 Kandm1005 (AT) hoping to hear from anybody that was onboard during operation minsk meat
FF-1065 Michael Gardner QMS 1986 - 1987 mgardner (AT) Looking for shipmates, Quartermasters.
FF-1065 William Gaudet BMSN 6/80-6/86 gaudet627 (AT)  
FF-1065 Richard Gibbens LCDR 7/77 - 10/79 rjg1110 (AT) Chief Engineer during some of my best years in the Navy - what a great ship and crew.
FF-1065 Richard Glover RM2/E-5 10/89 to 7/93 rglover{gman} (AT) I would like to know the next reunion for the ship if any
FF-1065 Raymond Goldstein ET2 1979-1982 ray.goldstein (AT)  
FF-1065 Gerald Halbach BT3 1982 - 1986 halbachg (AT)  
FF-1065 Bob Hallett STG2 9/80-7/82 halletticw (AT) Just surfed in to see if there were any shipmates here
FF-1065 Charlie Hill STGCS 1985-1988 chilly0101 (AT) Eager to hear from old shipmates, esp. A/S Div.
FF-1065 Robert Hurley BT3 4/78-9/81 rhurley (AT) Looking to hear from BT's, MM's or anyone who remembers me
FF-1065 Howie Lind LT(jg) 7/81-3/84 howie.lind (AT)  
FF-1065 Lawrence Lynch MM/E-1 1988 to1990 larryistheman (AT) we ran the whale over sonar was mad
FF-1065 Mark Martin MMFN 4/77-3/79 mark (AT) spraying XO down with 2 in firehose during polywog day
FF-1065 Dan Martinez BT2 1978-1981 bikerbear (AT) looking for old ship mates, snipes forever.
FF-1065 Ed Mathews QM2 06/79 - 01/83 goshenbaseball (AT)  
FF-1065 David McGaughy BM3 11/75 to 6/79 dlmcgaughy (AT) I will never forget the fine men I bless to serve with on the stein I came aboard a child and left a man. Thank you all.
FF-1065 J. P. Moore HTC(SW) 02/83 to 03/88 JPAULMOORE2003 (AT)  
FF-1065 David Owens QM1 1978-1980 dave (AT) Rocky, Squid, Jap & Speers
FF-1065 Philip Papineau STG3 1973 to 1975 pacifictide (AT) One West-Pac
FF-1065 James Pippin MR2 10/84-1/86 pippinweld (AT)  
FF-1065 Norman Pringle SK3 7/88-10/90 npringle (AT) Whats up Stein! Hit me back!
FF-1065 Kenneth Reilly AD3 01/87-7/87 Kreilly033 (AT) HSl-35
FF-1065 Mike Riffle GMG2 2/78-6/81 viagra6n03 (AT) Estrada and Squid get a hold of me. We need a reunion
FF-1065 Bruce Riley SM2 08/72 - 05/75 briley671 (AT) Plankowner, shakedown cruise to Equador, Peru. Looking for Terry Edmunds, Jerry Scruggs, John Price
FF-1065 Dennis (Damsa) Robbins QM3 1975 to 1979 custodiandennis (AT) My shipmates new me as Squid
FF-1065 Sherrill Robinson STG2 9/87 to 11/91 robinssr (AT) Better known as SUGAR RAY ... Now MAC(SW/AW) (AT) NAS CC, TX
FF-1065 Bill Roller HT2 1981 to 1984 broller5 (AT)  
FF-1065 Steve Schuyler FTG1 1977-1978 schuyler7 (AT)  
FF-1065 James (Jim) Shipp HT2 1/80-1/84 jshipp (AT) Ha looking for old friends from the Stein
FF-1065 Tony Simone HT3 1978-81 tonyboiler9 (AT) Remember all the good times on west pac & Oregon contact me
FF-1065 Glenn Smith EN2 1979 - 1981 asmith9682 (AT) Looking for any shipmates who remember Smitty in AUX-2
FF-1065 Robbi Smith STG3 4/81-8/84 vidro12 (AT)  
FF-1065 Stephen Statler LT 03/83 - 08/85 sstatler (AT) Some of the best years of my life - suppo
FF-1065 Thomas Strappe SA 08/84-09/85 tomstrappe1 (AT) Looking for info on crew's fafe? Doing well in New Jersey.
FF-1065 Dean Swanson EM2 75-78 & 81-84 ddswanson (AT) looking for shipmates
FF-1065 Samuel Swenson, Jr. BM1 11/71 to 9/74 sswenson (AT) She was a fine ship, had a good time in all the places we went, and good men onboard
FF-1065 Jim Thomas MM2 1982-1984 james.thomas (AT) Anybody out there?
FF-1065 Jeffrey Trumble OS2 10/77 - 08/78 jefft (AT) Made the '78 WESTPAC, Looking for old friends from OI division.
FF-1065 Don Turner EW3 8/83-4/85 supplicate (AT) 6 weeks in P.I. after breaking the Dome for Cobra Gold 84!
FF-1065 Gary Vick BT3 05/83-05/85 hecte79 (AT) Looking for shipmates esp. Wayne Willy Williamson BT3
FF-1065 Warren Washington BM3 3/76-9/79 Wrrnwshngtn (AT) Could not have served with a tighter Crew of men.
FF-1065 Mark Westenberger HT3 5/80 - 2/83 Big buck pete79 (AT)  
FF-1065 Ted Wieber LT(jg) 9/74 - 7/77 trw52 (AT) ASW then MPA...WestPac 74-75...NW Marine Iron Works overhaul Portland 1976
FF-1065 Wayne Williamson BT3 4/83 to 12/86 oldnavy4real2002 (AT) Looking for ''B'' division mates, especialy '' BT3 Gary Vick''
FF-1065 Robert Wing BM3 1978-1982 rsaa777 (AT) Great shipmates.Great Ship

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