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DE/DER-333 Owen Budd S1 07/44 - 12/46 cbudd (AT) This is my father, please contact if you knew him.
DE/DER-333 Harvey Goebel F1 1943 to 1944 jlaureys (AT) This is my father. He died October of 2000. Please contact me if you knew him
DE/DER-333 Leo L. Lucas   03/44 - 10/45 carolgbalmer (AT) This is my grandfather. hoping i have the right info. please contact with any info
DE/DER-333 Ronald Lussier E-4 1952-1955 DTLussier (AT) 2002 Reunion Chairman (Oct. 6-8, 2002) Newport, RI
DE-333 John Denehy RD3 04/56 - 02/57 jdenehy (AT) A good time for all
DE-333 Mert Dorgan CDR none goldennail (AT) Grandniece of ship's namesake
DE-333 Warren Holst RM3 1959 oldman1998 (AT)  
DE-333 Englebert (John) Hornyak S1 1946 elemconeil (AT) Engle was my father-in-law. He passed in December 2008, and is survived by his wife and two children.
DE-333 Harold Jones SN 5/55-12/56 betty.harold (AT)  
DE-333 Ronald Lussier QMSN 1952-1955 DTLussier (AT) 2002 Reunion Chairman, Newport, RI (Oct. 6-8, 02)
DE-333 William (Bill) Thomas Pickett F2 5/44 - 11/44 Kuzriel (AT) This is my father
DE-333 Herman Prillaman GM 01/44-09/45 prillamanh (AT)  
DER-333 Albert Benjamin FN 5/52-12/53 fungi6 (AT) need reunion dates
DER-333 Carl D. Bieber RDSN 1-57 to transfer to HI. drbieber (AT) Pickett stations off New England-N Atlantic was rough-lost radar antenna-repaired at Boston
DER-333 Howard Farver EN1 1957-1960 hfarv (AT)  
DER-333 Jim Findlay EN2 1956-1959 jfindlay (AT) Reunion time for those of us who served in the Atlantic and the Pacific aboard the rough riding son of a gun!
DER-333 Bob Flack RM1 1950's upsafety (AT)  
DER-333 Jim Greiner SOG 1957 greinerjim (AT)  
DER-333 Warren Holst RM3 1959 wdholst1 (AT)  
DER-333 Franklin P. Jackson LT(jg) 12/51-11/52 fpjackson (AT) DCA- Portsmouth NavShipYd DER conversion- 12 weeks GTMO
DER-333 Albert Linski RM3 12/53-6/56 AUlinski127 (AT)  
DER-333 Richard Locker RD3 1953-1954 LOCKERR (AT)  
DER-333 Charles D. Moore EN3 1957 - 1958 moorec (AT) In after engine room - B 3
DER-333 Roland Paquette ET 1955 to 1957 rpaquett (AT) Need info on reunions...would like to attend
DER-333 Charles Peterman ET3 08/58-08/60 cpeterm (AT)  
DER-333 Edward Pinhey S02 1956 to 59  
DER-333 Tony Rao RD3 1958- decommissioning tonyrao99 (AT) Would like pitures of the ship and ol shipmates
DER-333 Bob Reese MM3 1/4-58 - 12/58 bobreese64 (AT) I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Also am interested in info on reunions
DER-333 Frank Richard TESN 1/1/53-12/54 tfran33 (AT)  
DER-333 David Robbins RM2 1961 to decom studio (AT) Ventriloquist with George Ran crews radio station KOOL
DER-333 George Rose RD2 1955-1959 whiteswan (AT) Retired RDC (OSC) 1971 From Dam Neck, Va.
DER-333 John Shay AG3 01/56-06/56 stroade (AT)  
DER-333 John Shay, Sr. AG3 12/55- 04/56 stroade (AT) Weather Guesser, & all around *help* for QM/RD crews
DER-333 Carl Simcox CPO 1953 -1956 electeccwo (AT)  
DER-333 Charles Smith SO3 1952-1954 cdncfsmith (AT) Write to me.
DER-333 Ronald Tindle SO3 1957 redcloud (AT)  
DER-333 Robert Youngberg SN 6/59 - Decom r.youngberg (AT) Decom Todd Shipyard Seattle WA. 1960

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