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DE/FF-1092 Philip Leblanc HT2 1973-1976 phl5552 (AT) Great adventure. From Boston Shipyard to 75 Med Cruise.
DE/FF-1092 Terry Ledford OS2 1974-1979 ledfordt (AT) Ship's first Med cruise 1974
DE/FF-1092 Robert Lee MM2 1974 to 1976 general-lee874 (AT) Was aboard just after commissioning made first med cruise
DE/FF-1092 Mike Parderlikes SN 9/74 - 9/78 mwparderlikes (AT)  
DE/FF-1092 Warren Reade E-3 11/74-12/76 rdr7183 (AT) Many great memories of 75 Med Cruise, also very sad memories of the night of 22 November 1975 R.I.P.
DE/FF-1092 E. Scott Ruerup OS2 6/73-11/76 jasmanscott (AT) Hey anyone know were Skip Murray is?
DE/FF-1092 Jason Seguin RM3 90-92 jsn_seguin (AT)  
DE/FF-1092 Gary Smith MSSN 73-76 gary.smith52 (AT) miss the galley
DE-1092 Juan Aragon YN3 06/73-05/75 jaragon2 (AT) Plank Owner...great crew of enlisted and officers
DE-1092 William Bacher BT 1973-1974 optimist1313 (AT) In Florida
DE-1092 Ron Fiscus SA 5/73 to 5/75 fes_dawg (AT) Want to talk to old plankowners
DE-1092 Don Labrecque MM2 73-76 donald.labrecque (AT) Plank owner
DE-1092 Nelson Mertz STG1 1973-1976 nemdam (AT)  
DE-1092 Michael Miller OS2 Pre Comm to 1975 Drybrook99 (AT) Great Friends
DE-1092 Kevin Nordberg HM3 10/74-3/75 kjnordberg (AT) Fine Ship and Great Crew. I went to New York City with her.
DE-1092 Harry Rix FN3 comm to 11/28/1976 harryrix54 (AT) Plankowner-on ship until discharge in 11/76-good times-Med cruise-South America was absolutely awesome
DE-1092 Roland Rogers E-3 4/75-1/79 rolandrl1956 (AT) Contact me. My cell # 862-215-2741. 2 med cruises, indian ocean, unitas and gitmo.
DE-1092 Kenneth Schneider STG2 1972-1975 schneke1 (AT) Good to hear from any old friends
DE-1092 Dan Schubert ETN3 1973 to 1975 dan.molly (AT) Lots of great memories of good times with fantastic shipmates-oin Thomas C. Hart Vets Assoc at
DE-1092 Phil Warmbrodt IC3 1973-74 charliecreekranch (AT) plank owner, would love to here from others,and all that supported me.
FF-1092 Ronnie Alexander RM2 1980-1983 ronalex61 (AT) Looking to reconnect with old shipmates...
FF-1092 Oscar Amoroso CS1 10/75-10/76 lots_amore2003 (AT)  
FF-1092 Ron Babb ET1 1975-1977 rkbtraveler (AT) Eight yrs in-last two on the Hart-Great cruise
FF-1092 Jim Balcom STG3 02/87-06/89 jimmy192064 (AT) Best Ship I ever served on!
FF-1092 Bill Barcus EW3(SW) 1991-1993 bwbarcus (AT)  
FF-1092 John Batton FTG3 74-75 jhonbtt (AT) Home is where the Hart is.
FF-1092 Dennis Belliveau IC3 1976 to 1978 labcraft (AT) Any body have a med cruise book for 1977? I left in Valencia
FF-1092 Richard Berkstresser MM2 11/84-6/86 AnswersRKB (AT) You gotta have Hart-always underway-loved her!!!
FF-1092 Stanley Bierilo E-3 1975 usn man (AT) looking for old friends
FF-1092 Russell Brown RM3 84-86 jgb812 (AT)  
FF-1092 Mark Cameron RM3 3/73 - 4/75 markcameron138 (AT) great ship and great times
FF-1092 Xavier Castro E-5 02/85 - 11/88 xgegcastro (AT) An excellent platform!
FF-1092 Paul Chastain FTGC 1973-1974 paulc7476 (AT) Mk 68 GFCS
FF-1092 James Clutter BM3 75-77 j-clutter (AT)  
FF-1092 Garry Collins LT 05/86 - 04/89 garrysea (AT) SUPPO - loved the two Med cruises in Summer of 86 & 88.
FF-1092 Thomas Conyers HT2(SW) 07/85-10/89 tomcat2333 (AT) DUDES!
FF-1092 Scott Cruikshank E-4 5/86-1/90 SCRUIKSHANK (AT) MICROSOFT.COM Looking for the Tommychuck Web Site
FF-1092 Dave Cymerman OS3 1987 to 1989 dcym13 (AT) hello
FF-1092 Mark Dammer GMT2 10/77 - 10/81 mdammer (AT)  
FF-1092 Danny DeSimas OS2(SW) 1989-1993 desimasd (AT) It would be great to hear from some old friends!
FF-1092 Charles Earley SHSN 1976 to 1980 cre24588 (AT) cruised with the best crewmen in the entire Navy. We did lots of cruising also.
FF-1092 Peter Ford BM2 1973-1976 pmforde (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates. Great memories of Hart.
FF-1092 Brian Franklin EN2 7/86 - 6/90 fran3221 (AT)  
FF-1092 Robert Giles LT(jg) 06/75-07/78 rgiles (AT)  
FF-1092 Christopher Gordon STG2 8/81-6/85 GORDO (AT) WESTELCOM.COM Remember the good things!
FF-1092 Ronald Hague STG2 4/79 to 10/80 rphague (AT)  
FF-1092 Shane Harris DC3 1/89-9/92 stormwatcher1 (AT)  
FF-1092 David Horning QM3 7/79-11/82 dhorning (AT)  
FF-1092 Neal Jefferis LT 09/82 - 09/85 greyhull1092 (AT)  
FF-1092 Torry Jeranek BM3 6/89-6/91 tjeranek (AT)  
FF-1092 Philip Kahn MM1 81-86 kahnclan (AT) Great experience. Worked hard played hard met some good guys
FF-1092 Dave Kaminski OSSN 4/84-5/87 kmdkaminiski (AT) Looking for my fellow buds from the time I served on the Hart. Where are you guys? LOL
FF-1092 Sean Keller OS2 1985-1988 sean.keller (AT)  
FF-1092 Jess Kolbeck FC3(SW) 90-93 jekolbeck (AT)  
FF-1092 Jeff Konowal MM3 1984-1989 wintermute33 (AT)  
FF-1092 Ron Koshko EW1 4/75-12/79 ronkoshko(AT) Great memories. Looking to connect with old shipmates.
FF-1092 Jerry Leatherwood BT1 85-88 Jerry.r.leatherwood (AT) Ya gotta have Hart
FF-1092 Robert E. Lee MM2 73-75 merlin21 (AT)  
FF-1092 Marty Letitia GMG2 11/75-9/78 MLetitia (AT) I'd love to hear from any of my shipmates.
FF-1092 John Lewis QM2 9/85-2/88 hartff1092 (AT) Always at sea.
FF-1092 Maurice Lockhart GMGSN 4/83 - 4/84 Maurice_ lockhart (AT)  
FF-1092 Keith Lockwood MS3 75 -79 bagelsrgn (AT) Little Wing Band Rocks!
FF-1092 Larry Lowe IC3 1989 to 1992 Ludlowe (AT) I welcome any e-mail from TC Hart shipmates.
FF-1092 Chip Loye PN/SN/EM 85-89 karolinakool (AT) The Chuck rules!! somebody drop me a line....
FF-1092 Peter Luschenat IC2 1979 to 1983 peter_luschenat (AT) Persian gulf, Bahamas, Softball and Beer!!!
FF-1092 Joseph Marchetta MM3 1987-1991 jamusn70chevy (AT) Med cruise in 88. Great time. Desert Shield in 90. Write.
FF-1092 Melvin Marquess RM2 6/75 to 3/78 woodwurks (AT) i sure miss it!
FF-1092 Robert Marshall BT2 12/79 - 12/81 marshallrobert1 (AT)  
FF-1092 Damian Mataraza OS2 12/88-4/92 matarazas (AT)  
FF-1092 Don McCormick BTFN 2/86 to 5/88 captdmccormick (AT)  
FF-1092 Sean McCreery RM2 1984 to 1988 sean.mccreery (AT)  
FF-1092 Paul Lee McFarland E-3 1974-1976 paulleemcfarland (AT) yeah ,Anybody still Alive ?
FF-1092 Jack McKinzie RMC 73-75 bjmckinzie (AT) commissioning crew
FF-1092 Joel McKnight BM2 1978 to 1981 joel (AT) Looking for any shipmates that remember
FF-1092 Chuck Melvin STG1 1977-1979 cmelvin531 (AT) Was last ship I served on . Left March of 1979
FF-1092 John Moyer CTI2 7/76-11/76 rocketmover (AT) TDY for UNITAS XVII
FF-1092 Brian Nirdlinger BM3 1973 to 1975 Brian-405 (AT)  
FF-1092 Dale Olson BT3 5/88 to 10/90 dale.olson (AT) Looking for old friends. Home is where the Hart is and the Hart was never home!
FF-1092 Robert Palermo TM2 2/76 - 8/79 Dale3 (AT) Served with some of the best guys I've ever known
FF-1092 Andrew Parsons OSSN 12/89-6/90 ANDY120671 (AT)  
FF-1092 Cesar Perez-Abreu MM3 1988-1992 CESARPA (AT) MIAMIDADEFIRE.GOV Hey guys its been a long time
FF-1092 David Peterson GMG1 Jul 89 to Aug 91 gunnerdave (AT)  
FF-1092 Brad Pickerill HT2 1983-1984 BradPickerill (AT)  
FF-1092 Mike Podoliak EN3 12/80-7/84 deer_mike (AT)  
FF-1092 Ray Polen PN3 10/90 - 3/92 raypolen (AT) Great ship good guys, Chief Shippy was the best/Hated Smith
FF-1092 William Poplin HT2 1976-1978 wpoplin (AT) Unitas and 77 Med cruise
FF-1092 Orin Reams LCDR 1990-1992 oreams (AT) Wonderful memories of a great ship & fine crew.
FF-1092 Jeff Recob GMG3 3/80 to 12/83 fermunda (AT) Wild times aboard the Tommy Chuck
FF-1092 Andrew Roberts OS2 81-85 arobleo (AT)  
FF-1092 Kelly Roberts SA 79-80 lutist (AT) problem child
FF-1092 Ron Rood SM2 1/89 - 6/91 d5rooddogs (AT) Great times doing a Med cruise in Desert Storm
FF-1092 Mike Schmitt STG1 1979 - 1983 m.schmitt (AT)  
FF-1092 Mark Schofield OS1 3/87-9/92 MSchofield (AT)  
FF-1092 Dan Schubert ETN3 8/73-6/75 dan.molly (AT) Lots of great memories of good times with fantastic shipmates.
FF-1092 Jason Seguin RM3 1990 to 1992 poppa_of_two (AT)  
FF-1092 Thomas Sexton BT2 7/75-2/80 sextontom (AT) 2 med cruises, unitas, gitmo
FF-1092 Thomas Simmons RM3 1978 to 1981 nfmintz (AT) Looking for old shipmates. contact (AT) 9107425505.
FF-1092 Michael Slattery STGSN 77-80 mcs (AT)  
FF-1092 William Sneed OS2 3/77-7/80 willsneed65 (AT) Miss the squids I served with. Had great port calls and good times, still got your backs.Brothers forever.
FF-1092 Ed Sobolewski MM2 86-88 ski8up (AT) Stood watch in AMR2 w/Phil Kahn,Charlie Imm,Jeff Konowal & others-Remember PeeWee Herman?Lt McCann
FF-1092 Gary Sparks ETR2 01/75-04/76 sparksgary (AT) Looking for old shipmates
FF-1092 Gil Spaulding E-3 1973 - 1975 gls80 (AT) Contact me....Would like to talk to old squids!! 9033 17Ave., Kenosha, WI
FF-1092 Stephen Spencer FC3(SW) 1992-1993 ss-spencer (AT) Best ship I have ever served aboard!
FF-1092 Corky St. John STG2 9/77 - 9/80 nycorky44 (AT) Made a lot of lifelong friends. Couldn't have had a better sonar gang.
FF-1092 Michael Steffers BT1 1975-1976 bowjam (AT) in Wisconsin go packers
FF-1092 Ed Stephens STG2 1987-1991 egp88 (AT) Contact me if you remember me.
FF-1092 Mike Strack SM3 6/85 - 12/89 tomcat1517 (AT)  
FF-1092 Ted Straub PC2 3/76-11/79 ted7295 (AT) Halifax, Unitas, Med. We were some steaming mf'ers
FF-1092 Toby Thiel E-4 1978 to 1979 chef4u61761 (AT) Looking for anybody who served from 1978 to 1979
FF-1092 Mark Truitt OS2 1980 to 1985 mtruitt7784 (AT)  
FF-1092 Joseph (Tummie) Tumminello FC3 1/84-7/87 po85822000 (AT)  
FF-1092 Patrick Verdi RM3 1987 to 1990 Verdipatrick (AT) best time of my life(radioman)med in 88 and 90....
FF-1092 Bernard Vincent BM2 1976-78 bjvinney (AT)  
FF-1092 Jerry Wakeham MS3 10/73 to 10/74 gbwakeham (AT) Cruise in GTMO 73, loved being out at sea, was cook
FF-1092 Keith Walker PN2 08/77-08/81 traderheel (AT)  
FF-1092 Robert Willey OS3 1988 to 1990 rob_skis21613 (AT) Hey guys
FF-1092 Everett O. (Tony) Withrow CSC(SS) 1973 - 1976 eow5 (AT) I would like to hear from anyone, Bubba Harris, Robby GMC. I was piped over the side there then returned to Orlando .
FF-1092 Larry Woodworth STG1 1981 - 1984 larryw1960 (AT) Final duty station before discharge

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