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DE/DER-326 Clinton Bowman   03/59-12/62 clampsey1 (AT) Looking for old pic's ect...
DE/DER-326 Everett Dowdell GMGSN 2/69-1/70 eedowdell (AT) Would like to hear from anyone on board ship between dates above
DE/DER-326 Darrell Eastwood YN2 4/67-3/70 lde319 (AT) Good memories of my time on the ship: Med Cruise and Living in Key West
DE/DER-326 Ronald Gurney GMG3 1966 to 1970 rondgurney (AT)  
DE/DER-326 Charles Henderson PO4 12/68-6/70 cahender56 (AT) hotmail Had good and ba times
DE/DER-326 Robert G. Karpowicz MR3 1/63 - 7/64 bk07071 (AT) Best ship I ever served on, great and fun loving crew.
DE/DER-326 Andrew Sasse SMSN 1964-1965 aandr713 (AT)  
DE/DER-326 Carl Swanson GMG3 1965-1967 Carl (AT) Some Good Memories in New Zealand but Long days at Sea
DE-326 Robert H. Crawford LT 1/43-8/45 rosebud88 (AT) this is my father. many pics cpt ayers,smith,es com johnson
DE-326 William Garberick E-4 1957-1959 jamesgarberick (AT) Passed away September 2002
DE-326 Darrell Jordan E-3 10/72 - 10/73 darrell.jordan (AT) My first ship and it was great. Worked in B4 with C. Peano and was on final cruise.
DE-326 Robert Kane RM2 5/1944 - 5/1946 kane1028 (AT) Dad passed on Feb 10, 2006
DE-326 Theodore F. Martin SO1 2/64-10/64 tmartin443 (AT)  
DE-326 John Moorcroft MM3 12/45 john.moorcroft (AT) still alive and kicking
DE-326 William (Bill) O'Donnell PhM1 1943-1945 budod1 (AT) This was my father- Died Jan 18th,1973
DE-326 Robert Redmon RM1 43-46 rr4611 (AT) My father passed away March 17, 2002
DER-325 James Bennett EN2 11/61-8/65 jbennett7138 (AT) Been going to reunions to meet old friends, headed to ForthWorth this year for another one
DER-325 Ralph Parady LT(jg) 6/61-6/63 dartm61 (AT) EMO/R div/Comm Officer
DER-326 Leonard Altomare CS2 8/57-1/59 jwhispel (AT)  
DER-326 Charles Andrews RM3 Aug-67 chadrew45 (AT) My last year on the uss Gary, discharged in New Orleans
DER-326 Richard Antalik ET2 1958 to1959 richieanti (AT) Newport, RI, Goat Island
DER-326 Ron Arsenault SN 1960-1962 stagewest (AT) Great Ship like a Cork in the Water. Served our Country well
DER-326 Joe Barton GMG3 8/65-6/67 jajlbarton (AT) Looking for FOX company sailors
DER-326 Kent Beam SN 10/72 - 6/73 kentbeam (AT) Deck force / Electronics div awaiting OT school in Key West
DER-326 James Bennett EN2 11/61-8/65 jbennett7138 (AT) Been attending Gary reunions when possible. Headed to Fort Worth, Texas this year for another one
DER-326 Francisco Betancourt SN/E-3 65-67 betancourt46 (AT) Love to hear from crew of the first deep freeze cruise.,
DER-326 Richard Bewsher FN 1/71-12/72 Asigned to B-3 with Jose Gonzales. After 6 months on board I became Oil King for the remainder of my tour
DER-326 Clinton Bowman PO3 1959-1962 clampsey1 (AT) Looking for any one who was on the ship at that time !!!!!!!
DER-326 Ronald Brown STG3 1965 to 1967 Rbrown (AT) The little ship that could. Hello Harry!
DER-326 Lance Cappello BM3 1968 to 1970 lancecppll (AT) 1st Div for 2 yrs-part of DESDIV 601-heard we had 2 Navy Unit Commendations, how many did we get?
DER-326 Tommy Cavenaugh GMG2 03/72 - 11/73 appraiseca (AT) Served aboard decommission crew Bizzerta, Tunisia
DER-326 Arthur Chavez ICFA 1971-1972 art.holly58 (AT) Served in IC gang . I rememeber turning 18 yrs old while in the Bahuams. Our cruise to Germany.1st ship I was on.
DER-326 Jim Cheron RD2 1965 to 1966 cheronjim (AT) anybody from CIC drop me a line
DER-326 Anthony (Tony) J. Chibbaro ENS 3/65 - 9/65 Severe 'motion sickness'-got as far as Panama in 65-Vietnam War (USS Oriskany) in 66-survived fire that killed 44.
DER-326 Ronald Cloutier RM3 5/60 Rcloutsr (AT)  
DER-326 Gary Coager MR 1965 to 1967 Gpcoager (AT) Operation Deepfreeze two times. Hello shipmates.
DER-326 Bennett Covitz IC2 4/58-4/63 plumbrbc326 (AT) Moved I lost touch with shipmates-if anyone can get me email or regular mail address it would be great.
DER-326 Jeffrey Cox QM3 1968 to 1970 jcox102732 (AT)  
DER-326 Patrick Culhane STG3 1964-1967 pculhane (AT) Two Operation Deepfreeze Cruises
DER-326 Barney Cull SN 8/57-3/58 bascliving (AT) looking for anyone who served with my husband. He passed away 1/11/2014
DER-326 Mike Daly EN3 Sept 66-Jul 68 ldaly (AT)  
DER-326 Marty (Dan) Dandridge EN2 1959 to 1962 martdandridge (AT)  
DER-326 Vernon Dauer EM2 9/65-12/67 cobblestone (AT)  
DER-326 Jim Druzbacky LT(jg) 6/64/6/66 James_Druzbacky (AT) Deep Freeze with W. Patience, J. Kirk, D. Ewing, J. Baxter.
DER-326 Fred Eichenberger RD2 4/70-5/72 eichen47 (AT) I hope to see you at the reunions
DER-326 Jim Evans SH2 5/66-1/69 allevs (AT) Many good memories
DER-326 Raymond Flagg SOG2 1961 to 5/62 rnflagg (AT) Leading Sonarman and Fox Div LPO
DER-326 Harry Forhan DK2 1964 to 1967 littlejiggsfor (AT) looking for shipmates especially from the northeast
DER-326 Les Freeberg QM2 1961 lesfreeberg793 (AT)  
DER-326 Ricky Geiger BMSN 02/73 - 11/73 lickyl96521 (AT)  
DER-326 John P. Gilmartin   1960-1964 pgilma1021 (AT) John P. Gilmartin died February 10, 1996, after fighting an 8 month battle with Leukemia
DER-326 Timothy Glennon ET2 5/59 - 3/61 tdglennon (AT)  
DER-326 Kenneth Goehl LT(jg) 1959 -1961 Goehl (AT) Trf. to Kwajalein, MI
DER-326 Jose Gonzales EN1 4/70 to 3/73 jose.b.gonzales (AT) LPO M-Div, Leading EN #3 Main Eng rm-came aboard 4/1/70-ship waited for me to fill EN1 billet-great ship/crew
DER-326 Tom Handel CTI2 69, 70 thhande (AT) Norlant, Med, Caribbean. Earned Bluenose 1970
DER-326 Ralph Heitzenrater EN2 2/64-6/67 Baxterssports (AT) Looking back some 48 years, best times of my life
DER-326 Bill Holman ETR3 1970 to 1972 WHOLMAN3 (AT) would love to hear from any old shipmates
DER-326 Michael Hurley LT(jg) 9/71-12/71 Michael.Hurley (AT) Officer in charge of detachment providing comm support.
DER-326 Lee Jenkins SN 9/65 to 1/66 jenkins (AT) Would like to know the where abouts of Ens.Delfs, Rich Hall, Johnny Johnson
DER-326 George Jennings GM3 1959-1960 sonny39gwj (AT) refuled at newfoundland, radar picket north atlantic barrier
DER-326 Enoch Johnson ENFN 1957 1960 enochj3 (AT) Great ship ; Isle of wight was a blastin 58
DER-326 Alex Johnson ENC 1967-1969, 1973-1975 ASteveJohnson (AT) Was on de-commissioning crew.
DER-326 Darrell Jordan E-3 10/72-10/73 darrell.jordan (AT) Was on decommissioning cruise, worked in B-4 with Peano & AJ
DER-326 Robert Karpowicz MR3 1/3/63 thru 7/23/64 bk07071 (AT) Had to edit my info on your web site. Email address has been changed so I wish to up date information.
DER-326 Michael Kenna RM3 10/70 to 10/72 kennamichael (AT)  
DER-326 Douglas R. Kenney, Sr. PN1 1/65 - 8/66 haulnheine (AT) Really enjoyed this tour of duty
DER-326 Othman Kouki Sbai WO 9/73 to 10/73 Sbai.Othmane1946 (AT) One of the 33 members of Tunisia turn over team-like to hear from those on decom cruise Bizerta Tunisia
DER-326 Daniel Kuttner IC2 1958 to approx 1961 splints (AT) was transfered to a tender during 1961
DER-326 Ron Leaper E-5 1959-1962 ronleap (AT) Trying to find William E. Pressley served same timeframe
DER-326 Larry Lier STG2 8/72 to 10/73 larrylier (AT) Please send info about events.
DER-326 Bert Luchte RM2 12/1/56 to 10/10/59 aluchte (AT) An interesting 3 years............
DER-326 Marvin Maciejewski LT 66-68 marvinmarve (AT) Fellow Deep Freeze shipmates-- Give me an ahoy
DER-326 Richard Markland TM3 1959 to 10/61 richjudy64 (AT) The amazing internet
DER-326 Jack Merna ETN2 7/67 - 11/68 jackmerna (AT) love to see old photos of shipmates
DER-326 Glen Nelson CTR3 1972 glenisnelson (AT) spook on board - TAD gun line on Cuba
DER-326 Larry Overla YN3 1/63- 7/63 oversr (AT) Good ship and crew
DER-326 John Overly E-4 1971 to 1973 jeoverly (AT) Served on decommisioning crew in Tunisia
DER-326 Milan ''Ski'' Panayotovich BMSN 1963 - 1965 psycho1v (AT) looking for old friends
DER-326 Terry Peacock EM2 1958-1960 peacock (AT)  
DER-326 Clovis H. Peano E-6 1970-1973 momyd (AT) Clovis was one of the last shipmates when they decommisioned her and recommissioned her into the Tunisian navy.
DER-326 Bill Peters SO3 1957 to 1959 Wpeters1 (AT) Great Ship, Good Times, loved the Worlds Fair in Belgium 58
DER-326 Dick Petersen ET2 1957 ussleary (AT) I came on board as an EFSN
DER-326 David K. Pierce EN2 12/64 to 10/67 dkpie43 (AT) Onboard during pickets odd Cuba-Operation DeepFreeze 65-66,66-67-memorable times-like to hear from shipmates.
DER-326 William F. Risch RM2 60-62 wfarisch (AT) Hey! to all remember the north atlantic!
DER-326 Mike Ruffin RM2 9/70 to 10/73 mjruffin (AT) Decommissioning Crew
DER-326 Jim Schultz LT 1972 to 1973 Decomm jb608j (AT) XO until Decomm in Tunisia in 1973.
DER-326 Harry C. Shayyhorn, Jr. IC 1972-1973 hsgs1350 (AT)  
DER-326 Leonard Singleton SH2 1968-1972 anavychief1962 (AT) gmail.comone one of my favorite duty stations. hi to all my motorcycle rideing buddies.
DER-326 Richard Smith FTG3 7/68-1/69 richard.smith (AT) Bill Stanford and Mike Wade, drop me a line!
DER-326 John Sommers IC3 69 - 70 john.sommers (AT) my new e mail. operation ocean 1970
DER-326 Gene Spinelli ETR3 6/66 - 6/67 gene (AT) Deep Freeze Crew
DER-326 Tommy Spych SN 1/63-5/63 tspych (AT) good ship
DER-326 Bill Stanford GMG3 4/67-6/69 bstanford (AT) would like to hear from weapons & deck div. guys
DER-326 Lawrence Stempel RD2 1957 to 1959 nancylarry32 (AT) Good Memories.
DER-326 Jerry Steward CTT1 7/69-10/69 stewajs (AT)  
DER-326 Carl Swanson GMG3 1965-1967 Carl (AT) Operation DeepFreeze 66 & 67
DER-326 Bill Thompson SOG2 1962 to 1964 wthompson15 (AT) Looking for John Devine from New York City
DER-326 Victor Totoris YN1 1958-1960 Deceased Was aaboard when homeported in Newport RI. Vic passed away 3/83.
DER-326 Rick Tullar EM2 2/63-5/66 bltrct (AT) Pretty hard to forget old friends,new zealand and the Gary
DER-326 Richard Turco ETR3 3/66-6/67 rturco (AT) Operation Deep Freeze
DER-326 Jerry Tylla SN 1/63 Jerry_Tylla (AT)  
DER-326 Peter Varley DC2 6/69-2/70 Peter_Varley (AT) Hope others of our crew register
DER-326 Don Verwoerd EN2 1968 to 1970 donv (AT) great bunch of engineers, I think about you guys .
DER-326 Michael Vinsky DK2 1957 to 1959 VinsMch4 (AT)  
DER-326 Michael Wade TM3 1968-1969 cardiokin (AT)  
DER-326 Lewis Waruch IC3 61-63 approx 845-626-7075 Look for Information about the Gary's Annual Ship Reunion
DER-326 Edward (Ski) Watcheski RD2 1961 coolwatch (AT)  
DER-326 George White QM2 1/64-4/67 georget1045 (AT) Good memories
DER-326 George Wilson GMG2 5/68 - 8/71 wilsongt5463 (AT) Wonder what would have happened if I'd taken a different course . . . musings of an old man apart frm the sea
DER-326 Kenneth Yasutome LT 1970 to 1972 kyasutome (AT) Stationed in Key West, Florida, DESDIV 601 and DESRON 18. Decommissioned 1973.
DER-326 Donald Zanoni FTG2 1969- 1970 d_zanoni (AT) Dick Rayfield & Fred Panier where are you

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