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DE/FF-1095 Christopher Chapa EM3 6/89-6/92 chapa3 (AT) Sure do miss those days-still keep in touch with Alaniz-anyone out there email me-iive in the Texas Panhandle.
DE/FF-1095 Bryan Gambrel BM2 5/74-9/77 bsg1115 (AT) Plankowner-love to hear from old shipmates-Delta Barricks.Commissioning,GITMO South America, North Atlantic.
DE/FF-1095 David Moseley BM3 6/74 - 1977 moseldv (AT) or info (AT) Like to hear frm shipmates (officer/enlisted). Have contact w/OS2 Narretta-looking for BMC Landry- 904-739-8162
DE/FF-1095 Duane Williams E-3 85-88 bigduane27 (AT) best memorys
DE-1095 Eugene Burkett MM2 1974-1975 brierforkfarms (AT) plankowner/gitmo shakedown cruise, South America cruise
DE-1095 Curtis Cross STGSA 74-75 cfox (AT) looking for '' robbie who played the gibson sg''
DE-1095 M. E. (Pat) Jackson IC1 1974 pjackson (AT) plank owner
DE-1095 David Moseley BM3 06/1974 - 1977 david.moseley55 (AT) Would really like to hear from shipmates, so drop me an email, guys! God bless!
DE-1095 Robert Roy EN3 1974-77 bobkarin (AT) I am a plank owner.
DE-1095 Paul Smith BT2 74-75 pasmithches (AT) plank owner who brought it up from New orleans to Norfolk
DE-1095 William Stacharczyk GMT3 6/74 - 4/75 billczyk (AT)  
DE-1095 Bob Terrell OSSN 74-75 Bob-Terrell (AT) Plankowner
DE-1095 Michael Warren OS3 1985-1988 mwarren (AT)  
FF-1095 David Aben OSSN 1975-79 dmaevent2 (AT) Great ship, great times, (some hard) I miss it a lot...
FF-1095 Charlene Allen PN1 2/92-7/94 Charleneallen2 (AT) Caribbean Cruise, turnover with Thai Navy and Decomm
FF-1095 William Allen TM1(SW) 10/90-10/93 william.allen (AT)  
FF-1095 Alan Alward STG1 7/79 to 6/81 Aa641 (AT)  
FF-1095 Steve Anderson OS2 4/87-8/91 steveanderson864 looking 4 old friends
FF-1095 Roland Applegate HT2 1975-1977 kg2lo (AT)  
FF-1095 Douglas Baird ET1 1/92 - 11/93 dahobbit (AT) Still in Texas...
FF-1095 James Barnard MM3 10/80 - 6/84 jumbo15 (AT) Jeff Mast, Mark Beardon where are you, SM2 Boeve, SH3 Al Johnson?
FF-1095 Randy Bender EW1 11/81-7/86 ran3do (AT)  
FF-1095 David Benneche E-2 12/79-7/80 Shorerdlbny (AT)  
FF-1095 William Black LCDR 5/83-12/84 BillBlack100 (AT) Best ship ever....
FF-1095 Brian Blacksher DC3 6/92 - 9/94 Brian.DeSimone (AT) Decom Crew
FF-1095 Ricky Blakesley MMFN 9/82-5/85 Artcat99zl (AT)  
FF-1095 Jason Boyce BM3 1988 to 1991 parrothead9 (AT)  
FF-1095 Marty Bragdon FTG3 Dec 76-Sept 77 Marty33055 (AT) Anyone know whereabouts of Randy Nolan GM2 or Bob Woodward
FF-1095 Brant Bricarell STG (AT) (SW) 11/89-10/93 bbricarell (AT)  
FF-1095 Rick Bridgman YN3 1991 to 1993 coachbrb (AT)  
FF-1095 Jason Bulman BM1(SW) 1984 to 1989 jcbulman58 (AT)  
FF-1095 Chet Burnes MM2 1983-1986 cburnes (AT) seeking Sobien, Foerst, Bleau, Huston, Westenberger, Sculley
FF-1095 Mike Carmean OS2 1988 to 1992 mooneys51 (AT)  
FF-1095 Kevin Carmell SN 1/87 to 4/88 kevcarme (AT) Remember the med cruise of ''87'' ? Alexandria, Egypt ?!!
FF-1095 Walter Casselberry SN 12/85 to 4/88 wcassel (AT)  
FF-1095 Tracy Clevenger MM3 06/86-01/90 isa4110 (AT)  
FF-1095 Les Close BMCS 1975 to 1977 lesclose (AT) Get in touch, DOC.
FF-1095 Kevin Conboy BT2 1981-1984 kevin.conboy (AT)  
FF-1095 John Conick EM1 (SW) 8/84 - 4/89 Jconickjr (AT)  
FF-1095 Chuck Cook STGCS 5/80 to 1984 stgcs (AT) My 1st day aboard was @ sea in Gitmo with No Power. Great Sonar Gang !!
FF-1095 Brad Cooney OS2 84-88 bradcooney1 (AT) OS'S contact me if you served with me....
FF-1095 John Corey BM3 1974-1976 lancercsm (AT) Plank owner looking for SN Reyes.
FF-1095 Kenneth Coville MM2 6/74 to 8/75 kencov53 (AT) Plankowner- Engine Room- Precommisioning Crew
FF-1095 William Crader SH2 6/1974 - 3/1976 homerdean2 (AT) Plank Owner living in St. Louis, Mo.
FF-1095 Brian Crawford HT2 6/81-1/85 briancrawford (AT) Looking for shipmates who I served with.
FF-1095 William (Bill) Crotts MM-2 76-78 SALEMBILL (AT)  
FF-1095 David Cumber OS1(SW) 5/90-7/94 qcumber6 (AT) FF/FFT/DECOMM Crew
FF-1095 Gary Dragoon STG2 77-80 gary.dragoon (AT)  
FF-1095 Tony Drake YN2 78-82 tonyddrake (AT) Hey shipmates, anyone remember the Indian Ocean MED Cruis write me a line-just changed my email.
FF-1095 Bob Edwards PN1 1986-1988 bbedwards (AT) Personnel Officer/Admin Officer
FF-1095 William Eichelberger BT1 1/90-6/92 weichelberger (AT) Retired 2000 CWO
FF-1095 Philip Exoo STG2 1984-1988 pexoo (AT)  
FF-1095 Patrick Fejes HMC 9/78-9-81 Mapafejes (AT)  
FF-1095 Gary L. Freeburg HT3 1974-1975 garyfreeburg (AT) plankowner
FF-1095 Bill Frigge CDR 8/82-7/84 cfrigge (AT) DO IT TRUETT WASN'T A SAYING--IT WAS A FACT
FF-1095 Bryan S. Gambrel BM2 1974- 1977 bscottg (AT) New e-mail would like to hear from 1st Div. guys and other Plankowners
FF-1095 Jason Gatzemeyer RM3 11/92-05/94 jason.gatzemeyer (AT)  
FF-1095 Steve Godbey EN2 1985-1989 steven.godbey (AT)  
FF-1095 Thomas Golden STG2 1985-1988 thomasdgolden (AT) Proudly served on board the ship, getting the wood
FF-1095 Juan Gonzalez HM 1974 to 1977 juane.gonzalez (AT) Great Ship & Crew.
FF-1095 Joseph Hannel STG2 05/1982 - 09/1985 joehannel1963 (AT) Hay remember all the Good times at Sea? Get in touch if you can.
FF-1095 Mark Hawkins BT1 87-89 boilermanmark (AT) most uptight command of my career
FF-1095 Reggie Hayes LT 11/75 - 9/77 bull920 (AT) I was the Supply Officer (Top Chop) until I broke my leg
FF-1095 Paul Henderson E-5 10/85 to 10/89 Paullyh1965 (AT) some good and some interesting times
FF-1095 Rick Hitchens EW2 9/83-2/87 snooptray (AT)  
FF-1095 Benjamin Hom LT 1/90-3/93 b.hom (AT) Boilers Officer/Communications Officer
FF-1095 Gilbert Hope BT2 1974-1977 gjhope127 (AT) Plankowner
FF-1095 Nate Jensen LT 1976 to 1980 ltnavigator (AT)  
FF-1095 Al Johnson EN3 1990-1994 Seabee1lt (AT) Howdy all!!!
FF-1095 Conroy Joseph STG2 1980 to 1983 animal.mug (AT)  
FF-1095 Mark Jungewaelter STG2(SW) 1984 to 1988 mjung12000 (AT)  
FF-1095 Tom Keffer MR2 10/77-5/80 tkeffer608 (AT) Quality Keff. Hung with BT2 Steve Grace
FF-1095 Mike Kellett PN2 11/83 - 06/86 mckell89 (AT) It was one hell of a good ride wasn't it? Do It Truett.
FF-1095 Aaron Kimble BT2 3/80-7/83 apjkkimble (AT)  
FF-1095 Imre Kovacs E-4 6/81 - 6/83 ihkovacs (AT)  
FF-1095 Curt Kuhn GMM2 1990 to 1992 kuhndog (AT) Red Med 3-91 best cruise of my career
FF-1095 Kendrick Leach E-4 90-91 leachpa5 (AT) the best days of my life
FF-1095 Thomas Leach STG2 4/90-6/92 thleach (AT)  
FF-1095 Scot Lemieux EN2 1980 to 1984 scotlem (AT) Liked to here from that old Coon dog EN2 Dave Crane if he's still out there. email me
FF-1095 Gerald Lemons STG3 5/85-12/86 arlinkton (AT) If we couldn't find it, it wasn't there. Go Sonar
FF-1095 Rick Lewis BT2 3/90-6/94 lewisr (AT) Now MM1 (SW) Lewis
FF-1095 Melvin Lill MM2 80-83 top42 (AT) if you know me email me
FF-1095 Will Macht LT 5/82-12/83 willmacht79 (AT) One of the best times spent at sea while in the Navy.
FF-1095 Michael Mahoney EM2 March 76 to June 79 mahoneypi (AT) would like to hear from some old shipmates
FF-1095 John Marston TMC 4/74 - 11/78 dorismarston (AT) Good ship, good crew, went from E-5 to E-7 during my tour; have many good memories; let's have a reunion.
FF-1095 Von Maybach OS3 1989 to 1992 716 795 5055 lookin 4 my buddies
FF-1095 Rich McCallister BM2 05/88-02/90 301-737-4343 Would like to hear from anyone onboard at that time.
FF-1095 Kevin McPartlin BT3 6/79-1/83 kjmcp (AT)  
FF-1095 Bud McPartlin MM2 8/80 - 4/85 budmcp (AT)  
FF-1095 Dennis D. Mooney HMC 1973-1975 docretsea (AT) Plankowner, ships corpsman, South American cruise,
FF-1095 Michael Moore QM2 1/86 - 12/88 mmoore0152 (AT) yahoo great tour with great guys!!!
FF-1095 Jesse Morgan HT3 12/86 to 7/89 jessemorganiii67 (AT) Looking for old friends
FF-1095 John Nagy SM3 9/79-8/81 jnagy7366 (AT) always underway
FF-1095 Randy Nolen GMG2 1974-1977 rnolen (AT) Plankowner
FF-1095 Craig Nuerminger OS3 82-85 craignuerm (AT) some of the best times. do it Truett
FF-1095 Timothy Parker EW2 7/75- 4/80 timjohnparker (AT)  
FF-1095 Jim Parks IC3 1974-1975 FF1095 (AT) Plankowner - R Div
FF-1095 Thomas Payton FTG1 79 - 83 paytonland (AT)  
FF-1095 David Pearce QM 1980-1983 hollywoods62 (AT) loved that boat , need more photos
FF-1095 Tom Pelzel STGCS 1986 to 1989 tom (AT) The most awesome SONAR gang ever...
FF-1095 Dewayne Phillips GMTC precom thru 3/79 wdivo (AT) Asroc
FF-1095 Harold Plaisance STG1 1984 to 1988 harold_plaisance (AT) Contact me if you were onboard the same time.
FF-1095 Warren Pobis SKC 1975-1977 skcusn20 (AT) Made SKC on Truett. Would like to hear from shipmates
FF-1095 John Poppa BT3 76-80 jpoppa (AT) Hole Snipes Unite
FF-1095 Juan Portillo YN3 3/80-2/82 COMPUPORT13 (AT) I served with YN2 Drake and YNC Saunders. Contact Me.
FF-1095 Robert Poulk EW1 11/77 - 08/79 oldrobp (AT) Best ship, best crew ever -- an honor to serve under Capt.Tom Lynch
FF-1095 Terry Presley NC1 1984-1986 DTPRESLEY (AT) Retired 1995.
FF-1095 Kenneth Proffitt MM2 1991-1992 kenproffitt (AT)  
FF-1095 A. Glenn Ramey, Jr. PN3 09/85 to 03/87 agr (AT)  
FF-1095 Rudy Ramos STG1 1984 to 1987 rramostx (AT)  
FF-1095 Tim Raney TM3 1987 to 1991 TIMBOATN (AT)  
FF-1095 Scott Reilly IC3 12/91-decom HOOKNUP70 (AT) Many pics and stories of Truett's final day
FF-1095 Glen Renken HM3 1979 - 1980 garenken (AT) Great ship, captain, and crew. Hope you all have had fair winds and following seas.
FF-1095 Richard Respress SH3 74-76 csafamily (AT) Plankowner
FF-1095 Joseph Roberts MR2 1/1978 - 9/1981 Jowrench55 (AT) I welcome any emails or contacts. Any info on D Watkins, P Macaluso, S Dunn, M Westerman
FF-1095 John Robinson STG1 04/74-09/78 jrobinson1 (AT) Plank owner. Drop me a line if you were on board 74-78.
FF-1095 Roger Rose MM2 August 1976 - March 1980 rrose (AT)  
FF-1095 Wesley Ruland MM2 7/79 - 10/82 kaitlyn_ruland (AT)  
FF-1095 David Sadis BT1 74- 77 dasadis (AT) on precom in New Orleans Great place
FF-1095 Dave Schlienz STG2 2/84-7/87 DSchlienz64 (AT)  
FF-1095 Robert Schmieder STG2 7/74-12/77 Robert.G.Schmieder (AT)  
FF-1095 Jeffrey Senf FN 1980-1981 jeffsenf (AT) Remember the yards in boston,Gitmo,ST.Croix,Ect. Any info on B.Stone S.Dunn S.McComsey
FF-1095 Robert Sheldon STG2 1983-1987 hunter6_23009 (AT)  
FF-1095 Walt Smith STG1(SW) 1/85-11/89 lockberrysmith (AT)  
FF-1095 Rick Snyder HT 1978-79 rsnyder70 (AT)  
FF-1095 Ed Sobien GMTSN 1984 to 1985 Gravitar (AT)  
FF-1095 Herbert Spann FTG1 1976 - 1980 hwsjr1 (AT)  
FF-1095 Danny Speck RM3 1974 to 1977 danny.speck (AT) Plankowner, Gitmo, South America, Northern Europe.
FF-1095 Greg Stevens FC3 12/90-6/91 Greg.Stevens (AT)  
FF-1095 Eric Stevens E-5 11/78 - 06/81 Ericred400 (AT) Feel free to contact me at above email.
FF-1095 Mike Swisher BTFN 91-94 SwisherM (AT)  
FF-1095 David Taylor BT2 1987-1990 anjo4314 (AT) Have a lot of good memories of time on truett
FF-1095 Ken TerMeer ETCS(SW) 1987 to 1989 kltermeer (AT) Good Chief's Mess
FF-1095 Kirk Thiel MS2 7/87-3/91 KThiel (AT)  
FF-1095 Ron Thurlow OS2 2/79-10/83 rontlow2002 (AT)  
FF-1095 William Toler OS1 9/81 - 9/86 WOZZ (AT)  
FF-1095 Jeffery Truett BT2 1987 to 1990 jeffinacu (AT) The beginning of a good life
FF-1095 William ''Stoney'' Tuck MS2 6/78 to 3/79 IMNAVY52 (AT) Remember the Boston yards. Looking for MSC glass.
FF-1095 Robert Walton OS2 08/80-04/84 dammitbob1 (AT) Had some good times, does anybody know what became of CDR Jerry Lewis?
FF-1095 Homer Ward EM3 6/77-1/81 hward1 (AT) be good to hear from some old snipes or fresh air snipes
FF-1095 Mike Westerman HT2 1/78 - 5/81 westemw77 (AT)  
FF-1095 John Whitley OS2(SW) 12/85-5/89 johneva88 (AT)  
FF-1095 Matthew Wilczynski MM2 6/86-1/90 matthew.wilczynski (AT)  
FF-1095 Randy Williams BM3 1974 to 1977 randyww1 (AT) me & brother jimmy still kicking
FF-1095 Kim Wilson LT(jg) 08/91-Decom kimbwilson (AT) Was there for the transition from FF to FFT.
FF-1095 Thomas Wogoman FC2 7/83-10/86 wogomantl (AT) Contact me please for some great sea stories!
FF-1095 Richard Worsfold STG1 4/81 to 4/86 rcworsfo (AT) Do It Truett !
FF-1095 Eric Woznick ET3 91-94 buddhakat420 (AT) remember Sexy Charlene, PN1
FF-1095 Ian Yehling OSSN 01/1988 to 06/1989 ian.yehling (AT) looking for anyone that wants to say hello (815)978-8658
FFT-1095 Ed Fair GMM1(SW) 1990-1993 Good ship,,, great friends
FFT-1095 Dennis Woosley MS3 3/74 - 9/77 wooleybuckfish (AT) Plank owner I have contact with Phil Bridges looking for JAMES WALLACE -GOV-

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