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FFG-26 Scott Wardingley EW2 12/84 - 1/88 DeputyScott117 (AT) Some of the Best Years, Best Times, and Best Friends of my life! Go Navy and Go Underwood!
FFG-36 Thomas Bates ET3 1983-1985 tomnunya2 (AT) john v where u at? hi brian,biff and all u plankowners
FFG-36 Michael Bracey BM1(SW) 1990 - 1992 mgbracey (AT) Member of Desert Storm crew under Capt Bob Flankin Rankin & LCDR Zman-great crew/tour.
FFG-36 Kerry Brown FC3 87-91 Brownk2582 (AT) We had a great crew
FFG-36 Brian Canady ET1 82-84 bkcanady (AT) Plankowner baby!!!
FFG-36 Charles (Grover) Cleveland GSE1 1983-1988 jrebel62 (AT) Greatest ship in the Navy. Many great memories onboard the Underwood.
FFG-36 Christopher Farrow GSE1 10/2010 - present crfarrow (AT)  
FFG-36 Stephen Freeman FCC(SW) 5/86-10/88 tiger437 (AT)  
FFG-36 David Hart STG2 Precom - 4/84 Commissioned USS Underwood but transferred early because the ship did not need my job codes
FFG-36 Jon Hawk E-5 12/82 - 9/86 jdh1960 (AT) put her in the water, had a good crew
FFG-36 Greg Herzog YN1(SW) 03/89 to 05/91 gherzog1944 (AT) Good Ship, Outstanding Crew. Miss that Gang, but have fond memories.
FFG-36 Joe Jaynes GMMSN 1982-1984 jgjaynes45 (AT) Looking for Biff, Krebs, Peewee........
FFG-36 Wayne Jones E-3 1996 to 1998 wayne.jones911 (AT) OC TRE
FFG-36 Paul King STG2 04/90 - 0491 bluelight511 (AT)  
FFG-36 Kevin Kuehler ET2(SW) 1/92-7/95 kevin.kuehler (AT) Best times of my life. Loved the Navy and the Mighty Wood!!
FFG-36 Steve McCartney GSE2 2/89-6/91 mccartneysteve2 (AT) The bonds formed during the Persian Gulf run of 89 will never die. Is a great ship and was a great crew.
FFG-36 Douglas McGath SM1 2000 to 2003 mstephonica (AT) Boarding Operations in the Gulf // Nothing Like It Does anyone have that boarding team photo??
FFG-36 Jim ''Biff'' McGrath FC2 Plankowner - 1986 jmcgrath63 (AT) I can't believe she still floats! I don't check my e-mail very often,so be patient.
FFG-36 Richard Moesch HM2 87-90 richard.moesch (AT) What a great time in my career being on the Underwood. Never worked with such a finer group in my life.
FFG-36 Billy Moon ICC (SW) 82-85 bcmjr (AT)  
FFG-36 Scott Obirek AT3(AW) 08/04 - 02/05 prd2b_usn (AT) fear the wood.
FFG-36 James Reed DS1 6/82 - 2/84 jamesreed856 (AT) miss the old ship, Put her in the water, Bryan, Krebs where are you
FFG-36 Andre Rosario SN 6/84-11/85 zulu5oscar (AT) To this day, I think fondly of my time aboard her. But I also remember trying real hard to get off that ship.
FFG-36 Scott Wardingley EW2 12/84-1/88 ShpsCapt (AT) Some of the Best Years, Best Times, and Best Friends of my life! Go Navy and Go Underwood!

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