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DE/FF-1096 Gary Burkholder LT 6/87-5/90 garyjbjr (AT)  
DE/FF-1096 Paul Cormier BM1 3/86 to 3/90 soldiertofreedom (AT) Haze gray & underway! Philly,Jamaica,Norfolk,Newport,Fla,Cuba etc.
DE/FF-1096 Stan Eckstei SK3 1/82-2/83 Staneck (AT) sel-res crew, Supply S-1 Division
DE/FF-1096 James Gordon STGSN 4/87-11/89 ctsjim (AT)  
DE/FF-1096 Mark Linzenmeyer BT3 1978 to 1983 marklinzenmeyer (AT) Can't believe it was so long ago-best & maybe worst days of my life onboard w/shipmates-think of them/miss them.
DE/FF-1096 Van Moore STG1 1976-1978 vmoore007 (AT) New address
DE/FF-1096 Richard Spangler E-3 02/73 - 09/74 h2obcnu (AT)  
DE/FF-1096 Tye Vance EN2 1979-1983 vidalands2 (AT) Looking for all old friends from Newport, RI and Nato cruise
DE-1096 Don Cooper EM2 1974 to 1977 doncooper906 (AT) Plankowner,Mid.East deployment and Med Cruise. Left the USN in Sept of 1977
DE-1096 Gerald Copeland MS3 1974-1976 JERRY22251 (AT) Plank owner.Would like to here from other crew members.
DE-1096 Roy B. Dishman HTFN 1974-75 rbdishman (AT) Plank Owner. I was on it's Shakedown Cruise to Gitmo.
DE-1096 Nick Murabito ET1 1973 - 1974 nickmurabito (AT) Miss the Navy.
DE-1096 John Sublette MM3 5/67 to 6/67 ctystal_clear_health (AT)  
DE-1096 John Williams SA 1974-1976 switzrobin (AT) Plankowner, Where is everyone now?
DE-1096 Bruce Wilson SN 5/74-10/76 brucewilson7 (AT) Proud Plankowner!! We were stationed in Charleston,SC. What a great crew! We were 1 big family!!
DE-1096/FF-1096 Frank Wilcox RMC 1974 (commissioning) to 1975 murdock1943 (AT) Plankowner.
FF-1069 Daniel Flowers MM3 1974-1978 develdan39 (AT) best ship i ever sailed on
FF-1096 David Adsit RM3 1977-1981 dadsit (AT) Retired ITCM April 2001. Lots of memories, learned alot.
FF-1096 James Alexander BTCS 83-86 chance1945.ja (AT) working from memory right now, dates are close. can do exact dates later.
FF-1096 Peter Bachand GMT2 3/81-10/85 noworries4 (AT) Still serving, 34 yrs in 7/13-now a CDR-Some of you are probably asking, is this the same Pete Bachand.
FF-1096 Robert Back BT3 6/88-12/92 Rdb1096 (AT)  
FF-1096 Tony Barfield MM 1977 - 1978 tbarfield19 (AT)  
FF-1096 Daryl Becker MM3 85-88 mralternator66 (AT)  
FF-1096 Henry Best BT2 1974-1976 henrybest51 (AT) gmail Plankowner
FF-1096 Richard Blackburn SH2 1974-1975 hblackburn (AT) Commissioning crew
FF-1096 Barry Bradley HT3 92-95 Barrybradey50 (AT)  
FF-1096 George Briglin BT3 4/82-7/85 gbriglin88 (AT)  
FF-1096 Paul Brissette RM3 07/76-10/79 cbrissette2 (AT) Hello Uncle Russ.... , Pete Cockfield, Davey Adsit
FF-1096 Charlie Bruggemann STGC 1974-1978 themayor (AT)  
FF-1096 Lowell (Buck) Buchanan MMC 5/77 -7/78 leniebuck (AT) Great ship, great tour, a lot of fun and a lot of hard work
FF-1096 Pete Burrell PN2 7/80 - 7/82 pburr29(AT) Great ship. GREAT CREW. North Atlantic Deployment and Mediterranean/Persian Gulf Deployment.
FF-1096 Roger Calhoon FTG2 1/78-1/82 r_calhoon (AT) Left Navy in '82. Naval Reserve from 5/93-5/09. Retired as FC1.
FF-1096 John Cardillo, Sr. EN3 1983 to 1985 jjc49mc (AT) I enjoyed going to sea on the Valdez.
FF-1096 Greg Casey MM2 79-82 gregdcasey (AT) Challenges/struggles,but more victories w/help of great shipmates--will never forget this ship & adventures I had
FF-1096 Yon Cho LT(jg) 6/84-12/87 yfcho (AT)  
FF-1096 Alexander Clark GMT2 1978 to 1982 dragonfly (AT) ASROC'er, MAA, landing party
FF-1096 Jim (aka peter meadows) Cockfield RM2 approx 1976-1979 jcockfield (AT) also jcockfield (AT) -- (770) 693-1854
FF-1096 Frank Connors HM2 1979 to 1982 FMConnors (AT) Retired as Navy Diver 3/96
FF-1096 Richard Considder BM1 1981-1984 and 1987-1993 richconsidder (AT)  
FF-1096 Richard Cummings SK1 6/77-4/78 rlcnjc (AT) Great crew, good food, great port calls. Enlistment termination assignment.
FF-1096 Ed Del Dotto LT 1985-1988 edeldotto (AT) A lot of good memories and friends from the Mighty Jaun!
FF-1096 Jim Dye MM1 1976 to 1979 james.1.dye (AT) Plank owner. Retiredin 85 as CWO4
FF-1096 Tom Elliott EM2 9/75 - 10/77 tom.elliott (AT)  
FF-1096 Fred Enos HM1 1982 - 1985 fenos (AT) Would and ships photos and photos of Flt ops, Unrep, etc. Th
FF-1096 Michael Farmer OS1 12/80 - 04/85 mefarm (AT)  
FF-1096 Michael Farrar BT2 1974-1977 mikyfarrar (AT) happy steaming
FF-1096 Dean Flumerfelt BT3 6/80-6/81 flumerdea (AT)  
FF-1096 Mike (Franck) Franckewich MM2 1977 to 1980 firemike4c (AT)  
FF-1096 Stuart Frankow SH3 5/79 - 7/83 stuart.frankow (AT) 37 years ago... ran the ship store most of my time onboard
FF-1096 Dale Freeman E-3 7/76 to 3/99 frm564 (AT) We never stopped steaming! Middle East, Med N & S Atlantic
FF-1096 Mark Gillette AE3 1980-1981 mskj (AT) Helo crew during the north atlantic cruise. ( HSL-32)
FF-1096 Larry Godby E-2 1977-1979 Working Aux 1 in the North and South Atlantic
FF-1096 Jack Gray LT 1982 to 1984 jack-n-robin (AT) Served as Weapons Officer during change over to NRF frigate.
FF-1096 Gary Grice LT(jg) 7/75 - 4/78 griceg (AT) Retired LCDR. Gunnary Asst., ASW Officer, Weaps Assistant.
FF-1096 Toby J. Henry SN Nov. 88 - Mar. 91 toby.henry (AT)  
FF-1096 Terence B. Hoey BT3 1980 - 1983 thoey (AT)  
FF-1096 William James E-5 11/77- 4/81 xxthefatmanxx (AT) Some of the best memories of my life
FF-1096 Norm Johnson BT2 1985 to 1989 n.mjohnson (AT)  
FF-1096 Scott Kasemeyer RM2 3/78-9/81 scottkasemeyer (AT)  
FF-1096 John Kennedy GMG2 - SW 10/83 - 6/87 jkennedy1069 (AT)  
FF-1096 Kent Kinnune HMC(SW) 1979-1982 KentKEN (AT)  
FF-1096 Brian Kirk LT(jg) 1978-1981 willowbek (AT)  
FF-1096 Mike Kirsch PNCS(SW) Nov 1984 - Aug 1987 MikeDigsU (AT)  
FF-1096 Mark Koltura LT(jg) 3/85-5/87 mkoltura (AT)  
FF-1096 David Kuylen MM1 8/84-10/87 dkuylen (AT)  
FF-1096 Joseph Laflash BT2 1980-1983 flashdana (AT)  
FF-1096 Jason Lamoureaux E-4 2/87-9/90 lammy1096 (AT) It was fun when your 18,had good times with great people. Hurrican hugo i will never forget
FF-1096 Patrick Leahy RMSN 3/90-12/91 Pasl28 (AT)  
FF-1096 Robert Ledbetter BT1 1986 - 1989 bpledbetter (AT) Looking for BT1 Robert Meridith
FF-1096 Chris Lee EW3 7/88-12/89 clee911 (AT) push button 3rd class & loved it
FF-1096 Daniel Lee IC2 7/81-8/83 danno337 (AT) aka ''Opie''
FF-1096 Howie Lind LT 12/88-5/90 howie.lind (AT)  
FF-1096 John Lister RMSN 04/82 - 12/86 casper317 (AT) We were named The Gray Ghost after finding a Russian Sub off Bermuda
FF-1096 Bill Lopez HMC (SW) 1984-1987 tanmaninspain (AT) Retired 10/00 as LT
FF-1096 Wayne Matthews IC2 1988 to 1990 wmatthew (AT) Had some fun times and bad ,served with some good peaple.
FF-1096 James McArthur BT2 1982-1984 daipm (AT)  
FF-1096 Jim McGinley YN2 1983 - 1986 jbmcginley48 (AT)  
FF-1096 Terry McInnis IC1 1982-1985 terry.mcinnis (AT)  
FF-1096 David Mickelson GMT3 1978-1982 dmickels (AT) ex deck ape and square barrel
FF-1096 Dennie Miller BM3 1980 to 1982 bigtruck01 (AT) sure would be nice to be young again so we could do it again
FF-1096 Russ Monroe EN2 12/75-5/80 radiorusty1096 (AT) Aux 2 and A Gang
FF-1096 Van Moore STG1 05/76-08/78 acmvem (AT) Like to hear from the AS Div
FF-1096 Michael Newbert RM3 1/86-5/88 mikenewbs (AT) Great Radio Shack!
FF-1096 Mark Noesen BM3 1987-1991 marknoesen (AT) Whatever happened to OS2 John Shuler?
FF-1096 Bob North BT2 4/80-11/83 bobnor (AT) man! time flies
FF-1096 Dwayne O'Neal BT/FN 1977 to 1980 dabard (AT) man where did all yall get to
FF-1096 Robert Overkott STG1 4/74-12/77 BOverkott (AT) Plank Owner
FF-1096 Hector Pagan RM3 1980-1981 hpagan214 (AT) It was a great experience, specially the North Atlantic tour
FF-1096 Rick Parent FTG1 04/1974 - 09/1977 rparent (AT) Plank Owner - Retired (Honeywell) Network Engineer
FF-1096 John Parr BT3 1978-1980 parrjohn (AT) Drop me an e-mail, looking for crew members from 78-81
FF-1096 David Piermattei BT2 1985 to 1988 David.J.Piermattei (AT)  
FF-1096 Edward Pimental MS2 10/86-10/90 edpimental75 (AT) RIO DE JANIERO was alot of fun
FF-1096 Robert Plowman BM2 2/79-11/81 robertplowman (AT) Best damn crew. Trying to reach Rugrat.
FF-1096 David Porter BTC 10/86 - 11/88 penbiz (AT) Great Ship and crew
FF-1096 Fred Prindle BT2 1982-1986 prindlef (AT) Current rate as of 4Dec02: MRCS(SW/AW)
FF-1096 David W. Sawicki BT1(SW) Mar 80 - Dec 82 steamin_demon (AT) Overtime is authorized, it all counts on Twenty!
FF-1096 Bob Seiberling OS1 10/79 to 4/82 rseiberling (AT) On board for my twilight cruise - absolutely the best kind.
FF-1096 Todd Shelton STG3 Jan 1986 - 1989 iamke6jgj (AT)  
FF-1096 William Steele MMFN 8/90-12/91 wsteele1 (AT) Decom crew
FF-1096 Alan Story BM3 11/81-11/83 alan.story (AT) SR to BM3. deck ape some good some sad memories.
FF-1096 Keith Strait IC2 4/87-4/89 cdta1985 (AT)  
FF-1096 Lyle Thomsen YN1 1975-1977 mthomsen1 (AT) Just changing my e-mail address as I recently moved to Phoenix. When is the next reunion?
FF-1096 Jerry Unger BTC 1988 to 1991 retnavy1994 (AT)  
FF-1096 Gary Walters EWSN 12/75-5/77 gcwalters (AT) Loved going to the Seychelles 1/76-shipmates helped quite a bit when my dad died 2/76 w/their thoughts & prayers.
FF-1096 Markus Watts EM2 1988-1991 tkcmwatts4 (AT) Changed from a boy to a man
FF-1096 Stephen Whynot SK1 11/89 - 12/91 sk1_whynot (AT) I was meritoriously promoted to SK1 aboard VALDEZ
FF-1096 Chad Willett EM2(SW) 12/87 to 11/90 cwillett (AT)  
FF-1096 Barry C. Willette MM3 Aug 75 to June 77 wabanak (AT) Super V skippered by Smokin Joe Peden Enjoyed my time aboard
FF-1096 Tommy Williams SK3 12/87-1/89 gnxwill (AT)  
FF-1096 David Wilson BM3 8/77-8/80 davidwilson608 (AT) I miss being at sea
FF-1096 Jeffrey Windish QM3 1989 to 1991 JeffreyJohnWindish (AT)  
FF-1096 Van Worman MM1 2/84 sbuvan (AT) Bermuda was sweet. Remember ''Rumrunners''?
FF-1096 Tim Zeiler MM2 12/77 - 06/81 tntz79 (AT) From Eng.Rm. to A-Gang . Miss Ya Uncle Russ, Hoppy ,TJW. needmorebrew

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