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FFG-48 Brian Alexander AZ1(AW) 2006 brian.alexander (AT) AIRDET AZ/PS/IT/SK
FFG-48 Daniel Arnett EN2 Plankowner arnett64 (AT)  
FFG-48 Archie Attebury E-3 3/92-8-93 archieattebury (AT) Had alot of fun on the Vandy. Looking for old friends from that time area.
FFG-48 Bill Blankenship SK2 PreCom-1995 billb1 (AT) looking for hi mate that serves with+shareoldstorieswithyou!!!
FFG-48 C. D. Brookins OSC(SW) 5/94 - 7/98 cdbrookins (AT) Would love to hear from former shipmates
FFG-48 Andrew Burns GSM2 2003-2007 andrewburnsboston82 (AT) Best ship, Best crew, miss the hounch
FFG-48 James Cearfoss, II GMG1 10/30-10/84 jamesce (AT) Plankowner
FFG-48 Craig Conrad STG1 1996 to 2000 craigaconrad (AT) Work hard and party harder!!! (and don't get caught)
FFG-48 Mike Doherty GSM3 9/89 to 9/90 mike (AT) Wondering what happened to breeze.... :( Also feel free to drop me an email!
FFG-48 Philip Follo LT 10/89 to 3/93 pfollo65 (AT)  
FFG-48 Al Fontes SM2 (SW) 7/86 - 9/88 a.fontes (AT) Looking for any Vande shipmate during the 1987-88 deployments
FFG-48 Tyrese Gray BM3 2003-2004 tgray162 (AT) looking for old shipmates
FFG-48 Justin Hayes EN2 8/2001 - 8/2004 iphone.1981 (AT)  
FFG-48 Leroy Hill RM2 9/87 - 8-89 Roy66 (AT)  
FFG-48 Steve Ibanez EMC(SW) 4/84 (precom) - 3/89 snyibanez (AT) Was a great tour - a fine ship with a terrific crew.
FFG-48 Jason Jolly STG3 04/95-04/96 rjjolly0174 (AT) Would love to hear from some of my former shipmates!
FFG-48 Ricky Kidman HM1 1989 rlkidman (AT)  
FFG-48 William Klages E-5 4/89-4/92 bilklages (AT) WOW! the ship still is out there! wow! I had no idea!
FFG-48 Jack Midgett GSMC Select precom - 8/88 Midgetts2 (AT) Best ship/crew that ever sailed-eng dept-best trained/tightest group I ever served with-only crew to wear red ball caps
FFG-48 Robert Myricks DC2/DC1 8/89-01/92 r.overmind (AT) What happened to EN3 Brezile?
FFG-48 Richard Parker E-3 11/02-2/05 parkerrick24 (AT) miss my shipmates, most back home like me, wish I could have stayed in the Navy.
FFG-48 Ryan Phillips SM3 9/95-3/99 rhinophillips (AT) I miss all the boys, Vandy was the best.
FFG-48 James Quinn IC2 Sept 1995 - Jan 1998 mightyquinn101 (AT)  
FFG-48 Charles Slater SM1 Precom-1986 bcslater (AT) plankowner
FFG-48 Patrick Smith CWO3 precom-1986 dsmith (AT) Tremendous crew, please feel free to contact me. Always time for a shipmate.
FFG-48 Michael Syvertsen LT Precomm-1986 m.syvertsen (AT) Found Lt Warren Miller - Now looking for Ltjg Cye Hill - Can you help me?
FFG-48 Jason Tackitt FC2 2/96-6/98 jasontackitt (AT)  
FFG-48 Frank Taraska SN 8/94-5/96 FTaraska (AT)  
FFG-48 Craig Van Effen DS1 1994 to 1997 vaneffenc (AT) Would be great to talk to some old shipmates.
FFG-48 Dan Weydert SK2 12/92 - 5/96 ydert (AT) Lookin for shipmates that took pictures or videos while serving with me. I have lots to share myself.
FFG-48 Ray Williams RM2 6/87-6/89 lynwms72 (AT)  

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