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DE/FF-1059 Gary Addington RD3 1972-1974 gwaddington (AT) Proud to have served with the best!
DE/FF-1059 Tom Cash EW2 10/72 - 1/77 (AT) Best life in the Navy........DE's/FF's
DE/FF-1059 Paiul Castone FN 1969 to 1971 Pb Castone (AT)  
DE/FF-1059 Steven Donofrio EM2 01/74 - 03/77 IMTopGun1 (AT) R Division-If we can't fix it, it ain't broke. Roy's Boys
DE/FF-1059 Peter Gonshor BM3 6/71- 1974 peter32563 (AT) A good ship and great shipmates!
DE/FF-1059 Antonio F. Gutierrez, III E-3 9/72-12/75 Schelten2001 (AT) Work signal man Sm3 Swain Ron Neville Sn Johnson
DE/FF-1059 Roger Hanna RM3 6/74-6/75 androg2010 (AT)  
DE/FF-1059 Thomas Kronberger, Jr. GMG2 1974-1977 wingrider1955 (AT) I was stash's buddy from the asroc shop wish he was still with us.
DE/FF-1059 Michael Lipschitz E-3 2/72 micheallipschitz (AT) i was the best sailor
DE/FF-1059 Bob McKellar LT(jg) summer 1968 to April 71 bob (AT) Plankowner #1
DE/FF-1059 Blaine Moretti BT3 4/81-8/84 blaineeack (AT)  
DE/FF-1059 Paul Pou     hunec3 (AT)  
DE/FF-1059 Rodney Rivera SN 6/71 to 12/72 Ntveman_50 (AT) I miss you guys ,, think about you often
DE/FF-1059 Artie Smith SN 8/85 -88 Biggdaddy1126 (AT) Had alot of fun
DE/FF-1059 Dennis Walterman OS2 11/69-1/73 cintisailor (AT) web page
DE-1059 Gary Addington RD3 03/1972 - 03/1974 gary812 (AT) Life time memories
DE-1059 David Andrews STG2 12/69 to 3/73 Dba7303 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1059 Len Baldini HT3 1972-1975 lenbaldini (AT) Many fond memories great ship mates i would do it all over again
DE-1059 Dwight Belcher QM3 1969 to 1972 mdbel (AT) Plankowner ''Sonny''
DE-1059 Lynn Berven CSSN 1971-1973 berve (AT)  
DE-1059 Keith Bradshaw ETR3 7/70 - 5/73 toadnjoad (AT) Just another 'son of a sailor'
DE-1059 John Bryce QM3 2/72 to 8/75 Bryce3 (AT) Hope to find other shipmates
DE-1059 Clarence Burkhart STG2 9/69 to 8/73 mikeyeyes (AT) plank-owner and proud of it!
DE-1059 Stanley Campbell EM2 1969-1972 Campbellelectric (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1059 Joe H. Cepparulo BM3 Dec. 69-May 71 jmcepp (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1059 Jim Clark RM2 10/70 - 8/72 jclark5508 (AT) Great memories - GREAT ship
DE-1059 Jerry Drummond QM3 7/72-4/74 jdrummond (AT)  
DE-1059 Robert Fitzpatrick FTG3 10/71-02/75 rlfitz (AT) Wonderful site. Thanks to facebook I was able to locate and converse with a shipmate and friend
DE-1059 Terry Fritts QM2 6/71-6/73 terry (AT)  
DE-1059 Glen Harris MS1 1974-1975 glen60 (AT) i retired in november of 1975,on the sims,it was in philedelphia shipyard.
DE-1059 Thomas Heroux BTFN 09/72-06/74 tomheroux (AT) My first and best ship.
DE-1059 Paul Ippolito BM3 10/69 - 5/ 72 Helios123 (AT) Plank owner
DE-1059 Bruce Lennon STG3 1973-1974 bjohnlennon (AT) Also served aboard USS Vreeland DE-1068 when home port was in Athens Greece...
DE-1059 Robert Loomas BT1 8/71 to 8/73 bloomas (AT) Last ship I served on & one of the best
DE-1059 Elton Lormand MS/E-4 10/73 - 1/77 ejlormand (AT) Separated 3 mos early for college-joined reserves-resigned-about 1 month prior to first gulf war.
DE-1059 Rob Muirhead STG2 8/69-7/73 robm (AT) Deceased. Plankowner, Commissioning Crew Member
DE-1059 Ted Painter FTG2 04/70 - 05/71 thepainters2 (AT) Good ship, great crew.
DE-1059 Archie Ricard LT(jg) 4/71 to 12/72 Archie.ricard (AT) Supply Corps - beans, bullets, money
DE-1059 William Sambrook MR2 07/71 - 10/72 Seabrzx2 (AT)  
DE-1059 Bill Semmens MM3 1969 - 1971 Semmens (AT) Plankowner
DE-1059 Jeff Tarbox QM3 1972 to 1975 cjtarbox (AT)  
DE-1059 Richard Turner MM3 1969-1972 ming74 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1059 Clinton Wagner OS2 6/70-7/73 Deceased  
DE-1059 Jack Weaver HT3 3/71-10/72 fatjax1 (AT)  
DE-1059 Donnie Wise SH3 1972 to 1974 donalddick521 (AT) good times aboard the sims
FF-1059 John (Doc) Bagley HM2 03/76 - 07/77 jtbagley54 (AT) Best 16 month period of my life!
FF-1059 Michael Beach HT2 79-81 mbeach (AT) Bath Iron Works, '80 Med. Cruise, Silly Willy
FF-1059 John Benware MMC 9/77-9/82 benware-mmcs (AT) northnet My favorite command
FF-1059 Tim Birecree MS2 1982-1986 timbirecree (AT) Had great time on the Sims
FF-1059 Bob Brinley FCSN 1989-1990 bob.brinley (AT) Proud 3rd genration Sailor.
FF-1059 Tim Brinson OS3 9/72-01/76 tbrinson (AT)  
FF-1059 Stanley Brooks BT3 09/80 - 05/80 brookss1 (AT) Great ship! Great times! great crew! Love the Green ballcaps! Where my dogs at!
FF-1059 James Bruski PNC 05/84-09/87 packfla (AT) Great ship and crew
FF-1059 Michael Brusoe QM2 12/82 to 7/88 mikebrusoe (AT) Mighty Fine 1059
FF-1059 Dennis Chaney E-3 1984 to 1986 dachaneyjr (AT)  
FF-1059 Robert Chenault MM1 1975-1980 navyrt89 (AT) it was an interesting tour of duty and met some great guys
FF-1059 Greg Dunican MM2(SW) 87-89 cngconsignments (AT) Final tour in Navy was spent on Mighty Fine 1059! UNITAS... wow! Miss you guys!
FF-1059 A. J. Eitmann STGSN 12/86-1/89 aeitmann (AT) Proud to have served aboard (Med Cruise-1987 & Unitas 1988)
FF-1059 Ilous Ellis BM3 1989-1991 Vance.ellis68 (AT)  
FF-1059 Larry Farris MS1 1983 1985 dlfarris66 (AT) any green hats out there
FF-1059 Philip Foster BM3 1981-1984 fostex001 (AT) always had a sharp blade
FF-1059 Jack Fullerton RM3 1972-1975 Jacksr507 (AT)  
FF-1059 Robert Gestrich ICC 1/81- 4/85 marygestrich (AT) Would like to hear from any within this time frame.9042152013
FF-1059 Greg Gore BT3 1975-1977 Goregd (AT)  
FF-1059 Robert Hand EW3 1984 to 1987 hand.robert (AT)  
FF-1059 Albert Harston MMCM 11/72 to 10/75 arharston (AT) Looking for EMC McDaniels or Diane
FF-1059 Mark Hays STG2 1983-1985 markhays (AT) Any green hats out there
FF-1059 Paul Henkel STG2 10/77 - 6/78 paul.henkel (AT) Would like to hear from Stanely Kapral STGSN
FF-1059 Michael Hoel IC2 02/1981 to 03/1984 m.hoel57 (AT) Reenlisted on the statue of liberty by Cdr Lee while in Brooklyn Ship Yard & the ship caught on fire.
FF-1059 James Hood EN2 01/85 - 10/88 matco101 (AT) Had some good times onboard-wish I would have known about this sight before now-like to contact shipmates.
FF-1059 Edward Johnson GMG3 1976 to 1978 edwardjohnson331 (AT) I will never forget the crew or North Atlantic and Mediterranean cruise.
FF-1059 Franklin Keller STGC 3/77 - 3/80 fwkeller (AT) Of the 7 ships I served on, the Sims was the best of the best.
FF-1059 Mike Lagerberg EN3 1984-1986 LagerbergMike1964 (AT) green hat
FF-1059 Robert Lee CDR Jun 83- Aug 85 bobbea103 (AT)  
FF-1059 Danny Lee BM2 1985 to 1989 leedk (AT) 1059 Mighty Fine!!! Where are my dogs at?
FF-1059 Gregg Lehenbauer BT2 4/86-9/91 glehenbauer (AT)  
FF-1059 Joel Lynam FC1 1/85 to 5/11/89 jlynam (AT) Great Ship and Great Crew, Northern Wed, Med 87 and UNITAS
FF-1059 Gary Martin MM1 03DEC85 to 02JAN91 steeltoe54 (AT) My most memorable command.
FF-1059 Sidney Mitchell BM1 6/85 to 9/87 mil3847 (AT) Will never forget the W. S. Sims and the green ball caps.
FF-1059 Fred Lay Myers CPO 12/64-5/71 spikmnky (AT) Does anyone remember me Kuriment?
FF-1059 Steve Odom GMG3 1975-1976 (AT) 1st ship, Looking for anyone in 2nd and fox division.
FF-1059 Brian Owen RM3 (sw) 7/86-3/90 casbar6767 (AT) What's ups where is everyone hope all is well
FF-1059 Wesley Peck IC2 6/88-7/91 wes2805 (AT) Unitas 88: Nothing like it, miss ya'll
FF-1059 David Philpott RM2 09/76-06/78 dlphilpott (AT) kept the ship talking
FF-1059 Rick Robinson STG2 8/83-2/88 lrobinson123 (AT) I sure wish I would have known about this web site. I look back and realize just how much fun I really had.
FF-1059 Stanley D. Rogers RM1 1977 to 7/79 wayn5839 (AT) Retired from Sims on 23 July 1979 while in the Bath, Maine shipyards.
FF-1059 Thomas Showers MIDSHIPMAN 7/83 vzevr251 (AT) Summer training cruise-picked up arms in Virginia & sailed to Guantanamo Bay,Cuba for DC refresher training.
FF-1059 Stephen Sickels STG1 01/70 - 10/74 stgcssws (AT)  
FF-1059 Charles Straw HT2 5/81 - 3/84 C.straw818 (AT)  
FF-1059 Frank Swanson BM2 3/87-9/91 swanny78 (AT)  
FF-1059 Larry Thorpe SK3 1976-1980 lgthorpe (AT)  
FF-1059 Thomas Torrence BM3 7/74 - 4/79 tomscountry (AT) Loved it.
FF-1059 Mike Wendel LT 1984-1987 wendel (AT) Med Cruise, Northern Wedding, Panama Canal, GTMO, Drug Ops
FF-1059 Michael West HMC 3/86 - 10/87 mitw007 (AT) Northern Wedding - Unitas

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