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DE-184 John Calderwood   1943-1945? cslo (AT) Any info re: my deceased Dad who survived April 7 Komakazi.
DE-184 Melvin G. Campbell GM2 1944-46 ? renayesmith (AT) My father died in 1980. Anyone remember serving with him
DE-184 Arnold Cohen   WWII lcohenmckeev (AT) looking for anyone who knew my uncle who was killed on ship
DE-184 Jesse Griffin SFCFC 1943-1945 ggriffin (AT) Wounded 7 April 1945 - Kamakazi Attack - Okinawa Invasion
DE-184 George Hagner Carpenters Mate 1945 hagner (AT) My father, George Hagner, passed away in 1963. Don Hagner
DE-184 Carl Jackson Baker 1942 to 1944 Seidenfaden (AT) My grandpa was on the USS Wesson.
DE-184 Charles Lentz Motor Machinist 1943 to 1945 rw25len44 (AT) Am looking for information about my father , Charles 'Chisel' Lentz who served on the Wesson as a Motor Machinist.
DE-184 Henry E. McCurry EM3 1943 to 1945? mikemccurry (AT) My grandfather (died late 50s). just wondering if anyone rememberd him or had any information about him. TY.
DE-184 Bryan Penny   MIA 4/7/45 oil_smoke (AT) Looking for any info or pictures with my Grandfather, Harold Winston Penny. MIA 07 April 1945
DE-184 Russell Rowden SM3 1/44 to 3/46 rus2 (AT) Lost some great shipmates to a Kamikaze
DE-184 Sydney Steinberg   1944-1946 esteinberg (AT) Eric Steinberg (son) seeks any info on the Wesson
DE-184 Kelly Tautua   1943-1946 kellytautua (AT) Looking for information on my Grandfather Timothy Edward Driscoll, I believe he was an electrician.
DE-184 Thompson ''Tommy'' Tilley   1944 johnbthompson1 (AT) seek information about ''Tommy'' Thompson Milton Tilley
DE-184 J. Earl Turner RM2 1943-1946 kilroyturner (AT) Looking on any info or memorys of my Grandfather
DE-184 James Wesley FN1 01/45 to 4/45 pewbooks (AT) My Uncle-died 1971-and was wounded on 4/7/1945 in the leg. My name is Patricia Wesley Wills.

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