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DE/DER-213 George Schreiber     pcurtin (AT) Dad passed away would love to hear from anyone who served with him aboard USS William T Powell
DE-213 Lawrence (Pete) Anderson   1947 to 1948 msteapot2002 (AT) Father passed away. Would like any pictures of the ship. Thank you.
DE-213 Herb Blecker ETM2 2/46 - 8/46 hb2121 (AT)  
DE-213 Ted Clikeman ET1 2/57 to 11/57 clikeman (AT)  
DE-213 John Coppens SN 1955 johncoppens (AT) have picture of w t powell entering havana harbor 1955
DE-213 Frank Cornish SN 09/45-11/48 bcornish (AT) My father-died 3/08-seeking refs, websites, pubs that mention the William T. Powell & those who served aboard.
DE-213 Lowell W. Day, Jr. ST2 1943 - 1945 dan_n_debbie (AT) My Dad is living with us....any info/photos would be great..
DE-213 Russell Fontaine RDM2 12/18/45 to 5/12/46 LFontai0 (AT) short tour of duty
DE-213 Robert Gates SN 2/55-12/55 rgates2053 (AT) Have searched for years for reunion info.
DE-213 Norman Gaw RDM3 1945 - 1946 wenlarmstrong (AT) In Memory of my Dad, with love from his daughter Wendy Armstrong
DE-213 Richard Haynes WT2 1944-45 k9rgh (AT) Nice Job
DE-213 William [Bill] Johnson FN1 4/48 - 10/49 bildor (AT) Worked in forward engine room
DE-213 R. Jerral McClure SN 1944-1945 mcwoodham25 (AT) Anyone remember my dad? He died in 1970. daughter Linda
DE-213 Albert Provost RM1 6/46 AProvost1 (AT) when deactivated
DE-213 Arthur Serth SN1 9/45 - 10/46 aserth (AT) Have pictures to share of the Powell. From Utica, New York. Would be interested in contacting fellow sailors.
DE-213 Merel Steen FN1 1943 to 1945 tjs1053 (AT) Dad died 2-13-1993. I would like Pics or Memories from pals.
DE-213 Richard Strickler SN 1944 to 1945 r.strickler (AT) My Dad passed in 1999. Any pics or memories appreciated.
DE-213 Charles Tuer SN 7/48 to 11/49 chucktuer (AT) i left the ship to attend cooks and bakers school in bayonne NJ
DER-213 Glenn T. Addison SN !952 (Reserve Cruise) gtaphd (AT) Departed Philadelphia NSY - to Havana, Cuba - and Returned
DER-213 Larry Barroll LT(jg) 9/52 9/54 bgul (AT) read interesting report on line re powells collission with ss mooremacspruce 31 march 55'
DER-213 George Chambers RD1 1954 gjchambers (AT)  
DER-213 Richard Connell HM 3/51-3/53 RConnell30 (AT)  
DER-213 John (Jack) Plasket ET1 9/51 -12/52 JTPlasket (AT) Opetating out of Philadelphia NSY
DER-213 Robert Sayers YNSN Jan 1953 to Dec 1954 bbsayers (AT)  

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