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Page Last Updated: 02/14/2013

Two Crews – One Association

The USS Gatling enjoyed two commissioned periods: 1943-46 and 1951-60. Click on the links above to view abbreviated crew lists featuring the names, dates aboard, ranks, and Association membership status of the officer and enlisted crews for each period.

Note: The enlisted crew lists take longer to download to your browser than the officer lists. The four crew lists total 2344 men:
     `43 - `46  Officers       51
     `43 - `46  Enlisted     797
     `51 - `60  Officers       93
     `51 - `60  Enlisted   1403

The USS Gatling Reunion Association maintains detailed master crew lists for both commissioned periods. These detailed crew lists are updated as information is received. New updates are included in each Newsletter mailed to dues-paying members and qualified associate members. For more information about joining the USS Gatling Reunion Association, please click on the Reunion Association link.

We welcome information updates about Gatling shipmates including contact information or obituary notices. Please contact us with your updates.