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DD-355 Gilbert Balli S1 5/42-?/45 glballi (AT) My father (cook onboard)-died in 71-any info/pics would be great-have pic of ships crew from 1942.
DD-355 Carl Bowman   1941 to 1943 Bogolf50 (AT) I'm his son and I was wondering if there are any reunions planned.
DD-355 Stanley F. Conner uncertain 1935-1939? pconner (AT) I'm his son, Patrick. Contact me if you knew him.
DD-355 Clarence E. Cook SN1 1941-1944 railroader 2000_2000 (AT) All so USS Merdith dd 726 1944 USS Tolman 740 1944-1945
DD-355 Fred Dugas unk 1941 to 1945 shoizpwl (AT) Was my great uncle. At Pearl H. Any info. appr. Paul Lefort
DD-355 Richard C. Epps RT1 12/41-10/44 REpps846 (AT)  
DD-355 Walter Jefferson CFC 4/39-5/44 mwjenigma (AT) live in Richmond Va.
DD-355 Ralph Lee CPO 40-43 ? sheltons98 (AT) I'm Mr. Lee's nephew just wanted to add his name to the list
DD-355 Louis Marks SM striker 9/44 -12/45 lmarks10 (AT) would be happy to correspond with my shipmates
DD-355 Wayne Maxwell CPO 1938-1945 llmaxwell (AT) Was buried at sea at the battleship Utah Memorial-Pearl Harbor hawaii at 10;00am Sunday december 7th 2008
DD-355 Donald Miller unknown 1942-1945 gale-miller (AT) Don is my uncle I would to hear from anyone that knew him.
DD-355 Ernest Miller GM 1944-1945 akmiller50 (AT) My grandfather served in WWII and was on the ship during the typhoon in December of 1944.
DD-355 Franklin E. 'Bud ' Miller F1 9/43 - 12/45 popeo (AT) Would like to contact anyone that served on the Aylwin , WW2
DD-355 William Ogden uncertain 1940-1942 Dano0720 (AT) Dad passed on in 1988. Just looking for folks that knew him.
DD-355 Lawrence ''Butch'' Payne WTR2 1942-1945 bulbul21 (AT) daughter's email - looking for other shipmates
DD-355 William R. Pomplun Unknown unknown wpomplun (AT) I am his oldest son Dr. William R. Pomplun
DD-355 Cecil Pourier unknown 1944-1946 hipourier (AT) My father-Pine Ridge,SD,Oglala Lakota Indian Reservation-died '82-like to hear frm anyone who remembers him
DD-355 John C. Pretz MM 1942-1945 mr_strange_one (AT) My older brother (long since passed)-looking up his ship's history for his children-I was in Nav Air during Korea.
DD-355 Frank Ramos   08/42-08/45 davtveng (AT) I am Frank's son. I have memorabila from the ship.
DD-355 Abraham Richert TM 1942-1944 abrahamrichert (AT)  
DD-355 Richard H. Taylor Sm3/c Sept 1943- Dec 1945 kenrt1952 (AT) trying to find shipmates gthat served at same time period
DD-355 Wilton (Bill) Tulin Chief 1940-1945 sifudave (AT) My grandfather-love to get any info abou him or his ship's serv dur WWII-He oft told us stories his lucky Tin Can
DD-355 James T. Waldron   1942 - 1945 murphytom (AT) I am his sisters husband looking for information for his grand children
DD-355 Steven T. Young E-2 1941-1948 joecampos854 (AT) Any storys of ww2 campaigns
DE/FF-1081 Gary Gile BT2 12/72-6/76 ggary447 (AT)  
DE/FF-1081 Robert Goldstein RM3 1970-1972 bobgold550 (AT) Plankowner
DE/FF-1081 James Griffin LT(jg) 1971 jimgriffin.mallard1 (AT)  
DE/FF-1081 Stevie McLendon BM3 10/72 to 07/75 stevie_mclendon (AT) looking for shipmates e mail me some time, thanks!
DE/FF-1081 Gerald Miles BTCM   ttam1313 (AT) Great crew, hard working, hard playing. BT's rule
DE/FF-1081 Kenneth Morris SMSN 2/1/78 Kennethmorris5314 (AT)  
DE/FF-1081 Steve Rusnell BT3 1971-1973 rustywesty54 (AT) Proud Plankowner. May her memory live on.
DE/FF-1081 Robert Sipka GMTC 11/72 to 11/77 resipka (AT) last of 5 DD's in my 21yr career
DE/FF-1081 Mark Spitzer RM3 1975 - 1978 usn74 (AT) Great Times, Great Shipmates, Great Ship ! SHOUT Out to Shipmate RM3 Brian Skippy Duffy !
DE-1081 Andrew Alongi SN 7/21-6/73 a.alongi (AT)  
DE-1081 Michael W. Buehrle, Sr. RD1 04/71-10/72 buehrle1963 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1081 Terry Bull EM2 75-78 bullt8 (AT) best years of my life!!!!
DE-1081 Bill Campbell BTFN 1971-1973 billc0128 (AT) plank owner
DE-1081 Jerry Cook GMT2 3/72-9/75 jerry1081 (AT) Great times and great people i will never forget.
DE-1081 John Dawson EN3 1972 - 1974 JCDawsonJr (AT) Wonderful memories
DE-1081 Bruce Day (nee' Neff) RM3 09/71-06/74 baldenblond (AT) Plankowner
DE-1081 John Fetzner E-4 1971 to 1974 john_fetzner2002 (AT) Plank Owner hope to connect with other Plank Owners
DE-1081 Joseph C. Gavanditti YN3 1970 to 1972 jcgavy1 (AT) Plankowner and proud to serve on this great ship....memories
DE-1081 Robert Goldstein RM3 1970-1972 bobn2och (AT)  
DE-1081 Jeffrey Jones E-4 1974 gowestjeff (AT) 2005 saw Stevie Mc., 2006 saw Capt. Jones, GREAT GUYS!!!
DE-1081 Jim Kennedy E-4 1971 to 1973 tonkman7 (AT) Cook - served with Frank Langan. Plank owner
DE-1081 Roland Lizotte MM3 6/71-2/73 Roland G L 3 (AT) Say you need A shower.NO, Boilers need the water. Plankowner
DE-1081 Rich Locke ST1 1971-1974 rich (AT)  
DE-1081 Skip Logan ST1 71 - 74 skip.logan (AT) Like to hear from other plankowners
DE-1081 Kurt Luebke BT3 1972 to 1974 debbub (AT) They used to call me BUB. MM'S Thanks for the showers.
DE-1081 John Marcum MM2 8/71 - 9/74 jsmarcum76 (AT) I've been trying to find Lt. SJ Hall. Also like to contact other shipmates.
DE-1081 Mark Polnaszek LT 3/82-8/83 mrpolnaszek (AT)  
DE-1081 Steve Rusnell BT3 1971-1973 rustywesty54 (AT) Plankowner, Newport R.I. group.
DE-1081 Rich Thomas DK3 6/72 to 7/73 thomas302 (AT)  
DE-1081 Greg Verbick MM3 1971- 5/72 gverbick (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1081 Michael Vizi RM2 1971-1973 bm1540 (AT)  
DE-1081 Earl Williams FTG2 1972-1975 EOW67 (AT) hotmail  
DE-1081 Thomas H. (Willie) Williams TM2 03/73-06/75 cporet (AT)  
FF-1081 Gary Anderson SKC 1985 to 1986 tsaihui1 (AT) Retired off the ship in 1986
FF-1081 Jeral Carr HM1(SW) 1990 to 5/92 tiffcarr92 (AT) Hello to all my shipmates.
FF-1081 Joseph Leo Clark E-2 1978-1980 Stacy.Clark (AT) This is my son's e-mail address. He will forward to me.
FF-1081 Lawrence Cox STGSN 10/76-12/78 lorcan3andvicky (AT)  
FF-1081 Greg Darnell STGSN 88-90 GREGDARNEL (AT) TRIAD.RR.COM remember the Iowa, first on the seen
FF-1081 Roderick Dean BMSN/SM3 1/86 to 10/89  
FF-1081 Jamie Decker BT1 11/79 - 12/82 abc123 (AT)  
FF-1081 Steve Doutt MM3 1980-1984 rogue1081 (AT) Served during the Rogue Frigate days in Beirut
FF-1081 Brian Duffy RM3 77-79 rm3duffy (AT) Good ship, good crew, great times
FF-1081 Jerry Eckerman FTM2 1976-1979 jeckerman (AT) Email change
FF-1081 James (Jad) Eisert STG3 10/88 - 5/92 Cisco_dude (AT)  
FF-1081 John Goin MM2 (SW) 1984 to 1989 jagoin (AT) Good Times and Good Friends (MMCM Plocar & MMC Carson)
FF-1081 David Graves MM2 9/78 - 5/83 Vicepres1 (AT)  
FF-1081 Leonard Hacker GMC(SW) 1/15/1981-9/15/87 Lhacker39 (AT) Assigned in 1/83 as GMG1-made GMC 9/85-enjoyed Aylwin ship and miss the Gunners Mates on the 5/54.
FF-1081 Peter Hammond EMFN 12/74 - 7/76 peterhammond.45 (AT)  
FF-1081 James Hanson SN 1973 - 1975 jimbonniehanson (AT) Mid East cruise (Did cruise book w/Jack Fetsner) & when Aylwin lost Seasprite off RI-like to hear from shipmates.
FF-1081 Terry Harman MM3 11/74-6/77 tharman55 (AT) Great time on board her. Great bunch of shipmates. Any shipmate please get in touch about the Aylwin reunion.
FF-1081 Bill Hatcher RMC 11/83-06/87 b2jhatch (AT)  
FF-1081 John Horan GMC(SW) 7/87 - 7/91 jhoranjr1 (AT) Retired from Aylwin.....
FF-1081 John R. Horan, Jr. GMC(SW) 6/87-7/91 john_horan (AT) Last ship before retiring. Great crew and CPO mess. Went from the best CO to the .......
FF-1081 Samuel Horner EW3 8/75-6/78 echolight (AT)  
FF-1081 Chris Howell SN 1983-1984 kc5dvr (AT)  
FF-1081 Robert Huffman BT1 1980 - 1986 btcbob (AT)  
FF-1081 Dick Hunter ETCS 1979-1982 rahunter (AT)  
FF-1081 Dave Hutson EM2 1978 to 1981 davmelhuts (AT) Good Times and Great Experiences
FF-1081 James Jackson HT2 1983 to 1984 muxcricket (AT)  
FF-1081 Eric Lawyer SHSN 4/80-11/82 lawyertha1 (AT) Enjoyed my stay aboard the Aylwin /tightest brothers on sea
FF-1081 Thomas Leach STG3 9/86-2/89 thleach (AT)  
FF-1081 Greg Lubinsky MM2 1982-1986 shangrela (AT)  
FF-1081 Gerry Miles BTCM 1984 to 1988 ttam1313 (AT) MCPOC
FF-1081 William Miller BT1 1977-1983 huper68 (AT) snipes rule
FF-1081 Robert Nantelle SH3 1976 to 1980 bnantelle (AT)  
FF-1081 Mike Nichols STG1 1981-1985 nichols5280 (AT) Looking for the old ASW Team
FF-1081 Eugene Orzechowski MM2 1978-1982 equitypainting (AT) God is good, God is great, he must be a machinest mate.
FF-1081 William Outlaw E-3 1981-1982 daddybillbill (AT) Sure do miss it at times almost 30yrs. ago where does the time go.
FF-1081 Jim Pattison CDR 1982-1983 pattison (AT)  
FF-1081 Jeffrey Peck LT(jg) 1975-1977 jeffdds (AT) I had a great time. The crew and the ship were great.Great memories!
FF-1081 Timothy Preston BT2 2/82-9/86 tjpresto (AT)  
FF-1081 David Pumo OS2 1977-1979 djpumo (AT)  
FF-1081 Tom Rhodes FC2 1/87-1/91 trhodes (AT) Ya'll feel free to drop me a line. 'Country'
FF-1081 Edwin Riker GMG2 3/81 - 5/85 Yankeegunner (AT) MK.42 Gun Crew RULZ!
FF-1081 Daniel Schuman STG3 03/79 - 12/83 skarow (AT) chorus.nst After 24 years - STGC USNR Retired! Where does the time go?
FF-1081 Mike Scott BT2 1978-1981 mikenbarb05 (AT) First on, last off, without snipes the ship was a floating hunk of cold steel.
FF-1081 Jay Sensenig STG2 8/79 - 5/81 jsensenig (AT)  
FF-1081 Kevin Sherwood ET2(SW) 11/88 - 4/92 SMOALTPASS (AT)  
FF-1081 Robert Sipka GMTC 11/72-11/79 robertesipka (AT)  
FF-1081 James Steckbeck BT3 2/89-7/91 jim.parker.hvac (AT) Med 89 - Living in Parker , CO operate a HVAC comp.
FF-1081 John Swanger MS3 03/73-08/76 agmridc (AT) Made 2 med cruises and Middle East cruise
FF-1081 Joe Tessier BM1 12/89-5/92 joseph.tessier (AT)  
FF-1081 David Tunnell SN 4/71- 10/74 datunnell (AT) plank owner was in precom in newport rhode island
FF-1081 Bill (Outlaw) Ward GMT2 1981-1982 wardb (AT) I cant' get over how long it has been. I hope everyone I served with is doing fine.
FF-1081 Robert Whitcomb FC2 3/88-4/90 rbwhtcmb (AT)  
FF-1081 John Zink FTCS 1/83 - 04/85 zinkjohn (AT)  
FF-1095 Jim Malone BT1 6/74-11/77 jim.malone (AT) Plankowner, Rode her up from Nawlins, great ship, and would like to give a SHOUT out to all my old shipmates.

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