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If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ’s, please contact us.

  • Can I join Tin Can Sailors if I didn’t serve on a destroyer?

    Yes. While about 99% of our members did serve on destroyers, we welcome family members of living or deceased destroyer veterans, model builders, historians, and anyone else who supports our objectives. If you are interested in destroyer history, if you feel it’s important to support the destroyers of the Historic Fleet, and if you support the Sailors of today’s U.S. Navy, then we’ll welcome you aboard.

  • Can I purchase a copy of a photo that’s on the website?

    Some of our photos are available for sale. Call the office at (508) 677-0515 to see what’s currently available.

  • Is it okay to copy a photo from the Tin Can Sailors website?
    If the photo has a photo credit listed, such as “Photo by John Sailor,” then John Sailor has the copyright on it. If you want to copy it, send us a message and we’ll ask the photographer if it’s okay.
    Most of the photos on our web site are Official USN. The original photo is in the “public domain” and cannot be copyrighted. So…
    If you want to print the photo for your personal use or to give to a destroyer veteran, great! Be our guest! We’re delighted we could be of service!
    If you want to copy our photos onto another web site, that’s a different matter. While it’s probably not illegal to copy it, we certainly feel it is unethical! The photo we display may have taken a considerable amount of time and effort to obtain, scan, crop, adjust for contrast, etc. If you like it, feel free to link your web site to our photo but please do not copy it.
  • Is it okay to copy an article from the Tin Can Sailors website?
    The destroyer histories, class summaries, ordnance articles, reunion listings, “lost and damaged” features, etc., are all copyright Tin Can Sailors. You can print them off for personal use but they may not be used on other websites, in newsletters, for commercial purposes, etc., without our written permission.
    The destroyer histories that say they are from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships are not protected by copyright.