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DD- John Heffernan   died onboard-strafed jolizco (AT) this is my uncle and I am doing research for my aunt - his sister.
DD- Andrew Smith     contact wife at cwsaes (AT) deceased 2008
DD-492 Robert W. Bailey 1st LT Army 6/45-8/45 rwbailey (AT)  
DD-492 Sidney Becnel   1941-1945 gentlegiant (AT)  
DD-492 Walter Bounds 1/c 1943 esjay51 (AT) (daughter) deceased 1995
DD-492 Charles Grim CMM 1942 to 1946 NansR (AT) Email address belongs to my niece. She can get messages.
DD-492 Roy Hiatt Cook 1944 kiyojoy (AT) Deceased. Daddy has been gone for 25 years (miss him), trying to find out more about him
DD-492 Wilmont (Curly) Kerr YEO 3/42-12/44 chris.kerr (AT) Curly was my father. I miss him. Send me anything you have
DD-492 Carl W. Krause TM 1943-1945 kkrause1231 (AT) This is My Dad, He passed away in 1988.
DD-492 Bruce LaVigne ST2 1944 to 1945 joanlowrelavigne (AT) Turning 90 on July 4th-not many old shipmates out there but would like to hear from any that served 10/44 - 12/45.
DD-492 Blair McClune CPO1 maybe Plankowner till Summer 44 bphawker (AT) Dad served the Aleutians 1942-made friends he kept. I wrote a poem in remem-if you would like I will email it. Wish Dad had seen website.
DD-492 Lloyd Pennington SC2 5/43 - 1946 wayne.pennington (AT) Updating dad's rating info. He was a Commissaryman Second Class.
DD-492 Jay Shook MM2 1944 to 1946 jay532 (AT) I hope to hear from my OLD shipmates
DD-492 Lee Roy Smith GM 12/41-1945 ssmith3858 (AT) Dad died July 2001, Son Steve would love to stay in touch!!
DD-492 Andrew Smith SN1 4/44-11/44 cwsaes (AT) contact old mates
DD-492 Murray Steckler SFC 1944-1946 murraysteckler (AT)  
DD-492 Frank Touchstone   1940-1946 txkodiak (AT) Email address belongs to my daughter. She can get messages.
DD-492 Coy Vandiver YC2 11/42 - 10/44 hornfwt (AT) My uncle-never knew him, just stories-killed 10/1/44-my mother (his sis) & I would like to know more, tkx.
DD-713 Ira Bradfield C1 1945-1946 bradfiebru (AT) I'm 91 & alive and kicking in Newport News,VA-warm Holiday Greetings to everyone-love to hear from you!
DD-713 Charles Cook     cook05 (AT) Found WWII photo of DD-713 (port side) in father's records. Will make copies if interested-email be.
DD-713 Daniel Zamber   1947-48 vipputters (AT)  

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