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DD-150 Ernie Borgoyne   1943 to 1945 ewborgoyne (AT) My dad Ernie was called sparky as he was an electrician. Served in one battle in the Mediterranean.
DE/FF-1072 Jim Howland STG3 4/75 - 10/76 james.howland (AT) First ship I served on.
DE/FF-1072 Al Iannacone PN3 7/81-6/83 alfred.iannacone (AT) My first Ship and great one. Many good memories. Did the UNITAS deployment in 1982.
DE/FF-1072 Mark Osborne TM3 01/79 to 07/82 ff1072 (AT) Looking for all that served on 1072
DE-1072 Jaime Alishio BT3 11/73 - 12/74 Jalishio (AT) BTCM Osbourne taught me alot. The Beruit evacuation
DE-1072 Ernest Bishop MM2 1972-1974 glncab (AT) a-gang
DE-1072 Mark Cambron SK2 1970-1972 mgc15 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1072 Russell Cheatham TM2 08-73 to 6-74 russellcheatham (AT) I served with the Sonar Div and Torpedomen
DE-1072 James Collins OSCM(SW) 1969/1971 sahoward2003 (AT) Erdahl/Esqueda/Eidell/McCoy/Dunn/Shelton/Hintz /great team
DE-1072 Gary Cotton ICFN 5/74 - 12/75 gcotton157 (AT) Great Ship - see her web site at:
DE-1072 George Cutright GMG3 1/71- 2/73 gmcutright (AT)  
DE-1072 Bruce Dickey ENS 1990-1991 dickeyba (AT) I was a decommissioning plankowner
DE-1072 Ramon Empie BTFN 08/74 - 01/76 raempi (AT)  
DE-1072 Bill Estes LT(jg) 3/72-12/73 westes0 (AT) Anyone remember ''Swan Island''?
DE-1072 Rich Fotia BT2 1970 -1973 Bt1fotia (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DE-1072 Lee Gaines HT3 4/72-9/73 Vleegaines (AT) Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club '73. Looking for Bob Henry.
DE-1072 Jeff Glaznap YN3 1970-1971 jeffandjulieglaznap (AT) Was a very interesting time back then. Flying Dutchman-new car-too much drinking-fast ship-asroc missiles
DE-1072 Ronald Hamm OS3 1971 to 1974 hammronald (AT) living in jacksonville, fl
DE-1072 Dan Hemrick FTG3 10/70-10/72 dhemrick (AT) great times!
DE-1072 Ray Iglesias ETN4 3/73-2/77 Safeguardlockmsc (AT) Miss the card games
DE-1072 Steve Johnson SN 1973 to 1976 steebum99 (AT) Deck & Personnel. A great crew and good times.
DE-1072 Mike Kinser QM3 !972 to 1974 mckins (AT)  
DE-1072 Thomas Librera MM3 8/70 - 10/72 frdrummer (AT) Served in the engine rm during shakedown cruise to Gitmo, then a N Atlantic cruise-remember it like yesterday!
DE-1072 James Masi IC3 12/71-08/73 VMASI (AT) Looking forward to the 05 Reunion.
DE-1072 Clinton Massie STG3 1970-1973 clinton.massie (AT) Plankowner
DE-1072 Steve McCombs E-5 8/72 to 5/74 smccombs (AT) Inquiring about shipmates. Charleston, SC/Vietnam/back in Charleston
DE-1072 Gary McDonald IC3 01-70 to 03-73 gmcdonald31550 (AT) Plank Owner
DE-1072 Steve Molina GMG3 09/73-08/75 steves4k (AT) GMGC Reamer, a man I will never forget.
DE-1072 Jim Morris OS3 1974-1975 jsazo44 (AT) Live in Kalamazoo,Mi retired Air Traffic Controller. Saw Hamm's name he willed me his pillow & rack
DE-1072 Bill Naylor GMG3 1/70-3/73 wdnaylor (AT) Gunners mate / plank owner
DE-1072 George Plowman MM3 1970-1973 gdp1050 (AT) Plankowner, M-div., work sta. was Aux. 1, watch sta. was Aux. 1 & Main Control.
DE-1072 Dwaine Pucket STG2 3/70 - 3/72 Plankowner canoecanoe (AT) Rem Capt Crunch in GitMo-N At storm-losing screw shaft lube/nearly getting T-boned in Charleston-cutting yacht in half off Miami? GREAT crew!
DE-1072 Arthur Lee Rivers YN2 Plankowner arthur.rivers (AT) Looking for plankowners
DE-1072 Joe Sanchez MM3 1970-1973 joeymoe29 (AT) mm3 plankowner worked in main control eng rm and aux 1
DE-1072 Bob Schmidt STGC 07/70-09/74 sheboyganvet (AT) Plankowner, good ship, great crew!
DE-1072 Mike Sellers BT3 1970 to 1972 mikeandmarilyn (AT) Good times
DE-1072 Larry Vitarello E-3 70-72 vitarello1 (AT) I am a plank owner
FF-1072 Tom Andrews SMC 7/71-1/74 saltytsmc (AT) I have some fond memories of the Blakely and our cruises. She was a good riding vessel.
FF-1072 Frank Arbeiter FC2(SW) 1983-1987 fdsb.arb (AT)  
FF-1072 Terry Bagwell LT(jg) 79-82 tbags56 (AT)  
FF-1072 Thomas Barnes BT1 7/81-2/86 barnesthomasc (AT) Alive and well ! Living in Florida
FF-1072 Terrill Bashline BTC 7/76-2/78 t.bashline (AT) BTC in charge of B Division, Retired on board 2/13/78
FF-1072 Clifford Berardo MM3 6/81-11/84 cberardo (AT) Haze gray (AT) underway
FF-1072 Joseph Boyd STG3 01/77-12/79 boyd11 (AT)  
FF-1072 Tony Broome MM2 1976 -1979 tonyebroome (AT) Great group of guys!
FF-1072 Dustin Brown BT3 1989 - 1992 dustinbrown (AT)  
FF-1072 Ronnie Carter MMC(SW) 9/84-4/87 mmcsrl (AT) I loved the Blakley and left her with a tear in my eye.
FF-1072 Willard Clark GMTC(SW) 1982 to 1985 wiclark (AT) Summerville, SC
FF-1072 Craig Collins HT3 11/79 - 11/81 collinsscorboro (AT)  
FF-1072 Tommy Collins EN2 11/70- 1/74 sahoward2003 (AT)  
FF-1072 Robert P. Cool BT2 09/72-09/77 decools30 (AT) BTCM Osbourne the finest Master Chief I will ever know.
FF-1072 Ted Copeland MM1 8/86-9/87 ctedandluanne (AT) USN ret MM1 12/93 work in powerhouse at Saturn Corp in TN
FF-1072 Robert (Steve) Cowart HT2 1984-1988 silverfawn0 (AT) alive and well playing music in Milton Florida
FF-1072 Kevin Crask STG3 3/89 - 6/90 clubber1 (AT)  
FF-1072 Timothy Crock BT3 79 to 81 sonnybbd (AT) My first Ship ,hurricane Allen ,yards in E Boston,Gitmo,Med cruise,Indian Ocean,Persian Gulf,Gonzo station
FF-1072 Neil Darling MS3 12/74-7/78 buckminster7 (AT) My only ship - the food was good until I went home.
FF-1072 David Edwards E-3 1981-1983 Uss_blakely_david (AT) 2 hear from anyone served on the Blakely (AT) the same time
FF-1072 Verne Gage MM3 12/73 - 7/75 dvgage (AT) Looking to hear frm shipmates-worked Aux-1-in ships band,Merlins Muthas-still keep in touch w/Ian(Chilly)Williams
FF-1072 Ron Gagnon OSC(SW) 11/77-07/79 Ronbo004 (AT) Great duty on a great ship.
FF-1072 Bill Graham AT2 1976 & 1977 sewcable (AT) Great times with a great crew. Even if I was just an airdale TAD for two Med creuises.
FF-1072 Marty Groover FC2 1987-1991 groover2300 (AT) First ship is your best ship
FF-1072 Jeff Harris STG3 1979-1980 jharris (AT)  
FF-1072 Richard Hite YNC(SW/SS) 06/83 to 12/85 hite_r (AT)  
FF-1072 Wally Holley STG1 11/81-06/82 holley4919 (AT) Looking to hook up with old shipmates and crewmembers during my short time onboard
FF-1072 Randy Huck MMFN 1980 1981 harley06 (AT) have not heard from anyone since 1981 .i worked aux one ,nickname was huckster .haze grey and underway .
FF-1072 Chris Justin BT3 11/77-2/79 chjustin (AT) I miss those days...where are you guys at...Golemba,Nosek,Staggs?
FF-1072 Hal Kinder TM2 12/72-08/77 HKINDER (AT) Srrived onboard in Pearl Harbor.
FF-1072 Daniel Kislan AT3 1/81-6/81 moofoamy (AT) HSL-36 Det-2
FF-1072 Holt Marvin EMFN 4/91 - Decom marvholt (AT) It'd be great to hear from anyone that was on while I was on board.
FF-1072 James McArthur BT3 1979-1981 daipm (AT)  
FF-1072 Loney Mellott ETCS(SW) 8/85-8/88 mellott (AT)  
FF-1072 Reuben V. Miller Jr FCCM(SW) 03/79-03/84, 04/87-10/91 ConR2R3 (AT) BIB The greatest group of men that I have ever served with!
FF-1072 Mark Osborne E-4/TM3 01/79 to 07/82 ff1072 (AT) Looking for all shipmates of 1072
FF-1072 Mike Robbins GMG2 1982-1985 mikefrobb (AT)  
FF-1072 Michael Rogers FC2 9/87 - 8/91 mrogers (AT) Hi Marty! Hi FCCM Miller! Where is FC2 Williams these days? Contacts welcome, Mike R.
FF-1072 William Runnels OS3 1978-1981 rnls105 (AT)  
FF-1072 Mike Samuels BM2(SW) 3/83 to 6/89 Napa567 (AT) My home away from home-the times we all had onboard-remember painting the pier, Finest Frigate in the Fleet.
FF-1072 Brian Sawyer MS1(SW) 1984 to 1991 sebs25 (AT) Two GREAT tours...decommissioning plankowner.
FF-1072 Dale Scobee E-2 01/81-10/82 dalescobee (AT) when i reinlisted it should have been to stay on the blakely.not an other ship.
FF-1072 William C. Scott, Jr. OS3 08/90-11/91 williamcscottjr (AT)  
FF-1072 Eddie Shelton BM2 1981-1983 eshelt1865 (AT)  
FF-1072 Dennis Stanczak LT 1986-1988 stanczak817 (AT)  
FF-1072 Dan Stender BT3 2/83-7/84 wepranch (AT)  
FF-1072 Ken Styles OS2 8/90-8/92 teachstyles (AT)  
FF-1072 Patrick Upton OS2 06/78 - 06/82 patrick.upton (AT)  

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