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DD-361 Donald K. Ballard GM2 1936-39 dballar2 (AT) From G.m. striker to my first ratewith CTCRegan.Where R.U?
DD-361 Salvador Caldaron RM2 5/17/43-12/45 mjcaldaron (AT) Honor Flight 9/11/11 See you in DC
DD-361 William Donoho SM3 4/42 to 10/45 WHDonoho (AT)  
DD-361 Frederick Gross PO3 01/43 - 10/45 the144s (AT) My husband-died 6/22/10. Mrs.Frederick A. Gross (Martha)
DD-361 Edward Linn MMS2 3/44-3/45 n1wkt (AT) 2 trips to British Isles & France
DD-361 Gerald Metzger CPO 3/38 - 3/46 jamax4 (AT) I survived!!!
DD-361 John Pedersen S2 10/44- 8/45 Johnnypete26 (AT) 6 trips to British Isles & France. Duty in Radio Shack
DD-361 Gerald Sill E-5 12/41 - 12/45 silltaz1 (AT) Looking for David Eugene ''Slim'' Hedgepeth
DD-361 William (Red) Smith FC1 1939 to 1943 zulandbill (AT)  
DD-361 Kenneth Stevens MM1 10/16/41 to 9/27/45 kennstvn (AT)  
DD-361 Bryce Williams MM1 12/41-11/45 hi-stor (AT) A Gang reefers
DD-361 Edmund Yanalunas EM2 12/43-11/46 edstephy (AT) our reunion is Oct 4-6 in Newark,Delaware email me if interested
FFG-11 Philip Andrews HTC 11/80-05/83 swerdnap (AT) Commissioning crew
FFG-11 Rex Averitt STG3 1983-1985 rexlove62 (AT) i loved my time on the Clark..Had some great times in the sonar dome!!!
FFG-11 Jeff Black STG1 6/83-1/86 jblack257 (AT) Looking for cruise mates from IO cruise 84
FFG-11 Tommy Burgdorf FC2(SW) 3/88-5/91 Tncx3 (AT) Used to be Tncx3 (AT) E-Mail Me!
FFG-11 Mike Burns ET1 1983-1985 mburns (AT)  
FFG-11 Justin Bush E-5 80 - 84 musicmamax2 (AT) some of the best timesof my life...feel free to contact me...
FFG-11 Matt Caffee ET2 05/93-05/96 m1caffee (AT)  
FFG-11 Joseph Casper GSE1 1980-1982 casprjjc (AT)  
FFG-11 Edward Speed Chapman, Jr. EN1 10/85 - 10/88 speeddog (AT) Looking for old shipmates
FFG-11 Bob Chase ETCS(SW) 5/80-8/82 hd84 (AT) Plankowner
FFG-11 Daniel Crouss EMFN 8/91-1/94 dcrouss (AT) Living in Massachusetts
FFG-11 Frank 'Doc' Davidson HMCS 83-85 or 86 frankedith (AT) would like to here from some old shipmates.
FFG-11 Adam Doucet, III ET2 11/93-8/96 asdoucet (AT) Now permanently docked in Granbury, TX.
FFG-11 Michael Easley E-3 10/96-6/98 a26emt (AT)  
FFG-11 John Eckholm RM3 5/82-10/83 john.eckholm (AT)  
FFG-11 William Fields FC1(SS) 90-92 wrfields (AT)  
FFG-11 Avery Francis GSM2 (SW) 12/85-12/88 francis-avery (AT)  
FFG-11 Scott Fussnecker GM2 4/83-12/86 freddy48 (AT) Reaching out to old shipmates.
FFG-11 Richard Galecki CDR 10/90 to 7/92 rmgalecki (AT) Captain, USNR (Retired), July 2004
FFG-11 Brian Guinther RM3 now IT1 01/92-04/95 guinthbe (AT) had the best time of 3 ships on Clark, Parker, Iverson, DJ..
FFG-11 Michael Iverson RM2 09/90-02/94 mjiverson2000 (AT) looking for other shipmates.
FFG-11 Dwylan Johnson RM3 7/91 to 8/96 dwylan.johnson (AT) Got out in 04' and now an Army Comsec Manager
FFG-11 Dennis King GSM1 2/88 to 12/92 dmk1ng (AT) looking for old friends lost and dyer from big bear calif.
FFG-11 Edward Carl Knack GSMC (SW) 12/85-12/89 sundancer268 (AT) Last Ship board duty prior to Shore Duty and Retirement
FFG-11 Daniel Laureano BM2 1980-1984 danny.puertorico (AT)  
FFG-11 Bryan Leblanc E-2 5/80-1/82 bleblanc01 (AT) I wish i would have never left!!!!!!!
FFG-11 Ryan Lockard IC3 4/92-10/94 Rebelryan98 (AT) Best ship ever.
FFG-11 Christopher McCullough PO2 1991-1995 crmccullough2112 (AT)  
FFG-11 Michael Miller ET2 05/80 09/83 mikem (AT) Plank Owner CS-4 Division
FFG-11 Gilbert John Nortz FN 09/82 - 10/83 caker3603 (AT) Worked with Justin Bush & Micheal Board while striking for a rate-also remember GSM 3 Pimental-good times!
FFG-11 Robert Nunez GSM3 03/89-03/91 bachateroy2k (AT) Looking for old shipmates from MP Division
FFG-11 Odin Olson STG2 05/80-10/84 akoolson (AT) Plank Owner
FFG-11 Gerald Parker ETC 7/85-7/88 gparker_238 (AT) Keeping in touch with old shipmates
FFG-11 Rob Peachey SH1 1/87-8/91 Peachey5 (AT) Had a lot of good times, and some not so good..
FFG-11 Gene Pena STG3 6/93 - 6/96 Mind_Forge (AT) Cell Phone (773) 931-9526
FFG-11 James Presson GM3 03/97-03/00 jepresson1 (AT) Great ship and even better crew..keep in touch everyone
FFG-11 Paul Quimby EN3 02/80 to 11/81 pjtsq (AT) Plankowner. #1 Snipe Bilge Diver.
FFG-11 Ralph Roe LT(jg) 3/94 - 7/97 ralphroe (AT) Great ship with a great crew
FFG-11 Edward Rongitsch IC3 1997-2000 Edward.Rongitch (AT) Wish I could have done it better-hindsight is 20/20!!! Greatlakes cruise the best…hope all are doing well!
FFG-11 Charles Scamardo E-3 02/84-06/84 xfiler93 (AT) On board for a short time before heading out to Corps School
FFG-11 Joe Sellers TM1 1981 to 1984 sawdust0914 (AT)  
FFG-11 Dennis Shay EM3 87-91 dakosky (AT) anyone I served with drop me a line
FFG-11 Michael Small MS2 1989-1994 rsmall64 (AT) they should have made a museum out of her, instead...
FFG-11 Lonnie Snow MS3 12/79-11/81 rmlgs (AT) Plankowner, night baker,
FFG-11 Sekai Southern OS3 10/93-02/98 ssouthern (AT) Looking for all my old shipmates. Holla at your boy!
FFG-11 Mark Thatcher GMM1 1980-1982 magpiemaggie (AT) Plankowner
FFG-11 Bob Theberge EMS(SW) 10/81-10/86 rltheberge (AT) Would love to hear from anybody during those dates onboard
FFG-11 Patrick Vaughan STG2 9/94 - 9/99 pmv2682 (AT) Tightest crew I ever served with.
FFG-11 Joe Venuti EN3 6/83-12/86 joseph.venuti (AT) stevie, davey, or anyone else from the ship, drop me a line
FFG-11 James Walls GSM2 1/80-5/82 jaw32000 (AT) PLANK OWNER, GAS TURBINE TECH MECHANICAL
FFG-11 John Watkins BM1 7/94-6/97 john.holland.watkins (AT)  
FFG-11 John White GM1 1982-1987 johnewhite2 (AT) Looking to contact the rest of my previous division.
FFG-11 Steve Whynot SK1 approx 12/91 - 12/94 stephen.whynot (AT) Rec'd my Naval Achievement Medal and Retired aboard CLARK
FFG-11 Terry Wieczorek RM1(SW) 81-85, 90-94 usnchf (AT) Like to hear from some old shipmates
FFG-11 Bill Williams STG2 1/85 - 8/89 rhamba6 (AT)  
FFG-11 Nathan Williams OS2(SW) 1993 to 1999 natewill540 (AT)  
FFG-11 William Wilson E-3 1990 to 1993 kholley (AT) Looking for Cooper and other shipmates
FFG-11 Spencer Workinger ET2 5/80-8/83 sworkin1 (AT)  

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