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  Herbert Kravitz     JosephMKravitz (AT) If you remember Herbert Kravitz Please email me.
DD/DDR-842 Wayne Barr ETN3 1957-58 kq4ow (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 John Castle BM3 1968 to 1969 jcas917 (AT) Trying to connect with old shipmates
DD/DDR-842 Lawrence Clabeaux E-4 1966 to 1968 dac3157 (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 Phil Costanzo ETR2 09/72 - 07/76 philluvsjesus (AT) Never will I forget the bond & friendships we forged-get in touch with me-may our Lord bless you/your Beloved
DD/DDR-842 Russell Doty CS3 5/49 to 9/51   TX 989 224 3419 1006S,OAKLAND ST.JOHNS MI. 48879
DD/DDR-842 Donald Eisenhardt MM2 8/60-7/61 dspitler01 (AT) I'm his daugher, my father passed away this past Sunday 11/23/14, I have his dd214s
DD/DDR-842 Melvin Jackson SN 12/57 - 3/62 melvinkjackson (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 Keith Kaas MM2 10/63-12/67 justbekaas (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 Bill Loening BMSN 2/62-11/65 loening (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 Elmer Makins SNBM 8/69-4/71 downriverman (AT) had a great time did alot of growing up
DD/DDR-842 Donald Mounts EM3 10/1962-8/1965 Dmounts (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 Charles Perrin DC2 1963 to 1967 bornon (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 James Rapson LT(jg) 1964-1967 jrrapson (AT) Comm/DASH Officer
DD/DDR-842 Richard Shaw MM2 01/59-6/62 rpshaw1963 (AT) Had a lot of good times
DD/DDR-842 Sandra Siciliano ETN2 1977-1979 misschopin (AT) Ship Store Keeper - visit
DD/DDR-842 Paul Stinson CS2 1949-1952 pauldolly (AT)  
DD/DDR-842 Frank Stowell MM3 1/45 franstow119 (AT) a plankowner
DD/DDR-842 Gregory Sutchko RD3 7/58 - 3/60 janandgreg (AT) My Navy nickname Spike.
DD/DDR-842 Robert Wagner FN 47-50 pobob01 (AT)  
DD-842 James Aleman SH3 1974-1978 ealemanj (AT) would love to hear from anyone
DD-842 Thomas Barnes BT3 Dec 76-Jun77 BARNESTHOMAS (AT) Finally retired in 93
DD-842 Mike Barry FTG3 72-4/74 howdydoody77 (AT)  
DD-842 Stephen Barsh ETRSN 1970-1972 SteveBarsh (AT) Juno.Com  
DD-842 James (Jim) (Bennie) Bencivengo BMSN 1965 to 1966 jimben9842 (AT) It was a special time in my life serving with a great bunch of guys.
DD-842 Dennis Bennett HTFN 1973-1975 gabby9123 (AT) Nickname Country
DD-842 Edison (Ed) Bennett SH3 8/66-8/68 EJTandem (AT) Friends Tony Roloff SH3 & Wayne Johansen ASROC3, want to find Denny Hutton DC-SEAL
DD-842 Bud Black BT3 1970-1971 budblack13 (AT)  
DD-842 John Blankenship BMSN 1969-1971 jblankenship (AT) She was a GREAT ship! I sure miss the ''old'' days!
DD-842 Ronald Blare   54-58 Taylrc21 (AT) This was my fathers ship and he is looking for his crew mate
DD-842 Mike Blazier BT3 06/1971-08/1974 Badge8629 (AT)  
DD-842 Al Bonner RD2 1950 to 1952 bonner51 (AT)  
DD-842 Donald Bowen EM3 3/74-7/74 don.bowen (AT) Week after I arrived the CO put the crew on Tropical Hours, liberty at 1300.
DD-842 Arnold Bowers IC3 1978-1980 awbowers (AT)  
DD-842 John Boyer   1946 to 1954 rogerandroxanne (AT) looking for someone who knew my father
DD-842 Floyd Brassfield ETR2 1/69-5/72 fbrassfield (AT)  
DD-842 Donald Brennen MM2 12/72-10/75 donbrennen (AT) Had many memories with a great crew and friends.
DD-842 Pete Brotschul BT2 1/95 to 8/77 petebrotschul (AT)  
DD-842 Richard A. Burdge SN 09/64-09/66 rburdge784 (AT) need to find some guys for information and to have good old memories and old stories told
DD-842 Bob Capozzoli SM3 66-67 RJC1269 (AT) nick named ''IRISH'' by Chief Grimaldi ( GITMO, PR & MID EAST)
DD-842 Lamont Carson QM2 08/71-04/74 Jlcarson13 (AT) Remember all the good times and the not so good
DD-842 John Castle BM3 1968 to 1969 jcas251 (AT) Would like to hear from other BM's that were there the same time.
DD-842 Jim Childs E-4 2/65-8/68 jc1825 (AT) Did not like getting shot at in the Gulf of Tonkin
DD-842 Barrett Clisby LT(jg) 12/1969 - 5/1971 oxfordms (AT) ASW Officer, deployed to North Atlantic
DD-842 Joseph A. Coffman S1(FC) commissioning to 08/1946 jacoffman3 (AT) would like to hear from original fire control gang
DD-842 Howard Collman SSM3 11/11/45 to 01/01/1948 dandkcollman (AT) none
DD-842 Frank Connell EN3 3/70 - 10/71 fjc1008 (AT) north atl.polaris missle launch,san juan
DD-842 Steve Corbin E-3 1970-1970 cor198 (AT) On this ship for 1 month.
DD-842 Philip Costanzo ETR2 6/72-7/76 philwv3k (AT) I often think of my shipmates including all our officers !
DD-842 Charlie Cruser SN 8/64-8/66 chascru39 (AT) 1st division section 3
DD-842 Dennis Cucinella BMSN 11/64-11/66 cooch842 (AT) Love the reunions. Wish more guys would show up.
DD-842 Donald Danville RD2 1968 to 1971 danvillr57 (AT) 64 and counting
DD-842 Barry Darden GMG3 6/68 -9/69 brdarden (AT) anyone aboard at these times, contac me anytime thru.e-mail
DD-842 Keith Davis BM2 1976 to 1980 keithkdavis1953 (AT)  
DD-842 William Davis PNSN 10/64 - 8/66 vnvets (AT) Want to hear from those who sailed Fiske around the world
DD-842 Karl Davis ET3 12/79-06/81 karl.a.davis (AT)  
DD-842 Kevin Dearie QM2 4/77-decom 1980 KCD86 (AT) Would like to hear from fellow shipmates,Reguards to all
DD-842 Albert DeGracia EM5 1977-1978 KEYDART (AT) Looking for shipmates of 1978 (remember the storm of 78)
DD-842 Bob Deloge MMC 8/71 - 7/73 badeloge (AT) Looking to contact old shipmates
DD-842 Thomas Duran MM3 3/72 to 6/75 thomasjduran (AT) I grew up on the fiske and it opened my eyes about the navy
DD-842 John East GM3 08-66 thru 01-70 frodo4ever (AT)  
DD-842 Richard Edison GMSN 9/72-5/74 tedison51 (AT) Lets get back to good times
DD-842 Don Edwards TM2 1972-1973 donaldhedwards (AT) TCS has the best website for ''real'' sailors
DD-842 Robert Faircloth SMSN 72-74 Racoonrough (AT) good ship..rode well...only got tossed outta my rack once
DD-842 Rocco Fannelli RD2 1949-52 CAROLFANNELLI (AT)  
DD-842 Mike Ferguson HT2 2/77 - 2/79 mferguson3 (AT) Port of Call: Bayonne, NJ. It's not just a job it's an adventure!
DD-842 Matt Finkle EM3 4/74 - 7/74 mattison.finkle (AT) Spent most of time in hospital & sick leave
DD-842 Anthony J. Fiori MMC 12/66-12/68 tony_fiori (AT)  
DD-842 James Fisher RD/OS1 6/75 - 6/80 fisherjh45 (AT) I was a member of the Sel Res crew.
DD-842 Britt Fontenot GMG2 1968-1970 AJFontenot (AT) Was a member of the ASROC Gang
DD-842 Hugh Foster BM3 1/67 to 1/69 hlf2642 (AT)  
DD-842 David Frederick SN 1965 -1966 docdave (AT) ''Freddy''
DD-842 Robert Furth RD3 6/69 - 03/71 scroung1 (AT)  
DD-842 Caesar Fusco SN3 1945-1946 stevenfran3 (AT) This was my father's ship
DD-842 Daniel Gilroy E-4 1966 to 1970 dgilroy703 (AT) Reunion soon. Get in touch. Get newsletter
DD-842 Albert Girone SO3 1948 to 1952 dontlikenj (AT) sonorman/My Dad would like to hear from anyone
DD-842 James Jamie Giroux IC3 8/77 - 8/80 Jgiroux (AT) Miss fellow sailors and the squids that helped me survive the times away at sea.
DD-842 Michael Gray MM3 1977-1980 Grayman614 (AT)  
DD-842 John Greeley DC2 1966-1970 jjfiske842 (AT)  
DD-842 Brent ''Moon'' Grobe SN Only for 1974 MedCruise moonlanding2 (AT) Volunteered for MedCruise; from USS Vogelgesang
DD-842 Robert Guinup E-4 1970 to 1972 rg98765432 (AT)  
DD-842 Larry Gumbrecht FN(BT) 09/66-09/68 LWGglock40 (AT) fwd firerm, Boston Yards, Gitmo, African Cru 67
DD-842 Richard Haas EM2 6/68-11/68 richardhaas (AT)  
DD-842 Harold Harrel E3 1979-80 Buddy3words (AT) Bayonne, NJ....what a place!!!
DD-842 Harvey Harris SN 11/72 - 7/75 Sienason (AT) Cruised to Africa, Pakistan and Port Louis Maritias write me
DD-842 Harry Hartigan MM2 May 73-Aug 75 hhartigan (AT)  
DD-842 Kenneth Hayes ET2 03/73 - 04/74 khayes65 (AT)  
DD-842 Jon Heille ICFN 1966-1969 tosarium (AT) would like to hear from fellow ship mates,send me an e-mail
DD-842 Alan Henderson FTG3 1/66-7/67 henderson382 (AT) A lot of great memories with the derilict reprobates of 2nd. div.
DD-842 Grant Herget BT3 1969-70 gritah (AT) Wish I would have stayed in. Would be retired now.
DD-842 Jeffrey Hero BM3 1967-1971 chiefhero93 (AT)  
DD-842 Richard Hersey RD2 1964-1967 bearlodge (AT) Past President Fiske Assn. Looking for crew members.
DD-842 David Hess SM3 9/75 - 6/79 golffoc (AT) One crazy ship-those were the days if you're out there mike murphy. (murf) get in touch with me
DD-842 Max E. Hetherington MM3 46-48 cahmoxh (AT) none
DD-842 Paul Hill MM3 1978-1980 Paulsmos (AT) aol .com Black Angus anyone
DD-842 Dave Hobbs BM3 1964 to 1965 mirage523 (AT) would like to here fron anyone - do not use aol any more
DD-842 Don Hodgen E-4 10/66 - 10/68 dhodgen (AT) Loved my time on the ship....for the most part.
DD-842 James Hoffhine IC3 3/63-8/66 JMH152 (AT) Ship board name Mike
DD-842 Gene Hoffman SH3 09/77-05/80 gchoffman (AT)  
DD-842 LeRoy Hope Jr. BMSM Aug. 1971-July 1973 Krughope (AT) Anyone out there please write me.
DD-842 Lonny Hovland PN3 1970-1972 ldhovland (AT)  
DD-842 James Howey STG2 1971 to 1976 jhowey249 (AT) My only ship in the Navy. Would like to hear from any mate.
DD-842 Fred Huntsman FCT2 1952-1954 firddeberd (AT)  
DD-842 Ted Janowski QM3 2/64-1/66 tedjjr (AT)  
DD-842 Chip ''John'', ''Arthur'' Johnson SN1/BM 1963-1966 chip_johnson (AT) 5 & 2
DD-842 Donald Jones BT1 11/69-2/71 donai2 (AT)  
DD-842 Hipolito Justiniano, Jr. BT3 05/69 - 12/72 sunsmar (AT) Retired Chief 1994 and enjoying it
DD-842 Dick Kinsley LT 1964-1966 dickkinskey (AT)  
DD-842 Peter Kwasnjuk BT3 1970 to 1971 baghdaddy48 (AT) Bill Payne, YO! it's me Pete
DD-842 John Lea MMFN 1979 - 1980 onegang (AT) MOTBY
DD-842 Earl Leach ET2 8/50-3/53 earlleach (AT) One of crew while ship was converted to DDR
DD-842 Stephen Lee EM3 1/79 - 8/79 steve7lee (AT)  
DD-842 Dick Leland SK3 1962 to 1965 vwbajanut (AT) A GREAT place to learn and grow-up. Enjoyed my service time and all shipmates
DD-842 Stan Lewis YN3 6/68 to 4/70 sdlewis08081 (AT) Yn in Weaps Dept-spent most of time in weap's off-anybody hear from Mike Gabner (Gabby)?
DD-842 Fred Luke MMFN 1949 - 1952 FREDLUKE (AT)  
DD-842 Clayton (Barney) Lundeen RD2 1968-1970 barney (AT) Life was good than, better now!
DD-842 Howard 'Mac' G. MacDonald SN 1949 - 1951 ediemac1 (AT) Glad to hear from you shipmates!
DD-842 Robert Madaio EN2 05/68-02/70 rjmhome (AT)  
DD-842 Elmer Makins E-3 9/69-4/71 downriverman (AT) would like to hear from sa bob m. ellis jr.
DD-842 William Malin BT3 10/75 to 6/80 wmalin58 (AT) I would like to here from the crew I served with, drop a lin
DD-842 C. K. Marshall EN2 1969/1970 marshone (AT) Looking for old shipmates
DD-842 Hurshall Marshall   Korea GMarshall64 (AT) My dad-would like info ab his time onboard-anyone knew him?-had a shipmate Bob Berger-both still alive & kicking!
DD-842 John Martin   shakedown 11/45 Shrysky (AT) This will be for my father......thank you
DD-842 Douglas Martin ETR3 04/66-01/70 dlmartin (AT)  
DD-842 Bill McCarthy BT3 2/78-6/79 billreg28 (AT) bayonne lots of fun,to close to home
DD-842 Daniel McCray QM3 8/67 to 9/68 castingsales4you (AT) Update email address
DD-842 W. L. (Mac) McCullough BT2 1965 - 1968 LMccul3895 (AT)  
DD-842 Joseph McFadden BT3 7/72-7/75 jmcfadde (AT)  
DD-842 Tom McGovern BT2 1977 to 1979 tmcgovern12 (AT) Oil King
DD-842 Dennis McManimon GMT3 12/77-12/79 drm089 (AT) Great two years. Great view of NY City.
DD-842 Donald Meel RM3 6/50-3/51 meelster (AT) This is my father
DD-842 Jim Melvin ET2 9/67 - 2/69 MelvinJL (AT)  
DD-842 Philip Meyer MM2 1979-1980 philjudy (AT)  
DD-842 Michael F. Miller SH 1967-1970 rogallowing (AT) was wondering what happened to her
DD-842 Ernie Miller E-3 10/77-8/80 emiller27 (AT) Transfered to USS Jesse L. Brown FF 1089 in 1980.
DD-842 Stephen Miroy BTFN 11/74 to 9/75 yorimevets (AT)  
DD-842 Duwayne Morganson FT2 12/59-4/62 dmorganson (AT) Never stopped steaming-Many places-Many friends-Many memories
DD-842 Kevin Moriarty EM3 1970-1971 Kmoria3164 (AT)  
DD-842 Gary Mueller FTG3 1964-1968 bunnyboater (AT) Looking for Neal Izzo and any others who served with me.
DD-842 Charles Nicholson BT1 1963-1968 nickjunen (AT) best ship in the usn
DD-842 William (Skip) O'Donnell BMSN 11/64 - 11/66 kffk01 (AT) the best ship the navy ever had.
DD-842 Ron Olesen RMCS 10/76-11/77 repo92 (AT) Winter in Boston 76 was bad news-that was just the beginning of problems we faced over the next few mos.
DD-842 William Payne MM2 1/70-12-72 wjpjr47 (AT)  
DD-842 Ralph Pemberton BT2 1970 to 1973 rpemberton (AT)  
DD-842 Wayne Peterson MM3 12/58-09/61 pete1940 (AT) Would like to take one more med cruise. Great ship and great people.
DD-842 Scott Phelps PN2 4/70-12/71 scphel (AT) N Europe cruise 70,then various cruises (Nova Scotia to San Juan '71) with a stop in FL for the Polaris launch.
DD-842 Bruce Pires E-4 12/77 - 6/80 Decom Planright (AT) Memorable Tour - Guantanamo Bay Battle Efficiency Training,Nicaragua Conflict,Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico
DD-842 Joseph Plachinski CS3 1/1970 - 10/1971 Dziadek1017 (AT) Wow was it really that long ago....Would llike to hear from anyone for the good old days.
DD-842 Harold Q. Pryor ICFN 5/66-4/67 hqpryor (AT) we where all young, vietam,around world
DD-842 Walter (Big Wally) Puckett BT3 1968-1971 wallypuckett (AT) Enjoyed the N. Atlantic & the Med. Hated Gitmo!
DD-842 Michael Raney BT2 1974 to 1979 backitup (AT) If anyone remembers me, drop me a line,or two
DD-842 Karl Rathburn MM3 1966-1968 klrath (AT) Served aboard with my twin, Kay
DD-842 Charles Register S1 1946 creg1927 (AT) Made a Med cruise in '46
DD-842 Robert Ribikauskas SH3 11/70 - 7/74 the_rib (AT)  
DD-842 Normand Richard E-5 1957-1958 NormanR101 (AT)  
DD-842 Ronald Riddle RD3 1965-1966 ronriddle (AT) Another very good fram can.
DD-842 Clarence Roberts E-3 11/66-8/68 clarencejrsr (AT) fair winds and following seas
DD-842 Bruce R. Rogan FTG2 75-80 rogan_tn (AT) Reserve crew fm Perth Amboy, NJ thru decom
DD-842 Thomas Rose MM3 1977-1978 tinkrose55 (AT) contact me if you remember me.
DD-842 James Ross MAM3 ? -11/45 jmrj72 (AT) I don't remember a lot.Ha!
DD-842 James Ross, Jr. MAM3 1945-1948 JMRJ72 (AT) YAHOO>COM I started out at Opa- Locka Naval Air Station First Assignment Athletic Dept. Teaching Pilots j
DD-842 Irvin Royal Unsure 6/60 - 11/63 ODIEROD (AT) I am his wife, Nancy Royal.. trying to get information on service of my husband.
DD-842 Wayne Schrader SM3 1972-1974 whozyourdaddy_1 (AT) Just found out about this site, Good to see old shipmates.
DD-842 Wayne Schultz BM2 11/70 - 7/74 Wec1e2e3 (AT)  
DD-842 Eric Schwarz ET3 1978-1980 eschwarz06 (AT) Often think back to my days on the USS Fiske with fond memories.
DD-842 Mike Sheely IC3 3/73-8/76 mtsheely (AT) I stayed in the army reserve and made capt.
DD-842 Russell Sheridan BT3 4/71-1/72 rsheridan8 (AT)  
DD-842 David Smith BM3 10/66-02/70 smithda1 (AT) My first sea tour. Many good memories
DD-842 Robert Spotts DKSN 1949-1950 spottsrobert (AT)  
DD-842 Rick Stahurski SK1 8/78 - 1980 Decomm rickstahurski (AT) Great ship, great home port Bayonne, NJ. Left there as an SK1 retired as a LT in the Supply Corps in 1993.
DD-842 Don 'Tex' Standerfer RD3 1949 to 1952 don_standerfer (AT) I would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-842 Paul Stanton ST2 1956 - 1958 stantonmel (AT) To let Paul's shipmates know he passed on 03/01/03.
DD-842 Denver Stephens SK3 04/62-06/63 denver_2345 (AT) cuban blockcade
DD-842 Kerrah Stone FA 11/63 to 4/64 KLSMASSEY (AT) Rode it to the yards for the fram in NY then trans to the massey where I spent the rest of my enlistment.
DD-842 Joe Strucker EM2 12/65 to 2/68 struckerhof (AT)  
DD-842 Steve Summa LT(jg) 06/77-07/79 ssumma (AT)  
DD-842 Robert Sundin RM3 11/45 - 07/46 rsundin (AT) Looking for those who served during initial commission in 1945
DD-842 Mike Swan (Swerfy) BT3 3/77-6/80 SWERFY (AT) Good times:I saw name on this site that brought back some good memories,drop me line
DD-842 Richard Sweet BT3 02/69-06/72 sweet_6569 (AT)  
DD-842 Greg Syverson IC3 10/69 to 12/69 syverson (AT)  
DD-842 David Taylor LT 1965 to 1967 davabbtaylor (AT) Live in an RV from Ohio Great Lakes on a sailboat, Myrtle Beach to AZ and Las Vegas
DD-842 Mark Taylor OS3 1972 to 1975 Not sure about the dates, but Boston to Bayonne (Shellback!)
DD-842 Ron Terry GMG3 66-69 rterry1 (AT)  
DD-842 Edward Tighe RD/OS2 10/70 - 3/74 Fisher501 (AT) nickname was ''Bones''
DD-842 Michael Turant E-4 1970 - 73 maturant51 (AT)  
DD-842 Mark Tyrrell MMFN 76 - 79 mtyrrell57 (AT) Good old Bayonne-lovely women-Bert's Bar-great times-freezing in Boston/burning up in Gitmo-memories for lifetime.
DD-842 Robert Vance ETSN 1949-1952 TheVanceGirls (AT) Dad would love to hear from old friends
DD-842 Raphael Vargas E-3 11/72-8/73 Vargas.raphael1 (AT) This was my first ship, but not last ship.just retired from merchant marine of forty years.
DD-842 Jim Wachowicz FTG2 1968-1970 jwachowicz (AT) where are all the ft's and gunners mates i worked with ?
DD-842 Ernest Wall FA 1966 aviator2 (AT)  
DD-842 Richard Warden QMSN/RMSN 1949-1952 djwarden (AT) QMSN /1949 /Fleet Radio School Newport R,.I .RMSN Jan.1950
DD-842 Randy Waters STG3 1977-1980 randy_waters (AT) Served on Fiske from 1977 until decommishioning in 1980.
DD-842 Joseph Watkins HT3 1973/1975 jwatkins3 (AT) Always remember med cruise and Bayone,NJ
DD-842 Marcus Weisgerber BT3 9/9/46 to 8/18/49 marcusweisgerber (AT) Entered data for my dad
DD-842 Dariasue Wells EMFN/E-3 1978-1980 dwellsnm (AT)  
DD-842 Mark (Witt) Wittemann HT 1978- 1980 WITJWIT (AT) good old BAYONE :)
DD-842 Frank Witts SN1 9/51-7/52 franwits (AT)  
DD-842 Donald L. Wolfe BM3 1947-1952 v1pac (AT)  
DD-842 James Wombwell ENS 5/78 - 6/80 wombwell (AT) 1st LT, ASW/Gunnery Officer, & MPA (for a short time)
DD-842 Ronald 'Woody' Wood FN 77 thru 80 roninfla (AT) Served aboard Fiske until 80 when she was decommissioned
DD-842 Donald Wright YN3 10/73 - 10/74 dwright4 (AT)  
DD-842 Russell Yoho RDSN 1966 to 1968 tincan842 (AT)  
DD-842 Raymond Young MM2 69 71 First time registrants only  
DD-842 William Zanders EN3 1974-1976 zanman48 (AT) I would like to hear from anybody from R- Div.
DDR-842 Larry Ambrose RD 3 4/57 - 12/58 ussfiske1 (AT) 2 Med. Cruises & NATO Cruise. Crossed the Arctic Circle, North of Norway(Blue Nose)
DDR-842 George Barford MM3 01/62-10/63 JEANNINEBARFORD (AT)  
DDR-842 Thomas Barnes BT3 1/77-7/77 barnesthomasc (AT) Short tour but, loaded with enough memories to write a book. By the time I made it to my next ship I was starting over as a BTFA.But I was back in the fleet and sailing again so it was worth it.
DDR-842 James Beal MM2/P1 4/58 - 2/61 Ibcrusen (AT)  
DDR-842 Dorrall Berry IC3 9/54 - 3/56 dberry16 (AT) Miles Chivila or any other shipmates give me a shout.
DDR-842 Gil Beyer ETR3 10/60 - 8/63 vintage (AT) First ship, best ship & shipmates of a 21 year career
DDR-842 Bary Bothun SN 4/62 - 2/64 barybothun (AT) 608 835 5998
DDR-842 Jack Branson SFP2 8/60 to 12/62 branjr01 (AT) Deck Force then shipfitter-some great shipmates-remember Cuban Blockade 10/62-retired from navy 3/83
DDR-842 Peter Briggs ET3 1959-1961 peter-pat (AT)  
DDR-842 Bob Brookover EM2 1956 - 1959 bbrookover (AT)  
DDR-842 Robert Calamita MR2 1/57-9/60 ddr842 (AT) Made 2 Med cruises In 1957 made North Atlantic Cruise Couple of cruises to guantonimo
DDR-842 Francis (Frank) Carbaugh QM3 11/54 - 11/56 tcsailr (AT) Pres USS Fiske DD/DDR842 Assn 2001-2003 new members needed
DDR-842 Miles L. Chvila MR3 1954-1956 mlchvila (AT) Is there a ship's reunion?
DDR-842 Harold Cohen RDSN 11/52 - 6/55 cohenhal07 (AT)  
DDR-842 Clyde F. Conner, Sr. SH 11/52-01/54 connercj (AT) Well done, TCS Webmaster!
DDR-842 Lynden Cyr RD2 08/61-11/63 bigcyr (AT)  
DDR-842 George Dampier BT2 July, 1960 to Mid 1962 gdaved (AT) Originally from Naples, FL, Now live in Blairsville, GA
DDR-842 Melvin Daniel QM3 1960-1962 meldee (AT) Great group of sailors on this ship. Soon after making QM3 transfered to USS MacDonough DLG-8.
DDR-842 M. Bruce Dawes SN 11/53 - 10/54 bdawes32 (AT) I had a great time, and did a lot of growing up.
DDR-842 Joseph L. Dolan CS3B 11/52-12/54 leo32d (AT) Who doesn't remember ''Horse Collar ''?
DDR-842 James Dougherty RM3 1959-60 JimD3 (AT)  
DDR-842 Mike Dugan BT3 2/59-9/61 msdugan (AT)  
DDR-842 Don Duritza RD2 1959 to 1963 dduritza (AT)  
DDR-842 Leland East EN3 6/59- 4/62 hsss427 (AT)  
DDR-842 Robert Eirone EM2 1958 to 1961 sparkyacht (AT)  
DDR-842 John Evans SN3 11/52 - 11/55 MAGICIAN7503821 (AT) Served with the best in the navy. Hope to contact old shipmates (215) 824-3551
DDR-842 Jerry Faulkner MM1 11/53 - 4/57 jmfaulkner (AT)  
DDR-842 Glenn Ferguson YN3 1960-1962 gandmferg (AT) Log Room Yeoman - Engineering Division
DDR-842 Robert J. Fike BT2 10/58-6/62 robertf3_2000 (AT)  
DDR-842 Eugene Frankowski MM3 1958- 1959 frankowski (AT)  
DDR-842 Bill Fulling ETN3 Feb-64 to Dec65 wcfulling (AT)  
DDR-842 Steve Gilbert YN3 9/8/58 - 6/24/60 sgilbert (AT)  
DDR-842 Richard Groh RM2 1954-1956 dickgroh2000 (AT)  
DDR-842 Dale/Art Haley E-4 1953 to 1954 yelah_4 (AT) Unsubscribe to newsletter
DDR-842 James Hanner RD2 3/61-12/63 jhanner423 (AT) Many many good memories!!
DDR-842 Gordon Hermann SN 1954 to 1956 goruth (AT)  
DDR-842 Fred Hunt LT(jg) 54-56 fredandbev (AT) Great experience
DDR-842 Franklin P. Jackson LT(jg) 12/52-11/53 fpjackson (AT)  
DDR-842 Richard Karcher SKSN/E-3 10/58-8/60 hondo09 (AT) Great experience
DDR-842 Jeffrey Kovite SOG2 1959-1961 jkovite (AT) What a great ship!
DDR-842 Mike (Kojak) Krajcik BTFN 3/78 to 4/80 brewwdivver (AT) this was a great time ,in bayonne lost alot of brain cells, drop a line if you remember all the fun
DDR-842 Larry G.Kuhn FT2 11/57 thru 7/59 larliz100 (AT) To any FT, Sonarman,Torpedoman of Fox Div.Ref:above dates
DDR-842 Daniel Kurinzi RDSN 1960 to 1962 DanKurinzi1 (AT) How about that 1961 Med Cruise
DDR-842 Robert Mabe ETR2 1956 to 1959 maber94022 (AT) Historian - USS Fiske DD/DDR-842 Association. Great ship - Great shipmates
DDR-842 Bob Malone LT(jg) 6/53-7/55 Bob (AT) Ready to ship out again ....
DDR-842 Jean Marcel TM3 6/59-4/62 jean2241 (AT) remember the ship's party in Palma de Majorca?
DDR-842 Larry McCarten RD2 1956-1958 LarryMacc (AT) Great memories of GTMO, The Mediterranean, and The North Sea
DDR-842 Jim Mee PG3 Sept 57 - Aug 58 jimmee (AT) I was the mailman
DDR-842 Robert Merrant QM3 1958-59 mersailer (AT) GQ & Sea detail helmsmen Great ship, thanks for the memories
DDR-842 Philip Miceli BMSN/E-3 08/60 - 07/62 pmiceli (AT) Helmsman speciial sea detail,and General Quarters
DDR-842 Don Miller SN 8/60-10/61 Donmdowney (AT) AOL.Com I was the barber until I went to submarine school and then on to submarines
DDR-842 John Mitchell ET1 1952-1953 jnmitch3 (AT) Discharged in '53; became elect. engr; now retired in Fla.
DDR-842 Lou Nigro ETR2 12/56 - 1/60 lou (AT) Great crew, great ship!!
DDR-842 Mark Parks SOG3 1961 late-march1964 ntrudr95 (AT) 217-3645838 2005 reunion was a blast
DDR-842 Ralph Perricelli TE(RM2) 1957 to 1959 rdfp2 (AT) 02/24/59 enlisted, Bainbridge Md boot Camp, Nas Atlantic City-USS Fiske-TE(RM2) when discharged .
DDR-842 Wayne Peterson MM3 12/58-09/61 Repete1940 (AT) Best memories of my youth were aboard her.
DDR-842 Mike Petro SK3 1958 to 1960 missbeagle3 (AT) sad that she is gone but, she still lives on in our hearts and our memories. one good ship.
DDR-842 Richard (Dick) Pettingill DK2 3/55-8/57 rpettingill (AT) Two Med Cruises, One Gitmo Cruise, Flag Ship W/Commodore, Retrospectfully Marvelous Experience
DDR-842 Bobby Pierce SFP2 1960 - 1963 bjp4257 (AT) first ship
DDR-842 Jack Poff BT2 1954/1958 jacknjackie (AT) Known as (minny the mooch).Could get you Bread,Pies,Spam ECT from ships lockers
DDR-842 Louis Schmeiske ETR3 1959-1962 DDR842ET1 (AT)  
DDR-842 Thomas Seamark RD3 4/62-9/63 cmrk842 (AT) a steamin' s o b (loved every minute of it.)
DDR-842 Paul Sheldon GMG3 5/1970-11/73 pwsheldon (AT)  
DDR-842 Dennis Steinberger SOG2 7/61-12/63 denny920 (AT) Excellent Sonar and ASW team during this time.
DDR-842 Dave Stevenson SK2 1960-1961 jvanm (AT)  
DDR-842 Bobby Stewart EM1 10/57-3/59 bobbystewart (AT) good duty
DDR-842 Vern Stewart SN 1961 to 1962 OHIO_MOM47 (AT)  
DDR-842 Jess Taylor MM2 59 - 61 jtaylor290 (AT)  
DDR-842 William Taylor ST2 1961-1963 batylor (AT) A great ship and great crew
DDR-842 John Tegins IC1 1/53 - 2/55 jtegins (AT) Dischg 1955-bec elec engr, designed radar defensive systems for 32 years. Now semi-retired environmental engr.
DDR-842 Charlie Thompson QM2 2-60/8-63 bcjjjt (AT)  
DDR-842 Ronald Tyler ET2 1952-1955 ronald.tyler (AT) O Div Gitmo,Mariner, Med, Boston etc then IBM 32yrs
DDR-842 Bill Vaillancourt BMSN 61-64 BILLVAILLANCOUR (AT) My best friends were and still are my service friends!
DDR-842 Donald Valentine SO2 61 to 62 devalentine (AT)  
DDR-842 Louis Van Eykeren BT2 03/56-12/58 vaneykeren_8 (AT) Nicknamed IKE by Mike Kovach. Great life on board.
DDR-842 Richard Vogel MMFN 10/52 - 03/54 admiralvogel (AT)  
DDR-842 Bill (William) Wagner SN 12/54-12/56 yncwag (AT) served in sonar gang while on Fiske, tran to FSSKWEST 12/56
DDR-842 Charlie Waters LT(jg) 8/20/61 to 5/15/63   828-693-7471
DDR-842 Albert Whitaker SM2 1962-1963 alwhit (AT) Change of address: 1674 Bella Vista Way, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952
DDR-842 Jimmie Wilder EN2 1954-1957 bg01jm (AT) I served on board 54-57 Newport,RI. In 1957 transfer to the USS JOYCE and served until discharged in 1958
DDR-842 Howard Wood SN 1958-1960 barbarabrigh (AT) My husband(died 10/06)-always looked back on his days onboard with a smile-love to hear from any of his buddies.
DDR-842 Tom Wyatt BTC 1959-1960 tr7 (AT)  
DE-143 Bruce D. Bennett RDM2   Working75 (AT) (Son) For my dear dad... Deceased
DE-143 Charles Burke GM 1943-08/42 Hyedesigns (AT) This is Dad's information.
DE-143 Joe Dillard Chief CS Steward 1943 Deceased Great grandfather (died 98)-don't know much about service data, but he ran the shop aboard ship until it was sunk.
DE-143 Bertrand Engleman UK UK william-munson (AT) My mothers cousin & good friend-died shen ship sank-looking for anyone who may have served with him.
DE-143 Herbert Kravitz GM to 1944 kravitzcorp (AT) Herbert Kravitz was my grandfather. He was a gunners mate aboard the USS Fiske.
DE-143 Jack Vaughan   1943-1944 vvaughan (AT) I am entering this information on behalf of my dad.
DE-157 John Jagodowski   Aug 1943- Aug.2, 1944 jago003 (AT) U.S.S.Fiske sunk by German U-804 north of Azores-2 Aug. 1944
DE-157 Jack Vaughan   1943 - 1944 vvaughan (AT) I am entering this information on behalf of my dad.

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