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CG-16 Ken Sheeler MM3 1981 - 1985 kensheeler2 (AT)  
DDG/CG-16 Edgar Greenawalt, Jr. MM3 12/73 - 7/76 egreenaw (AT) Please contact me
DLG/CG-16 Brian Ackerman FC1 8/81-8/85 Backerman (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Philip Azeff HM3 April 83 to March 86 pandsazeff (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 John Bargholz OS2 12/89-6/93 turtleboo (AT) watch supervisor last trip to persian gulf
DLG/CG-16 Jeremy Barrett   1991-1993 jeremybar (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Dan Barrett FC2 1985-1988 danno1966 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Alan Beard EN2 77-79 abeard (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Edward Bennet OS2 02/89-07/92 Ebennet906 (AT) What's up folks? Still in, OSC(SW). Also own a sports bar.
DLG/CG-16 Sam Benson DS2 1979 to 1983 sam.benson (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Phil Bowie IC2 01/81-09/85 Bgrayson2 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Richard Brookes QMSN 4/77-7/80 rbrookes (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Victor Campbell LT 1/75 - 9/76 Vcampbell (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Chris Chappell FC2 4/86 - 7/90 ChappellC (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Ed Crean ET3 1983 to 1987 etchief (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Alan Cummings MM3 4/78-5/81 yaohya01 (AT) anyone remember leahy on the rocks
DLG/CG-16 Frank DeLuca EW1 05/71-10/73 Lfdeluca (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Thomas Dickey ETN3 1973-1975 tom_kate (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Evan Doering TM3 1964 to1965 mdoering (AT) Have you seen pictures of the Leahy being cut up and scrapped in Brownsville Texas. Sad .
DLG/CG-16 John Dunn LT 6/84-7/87 JohnRet (AT) Communications Officer
DLG/CG-16 John Evans SM2 1988-1992 jevans98 (AT) great time
DLG/CG-16 Joseph Gilbert BT3 7/78 to 4/80 Jochara (AT) Learned a lot of what it took to be a good BT.Thanks guys!
DLG/CG-16 Gary Gradel OSC 6/73-6/76 ggradel (AT) Had a great CIC crew
DLG/CG-16 Dave Graham BT2 6/72-11/75 roosterg5 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Aaron Groves E-4 7/75 - 2/76 bbwolfz1 (AT) this is grover rat from aft fire room
DLG/CG-16 Robin Henson MM2 1/77 - 5/80 ROBIN.HENSON (AT) TINKER.AF.MIL Who was sleeping behind the switch boards????
DLG/CG-16 Jim Herdman BT1 10/74 - 11/75 JHERDMANSR (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Christopher Horner ET2 8/91-10/93 hornerc (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 John Hueg MM3 11/74 - 3/77 jwhueg (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Kenn Japhet MM3 1989-1992 Japhets (AT) Worked in Main control, looking for some of my old mm buds
DLG/CG-16 Bob Jeffries BM3 65 to 67 bljeffries (AT) anyone on the leahy at this time call me cell # 574- 268 7678
DLG/CG-16 Ken Jennings MM2 01/88-05/92 hrgenken3 (AT) Bilge Rat #2 reporting
DLG/CG-16 David Johnson OS1 09/72-12/75 daveretosc (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Anthony Knoch DK2 1/92 - 10/93 anthony.knoch (AT) Didn't realize how much I loved that ship until she was gone
DLG/CG-16 John Kraft MM2 1977-1979 mmcmret94 (AT) Aft Engineroom - loved every minute!
DLG/CG-16 Tony La Tourette RM1 1/78 - 8/79 acpaint1 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Ray Lintner OS2(SW) 1990 to 1993 hray (AT) tracksup and TIC during G.Q.
DLG/CG-16 Kevin Lomas EM3 1990-1992 Kmlomas (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Paul Lusk E-6 April 1981 - June 1982 paullusk (AT) Took her through the yards in Long Beach.
DLG/CG-16 Geno Majuta OS2(SW) 10/91-4/93 hootafam (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Michael McTigue OS2 1976 to 1980 smctigue111 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Terry Miller STGC 1969 to 1972 millertr (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Darryl Moore E-4 11/91-8/93 dmoore01 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Lawrence (Larry) Morales BMSN 1975 to 1977 larry125 (AT) What is the status on the Leahy? What homeport, still incommi
DLG/CG-16 Shane Mullins STG2 Dec 1988 Sep 1993 tsmullins (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Ronny Murray BT2 1979-1981 orphanron (AT) Fwd firerm sup-miss my party animal buddies-chk myspace-keep in touch all who rem me-now work for Lowes.
DLG/CG-16 Mark Nicholson HT2(SW) 9/85-4/88 nkprk (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 John M. O'Donnell RMSN 1991 to 1993 JMO101 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Scott Phillips FC2 1/86-07/90 hscottphillips (AT) like to hear from Clyde, Jerdevil, Murdog, Yogi, Frost, Azmus
DLG/CG-16 James Powers BT2 1977 1979 powersj (AT) Email me. Talk about times.
DLG/CG-16 Sandy Reding OS2 1984 to 1987 sandman935 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Robert Russick IC1 1981-1983 rrussick (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Jack Saxton GMTC 8/79-4/84 desertratzaz (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Bill Shinholser EM2 1/69 - 8/72 billshin45 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Ronald Spurlock MM2 5/76-10/79 ronaldspurlock (AT) I worked in after engineroom with the reserve unit from Nash
DLG/CG-16 Kim Stewart HT2 1974-1977 kim_s (AT) best memories of my adult life...hey Leningrad trip nice to hear from you..
DLG/CG-16 Bryan Summers EM3 7/89 to 9/92 bsummers7 (AT) Looking for Barry Reedy, Marcus Timmons, Any other E-Div
DLG/CG-16 Bill Thornton OS3 2/88-7/90 wjthornt (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Scott Thurman HT3 2/1984-11/1987 elviescott93 (AT) Had some realy good times on her met some great people still keep in touch with some of them
DLG/CG-16 Charles Ulrich CAPT 11/78 - 3/81 culrich01 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 James Vita BT3 5/75-6/77 jamesvita28 (AT) USS Leahy CG-16 (Sweet 16)
DLG/CG-16 Jay W.Beldock FC1 1980-85 flyers72jwb1 (AT)  
DLG/CG-16 Brian White MS2 12/78-5/80 bkwinwis (AT) was in deck then became an ms
DLG/CG-16 Wayne Wright OSSN 2/81-10/83 wayne (AT) Took her out of the yards and into history.
DLG-16 Billy Abbott GMG2 04/64-04/66 wfsabbott (AT) Another reunion for 64-67 crew planned Sept./Oct. 2013
DLG-16 Charles Baird QM3 1/70-7/74 captaincpb (AT) served in 1st Div ,then N/X Division
DLG-16 Frederick Balbach MM2 9/63-6/65 Bisbee1 (AT) Main Control
DLG-16 Jerry Baugh MT2 1961 - 1964 jerrybaugh (AT) would like to hear from any one who was onboard first nucleaus crew and first crew.
DLG-16 Richard Beckman FT3 1965-1967 Beckman00 (AT)  
DLG-16 Marshall K. Bellock RMSN 6/62-1/65 KENNYKORVETTE (AT) Plank owner
DLG-16 Thomas Blakely, Sr. BT2 4/68 - 12/70 TomBlakely4 (AT)  
DLG-16 Robert Bloom GMG2 jan 68- dec 70 popeye34957 (AT) Plankowner- Commissioning color guard captain- asroc crew
DLG-16 William Bockins SH3 4/68-9/71 wbockins (AT) Plankowner 1969 Unitas X 1970-71 Med Cruise, A Great Ship
DLG-16 William Boettcher ETR2 5/62-4/62 williamlboettcher (AT) Plankowner from BIW
DLG-16 Terry Bogard IC3 1962 thru 1964 poppyboggie (AT) Plankowner
DLG-16 Chuck Bolder ETR3 6/62 -2/65 badhuskerfan (AT) Am a Plankowner . Worked on the SPS-43 Radar w/bed spring an
DLG-16 Robert (Rocky) Broughton SN 6/64- 3/66 RCKY20_3 (AT) GREATEST CREW EVER TO SAIL THE 7 SEAS.
DLG-16 Horace J. Brown MM3 10/62 to 3/64 brownhj (AT) Plank Owner Fwd. Eng. Room
DLG-16 Gordon Burns RMC 12/69 - 12/72 gandwburns (AT) 156 Blueberry Ln. Statesville, NC. 28677
DLG-16 William Byers ETR3 1962-1964 billbyers (AT) Plankowner
DLG-16 Roland Camarillo EN3 1962-1965 rgcama (AT) Plank owner, Part of commissoning crew Worked in the A gang
DLG-16 Jack Childs RD1 10/62-12/63 bolen12 (AT) 501-262-2674
DLG-16 John Cooper PN3 7/65-2/67 COOPJMH (AT) Come check out our reunions
DLG-16 Jack Cox STC 12/67 - 10/70 Wapiti4Jack (AT) Plankowner; asroc crew, division chief
DLG-16 Santos Crespo E-3 Nov. 1971 santor55 (AT)  
DLG-16 Joe Dabrowski EM3 1963 to 1966 jwdabrowski (AT) Looking to make contact with ex shipmates
DLG-16 Steve Daniels BT3 1968 - 1970 SRDGC (AT)  
DLG-16 Michael J. De Michele FN 5/62 to 5/64 smokin9 (AT) would like to find shipmates
DLG-16 Frank DeLuca EW1 1970-1973 Lfdeluca (AT) served under Capt. Hoffmann & Capt. Siclair
DLG-16 Kenneth Deshaies MT/FTM1 1967-5/70 kengems (AT) Missile Division--Missile Guidance/Telemetry Checkout&Repair
DLG-16 Richard Dickey FTM3 12/64-9/65 Rich&don (AT)  
DLG-16 Bob Diehl EM2 62-64 bdiehl (AT) plankowner
DLG-16 Zbigniew (Ziggy) Dmowski EM2 5/72-2/73 didmowski (AT) Great ship & great bunch of guys!
DLG-16 Robert Dobres RD2 8/62-1/64 Redsr0209 (AT) Plankowner, served under Captain Baughn
DLG-16 Evan Doering TM3 64 to 65 mdoering (AT)  
DLG-16 John Driscoll IC3 1968 to 1969 Jdrisc1707 (AT)  
DLG-16 Tom Ebner RD3 1970-73 tebner (AT) Served under Captain Hoffman
DLG-16 William English BT3 7/69 to 10/72 Billypete16 (AT)  
DLG-16 John Everett RD4/E-4 7/69-2/74 jomeveret (AT) served under Putman/Hoffman/Unitas x 1969/Med-1970-1971
DLG-16 Ron Forsee GS-MT-FTM2 3/62 -12/64 rforsee (AT) For all my shipmates who remember-made 2nd class twice but never wore the 2nd stripe thks to a certain chief!
DLG-16 Robert Frazer FTG3 6/65 to 6/66 babob5 (AT) Arrived on the Leahy in 1965 after FT-A school.
DLG-16 Jerry L. Gay PC2 1974-1977 JMustang43 (AT) Great Site! Love to hear from crew that went to Leningrad.
DLG-16 John Goepfert BT2 1968 - 1972 Duojohn (AT)  
DLG-16 Joel Gormley FTM1 06/68 - 5/71 Joeljgor (AT)  
DLG-16 Dennis Grabauskas MM2 1968-1970 hihook284 (AT)  
DLG-16 David Griffith RD2 5/62 - 5/63 DandJG604 (AT)  
DLG-16 Wendell Griffith BM3 1968 to 1971 nanagriff7 (AT)  
DLG-16 Frank Aguirre Gurule YN3 12/66 - 12/67 fgurule (AT) Two UNITAS Cruises (1966-67)-crossed Equator in Ecuador & Brazil-Took a 38-degree roll during a cruise.
DLG-16 Glen Hager EN4 A-Gang 12/72-08/76 glen (AT) Head Animule in A-Gang !
DLG-16 Johnnie Hale BTFN 1965 to 1967 snookbreaker (AT) Great ship great crew
DLG-16 Geldon Harper RM3 1969-1971 gharper (AT) 1969 Unitas X and 1970-71 Med Cruise
DLG-16 James Hayes BM3 12/73-06-75 Jimbobw54 (AT) looking for old friends in deck force
DLG-16 Douglas Heilman STG2 7/73 - 7/78 dougwj3w (AT) Living in PA
DLG-16 Kevin Hunter BM2 1st Div. khunter (AT) Great Ship-Great Crew
DLG-16 Leonard ''Len'' Johnson ET2 4/62-8/63 lenjohn (AT)  
DLG-16 Karl Kistler SN 12/74 whitedragon4l (AT) Now live in Las Vegas-I have been happly married for 16 yrs-am a lifetime member of the VFW.
DLG-16 Jack Klett RM3 1964 to 1967 Jklettdlg16 (AT) Great ship & mates. 2 med trips & 4 month goodwill tour to South America.
DLG-16 Dennis Kobylarz EM3 1972 to 1973 koby7 (AT)  
DLG-16 Mitchell Kralka BT3 1968 to 1971 miserbutch (AT) great crew great cruises good ship
DLG-16 Frank Krug IC2 8/69-10/71 frankkrug (AT) Part of E-Division on a wonderful ship with great crew!
DLG-16 Jack Lang FTM2 1970-1972 jacklang (AT)  
DLG-16 Bob Lion RD2 5/72-8/75 usnr2001 (AT)  
DLG-16 Michael Lucas DC3 1969-1972 lukeandjenny (AT)  
DLG-16 George Lyles BM3 1962-1966 georgelyles (AT)  
DLG-16 Howard MacIntyre SN 03/69 -01/73 promac1 (AT) Great ship,good captains and crew. moored at Suisun bay.
DLG-16 Edward McAllister MT2 1962 to 1965 emcall (AT) I was one the nucleus crew. Never saw anything sadder than the dismantling of the ship down in Texas.
DLG-16 Smalley McHam SK3 1965 to 1968 mmcham (AT) Any old shipmates out there?
DLG-16 John McLeod BT2 5/68 -12/69 Johnmcleod2646 (AT) After fire room
DLG-16 Jim McNally BT2 1968-70 mcnally (AT)  
DLG-16 David McQuay CTM2/EW2 1972 to 1973 mcquaydm (AT) This was a very sleek ship that represented the USA well !
DLG-16 John Mercurio DK3 1972 to 1973 johnsue (AT) Served under DK1 Paul Fairburn
DLG-16 James ''Bunk'' Midkiff FTMC 1963-1965 kgoins26 (AT) Dad died in 1990. I'm interested in his Navy service stories
DLG-16 Steven Miller BT3 9/73-5/76 srmiller (AT) After fireroom, like to hear from all the guys
DLG-16 Joe Mills ETN2 1962-1964 mljose7 (AT)  
DLG-16 John Minners BM3 1970 - 1971 jminners (AT) Great ship, great memories. Jordanian Crisis Cruise
DLG-16 Richard Murphy ET1 1968-1970 Genforric (AT) Onboard frm refurb in Phila Shipyard 68 thru Unitas Cruise to S Amer 69-70-like hear frm anyone onbd dur this time.
DLG-16 James O'Neill LT 1/68-11/69 oneillfalm (AT)  
DLG-16 Paul Phillips E-3 11/72-11/74 phillips.paul21 (AT) Started in 1st div moved to ship's office legal yeoman med cruise & shakedown GITMO
DLG-16 Harland Pifer MM3 9/70-3/74 hpifer (AT) 3 times to the Med. We all knew how to rock and roll.
DLG-16 Richard Poissonnier HM 1962 - 1963 richardpoissonnier (AT) sbcglobal .net Would like to hear from other shipmates.
DLG-16 Wesley Postuma BT3 1975 to 1978 wpostuma (AT)  
DLG-16 David Potter BT3 06/63-07/67 dpmh (AT) It was an honor to serve aboard the leahy
DLG-16 Frank Pritz OS3 1971-1974 FPritz (AT) Made 2 Med cruises
DLG-16 Robert M. Rains IC3 03/70 to 08/71 rrains (AT) What a Great Beautiful Gray Hull!! And E-Division, what a great division to serve in.
DLG-16 Keith Rasey BMSN 1962-1964 firedan38 (AT) Plankowner from BIW to Boston and Charleston
DLG-16 Charles Ray GMM2 1973 to 1975 sray (AT) Was Sea Detail Helmsman-Worked on Terrier Missles
DLG-16 Ernest Ray SN 5/66-2/67 ray278 (AT) Was on UNITAS VII cruise and went to Philly Yard
DLG-16 Paul Richmond FTM2 12/73-2/75 atokaddod98 (AT) Worked 4 Chief Murtaugh, & 4 the (Ice Cream Man) Chief Laslo
DLG-16 Rocky Rocheleau STC 1965-1966 rockey (AT) Left ship day it departed for unitas cruise in early 66
DLG-16 Ron Rogers QM3 1968 to 1969 crapshooter_yo11 (AT) Plankowner
DLG-16 Joseph Sacca, Sr. SM1 64-65 JOSEPHSACCA (AT) great trip around south america
DLG-16 Gary Segrove RD3 1969 to 1971 gary_seagrove (AT) Looking for Tom Ebner or Cecil Spadafore
DLG-16 Steve Shepard STG3 7/71- 5/74 stshepard70 (AT)  
DLG-16 Frank Simpson EM1 1970 to 1971 frankokie (AT) This was one great ship.
DLG-16 Wayne Skipper BT1 6/70 to 6/73 wayneskipper (AT)  
DLG-16 Joe Smith DK2 Jan 63 - Sep 63 joesmith (AT) Helped to commission. How long was this ship in service.
DLG-16 Eugene Smith SN 8/66 to 12/66 eugsmith (AT)  
DLG-16 Howard Snider EM1 1969/1970 hsnider2 (AT) Went on UNITAS X, Great Crew, Great Ship, C**KFace Bars?
DLG-16 John Solomon CS3 1973 to 1974 John.Solomon (AT) Shake down cruise in Gitmo
DLG-16 John Souders MM2 5/71-12/74 jds2 (AT) what a time, young and full of it
DLG-16 Gary Spencer GMM2 4/70 - 10/73 apa51 (AT) Made E-5 in just 3 yrs. Worked hard and played hard aboard the SWEET 16
DLG-16 Kim Stewart HT2 1973-1977 kxstewart (AT) hey hag--u find it? where are you hogs?
DLG-16 Terry Swan RM2 8/70 - 8/73 ROOTY (AT) CHARTER.NET  
DLG-16 Roger Thomas SKC 7/69 - 7/71 thomasb (AT) Was initiated for Advancement to CPO on Unitas 10.
DLG-16 Barry Thomas FTM2 5/66-12/66 & 4/68-4/70 spc1121 (AT) Decommissioned & recommissioned in Philadelphia
DLG-16 Ronald Thompson EM2 1963 to 1966 RONTHOMP43 (AT)  
DLG-16 Raymond Trowbridge SO3 05/62 to 12/63 trowbridge (AT) Good times, great ship. I should have re-enlisted.
DLG-16 Paul Ulrich MM2 5/62-11/63 michred40 (AT) I am or was a plank owner
DLG-16 Robert Vrabel FC2 1974 to 1978 robertjvsr (AT)  
DLG-16 Kenneth Webb BM3 1963-1967 oneeyewebb (AT) deck and boat skipper
DLG-16 Wayne Wenner IC2 7/70-8/73 nodakwenner (AT)  
DLG-16 Kevin Westberg SN 3/71-2/73 kwest1 (AT)  
DLG-16 Brian Williams GMM2 1969 to 1972 brwillgt2k (AT) Great ship, great memories - would like to hear from some of my buddies.
DLG-16 Gary Winters SK2 1972-1973 gwinters (AT)  
DLG-16 Allen Wofford MM3 1969 to 1971 ccrider (AT)  
DLG-16 Dennis Woodruff BM3 1970 to 1971 ke4tsu (AT) please phone (828) 837- 7013 murphy .nc bm3 woody
DLG-16 Terry Wyant OS1 7/64-7/68 militaryretired (AT) Re-Comissioned from Bath, Me/Chg HomePort to Norfolk
DLG-16 Steve Zinsli BT2 01/73-09/76 szinsli (AT)  
DLG-16 Chris Zobel STG2 7/70 - 4/72 chriszobel (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 Steven John Anastasion CAPT 1964-1967 sna (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 Jim Arnold MM2 1/79 - 1/82, 3/82 - 3/83 arnoldjr58 (AT) Hey Rabbit....I remember Leahy on the rocks....
DLG-16/CG-16 David Bedford FTM1 (Frocked) 3/78-10/80 ru7of9 (AT) AN/SPG-55 Radar. Sea detail Helmsman.
DLG-16/CG-16 Verlin Inman SN 1965-1966 inmanh3 (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 Robert Jeffries BM3 64-67 bljeffries (AT) would like to hear from any one that was onboard at that time. went on med cruise and to south american
DLG-16/CG-16 Delmar Kluball GMT2 1981-1985 delmar.kluball (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 Tony La Tourette RM1 1/78 - 8/79 acpaint1 (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 John Landry OS2 1981 - 1986 landry4golf (AT) To the sailors I served with, send me an e-mail. I would like to hear from all of you.
DLG-16/CG-16 Richard Mooers MMFN 79-80 rmooers (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 Steve Mullen PC3 1979 to 1981 stamplicke (AT)  
DLG-16/CG-16 William (Bill Boats) Murray BM2 1976-1981 bkmur1 (AT) ran 1st under davis div / shipmates respond asap
DLG-16/CG-16 Mike Walters deckape 1978-1979 captainsea03 (AT) what a time we had in japan
DLG-16/CG-16 Dennis Woodruff BM3 70-71   4.0/828-835-8620

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