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DD- Dave McIntyre SN 6/60 - 6/61 rrdave2003 (AT) looking for shipmates
DD-535 Bill Albert MM3 1961-1962 jmftaxtime (AT) Called up for Berlin crisis. Great north atlantic cruise!
DD-535 Rush Gardner Allen S1 4/45-12/45 rushgallen (AT) Would like to hear from anyone.
DD-535 Raymond Arona BMSN 10/61-10/63 trapshooter212000 (AT) served Berlin and Cuban crisis
DD-535 Robert Badami SK3 1954 to 1956 santaandbob (AT)  
DD-535 Terrill Bashline BTFA 58-60 stbash1938 (AT) 1st. Ship served on New Port, RI & Boston Naval Shipyard
DD-535 Harry Bauer SM3 1943-1946 olepete (AT)  
DD-535 Wayne Bell BT2 1956-1959 dinger312000 (AT) A great crew to be with and the best overall learning experience of my life.
DD-535 Tommy Benton   1945-46 inthesonslight (AT) my dad-onboard when dive bomber bombed the Franklin. Ship aided rescue/firefighting & covered her withdrawal
DD-535 Roy Berberian FN 10/61-10/62 yavah (AT) Please contact me if you are an old shipmate.
DD-535 Clarence (Steve) Boyd SO3 7/52 - 10/54 jsboyd3833 (AT)  
DD-535 A. D. Branch LT(jg) 7/51-7/54 deon (AT) First Lt / Gunnery Officer
DD-535 Jake Brohel FTG2 10/61-8/62 jbb1sg (AT) Good ship good people
DD-535 Brent Brown SN 10/16/61 to 7/30/62 bb5035 (AT) Also served on the USS Vogelgesang 862 and USS McNair 679
DD-535 Reuben Bryant, Jr. MMC 1954 -1959 Magicterr (AT) Looking for Shipmates
DD-535 Douglas J. Buturla SK 10/61-10/63 vtgiants (AT) Served during Berlin crisis & in the North Atlantic
DD-535 James Byrd SA 1951-1953 b.p.o.1 (AT) The Miller was my first ship I serviced on. Made the world cruse to Korea and became
DD-535 Ed Carillion TMSN 58-61 hcarillion (AT) Like to hear from the old gang. Looking for dek gunnery gang
DD-535 Richard Carpenter CS2 9/61 to 8/62 rich-bon (AT) on during berlin call up like to hear from shipmates
DD-535 John Cartwright QM2 08/43 -12/45 jcartwright53 (AT) verizon .net  
DD-535 Joseph Celovsky S1 FC Striker 5/45-12/45 jcelovsky (AT) Looking for December 1945 personnel roster
DD-535 James (Chick) Chimenti GM3 7/43 to 1945 jc10-bpc (AT) / 732-657-4563 Plankowner. Would like to hear from any existing shipmates from that era
DD-535 Lauren Clark IC3 5/51-6/54 clark89509 (AT) Great 'round-the-world cruise memories with a great crew.
DD-535 Arlyn (Al) Clary SN 1952-1953 lawc2000 (AT) O Division, Radar
DD-535 Joseph Coray GM3 May,1951-April1953 jcoray (AT) circumnavigated the world
DD-535 George L. Costa FN 1963- 1964 gcosta2 (AT) Fwd boiler rm until decom 64 (Portsmouth,VA),then to USS Hazelwood 531then USS Boston (CAG-1).
DD-535 John Crawford EM5 56-58 johnc (AT) Gerat Ship and Ship mates
DD-535 Peter Cronin SN 10/61 - 10/63 Cronin725 (AT)  
DD-535 Wayne Cunningham ETM3   wayvon (AT)  
DD-535 Robert De Luca GMSN 7/55-4/58 torojoji (AT)  
DD-535 Dale Delmege RD2 1956-1958 dalesr (AT) I have photo of me, Cagenello, Singleton and Shelleby in Piraeus 1957
DD-535 Dan Dennehy FTSN 60-62 dadasoc (AT)  
DD-535 Bill Deters LT(jg) 10/60-3/62 williamdeters (AT) I was the Supply Officer. Great bunch of guys. We almost single handedly won the Berlin Crisis.
DD-535 Giles Dockery SN 4/52-5/55 bdoc38 (AT)  
DD-535 Charles Doran RD3 4/54 to 12/55 charlesdoran1 (AT)  
DD-535 Richard (Dick) Dunstan RD3 7/60-11/61 richardduntx (AT) Reservist activated 10/61 for Berlin Wall crisis-ret 1984 at NROTC Notre Dame as a CDR-now living in Plano,TX
DD-535 Ronald (Duse) Dusablon RMSN 1953 (2-weeks) dusers (AT)  
DD-535 Bernard Eldredge GMG/SN 10/61 to 5/62 bernieusnret4211 (AT) Lived a good life ,,spent 43 years in the us navy and navy reserves
DD-535 Ernest Cecil Elkins TM2 09/52 - 04/53 cecilelkins5 (AT)  
DD-535 Wilfrid Fallon TM3 12/61-11/62 bud fallon (AT)  
DD-535 Allan Farrow RD3 5/53-5/57 DAN760 (AT)  
DD-535 Ken Finegan GM3 10/61-10/63 ken (AT) still in touch with some local crew members
DD-535 Terry Fisher ET3 1956-1957 terence_fisher (AT)  
DD-535 Edward Fitzgerald ? 1951 - 1953 Efitzgerald (AT) My dad past in 2013 . Anyone remember him and his Korean days. Please contact me. Thank you .
DD-535 John (Jack) Fleskes QM3 8/23/43 to 8/23/45 jfleskes (AT) Not many of us around
DD-535 Ronald Frasca PN3 7/58-9/60 Rfas38 (AT)  
DD-535 Anthony Funaro SN 4/53-2/54 aarrow (AT)  
DD-535 William (Bill) Gillmen BT1 1956 to 1959 w95g25 (AT) hope to hear from shipmates
DD-535 Eric Goldschrafe SA 1963 Tigerlager (AT)  
DD-535 Beryl Grisier SN 1/59-12/59 beryl (AT) 1st Ship Made Med Cruise May-Dec.
DD-535 Gerald Gulsvig YN3 9/55-7/57 (AT) Was on board when torpedoed leaving Narragansett Bay
DD-535 Edward Hackney   12/43-9/45 ehackney (AT) Looking for shipmates of my father Edward June Hackney who served on the USS Miller approximately12/43-9/45. Thank you.
DD-535 Roy Hall BM2 1941-1945 (?) gosborne4 (AT) Dad served on USS Miller, USS Atlanta, & Hammondsport.
DD-535 R. Emmet Harrigan LT 3/59-5/61 remmeth (AT) Gun boss. Excellent, hard-working crew. Always short-handed
DD-535 Alvin Hatfield BM 1943-1945 htrgr (AT) Looking for shipmates of my father
DD-535 Frederick Heiler MM2 1956-1957 wespat58 (AT) Watch out for sea bats & mail bouys.
DD-535 Billy (Hank) Henderson MM3 1951-1955 Melbahen (AT) I worked in the FWD Engine Room. I have lots of fond memories and would love to hear from Shipmates.
DD-535 Joe Hoak SH3 1951-1954 palajoe (AT) Good ship, great guys and a cruise around the world.
DD-535 Homer Hopkins   1943-1945 hopkinsgl (AT) This was my father. I am sorry I don't have more information
DD-535 Nello Hornsby SN 1951-1953 NELLNITA1928 (AT)  
DD-535 Daniel R. Jakiela     Deceased Deceased 4/13/14
DD-535 Duane Johnson FP2 4/51 to 4/53 htinkerbelltwo (AT) highlight was serving with a great group of guys.
DD-535 Neary Justice FN 5/55-8/56 terryjustice (AT) I'd love to hear from shipmates
DD-535 David Karam SN 8/63 - 6/64 davidk44972 (AT) was strikingfor yeoman--my first ship- enjoyed the rough waters it was a sad time to see her decommissioned
DD-535 Robert Keneker SN1 4/44-12/45 rbkeneker (AT)  
DD-535 Stan King Ship Service 1961-1963 vfw10 (AT) Berlin Crisis 1961, North Atlantic, Oct-Feb
DD-535 Fred Kirch ETN3 1955 - 1957 Springfever00 (AT)  
DD-535 Richard Klein   1944 to 1946 Anaber (AT) My dad was on this ship. Would like to hear from shipmates.
DD-535 Richard Kutz WT3 8/43 - 10/45 KKutz000 (AT) This is my father. E-mail me and I will pass it on to him.
DD-535 Tom Lawson SN 11/59 - 8/61 hogan29456 (AT) First ship. Great times
DD-535 Russell LeCaroz GM3 1961 - 1963 rglnjl (AT) Had a lot of fun with all the guys
DD-535 Antonin (Tony) Lejsek BT3 1960-1962 TonyLejsek (AT) 1st ship-rec all 3 wishes out of bootcamp, a Destroyer, East Coast, Northern Europe.
DD-535 Bobby Lester SN 1957 bll2626 (AT)  
DD-535 Ron Letty MRFN 10/61-8/62 wolfsaver9 (AT) Did the Berlin Wall Crisis
DD-535 John Long SK 2/c 1943-l945 shortjlong (AT)  
DD-535 Timothy Maloney SK3 12/62-05/64 tmaloney (AT)  
DD-535 Walter Marder LT(jg) 3/63-6/64 amarder (AT)  
DD-535 Matt H. Marshall GM3   bicster_m007 Gone to meet his Maker
DD-535 Phil Martorano BM2 6/62-6/63 falmar2000 (AT) Ship used for navy reserve training out of Boston.
DD-535 Howie McClennan RD3 5/53 - 11/55 hkmassociatesinc (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who is still around thatserved in CIC during that time.
DD-535 Donald McCrindle MM2 10/55-3/59 nypd3951 (AT)  
DD-535 Houston F. Milstead BM3 1952 /1954 HFMSR70 (AT) AOL Nice Web Site.
DD-535 Anthony (Tony) Mineo RM2 6/58-12/60 Amineo1776 (AT) We still have reunions. Check your Tin Can News or Legion Magazine
DD-535 Joseph Mitchell   1945-46 Mitchell_jw (AT) Sons email but will fwd-dad would love to hear from anyone-would like to catch a reunion if one is coming up.
DD-535 Thomas Montalbano SFM3 12/57 - 11/59 tjunior1 (AT)  
DD-535 Thomas Montalbano, Jr. SFM3 1/58 -10/59 tjunior1 (AT)  
DD-535 George Morrison RMSN 1952-1955 gjm1 (AT)  
DD-535 Donald Mullen TM3 1953-1956 drmullen (AT) Great ship,great Captain,great crew.
DD-535 Calvin J. Murdick GM   akaswm (AT) My father passed away in 1976. Would like to meet shipmates
DD-535 Sam Overstreet ET3 1954-1955 lilskeendhu (AT)  
DD-535 Gerry (Frenchie) Pardoen F1 1/45 to 12/45 ijpardo (AT)  
DD-535 William Parlow MM2 8/52 to 10/55 billbobp (AT) strato.netMed Med Cruises, Around the world incl. Korea
DD-535 Herb Phelan SO2 1958 & 1959 herbp (AT) Lots of fond memories
DD-535 Ken Phelan SO3 1/60-8/62 kenphelan (AT) USN, Berlin wall crisis
DD-535 Richard Pitzl BT2 1960-1963 rlpitzl (AT) would like to hear from anyone serving at that time
DD-535 Art Prest RD3 1959-1962 aprest8 (AT) The Miller was my second ship. The first ship was the Wadleigh DD-689 from 1958-1959.
DD-535 Jack Remsen RdM1 (T) 8/43 - 11/45 Plankowner Jlremsen1924 (AT) My father-deceased-Son (Kent) would love to hear from shipmates/children of shipmates to exchange info.
DD-535 Leonard Ruebush TM2 5/43-10/45 LandCrue (AT) Plank owner
DD-535 Art Salzfass LT 1959 - 1962 w2nifred (AT) Operations Officer when called back into service for the Berlin Crisis. Great ship; terrific shipmates.
DD-535 Martin Schwab   1959-1962 602-938-1730 addr: 4035 W Surrey, Phoenix,AZ 85029; want to get in touch with Earl Clay of Huntington, WV-please call!
DD-535 Rich Seffer FTASN 1/58 - 8/59 rseffer (AT) Like to keep in touch with shipmates.
DD-535 John Sensat SN GM 9/14/55 - 8/28/57 djssensat (AT) An experience to remember.
DD-535 Edgar Shaw MM2 1960 to 1961 wayne (AT)  
DD-535 Charles Shelleby RD2 1/57-1/60 chasanns2 (AT)  
DD-535 Frank Sizemore RM3 1958-1959 fsizemore (AT)  
DD-535 Ed Sleeper CTSN   esleeper (AT) Retired CTRC 14 June 1992
DD-535 William Smith EM2 8/43 till 1/46 soniasmith1 (AT) need to contact Ron Young, son of William Young, MM, plank owner
DD-535 William (Duke) Snyder CS3 1/60 - 7/62 christoba3 (AT) Berlin Crisis....Best SOS in the fleet!!
DD-535 Larry Sprague HMSN 3/57-3/59 larrysprague11 (AT) want to hear from shipmates
DD-535 John (Jack) Swope RM3 1961 swopejh (AT) Finished out my enlistment on this reserve training ship out of South Boston
DD-535 Al Tamashasky ET3 1961 to 1962 ajtamerica (AT)  
DD-535 Benton Tomlin CS1 1943 to 1945 madonna2u (AT) military mail welcome
DD-535 Ira Turner MM3 10/52-9/54 PO Box 294, Louisburg, KS 66053  
DD-535 Clement Van Gompel MM3 5/52 - 10/53 cmvg (AT) Looking for Thomas A. Brown, Port Huron, MI, USS Hickox 673
DD-535 William (Bill) Vestal SN 11/57 to 03/59 Wvestal (AT) Served on cruise to Med during Lebanon crises, first ship in
DD-535 John Vestal DC3 1957-1959 Wvestal (AT) Retired HTC (Diver) Dec. 1978
DD-535 Richard Walker MM2 1943-1945 deadwooddick (AT)  
DD-535 Charles Ward LCDR 12/51 - 12/52 cledge4 (AT) Staff Comdesron 20
DD-535 Eddie Weed MM3 12/60-6/64 timbuck55 (AT)  
DD-535 Patrick Weldon EM2 1963 to 1964 pdandrj (AT) I helped decommission in 1964 then assigned to USS Hazelwood
DD-535 Charles (Wayne) Wert EM3 5/55-9/56 cwayne (AT)  
DD-535 Bill Whiteside BT2 60 to 64 billandmarge.w (AT)  
DD-535 Gary Wilkinson RM2 1963-1964 gdwilkinson1 (AT) Attached to skeleton crew for training reserves.
DD-535 Muriel Winters   1943-1945? leeminnick (AT) Searching for information about my dad and crew members
DD-535 Clifford Wise BT3 1951-1955 CliffWiseDD535 (AT) Go to Des52 reunions & is only one from Miller. Pls. contact
DD-535 Ron Wos FN 5/55 - 10/57 ronjoka (AT) remember the good times
DD-535 Frank Wunderle IC3 02/54 to 8/55 papawun (AT) looking for shimates from those years
DD-535 William Young MM1 7/1943 - 1946 Rondyoung (AT) My dad-stayed in reserve made Chief-died in 03-always proud of ship & shipmates-son Ron will respond to emails.
DD-535 Bob Yuhasz RM 1956 to 1958 yuhaszr (AT)  
DE/FF-1091 Rich Hansen MM2 1987 to 1990 rrh1091 (AT) Now in the Reserves - MMCS
DE/FF-1091 Lewis Harris SN 9/74-4/77 765-567-2005 was a cook striker 4 a while then went 2 first div.
DE/FF-1091 Jeffrey Shaub BM3 76-79 jeffreyshaub (AT) north atlantic in the winter then Gitmo in the summer
DE/FF-1091 Chumley Thomas GMG2 1973 - 1976 chum (AT)  
DE-1091 Craig Baker SM3 commissioning to 1971 baker7229 (AT)  
DE-1091 Joel DeWitt MM4 1974 to 1976 jadewitt (AT)  
DE-1091 Michael Houck MM2 1973-1975 mhoucky (AT)  
DE-1091 James Jupena STG1 02/72-01/75 jjupena (AT)  
DE-1091 Steve Rupert MM3 1973 to 1975 srupert (AT)  
DE-1091 Kenneth Taylor STG2 1/78 to 5/81 ken_taylor (AT)  
FF-1091 Craig Baker SM3 comm - 71 Baker7229 (AT)  
FF-1091 William Braxton HTC precom to 1974 winn415 (AT) Served at building site in New Orleans and left in 1974 after making HTC
FF-1091 Thomas Chumley GMG2 1973-1976 chum607 (AT)  
FF-1091 George Coles OS2 03/76-07/79 osccoles (AT)  
FF-1091 Mike Corriveau MMCM 1979-1981 - 1987-1991 MKC9282 (AT) Great Ship ... and the Best Crew in the Fleet!..
FF-1091 Carl Dailey, Jr. DC1 1990 to decom dailey_carl_f (AT)  
FF-1091 Robert Daugherty LT 3/79-1/83 mike.daugherty (AT)  
FF-1091 Bob Dyson STG2 1980-1983 bkdyson (AT) High: Feb-Aug 81 Med Cruise, Low: Transfer to Reserve Fleet...
FF-1091 Mike Falvey OS3/ASAC 85-86 msfftlinc (AT)  
FF-1091 Jeff Frantz MM2 (SW) 1986 to 1991 zippy (AT)  
FF-1091 Dave Gifford MM2 1976 to 1979 oznative (AT) Hello to all my friends and shipmates.
FF-1091 Fred Grilli MS5 1989-1991 fredgrilli (AT) Reservist-I worked in the galley for 2 years. IN 1991 I also worked stripping the Miller for of the denominating
FF-1091 Harold Hamilton SM3 8/76 - 5/78 hamilton_h (AT) Would love to hear from any of the shipmates that served the same time period I did .
FF-1091 Mark Helsel MM2 1977 to 1981 Paula-mark (AT)  
FF-1091 David Henderson MM (I think) 197? to 1980? uncleeggnog82 (AT) This was my dad, looking for info... anyone who knew him.
FF-1091 Todd Henes FN 7/81-9/82 tceltics343300 (AT)  
FF-1091 Jim Herring MM3 1985 - 1989 jherring36 (AT) Where is everybody?????
FF-1091 Robert Jennings FCC(SW) 03/87 to decom jenningsb (AT)  
FF-1091 Jim Livingston ETN2 1972 - 1976 j.livingston (AT)  
FF-1091 Mark Lull EW2 1976 - 1981 mark (AT) STANAVFORLANT, Overhaul, Persian Gulf (Iran Hostage). Biggest highlights of my life!
FF-1091 Luis M. Maldonado, Jr. BMSN 1980-1982 big_lou63 (AT) If u remember me please email plus I need a hand and a patch
FF-1091 Thomas Mardas E-3 1980-1982 tamardas (AT) I'd like to hear from any shipmates that were on the Miller
FF-1091 Gary Marsh BT2 7/86-2/90 marsh02906 (AT) they are zero's in the name, not O's. Hi fellow shipmates.
FF-1091 Reuben Martinez SK2 5/78 to 11/79 rmartinez (AT) Wonderful memories of Boston, Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. YMCA was a great resource.
FF-1091 Victor Martinez STC 1979 to 1981   I'm in San Antonio if you need to find me.
FF-1091 Eric Martorell STG1 1989 - 1991 semarty87 (AT)  
FF-1091 Brian McCarty SH2 1973-1979 macman1129 (AT)  
FF-1091 Thomas M. McDade SK3 11/74-11/76 tom_mcdade (AT)  
FF-1091 James McNelley GMG3 1/79 to 9/80 jeanwalkinmysoul (AT) best of times, worst of times. but oh... what a wild ass bunch we were!!!
FF-1091 Thomas (T. J.) Monaghan SN 7/81- 82 tjmonaghan6969 (AT) starten in deck, then sturck out to corpsman under chiefj scharff. Mey Lt Daugherty how goes it!!
FF-1091 Keith Parent GMG3 1976-1979 MOUNT419 (AT)  
FF-1091 Edward ''Buddy'' Poland MM2 1978-1981 rplobstr (AT) Wishing the best to all my old M Division shipmates
FF-1091 Larry Price STG3 1982-1984 lprice3610 (AT)  
FF-1091 James Reed MMCS 07/90 to decom CMC (AT) MMCM Corriveau / CHENG Shanahan and the best Crew ever!!!
FF-1091 William Renaud SN/BM 1987 to 1988 Nighteagle2001us (AT) Weekend Warrior
FF-1091 Richard Richeal PO3 10/74 to 1076 rricheal07 (AT)  
FF-1091 David Rogers OS2 10/79 to 10/83 dave.rogers1 (AT) OS2, ASAC (aka TUF), DLPO, CIC watch supervisor. Reported aboard in 10/79 after 1.5 years at Roosy Roads.
FF-1091 Michael Schwalbach GMM1 09/88 - 09/91 Michael.Schwalbach (AT)  
FF-1091 Jeffrey Shaub BM3 76-79 jeffreyshaub (AT) north atlantic in the winter then Gitmo in the summer
FF-1091 David Smith BT1 2/85-4/88 smithbtc (AT) Best Ship on East Coast
FF-1091 Warren ''Buzz'' Smith HM1(SW) 1989 to 1991 docbuzz (AT) Reserve Corpsman, now Captain, Air Force Reserve
FF-1091 Shaun Smith BT2 01/86-07/89 Tanshakar (AT) Never forget parties in mellville! Puked too much!!
FF-1091 Tony Stewart OS3 1986-1989 matchbox1507 (AT)  
FF-1091 Kenneth Taylor E-5 12/77 to 5/81 ktaylor777 (AT) overhaul in Boston/Gitmo/Mid East and part of Med cruise
FF-1091 Michael Tester MM2 5/80 - 6/83 Beall.n.Tester (AT)  
FF-1091 David Tinker RM3 1976 to 1978 davidt (AT) May God be with you
FF-1091 Norman Weimar FTG2 05/77-09/79 firecontrol7 (AT) Fox divison with FTG2 Laird, Smith, Bryd,Sorencen, Schiller, Randall and FTG1 cain and FTGC Vespor.
FF-1091 Norman J. Weimar, Jr. FTG2 07/77-09/79 firecontrol7 (AT) Fox Div with Vespor,Cain,Miller,Sorence,Brown,Bryant,Larid,Schiller),Randall,Smith,Demont,Beard,Frost.
FF-1091 Daniel West LT 1977-79 vetnavy (AT) ASWO
FF-1091 Alfred Whitman MM1(SW) 12/84 - 12/87 whitmanam (AT) Best ship, Best crew, Best time!!!

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