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DD/DDE-449 Les Abele QM1 1/51 - 10/53 LES (AT) Like to hearf
DD/DDE-449 John Clement ETC 1957 to 1960 JohnClem (AT)  
DD/DDE-449 Harold Fox STG2 5/65-5/68 foxdenreno (AT) Excited to be part of this
DD/DDE-449 Roland Ty Harding GM3 63-66 Tythefly (AT)  
DD/DDE-449 Jay Horacek RDC/OSC 1965 -1967 jaybird163 (AT) The pineapple fleet will never forget the NICK!
DD/DDE-449 Joe Huaracha SN 52-54 nebjoeh (AT) part of the pineapple fleet I was also on the USSRadford 445
DD/DDE-449 Robert McGranaghan SN 8/43 - 3/46 bobmcgranaghan (AT) Thanks for all the work you have done. Please send me the Data Sheet
DD/DDE-449 Harry Nell     patricianovais1 (AT) My father-87 yrs old-doesn't have email so he uses mine-served on the USS Nicolas when he was 17 years old.
DD/DDE-449 Tom Poturalski ETN3 12/67 12/68 tpoturalski (AT)  
DD/DDE-449 John Prince BM3 01/6-7/69 prnjohn (AT) Best time of my life! Staint Nick the Crystal Ship
DD/DDE-449 William G. Purvis RM2 10/60-01/63 wpurvis (AT)  
DD/DDE-449 Paul Reynoso 1/c 1942 to 46 & 1949 jrharmon1948 (AT)  
DD/DDE-449 Milton Thrasher LT(jg) 7/52-5/53 mthrasher (AT) The USS Nicholas was one of the most highly decorated destroyers of WW II.
DD/DDE-449 Lloyd White BM3 7/61-7/63 lloydwhite76 (AT)  
DD/DDE-449 Bob (Willy) Williamson BT3 1/51 to 5/53 whackowaco (AT) Call Me shipmates (626)253-3355, Apple Valley, CA
DD449 Robert Guagliardo SN 1969-1970 Maxi93 (AT) great crew good memories
DD-449 George Adams EM3 12/43 to 3/46 calokie (AT)  
DD-449 Earl (Andy) Andrews CSSN 1963 to 1966 ewasr2 (AT) great crew and ship
DD-449 Albert Apitz IC2 1969 Fireman7777 (AT)  
DD-449 Mike Atwater FN 1/65-9/66 miketeri_60 (AT) One Fast Can
DD-449 Leon Baehre RM3 11/64 to11/66 leon (AT)  
DD-449 Ralph Bailey BM2 1951-53 cans4evr (AT) 30 years in the club--no regrets!
DD-449 Jim Barakatt RD1 1953-1954 james220 (AT)  
DD-449 Wayne Bartosh MM3 1966 to 1970 wbartosh (AT)  
DD-449 Jerome Beard SOG2 1962 to 1963 olejerr (AT)  
DD-449 Sam Berger SK2 8/66-1/70 sheldon.berger (AT) Office Storekeeper. Filled out requests for supplies
DD-449 Rolf Berger RD2 09/68 - 01/70 ddg16berg (AT) a.k.a - Berg and looking for Ken Nicolai Radarman
DD-449 Paul Bidlack S1 1945-1946 pbidlack (AT)  
DD-449 Donald Blake BT3 8/65 - 11/66 dblake (AT) Good crew, and great fun
DD-449 Bill Bloor RD3 1965 to 1968 wildobloor (AT)  
DD-449 John Boehm BM3 3/63-2/65 cubs321 (AT) Great Ship,Great shipmates. I'm back in Hawaii now.
DD-449 Richard Boudreau YN2 3/69-01/70 rboudreau2 (AT)  
DD-449 Phil Boudrot ETN3 1/68 to 11/68 pboudrot (AT) Fastest & most decorated destroyer in the Navy - At the time
DD-449 James Brooks GM3 3/45-6/46 tbone1953 (AT) Was a GM striker under Reggie Brown-came aboard as TMSN1-living in Irving, TX &-phone is 972-986-7161.
DD-449 Albert Brown SH2 1943 to1946 browncraft (AT) The days on the Nicholas were a high light in my life
DD-449 David Browne EM3 12/65-10/67 dlb449 (AT) My brother Ken( stoney) also served on her.1964-1967 hewas also a EM2
DD-449 Keith Buckley BT2 01/67 to 01/70 buckley879 (AT)  
DD-449 Rich Callard BT2 4/60-9/63 srcallard (AT) Many good mem/exp-great ship to be part of-like to hear from others by email or phone 304-925-0582.
DD-449 David Caron STG3 67-68 david46 (AT) Looking for John Godby
DD-449 Richard Carpenter HMC 1969-70 sailho (AT)  
DD-449 Albert Collins EMC 1943-1945 1134 E. Bennett Ave. Glendora, CA 9 running the big guns
DD-449 Delton Crowe FTG2 1966-69 jdqcrowe (AT) we were the fastest in the fleet. we won all our races
DD-449 David Cummings SN 5/62-2/64 peacock102 (AT) Took care of captain's gig. Great duty. Anyone from Xmas Isl
DD-449 Gary Cunningham ETR2 6/63-5/66 glcham (AT) A great ship--quite an adventure for small town boy!
DD-449 Michael Daniels GMG2 1966-1969 mj.daniels (AT)  
DD-449 Thomas Davison MM3 1964 to 1966 papatom1 (AT) anyone know whereabouts of Mike Lankford
DD-449 Stephen Delaney BMSN 06/60-05/62 ddsailor60 (AT) I wish I were 17 and on the Nicholas again...
DD-449 Wes DeVoe ETN2 1963-1966 wdevoe (AT)  
DD-449 Michael Doss RM3 6/66 to1/70 mdoss56 (AT)  
DD-449 Kontul Edward   1943 thu 1945 djk69car (AT) my father would like to talk to anybody who knew him. 614 -774 -2554
DD-449 Art Evans SOM2 6/42 to 1/44 aje128 (AT) It was one hell of a ride. Not many of the old boys left.
DD-449 Bill Ferguson TM3 3/63-6/66 dufferbill36 (AT) verizon.netwho who remembers Nixon Rhodes ?
DD-449 Ronald Fisher MM3 (E-5) 08/57-11/59 ronaldfisher3742 (AT)  
DD-449 Thomas Fox TM1 6/66-12/67 tfox15 (AT)  
DD-449 Howard Freeman MM1 4/68 to 1/30/70 uss_nicholas_dd449 (AT) Truly an honor to have served on the Nick, the best in the Navy.
DD-449 Donald Fuller STG2 08/66 - 12/69 fuller.donald (AT)  
DD-449 Joe Ganser STG2 12/66-9/69 jejmjekm1 (AT)  
DD-449 Donald D. (Pops) Green MM3 62-64 pops2 (AT) One of Hartleys ''Angels''
DD-449 Chuck Hadley BT2 1969 to 1970 hadleych (AT) 775 738-5827
DD-449 Robert Hall CMM 6/42 6/46 Hallbob (AT) Tel. 802 862-6836
DD-449 Paul Hathaway BT3 69-70 phathaway3 (AT)  
DD-449 Bill Heyser SFC 63-67 horable (AT)  
DD-449 David Hofeditz SN 2/66-12/67 curvn (AT) Deck Division
DD-449 Patrick Hughes QM3 09/64 - 06/66 Irishfam (AT) Would like any info about any Nicholas organizations.
DD-449 Michael Jack TM3 1968 to 1970 michael_jack (AT)  
DD-449 Arnold Jaeger MM2 1962 to 1966 dadaj123 (AT) Proud to be part of this crew. Would like to hear from anyone
DD-449 Ivan Jensen ET1 8/50-2/52 ijensen9 (AT) nice to hear from anyone radio gang, radar, sonar
DD-449 Robert R. Johle GMG3 1966-1969 robertj (AT) she was a sleek and fast ship!
DD-449 George Jordan ETC 1969 to 1970 yoko20pm (AT) 858-538-2304 shipmate Richard Carpenter-we both have Japanese wives-pls email/call-S Diego (12746 Calle De Las Rosas
DD-449 Dean Kintner ETN2 6/1967 - 1/1970 dean766 (AT)  
DD-449 Clair Koon SGT2 1967-1968 ckoon (AT)  
DD-449 Daniel Kreftmeyer SN 1969 to de. dkreftmeyer (AT)  
DD-449 Henry ''Hank'' Kuehn ETR2 2/61-2/64 hkuehn (AT)  
DD-449 Rene Leon EM3 1964 to 1967 reneleon987 (AT) or call me 520-548-3350
DD-449 Joseph Lerner SA   6FLOORJOE (AT) 1963 TO 1964
DD-449 Anthony Lettieri S1 1943 to 1946 aneducator (AT) We were the first ship to enter Tokyo Bay - ending WW 2.
DD-449 Richard Lopez CS3 1968-1969 rickylucy99 (AT) email if you're still alive
DD-449 James Lucas   1968-1971 remiman55 (AT)  
DD-449 Butch Mallory BT2 1965 to 1969 bsbn (AT)  
DD-449 John Marsden ICFN 1966 to 1968 jfmshannon (AT) looking for Roy Francis Curry
DD-449 Frank Martin SN1 1942-1945 itsme100 (AT)  
DD-449 Richard McCabe RM2 1964-1967 branchltd (AT)  
DD-449 Bob McGranaghan SN1 10/43- 03/46 bobmcgranaghan (AT) Does any one remember ''Pinky'' ?
DD-449 Lester McKiernan STG2 4/63 - 12/66 lester13 (AT)  
DD-449 Jerry McKinney RD2 62 - 2/65 Jomckinn (AT) Like to hear from ship mates in this time frame
DD-449 Richard J. Meyer SH2 1966-1969 richardmeyer (AT)  
DD-449 Leon Miles     jordansmom13045 (AT) Looking for anyone who may have known this man, PLSSSS e-mai
DD-449 Bill Mizell STG2 1965 - 1968 wtm45 (AT) They don't make them like that anymore, the best
DD-449 Will Morgan LT(jg) 9/56 - 9/59 wnmusn4172 (AT) A great ship and a great crew!
DD-449 Andrew Mueller MM3 6/66-6/69 andyak-az (AT) Had some good times
DD-449 George Murray MMFN 68 - 69 silver  
DD-449 W.E. (Bill) Northrup RM3 1969 logmgmt (AT)  
DD-449 Thomas Olszewski YN2 1966 to 1968 tomski (AT) Great ship and fond memories
DD-449 John O'Neill S1 1943-1946 capnhead449 (AT) Check out DD documentry (Heavy Metal) History Channel
DD-449 Roy Parenti SN 1/69 - 1/70 r.parenti (AT) I was in First Division then went to DASH Division.
DD-449 Lyle Pemble MM3 1968-69 jolyle (AT)  
DD-449 William 'Bill' Purvis RM2 10/60 - 1/63 wpurvis (AT)  
DD-449 George Quirk FTG2 1/68 - 12/69 gqbombadil (AT)  
DD-449 Rand Rice E-4 9/66-11/69 randrice (AT) Would love to hear from anyone that was there at that time.
DD-449 William Riley SFP3 1964 to1966 RILEYBJ (AT) FTC-I.NET  
DD-449 Richard Ritter FTG3 63-65 rnrdlr (AT) Anyone know where Johnson GM1 is?
DD-449 Kyle Rosa SM2 1967-1969 Mrmolokai (AT)  
DD-449 Richard Rowland BT2 1959-1963 RADAR6 (AT)  
DD-449 Brad Running PN3 1969 Bradleyrunning (AT) Great ship and a great crew. Loved my time in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
DD-449 Joseph Saia RD2 1965 to1968 ironman727 (AT)  
DD-449 Paul Schoonmaker MM2 1/66-6/69 bschoonm (AT)  
DD-449 Phaon Shafer LT(jg) 11/54 to 8/56 pdshafer (AT) 1st LT and Gunnery Officer
DD-449 Chris Sheehan SMSN 1969 to 1970 typhon1949 (AT) Fastest Ship in the Fleet (The Road Runner). I painted the Road Runner on the stacků
DD-449 Chuck Simon RMSN 1969 to Decom babazedo (AT) The Nick Was my first and favorite!
DD-449 William Sinks GM2 2/43 to 10/44 williamsinks25 (AT) would like to hear from any shipmates who served during this time
DD-449 Bob Sinnett STG3 1965-1968 sinman322 (AT) Very, very proud to have been a part of the good Nicks home away from home
DD-449 Bruce Smith RM3 1966 to 1969 brucecarol (AT) fast ship, great crew
DD-449 Sneary BTFN 69-70 rrsneary (AT) the oldest&the fastest
DD-449 Dennis Soefje BM3 1969 to 1970 babyblue (AT)  
DD-449 Carl Spiron EM1 1951 to 1951 cdspiron (AT) On DD-617 42-43 and DD-585 44-46 inactive until 50-51 DD449
DD-449 John (Jack) Spittler LT Jul 43-Aug45 Rmath1925 (AT) Staff ComDesRon 21 (One of Duke's boys)
DD-449 Douglas Starr SOG2 12/43-06/46 starr5606 (AT) I put Nicholas and Kidd DD-661 out of commission in 1946
DD-449 James Stewart EM2 66-67 jimmarie (AT)  
DD-449 Patrick Sullivan BM3 1967-12/1969 harleyradio (AT) 704 310-8965
DD-449 Charles Tittelbach BT2 1966 to 1969 Chas132 (AT)  
DD-449 Juel Ulven FTG3 1965-1967 juelu (AT) Interesting times - good memories (but didn't think so then)
DD-449 Gary Varnell SN 9/67 - 11/69 oknamvet68 (AT) Would like to hear from some of my Nicholas shipmates.
DD-449 Jerry Verdi AD2 1967 to 1968 gverd1 (AT) My first ship and I think the one I will remember as my best ship. I was on the DASH team.
DD-449 Rich Vioral OS3 7/69-12/69 ibrvnut (AT) also on DD-528 USS Mullaney
DD-449 Robert Wagner GMG3 1968 - 1968 robertandandonnawagner (AT) Not only fast,but she also had the best gun gun crew's in the Navy.
DD-449 Martin Watkins BM3 5/69 to 1/70 martymar2u (AT) most exciting time of my life,good crew and fast ship, fun in subic bay.
DD-449 Lloyd White BM3 7/61-7/63 sawsharon (AT) great ship/great crew/great memories
DD-449 Bobbye Williamson BT3 1/51 - 5/53 williamsong2 Ontario Ca. 262-253-3355
DD-449 Henry Wilshusen MM3 12/66 - 05/69 bsunshine (AT) Stationed in main engine room
DD-449 Gary Wolf ET2 1960 to 1963 gcwolf (AT) Best experiance of my life!
DD-449 Robert Wright RD3 1956 to 1958   Allegan, Michigan Hm. #1(269) 672-7818 / Cel. #1(269) 806-2826
DD-449 James York RD2 1965-1968 jyork (AT) A hell can!!
DDE-449 Gene Arwine LT(jg) July 1952-MAY 1955 gtarwine (AT) Eng Officer--A Lifetime Of Memories
DDE-449 James W. Barry (Jim ) MM1 1955 to 1957 jwbarry529 (AT) aol. com Wes-Pac
DDE-449 Roy Beebe RD2 1956-1957 beebe3478 (AT) Great ship that has great reunions
DDE-449 Carl Betteridge ET2 1958-1960 bett99 (AT)  
DDE-449 Don Bruner RD3 5/58- 3/60 dandjbruner (AT) Currently alive and well in Indianapolis
DDE-449 Larry Burns BMSN July 1952-Dec. 1954 lburns1388 (AT) Im also on Nicholas web site
DDE-449 Leo Carr SO2 1952 - 1953 candelero (AT)  
DDE-449 Michael Cutter BT3 oil king 1957-1959 mikebcutter (AT) 40 knots no smoke
DDE-449 Jimmie Davidson FT2 1956 to 1958 doetoe915 (AT)  
DDE-449 George Dean MMFN 02/52 - 09/52 bdean1 (AT) Assigned to after engine room
DDE-449 Stephen A. Delaney SN 06/60-05/62 ddsailor60 (AT) Would like to hear from my old shipmates.
DDE-449 Marvin Dittus SOH3 4/51-11/52 wrdittus2001 (AT) I am the son of Marvin Dittus and trying to learn more!!
DDE-449 Lewis Easter FN 8/52 - 9/53 MMCSUSN1 (AT)  
DDE-449 Andrew (Doc) Farrall HMC 10/57 - 6/60 farrallmtjl (AT)  
DDE-449 Roy Fasbender HM2 1951-1953 navyman (AT)  
DDE-449 Jim Fenton IC3 5/56 - 10/58 jkfentonjr (AT) USS Kidd restored at Baton Rouge, LA-open for tours. Show your wife and kids where you lived for a few years.
DDE-449 Ronald Fisher MM3 8/57-12/59 RDeanFisher62 (AT) Like to hear from any of the Black Gang from this time period-I have retired and moved to Missouri
DDE-449 Bruce Fritsinger SK2 1956-1959 jbfrits (AT)  
DDE-449 Dave Geddes SNRM 1/56 -3/17 tinker52 (AT)  
DDE-449 Paul Hasse EM3 1955-1956 pmhasse (AT)  
DDE-449 Lawrence (Larry or Dutch) Hatter SK2 10/50 - 10/52 hatterlj (AT) Would like to hear from shipmates
DDE-449 Dale Heath FT2 1956 to 1958 daleeheath (AT)  
DDE-449 George Hill EM3 4/57 - 11/58 geojudy2 (AT) Sorriest thing I ever did was transfer to shore duty just before a second WestPac voyage.
DDE-449 Joseph Hiykel SO2 2/52-1/55 duckyardjoe (AT) Anyone remember we sank 2 or 3 subs between 1952-1955 ??
DDE-449 Jerry R. Hudson BT3 3/53 to 4/55 marjer67 (AT) Would like to hear from former shipmates
DDE-449 Stuart Irwin GMYN 1958 to 1960 sirwin40 (AT) Great Memories/Sad Memories/LOL Shellback Stories
DDE-449 Modeer James LT(jg) 6/54-1/57 drjayo (AT) CIC Officer and EMO
DDE-449 Louis Janezic LT(jg) 1952-1953 ljanezic (AT) Served as Supply/Disbursing Officer
DDE-449 Robert King BT2 6/55-11/57 samswede1 (AT)  
DDE-449 Richard Kruml BT3 05/57-07/59 suavestdevil (AT)  
DDE-449 Kirchel la Master MMFN 6/58-12/59 pa-kirch (AT) would like to hear from anyone who was there at this time.
DDE-449 Charles Laborde BT2 1957 - 1960 LCnlab775 (AT) Looking for shipmates specially in B Division
DDE-449 Kirchel LaMaster MMFN 6/58-12/59 k1lamas36 (AT) anyone who was there during this time, would like to hear from you.
DDE-449 Kirce Lloyd FT2 7/56-8/59 kwlloyd (AT)  
DDE-449 George Mendoza GMG2 7/61-12/62 gmendoza (AT) Live in Bremerton Wa 98311
DDE-449 James Modeer LT(jg) June 1954 - January 1957 drjayo (AT)  
DDE-449 William Morgan LT(jg) 9/56 - 9/59 wnmusn4172 (AT) Gun Boss - 3 Gunnery E's while aboard!
DDE-449 Bobby Mumford E-3 1957-1959 bmumford (AT) Glad to see this list some i remember.
DDE-449 Kirk Natalie SOGSN 1960-1961 JNata72813 (AT) Served in Fox Division
DDE-449 Ernest Ogard RD3 5/54-7/55 emogard (AT)  
DDE-449 Joe Oleson SN 7/60 -3/61 joleson719 (AT) great ship seems like yesterday
DDE-449 Grafton Pauls MM3 1955-57 paulsgl (AT) would like to hear from anyone serving aboard these times
DDE-449 William C. Potts FT3 1960-1963 Potts712 (AT)  
DDE-449 William G. Purvis RM2 Oct 60-Jan 63 wpurvis (AT)  
DDE-449 Charles Shepherd QM1 1951 to 11/55 saveview (AT)  
DDE-449 Robert M. Smith QM3 1952 - 1954 vivsmith6279 (AT) QM's can contact me.
DDE-449 Milton Thrasher LT(jg) 7/52 to 5/53 mthrasher (AT) Best darn destroyer I ever knew. Joined the Venice, FL Tin Can Sailors Squadron
DDE-449 Stan Whitten LT(jg) 10/57 - 10/60 stan.whit (AT) Three of the best years of my life. Would love to hear from old shipmates
DDE-449 Owen L Wood TMSN 1956 to 1959 woody6859 (AT)  
DDE-449 Robert Wright RD3 1956 to 1958 joey647 (AT)  
DDE-449 Doyle Yarbrough YN3 06/57 - 05/58 depops (AT) Great time-great cruise bet Korea & Nam-Hong Kong,Yokosuka,Singapore,PagoPago,Australia,New Zealand
DDE-449 Robert Zornes SMC 11/55 to 1959 echo70 (AT)  
FFG-47 Greg Bryan BM2 1986-1989 olympic.venture (AT)  
FFG-47 Bo Butler STG3(SW) 6/90 - 12/93 bbutler (AT) Give no Quarter
ffg-47 Billy Davis BMC 1983-1985 bdavis239 (AT)  
FFG-47 Ben Dukes DK2 3/99-5/03 bendukes (AT) 4+ years on a frigate, not fun; Making friendships that last a lifetime, priceless...
FFG-47 David Hanika OS3 1/94-1/98 davidh (AT) New email address (3/30/2006)
FFG-47 Tony Hartlaub EN2 1983 to 1985 thartlaub (AT) plankowner
FFG-47 Kris Henderson IT2 10/98 to 03/02 kris.henderson (AT) It was a great radio shack back in the day. You know who u r
FFG-47 Don Jones HT1 10/83 to 6/87 djones (AT)  
FFG-47 Phillip Jones E-6 1984 to 1986 jonespjones7 (AT)  
FFG-47 Patrick Key OSSN 11/93-06/97 keypj (AT)  
FFG-47 Bruce Kukich ENCS 1982 to 1988 bkukich (AT) Plankowner
FFG-47 Chanse Linder STG1(SW) 1991 to 1995 clinder (AT) I survived Ted's Red Med!
FFG-47 Craig Miniter LT(jg) 3/2010 - 08/2012 miniter125 (AT)  
FFG-47 David Mungia GSE2 3/85-09/86 david (AT)  
FFG-47 Michael Pues QM2 9/83-3/85 Veteranstone (AT) Plankowner
FFG-47 John Richards FC-1(SW) 1984-88 shipyardguy (AT) Plankowner. Nasty Nich was the 1st Battle Frigate!
FFG-47 Douglas Warner LT(jg) 04/92-05/95 LCDRDWarner (AT) CICO, ASWO & NAV
FFG-47 James Watt SN 09/02 - 02/04 james.p.watt (AT) Learned tons onboard. Struck IT, still going strong. Carrying on a Proud Tradition''''
FFG-47 Willie Wise E-3 09/91-09/94 majorgains37 (AT) I had the best times of my life on the Nasty Nic. I know you guys missed my singing all the time
FFG-47 Evander Wright SKCS 1982 to 1983 wrightsrnwp (AT)  
FFG-47 Joe Young OS1 1997-2002 gosaints34 (AT)  

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