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DD-369 Len (Tack) Gardner SM1 6/41-1/44 lengardner (AT) Editor of DD-369 newsletter. Great ship, Great shipmates
DD-369 Gil Girdauskas S1 Jul-44 girda3 (AT) after Reid was sunk in Phillipines (Ormoc Bay), I served on the USS Bronson , DD 668
DD-369 Donald Hynard CMM   tchynard (AT) I am the eldest son of Donald Hynard. My father (Don) passed away in 1988. Any information about his service and the Reid would be appreciated.
DD-369 William Kautz MM3 11/42 - 1/44 redlabelbuddha (AT) Proud to have served aboard her. The best.
DD-369 French Manckia QMC 9/5/1937-1944 fjmanckia1 (AT) Welcome contact with shipmates
DD-369 Augustin Ordogne S1 4/44 -12 44 ajordogne (AT)  
DD-369 Walter Smudzin EMC 37-44 smudzin (AT) Looking for reunion for the Reid Ffg
FFG-30 Eduardo Aparis DS1(SW) 01/84 - 07/87 ed.aparis2010 (AT) Great memory aboard-still thinking about DS1 counter on USS Stark-spoke to him before 5/17/87 incident
FFG-30 Alonzo Avery EN1 05/82-08/86 alonzo.avery (AT) just trying to get in touch OLD shipmates
FFG-30 Cliff Bartlett LT(jg) 1984-1987 cliff.bartlett (AT) Two WestPacs ... great memories.
FFG-30 Nathan Beason CDR 02/87-04/89 Nhbeason (AT)  
FFG-30 Mark Bellmore MS1 1991-1993 darlene12 (AT) she was a good ship with a good crew. Retired from the Navy off of her.
FFG-30 Joseph Carroll RM2 7/85-12/88 carrolljac95 (AT) 3 Westpacs in 4 years. Always underway!!!!
FFG-30 Darryl Cole E-4 1982-1985 shellback85 (AT) Just want to say hello to the very first crew that Reid ever had. I don't know about you guys, but I had a blast!
FFG-30 Damian Glenn STG1 6/85 - 6/88 damianglenn (AT) Looking for old shipmates, too.
FFG-30 Roger Gresens GSMC 1984-1987 rogergresens (AT) Grest ship and great enginering Department. If you aint an engineer you're just along for the ride.
FFG-30 Lynn Hofacker GSE2 1988-1991 lynnhofacker (AT) Had alot of good times inaft.steering and the oil lab.The best ffg on the west coast.
FFG-30 Daniel Ingouf STG1(SW) 6/1989-5/1992 fuogni (AT) This is the ship where I learned the discipline necessary to excel as a service member. Feel free to contact me.
FFG-30 Brian (Iceman) Isler E-4 12/87-5/91 Navyguy_u2 (AT) Great ship, great crew! Where I learned what it was to be a Sailor in the U.S. Navy!!
FFG-30 Ray Johnson BM3 1988-1990 Bamaray (AT) Great Ship, Good Times!!
FFG-30 William Linville ET3 11/94 to 9/96 w_linville (AT)  
FFG-30 Phillip Martin ET2(SW) 3/1989 to 4/1993 phillipmartin (AT)  
FFG-30 Todd McCraw OS2 03/82 - 10/84 civman3 (AT) Precom-shout out to fellow Plankowners/Reid Assoc members-remember com party on Queen Mary! woohoo!
FFG-30 Roger Neifert FC1 (SW) E-6 05/85 to 06/90 rknifes (AT) The best time in may Navy career. I miss the old girl
FFG-30 Donald Pentico EN2 1984 - 1987 dpcreations (AT) Great crew/good memories. Chiefs right engeering was a proud place to hang. hope you all are doing well.
FFG-30 Dave Reid BM3 1986 -1990 vetspest (AT) This ship and the navy were the best. What memories
FFG-30 Bennie Rogers GSEC 11/82 - 3/84 brogers  
FFG-30 Steven Smith ET3 1982 to 1984 SmithMCP (AT) Plankowner and I have been running into Shipmates all over the place. Retired in 1996.
FFG-30 Robert Stehlik E-6 07/94-decom gunner_82 (AT)  
FFG-30 Jeff Taylor OS2 95-97 puffybo361 (AT) Best ship I was ever on.
FFG-30 James Vanderheiden FCCM 02/83 - 5/86 JMVNavyvet (AT) Precommissioning 11/82 - 2/83; plankowner
FFG-30 John Wesolowski GSE1 11/82-6/87 JWesolowski1 (AT)  
FFG-30 Larry Wheaton OS1(SW) 04/84 to 12/87 lwheaton (AT) Served under CAPTs TBarnett,Howell & Beason. Lead some of the very finest enlisted men in the Navy. Thank you.

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