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DD/DDE-837 Mike Bailey BTFN 76-77 jonasing (AT) .com Best crew anyone could serve with ,thanks for the memories
DD/DDE-837 Salvatore (Bob) Dinovo YN3 10/55-11/58 rdinovo1 (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Fred Feeley RM3 7/50-10/53 radioman50 (AT) Sarsfield has an association. charterd 1995
DD/DDE-837 Don Frate MM3 1961-1962 donf (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Ronald Gulish BT3 1975-1977 rongulish (AT) Every one new me as Goose
DD/DDE-837 Mick Hentges EM3 2/63-6/65 mickhtges (AT) Like to hear frm electricians & what they're doing-I'm a retired construction electrician(local 14) of Lacrosse,WI.
DD/DDE-837 Ugo Iacoviello RM3 10/55-8/59 ugoike (AT) love to hear from shipmates
DD/DDE-837 Bob Isom E-3 61 - 64 risom02302 (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Frank Judnich LT 1/75-9/76 fjudnich (AT) Weapons Officer
DD/DDE-837 Stephen Ketring SFP3 1/62-12/63 Scketring (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Bill Kimmel MM3 12/60 to 4/63 brk_43 (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Thomas Mosgrove   6/52 - 6/56 pacodog (AT) Died 5/3/12 (from wife or 55 years) I don't have some info & have estimated dates-only want to note his death.
DD/DDE-837 John Murphy SF3 8/57-1159 ShieldBPD (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Steven Perry BM3 1958 1962 battleship 1942 (AT) i know shes gone and so are most of her old crew.but i say haze gray under way to all who served on her
DD/DDE-837 David Rock SN 1965 - 1969 lathor (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Edward Roehrig   1944-1946 My brother(died recently)-pls email if you knew him and I will pass info on to his grand children. TY
DD/DDE-837 Eldon Senff MM3 1955 sharb5 (AT) Post by his daughter, please email or call 850 774 0236 if you were shipmates, I have tons of pictures and questions.
DD/DDE-837 John Sidey QM2 7/67-1/69 Johnsdd837 (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Eugene Strom MM3 5/68-9/69 eugenestrom (AT) would like to hear from shipmates
DD/DDE-837 Hubert Madison Thompson     gibbarella (AT)  
DD/DDE-837 Jack Thornton FA2 76-77 jacknwendi4evr (AT) if you want to write me oh and i made a site on Facebook to call what if you were on the Sarsfield
DD/DDE-837 Robert Walker TM3 7/62-11/63 rEW728 (AT) cold winter in boston.missed key west
DD/EDD-837 Tom Carroll FCSN 1955 - 1959 exsailor (AT)  
DD/EDD-837 Marc D. Cline RD2 7/54-12/57 mdfacline (AT) President, USS Sarsfield Assn. Contact me!
DD/EDD-837 Raymond (Iceman) Crawford MM2 12/50 to 12/55 crawray (AT) Are any of you after engine room guys still around.
DD/EDD-837 William ''Bill'' Lawrence SN 11/56 - 03/58 wdml (AT) Looking for Miami Steamers.
DD/EDD-837 John Lewis STG2 9/59 - 8/61 edd837 (AT)  
DD/EDD-837 John Shrader MMFN 1962-1965 jshrader1 (AT)  
DD/EDD-837 Robert Thrasher YN3 03/58-03/59   phone 256-383-7891
DD-837 Joel Adam E-3 03/75 - 10/77 shellbackcg33 (AT) worked in ET shop .got in a little trouble & wound up in deck force .
DD-837 Mike Adams STG3 8/72-6-74 mikebama (AT) Saw a lot of nice places. Made life long friends.
DD-837 James D. Adamson   8/57 - 10/60   Add: 102 SW 165 St., Newberry, FL 32669 Px: 352 472-7288
DD-837 Robert Altomare STG2 04/60 -09/66 Bobandhari (AT)  
DD-837 David Anderson MM3 8/60-3/64 danderson21 (AT) Enjoyed Key West and my duty aboard the sarsfield.
DD-837 Robert Anderson ETN3 70-72 rfanderson1 (AT) Looking for Ken Swaggert and various shipmates during my time onboard.
DD-837 Ron Ayrault QM3 10/26/50-6/1/54 psargent (AT) would like to contact former shipmates
DD-837 Larry Baldosier SFP3 1965 to1967 nanbaido (AT)  
DD-837 Clifford Bamford BT2 1973 to 1976 cliffordbamford54 (AT) Freddy Crane where are you
DD-837 Humberto Barrera CS4 9/58-1/61 barreracustombldr (AT) Also went by the name Bert
DD-837 Jack Bartelt STG2 1/75 - 11/76 jacktbartelt (AT) Vietnam evacuation 75, dry dock overhaul 75 - 76
DD-837 Robert Bartlett BT3 1964 to 1966 robertbartlett123 (AT) worked with a great crew
DD-837 Dennis Bartolo RD3 06/64-07/67 DBarthaic (AT) Saying Hello to old friends
DD-837 Alan (Pat) Bell MM2 1966-1969 srap (AT) Great place to grow up, a real steamer.
DD-837 Dan Bell HT3 2/74-7/76 mscflbell (AT)  
DD-837 Larry Belle GMGSN 10/72 - 06/75 larrybellesr (AT) Great crew from command to enlisted. Shipmates let me hear from y'all.
DD-837 Jim Beltz SM2 5/68-2/70 JBELTZDDS (AT)  
DD-837 Howard Bender SN 1966 to 1967 HB1248 (AT) Came onboard in the yards in Charlestown, Homeport Key West
DD-837 Ken (Bogart) Bertholf ICFN 1/72-8/72 hellfytr2u2 (AT) Looking for shipmates from Vietnam cruise in '72
DD-837 Raymond ''Bessy'' Bestenheider BT3 1955-1958 theretiredman (AT) Looking for old mates from my time. Cell ph. #(843)497-8863
DD-837 Bill Binger BT2 1975 to 1977 binger53 (AT) It was I, Wiswell and Beamon who stole the captains roast
DD-837 Edward Bockol ICFN 3/58-1/60 ebockol (AT)  
DD-837 Matthew Bond HT3 5/76 - 10/77 BOND115 (AT) On board Sarsfield for last Med. cruise. Looking for any former shipmates. Mostly from repair or Hull Tech dept.
DD-837 Ron Bouchard RD1 11/54-57 and 64 tel #520-337-3182 looking for people to join USS Sarsfield Assoc.
DD-837 William F. Bouchard BMSN 1956 tel #270-362-9557 Having a mini reunion in April 2002 in state of KY.
DD-837 Frederick (Ricky) Boudreaux EM2 5/73 to 10/76 bdricky (AT) My boss EM1 Oliver Bush. He was my mentor.
DD-837 Darwin Bowser BT1 1970-1973 www.dkbowser115 (AT)  
DD-837 Bruce Boyd E-3 7/61 - 5/62 Boydba2 (AT) Radarman
DD-837 Larry Braun RM2 1971-1973 lars_braun (AT) WestPac 1972 Med Cruise 1973
DD-837 Donald Bridge BT 12/50 - 1/51 craftdon31 (AT) was on board about year an half, went to Greencovesprings, Fla. Till discharge in 52.
DD-837 Richard Bright TM3 1945-1946 rhbrightebb (AT)  
DD-837 Fred Bronnert ETR2 04/66 - 12/69 crownline5555 (AT) Sailed and sailed, Gitmo, Med, Red Sea, S.America. Great Friends to this day
DD-837 James Dwight Brooks SK2 05/75 to 05/77 jbrooks (AT) Looking for cruise book to help locate shipmates names.*
DD-837 Don Brown FTG2 1968-1971 Ftg2D.Brown (AT) The only ship I served on
DD-837 Mike Broyhill MM3 1963-1964 Mmga74 (AT) I was just another Duval Street commando
DD-837 Fred Burr LT 5/74 - 5/76 fred(at) Navigator, Admin Ass't
DD-837 David Burton EM4 1972 to 1974 chiefdd827 (AT) Many good times and many hard times. Its the ship mates that made that made it worthwhile
DD-837 John Butts RM2 1970 - 1971 budtogo (AT)  
DD-837 Louis Calleo RMC jan64 - sep67 lscalleo (AT)  
DD-837 Joe Cantu SR 5/31/75 to 10/8/76 npalomo64 (AT)  
DD-837 Gerald Carlson GM3 2-6-59 - 8-14-61 Carl 19up (AT) Best crew in the fleet.
DD-837 David Cary ETN2 6/1969-1/1970 davidvcary (AT) Participated in Unitas 10, did fresh water washdown of ship in Panama Canal
DD-837 Bruce Case STG2 12/73 - 10/77 stgc72 (AT) God's test ship for the perfection of rust!
DD-837 Jim Cashman YN3 1972-1973 Jimcashman (AT) Would like to hear from old shipmates
DD-837 Robert Casto S1 1946-1947 Rlcasto12 (AT)  
DD-837 Thomas J. Cathers, Sr. SM3 1966 to 12/1967 canis-lupus1 (AT) Still alive at 72 and proud to be a Tin Can Salior from the 1960's.
DD-837 Carl Cathey LT(jg) 1963 to 1966 Dandpcathey (AT) Cut x-mas trees in Newfoundland for X-mas in Key West
DD-837 Newell (Ed) Chambless DK2 1970-1973 Edchambless (AT) Served mid-east/Vietnam. Great shipmates.
DD-837 Rick Chiasson LT(jg) 7/72 - 11/75 rchiasson (AT) 1st Lieutenant
DD-837 Richard Clark E-9 08/71-06/75 sherriellis27 (AT) Still here!
DD-837 James Clay E-3 5/66 to 6/66 jamesclay352 (AT) only on this ship for one month-weighting on discharge.
DD-837 Stephen Clayton MMFN 1969-1971 stephenwclayton (AT) steamed with MM3&2 Hobbs, FN&MM3 Kern, MM3&2 Kurinsky, MM1 Thayer, & Chief Eddie Cribbs
DD-837 Edward Connors RD3 10/69-10/73 econn712 (AT) trying to confirm Brown Water ops in Vietnam in 1972 for Parkinsons Disease claim
DD-837 John Cox SM 1956 - 1958 reneepanning34 (AT) I would like to hear from any shipmate that was on the U.S.S Sarsfield DD 837 1956 - 1958
DD-837 Fred Crandall GMG3 1976-1977 fredcrandall (AT) Worked ASROC with Bobbie Jarvis-onboard for her last cruise to Med before being decom-a great cruise and ship.
DD-837 Fred Crane E-1 04/73-04/75 freddyjaysee (AT) anyone remembers me please let's talk. all these years
DD-837 Tom Crawford MM3 Boston Fram till early 66 avoidgravity (AT) I would like to thank Bill Kimmel for his 1963 introduction to Perma-Gasket.
DD-837 Donald Cremering SN 1956-1957 dkc (AT) Key West - the place to be.....and Miami on the weekends!
DD-837 Eddie Cribbs MMC 12/68 to 12/71 xyz30x2 (AT) Traveled far with her. contact me and I will answer
DD-837 George Croom SHSN (Laundry) 1958-1960 croomgeorge72 (AT) Came aboard aft high school-left to Uss Peterson DE-152 with my dad-we went to Operation Deep Freeze Five
DD-837 Jim Crosby 3/c 1952-1954 Jimcroz (AT) Looking for folks who served w/my deceased dad, Jim Sr.
DD-837 Thomas Crowley E-3 1968-1970 ftcmoa (AT) Where are Vrana & Thom Morrissey?
DD-837 Roy Cubbler LT(jg) 1962-64 cubblers (AT) Came on in Boston while ship was in FRAM. Back to KeyWest.
DD-837 Talbert E. Cuffey, Jr. GMT3 10/72 - 9/75 TCuffey (AT) Onboard when we struck Oil Tender-standing on the ASROC deck-Otis Remington hollar at me-aka Preacher Man
DD-837 Gordon J. Curtis SN 1949-1950 nodrog (AT)  
DD-837 James Davis MS3 12/71-6/75 jbruce19 (AT) my galley cook on west pac,north atlantic and med cruises
DD-837 George Delaney FCO3 5/45-7/46 GDD (AT) I'm back in Florida
DD-837 Joseph DeVasconcellos BM3 66-69 co31bra (AT) Key West ,Med, Charleston Yard, Red Sea, Unitas X reach out!
DD-837 David C. DeWitt EW1 Nov 71 - Sep 76 DAVIDDEWITT1 (AT)  
DD-837 Dave Diehl MR2 7/67 to 2/69 ddiehl1 (AT) KeyWest & Mayport MED, MID EAST,UNITAS X
DD-837 Joseph DiFilippo MM3 1945-1946 pjsteile (AT) Would love to hear from old shipmates!
DD-837 Frank Diggs YN3 1975 to 1976 fediggs (AT)  
DD-837 Salvatore (Bob) Dinovo YN3 1954 - 1957 rdinovo1 (AT) Let's play ball. Would like to hear from the team.
DD-837 Joe DiPaolo YN3 6/70- 6/72 jdipaolo (AT) great ship, great crew
DD-837 Bill Donnelly STC 7/65 - 1/66 STCMRET (AT)  
DD-837 Dennis Dougherty BT2 09/59-09/63 www.dcd60 (AT) the best to all shipmates
DD-837 Richard E. Drake FN 1970 to 12/71 papabear516 (AT) worked in Rear engine room
DD-837 Godfrey Duckworth SH1 74-77 godfr3y12 (AT) new email address
DD-837 Robert Dunn SN 1963 - 1965 viviancaters (AT) Stationed in Key west
DD-837 Richard Eastwood E-3 74-75 2tobby (AT) loved her great ship and crew wish i would have stayed
DD-837 Michael Edmondson MMFN 12/76 - 10/77 medmondson (AT) First ship out of A school-aboard in Greece in 77-on decom crew-spent 2 wks w/Taiwan crew-Main Ctrl Eng Rm
DD-837 Harry Eisler SM3 9/58 - 6/62 harryeisler (AT) I was a signal man 3rd class on the USS Sarsfield
DD-837 Kim Elliott MM3 1972-1974 kimelliott (AT)  
DD-837 George Ellwood QM2 1/49 - 8/51 DANDC2K (AT) Spent liberty in Havana,Cuba
DD-837 Bill Erhart GM3 1951-1954 wse (AT)  
DD-837 Karl Eriksen RM3 1967 - 69 WA2DEE (AT) ARRL.NET So many GOOD memories down in Key West & Jacksonville and the crusies to the Med and the Indiane Ocean.
DD-837 Allen Essex GMG2 4/74 to 2/76 allenessex (AT) Glad to hear from shipmates, especially Golf Division.
DD-837 Jeffrey Eyberg MM2 5/74-476 eybergjd (AT) Looking for MM1 James Patrick
DD-837 John Felderman CDR 12/1971 to 5/1973 jackfelderman (AT) I was the commander 12/1971 to 5/1973, during it tour in Vietnam with the USS JFK
DD-837 Michael Ferguson MM3 02/74-08/75 Michael_mmff (AT) remember that blue nose cruise where we struck the oil tender
DD-837 William FitzMaurice SK/E-4 1973-1975 Muscles2614 (AT) A great ship, crew and could out steam many newer ships.
DD-837 Frederick Fjeld BT1 12/69-7/74 FJELDFD63 (AT) Best Darn Ship Ever Served on.!!!
DD-837 Ralph Follendorf ETN2 1966 to 1969 ralphfollendorf (AT) Great ship and great crew.
DD-837 Gerry Footit HTFN 1975-1977 RYBRIT8 (AT) Some good memories
DD-837 Bradley Fowler ENFN 1974- 1976 Brad.fowler (AT) Good Times! Would Do It all Over Again.
DD-837 Joseph Franz FT2 1957-1960 drfranz (AT) good BB and softball teams..we beat them all.
DD-837 Jerome Freeman SN 11/70-6/72 Nutnbutgreygoose (AT) Mayport,drydock SC.Mid East Cruise,then back to mayport,underway to Vietnam-left ship 2 wks before it got hit
DD-837 Ray Freier MR3 5/72-5/74 rayfreier (AT) west-pack&med &mayport good times cold beer &fast cars
DD-837 Edward Frey SN 1970 to 1972 ecfrey (AT)  
DD-837 Orman Ray Gabhart BM2 1970-1973  
DD-837 Thomas L. Gaughan MM1 1971-1977 Marley0412 (AT) Volens et valens.
DD-837 James T. Gerke EM2 63-67 bjim45 (AT)  
DD-837 Charles Gibson FTGSN 1966 to 1969 footboards (AT) Loved Key West and Jacksonville
DD-837 Randy Gifford BT2 75-77 Deceased Died 9-3-89 in Boston Ma.
DD-837 Rick Gifford BT2 74/77 rdgifford1 (AT) Like to hear from some shipmates
DD-837 Jim Glynn SN 10/55-6/59 scruffy50 (AT) Any of you old farts still sucking air? If you remember me, please say hi
DD-837 Gerald Good LT(jg) 7/64 - 4/66 gerrygood (AT)  
DD-837 Gil Goodwin PNSN 1959 Blugil (AT)  
DD-837 Bill Gormley MM3 1950 to 1952 gwg (AT)  
DD-837 John Gouveia STG2 6/66-10/70 jjgouveia (AT) Anyone remember forcing Soviet sub up in med?
DD-837 Clay Grenwelge BTFN 76-77 rankboar (AT) turn and burn
DD-837 Ronald Gulish BT3 1975 1978 ronglish (AT) goose
DD-837 Keven Hale BTFN 9/70-2/74 hale (AT) Looking for shipmates. Was oil king!!!
DD-837 Morton Hanson CDR 1973 to 1975 turtlepa (AT) Commanding Officer, A great ship with an outstanding wardroom and an outstanding crew
DD-837 Gary ''Sarge'' Harburn SN 76-77 mharburn (AT) Fire Controlman
DD-837 Terry Harlow DK3 11/60 - 8/63 t.harlow (AT) Been awhile...Not a fan of the military life yet wouldn't trade the 3 ys for 3 yrs of college-shoot me an email.
DD-837 Steve Harris GMGSN 1976-1977 Freeroader2015 (AT) Worked on the 5 guns
DD-837 Charles W. Harris HT3 1971-1973 ptbac (AT) would like to hear from some of the guys from the viet nam
DD-837 Charles Harris, Jr. HT3 1970-1972 karverr (AT) interested in talking to any shipmates fromthe Viet Nam Tour
DD-837 Jeff Harsha ETN2 1967-1968 jeffharsha (AT)  
DD-837 Richard Hauser MM3 2/65-2/67 ihauser (AT) If you would like to join the Sarsfield Assn. -drop a line
DD-837 Mark Hawkins FR 1977 boilermanmark (AT) 1st Ship & my start as a BT. What a start
DD-837 Jim Heaton LT 03/66 to 07/69 jheaton88 (AT) Had a great time in-board. Any shipmates out there?
DD-837 Al Henderson CS3 3/48 to 6/49 owlhenderson (AT) Looking for anyone who served at that time.
DD-837 Warren Hendon BM3 8/71-6/73 Stayed in Reserves and returned to active duty in 1981, retired 2009
DD-837 Bob (Scotty) Hendrie SN 52-53 pups-z (AT) nice brown bagger ship
DD-837 Paul Henkel STG2 3/75 - 10/77 paul.henkel (AT)  
DD-837 Mick Hentges EM3 1962-1965 mickhtges (AT) Retired as construction electrician,Lacrosse,WI-like to hear from electricians & what you're doing now,Thanks.
DD-837 James Hewitt STG1 1975-1977 jhewitt.ipad (AT)  
DD-837 Norm (Doc) Hill HN Striker 1966 - 1967 normar (AT) Hangover remedies in Sick Bay. Remember?
DD-837 Daniel Hilton QM3 1972-1975 djlkh71 (AT) Worst time and the most memorable time of my life, why is that??
DD-837 Howard Hoge SO1 2/49-10/52 hhoge218 (AT) Not all sailing had the sea and wind coming from aft!!
DD-837 William (Hollie) Hollingsworth MM3/E-4 1969 to 1970 janman56 (AT) UNITAS X (way too much fun) can't remember S**T. Would love to hear from anyone who does-got out in 1970
DD-837 Alfred G. (Butch) Hubbard, Jr. FN 01/69-05/70 Duckie_4757 (AT) Would love to hear from the shipfitters.
DD-837 John Huffstetler LN3 5/72-6/73 rnjlogistics (AT) Wanting to make contact with any & all who were on Vietnam tour-needing info to prove Agent Orange Claim
DD-837 Gregory S. Hughes MM3 75-76 accusurv (AT) Trying to hear from as many of my old shipmates as i can! Just found Eyberg! Where are all the BTs & other MMs?
DD-837 Darryl Hurmi ET3 5/71 - 6/75 dhurmi1 (AT) Came on board in Mombassa Kenya, west pack cruise, med cruise (including the stop in Athens)
DD-837 Richard Jenkins EN3 1970 Huntersmoon260 (AT) Onboard most of 70-transferred off-not enough time left to make cruise-remember Ronnie Seaton & Zarka.
DD-837 Richard Johnson YNC 12/66 - 02/70 1994johnson (AT) Fram I conversion Charleston,SC-homeported Key WesL-moved to Mayport-dischg with ship back in Charleston
DD-837 John Johnston BT3 1962 to 1965 jjandcj1 (AT) One of the guys w/motorcyc onboard-duty onboard was the best-what great duty and great shipmates.
DD-837 Michael Jones RD3 01/69 - 03/70 BigMike1949 (AT) Unitas 10 - cruise - 54 degree roll in pacific - sister ship 55 degree roll
DD-837 Knute Josifek FT1 9/60-11/62 kjosifek (AT)  
DD-837 Frank Judnich LT 1/75 - 9/76 Frankaj (AT) or frankaj (AT) Would like to hear from any shipmates that I served with.
DD-837 Mitchell Kade E38 1971 - 1974 Mitchellkade45 (AT)  
DD-837 Walter Keesey ST3 Dec 45 to May 46 Keesey (AT)  
DD-837 Joseph Kessler FN1 1949-1953 kess2001 (AT)  
DD-837 Mickey Killman SFP3 65-67 mckillman (AT) would like to contact old friends
DD-837 Jack Kiniry SKC 1964 to 1967 mkiniry (AT) Looking to hear from old shipmates
DD-837 Henry (Hank) Klein PN3 04/63 - 04/65 klein (AT) Loved my 2 years in the US Navy aboard the USS Sarsfield (DD-837) and my time in Key West
DD-837 Lenard Knee SHSN 1977 eagledancer_computer (AT)  
DD-837 Bill Knoop E-3 1967 to 1968 Knoopw (AT) Best time in the Navy.
DD-837 David Kohoutek QM3 1972-1975 davek (AT)  
DD-837 Ralph LaBarr BT2 5/58-1/62 heddamd1 (AT) would like to hear from former shipmates
DD-837 Michael Lanktree RM3 1970 to 1971 mlanktree (AT) Mayport - Charleston Dry Docks, ready for shakedown
DD-837 Russell Larimore FM3 3/69-10/72 rlarimore (AT) Some good, some bad times - But times I'll never forget.
DD-837 Paul Lawonn PN3 6/75-5/77 plawonn (AT) 'Having Fun'
DD-837 William (Bill) Lawrence SN 11/56-3/58 wdbml (AT) Looking for Miami Steamers
DD-837 Mark Lawson SK2 9/73-12/76 nuts55 (AT) was standing forward lookout when we struck the oiler-anyone remember me?
DD-837 Lee Ray (French) LeBeouf SM3 1966 to 1968 leerlebeouf (AT) still kicking @ 75
DD-837 Leonard Lee HT3 5/74-1/77 lrtrlee (AT) Would do it again. Looking for G. Duckworth.
DD-837 Bruce Leidy SN 1948 to 1953 brucendot (AT) Would like to hear from anyone.
DD-837 David Lenart RM3 1971 to 1973 davidlenart1 (AT)  
DD-837 Roger A. Lessard BTFN SR FN 1973-1977 brotherknight777 (AT) Lot of memories onboard-made some good friends-hope we can hook up one more time-talk about all the good time
DD-837 James Limbaugh FN 03/60-11-63 kumason (AT) The Best the USN .Docked it like the family car
DD-837 Everett Lloyd SN 8/46-1/48 nanny (AT)  
DD-837 Kent Lobien QM3 3/65-8/67 jtnbank (AT) Best years of my life my all you guys
DD-837 Keith Lofton RD2 1969-1971 minekomp (AT) Jerry 'Gummy' Ruth saw your pic at reunion.mates need email
DD-837 Edward Luebke SN 1965 eluebke (AT) Paint Locker PO
DD-837 Paul Lydolph LT(jg) 1970 to 1973 paul.lydolph (AT) interesting experience
DD-837 Jim Manion E-3 70 and 71 563-243-3818 She was my first ship and a good education..
DD-837 Michael Marciante E-3 1971-72 mrmike1226 (AT) Would like to hear from my shipmates
DD-837 Paul Mazzara CS3 1970 to 1972 pmazzara (AT) would like to here from old shipmates
DD-837 Peter Mazzucco FT3 5-51 to 3-55 pmlcm (AT)  
DD-837 Vincent McCaul GM2/ET1 4/47-12/48 elmccaul (AT) V. F. McCaul, converted to ET1, passed away 25-Apr-1982, I am his son.
DD-837 James McClaflin MR1 1/64-1/66 jlmcclaflin (AT) Retired MRCS in 1982
DD-837 Steven McHenry MM3 1968-1970 srm_klr (AT) Looking for Dick Penfield, Jim Blankenship, George Harder or their whereabouts.
DD-837 Paul McMurray FN 8/76-8/77 PMCMURRAY2001 (AT) I wonder if Chief Turso is still around. Great Ship!
DD-837 Frederick R. McNulty E-4 04/63 07/65 129 Parkave. Newcastle PA 16101 phone 7249714031 / 7246573563
DD-837 Mike McPeak MM2 75-77 michael.b.mcpeak  
DD-837 Daniel Metreyeon FTG1 3/69-8/74 dppca (AT)  
DD-837 David Miller BT2 1971 to 1975 dkmiller65 (AT)  
DD-837 William Miller SN 9/65-5/67 maukinbird (AT) ship store
DD-837 Sherman Mills BTFN 1959 to 1961 smills1140 (AT) Great ship!!! 33 knots and no smoke??
DD-837 Ralph Mira SM3 75 to 77 zitiman2 (AT) Naples..Bluebird club...Peroni rotgut
DD-837 Ed Mitchell EM3 1954-1958 biged2 (AT) Like to hear from anyone on board 54-58
DD-837 Freddie ''Fast'' Mitchell SM2 1968-1971 ff-mitchell (AT) 2 Red Sea, one UNITAS,1 CharYds, GITMO 8wk(forever?)sigs-aye
DD-837 Julius Mock SN (Draftee) 1/66 - 9/67 juliusmock (AT) African-American: On the Deckforce. On the football team. Great times in St. Croix, Charleston Yards.
DD-837 John A. Montgomery, Sr. SOSN 8/48 to 9/50 TERRYJOHN1 (AT)  
DD-837 Thomas J. Mosgrove FT2 1951 to 1956 pacodog (AT) Looking for Jim Flynn from Chicago, Illinois
DD-837 Bob Moyer FTSN 01/70 - 11/73 moyerrp (AT) First Ship
DD-837 Alberto Munoz YN2 3/66 - 4/68 nikawa631 (AT) Looking for shipmates that remember me.
DD-837 John J. Murphy SF3 57-59 Shieldbpd (AT)  
DD-837 Gary Myers EM3 1975 to 1977 gary53 (AT) Enjoyed time on board. Would like to contact old friends
DD-837 William Myers MM3 01/68 - 01/69 Wmbluffcity (AT) Stood throttle watches-Africa,Middle East, Red Sea,Persian Gulf,Indian Ocean, India,-like to hear from anybody.
DD-837 E. R. (Bob) Napieralski RDM1 Plankowner - end of WWII Sawdust830 (AT) I don't have exact dates. I am doing this in honor of my father
DD-837 Stephen Naylor GMG3 1976 - 1977 stevenaylor2006 (AT)  
DD-837 Ronald Nichols YN3 6/64-9/65 nicholsr1 (AT) Looking for anyone that remembers me in the ship's office during this period.
DD-837 James (Nick) Nickelsen STG2 3/63-6/66 jimmynick24 (AT) Rode out a north atlantic storm (3 days) in the fall of 1964
DD-837 Lewis Nielsen SN 1970 to 1972 lew201052 (AT) 1st Div-loved different cultures, the hardships & the good in our sea travels to other countries-hit me up ''Shortie''
DD-837 Roger Novak QM2 2/63-11/63 Roger.Novak (AT) was on board when President Kennedy was assinated
DD-837 Steve Oelze E-4 07/66-06/68 SteveOelze (AT) Worked in Weapons (FOX DIV)
DD-837 James Orr FTG2 1959 to 1961 jdo1940 (AT) Key West was Great tho I didn't appreciate it at the time,
DD-837 Chris Osterode PC3 2/74 - 8/76 caosterode (AT) Some great years and friends
DD-837 George Owens IC3 1965-1967 georgeo (AT) Wondered what happened on board after I left.
DD-837 Vinnie Palumbo MM2 1975 - 1978 Vincent (AT) Where the fuck are all my buddies...
DD-837 Frank Parker LT(jg) 1957-1959 fparker (AT) Like to hear from former shipmates
DD-837 William Payne RM2 72/73 lace100 (AT) Am very interested in ship logs. went to meet her, & she lef
DD-837 David Pearson BT2 5/69-8/72 drpear (AT) would like to hear from any snipe
DD-837 Steven Perry BM3 1958 to 1961 battleship1942 (AT) loved the old navy, just wanted to up grade my e-mail address
DD-837 William Phillips LT(jg) 10/67 to 3/69 santafebil70 (AT) Good ship, Good crew, great experience. Remember the ship's band on the Mid East cruise.
DD-837 Willie Pilgrim EMFN 1974-1979 Willie V. Pilgrim/TMP/Tenneco_Packa I have a cruise book for the guy looking for it.
DD-837 Greg Pitz OS3 1/70-3/73 gpitz (AT)  
DD-837 Allen W. Polvado TM3 1969-1970 wayne_polvado (AT) Would like to hear from anybody that served on the Sarsfield the same time I did
DD-837 Tony Pomponi FN 10/75-07/77 tonypomponi57 (AT) where did the years go
DD-837 LeRoy Putney   11/55 - 6/57 cmputney (AT) Looking for Morris Fleshman of NY & Dennis Larson of SD
DD-837 William Raber SN 1963 to 1964 raberconnie (AT)  
DD-837 Thomas C. Raines GMTSN 10/76-10/77 tcraines1 (AT) Great first ship, what an introduction to the fleet!
DD-837 Richard Range RM3 66 - 67 wb9sfg (AT) Good memories...Looking for any of the radio room gang.
DD-837 David Reader MM2 9/74-8/77 dreader (AT) Main Control
DD-837 Gary Rediske ET2 1974-1977 gdrediske (AT) Great times, great Shipmates
DD-837 Otis Remington OS3 10/72-6/75 opar (AT) didn't think any people from the Sarsfield still existed.
DD-837 Joe Remish ET2 10/71-12/75 joseph.remish (AT) Looking for pixs from the Nam cruise and anyone who knew me.
DD-837 Michael Rhodes SN 1971 - 1972 rhodes.san (AT) Mess duty, First Division, CS Striker, served durying Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam, liberty in Hong Kong, PI, received shellback picture of me on main deck
DD-837 Edward Ridge DC2 68 to70 edw99999 (AT) It was an experience that I have lived many times.
DD-837 Jack W. Roberts TM3 8/45-12/45 goldminer5 (AT) Plank Owner
DD-837 Jeff Robinson ETR2 1966 to 1969 jearro (AT) I had the privilege of working along side of some really great guys in the ET shop.
DD-837 Fred Rodillas PNC 1974 to 1977 rodillas (AT)  
DD-837 Vince Roebuck SM1 jul 72-lul 77 veroebuckjr (AT) glad to come across this site. great ship!
DD-837 Allen (Albino) Romine SM3 1958 to 1960 ka4dxp (AT) I now live in the Western Washington area moved from Alabama
DD-837 Leo Ronan SK3 1/76 to10/77 leoronan (AT) looking to hear from shipmates. had a lot of fun haze grey and underway
DD-837 Dino Rossi OS2 06/74 - 06/75 roziam (AT) Best Wishes To All
DD-837 Charles W. Roszak SM/QMS3 1/48 to 9/48 rusppa78cwr (AT) Flag Signalman for ComDesRon60 initial set-up at Key West,Fla.
DD-837 Gene Rotunda ICSN 1960-1962 GRotunda (AT) Enjoyed the whole experience. Great way to spend your youth!
DD-837 Joie Ruggles SA 1961 to 1964 bUSYBEEJAY (AT) Oh, so many good memories-Would like to hear from shipmates
DD-837 Jim Rushton E-3 9/70-3/71 j.rushton (AT) I really had fun on the middle east cruise in 1971
DD-837 Stan Russell SMSN 71-71 olphart (AT)  
DD-837 Tim Ryan SFP2 4/68 - 09/70 timsamjes (AT)  
DD-837 Louis Santiago E-3 1971 to 1973 louis.santiago41 (AT) I worked in the aft engine room, my friends were Robert Cordovez, Billies Boles, Doug Jepsen, Richard Green,
DD-837 Bob Santos Midshipman 6/73 sliderule512 (AT) Was on Sarsfield for Med Mid Cruise. Saw ship towed into Kaohsuing in 2009 to become local museum.
DD-837 James Schettig STG3 1963-1966 w4knb (AT)  
DD-837 Ronnie Seaton EN2 1970 to 1972 rons (AT) A good ship with a great crew.
DD-837 Ricky D. Shultz HT3 1974-1976 Rdssw1911_45acp (AT) Would be great to hear from some shipmates. Joel Adams, Danny Bell, Mickey Hemphill, Mike Roth.etc.
DD-837 Warren Siegel GMG3 9/66-6/69 siegel6524 (AT)  
DD-837 Michael Sinks MM2 7/74-9/76 mdsinks (AT) 'Mad Dog Mike''
DD-837 Dale Smith E-4 1969 to 1971 Deceased Dale Died 2007 Ship Aspestos
DD-837 Robert F. Smith GMG2 1971-1975 tinstar78 (AT) looking for friends in the gun gang
DD-837 Harry K. Smith RDC 1970-1972 HKS2249 (AT)  
DD-837 James P. Smith BT2/E-5 8/63 to 8/67 jimandangie38 (AT) Loved the gray ladie
DD-837 Emery L. Spirko ET3 1955-1957 theretiredman (AT) Ask me about the USS Sarsfield Assn.
DD-837 Robert Starck RD2 8/56-12/59 bsplusbs (AT) Boy have we aged since Key West
DD-837 Lee Stevens BT3 1974-1975 LEEKAR72 (AT)  
DD-837 Griffin Stoutenburg EMFN 1971 to 1972 elecgrif (AT) Good times on my first ship, made many friends. Mid east cruise 1971.
DD-837 Bob Stowell ET3/E-4 4/71-11/75 bstowell (AT) Still in Alabama-I keep in contact with some of the guys in the south-Joe Remish-would be interesting to catch up
DD-837 Thomas J. Stretton SN 4/68 - 4/70 diane2s1 (AT) would love to hear from anyone
DD-837 Tom Tabor MM2 1966 to 1969 chieftabor (AT) great ship and crew,best liberty around the world. Transfered to the seabees retired 1993
DD-837 Terry Tate E-3 10/71-4/74 ttate49 (AT)  
DD-837 Dennis Taylor HT2 Nov 70 - Oct 72 freddtaylor (AT) Did Vietnam Tour in 71-72. What a time and remember being hit and patching holes in hull.
DD-837 Fred Taylor E-5 11/70 - 10/72 freddtaylor (AT) Last tour VIETNAM 72. What a great ship. Never forget guys
DD-837 Mark Thomas RD3 6/72 - 6/75 markthomas12591 (AT) Looking for Bob Carlson and Mike Capizzi
DD-837 Tom Thompson RM1 1965 - 1966 JustTom (AT)  
DD-837 Joe Thorne IC2 1967 j.thorne (AT) Last duty out of Key West, great ship.
DD-837 Jack Thornton E-2 1976 to 1977 jack-wen-ndakids (AT) My nick name was Smilin Jack and I was a Snipe
DD-837 Robert Thrasher YN3 1958 to 1959 Taterbud38 (AT)  
DD-837 Paul Tornow, Jr. STG3 1975-1976 felixss (AT) 1st Ship, Med Criuse '75
DD-837 Reynaldo Torres BT2 1/70-1/74 rtorres13 (AT) Wow! What a site! Like to chat w/shipmates; workplace-aft/fireroom.
DD-837 Norm (Tree) Trevena SH4 1970 to 1972 simiskoal (AT) was a laundryman and ran the ships store for a while,mid east and vietnam tours,
DD-837 Alfred Tritchler E-3 1966- 9/68 Fangless (AT) Note USS Sarsfield on any e-mails. Looking for shipmates.
DD-837 Jodie Underwood BM3 1972-1973 underdog_33825 (AT) Would like to hear from any and all that was on the sarfield,
DD-837 Alfred Valaitis FN1 1947-48 Tedal (AT)  
DD-837 David Wagner STG3 1966-1967 dwagner2 (AT)  
DD-837 John Wahking OSCS 2/76-10/77 Wahking (AT)  
DD-837 Thomas Waldo SK3 Aug 1957-Aug 1959 tomsbonsai (AT)  
DD-837 Bill Wamsley OS3 1972-73 billwamsley (AT) Chairman USS Sarsfield Association
DD-837 Stan Warner EM2 1965-1969 aggieindy (AT)  
DD-837 C. Danny Weatherspoon IC2 1974-1975 Chris.D.Weatherspoon (AT) Last Ship, Did North Atlantic 1975 and Caribbean. Black IC man known as Spoon.
DD-837 Richard Weaver GMT2 5/69 - 6/72 skipweaver (AT)  
DD-837 Gary Webster EM3 1962-1964 asigrowold (AT) Took me far too long to realize the BEST FRIENDS I ever had were the ones I left behind in the Navy-email me
DD-837 Joe (Huey) Weis MM2 2/68 to 9/71 DDDJ (AT) NETINS.NET Brothers e-mail add. Where is Eric Wutch from So Dak. Larry Hoffman-Tx
DD-837 John Weller EN2 1950 to 1953 johnbernie.waller (AT) Any of you old engine guys out there still??
DD-837 Albert Whitaker SM2 1960 to 1962 ALWHIT (AT) Would like to hear from any Sarsfield sailor.
DD-837 Neil White E-4 1969 to 1972 Perfectstix3 (AT)  
DD-837 Donald Whitford BM3 3/72 - 6/75 sweetmemories (AT) Great ship, good memories!
DD-837 Jess Willard E-3 05/44-08/45 coolywill (AT) Cpt. Peirce was skipper shipmates,baxter,byrd ,tex ,kilgore
DD-837 David William SK3 7/69-9/70 dalin23912 (AT) South America Goodwill cruise. Best cruise I ever had.
DD-837 Garry Wilson EN3 1969-1970 Wilsong7 (AT) Like to hear from anyone that knew me.
DD-837 Dale Wilson BMSN 01/76 1977 dale.wilson (AT) Made last Med cruise and was on her to the last day she was an American Ship
DD-837 Rick Wiswell BTFN 9/74-10/77 WISWELL (AT) LEMOORENET.COM Steamed and partied hard!! Not necessarily in that order!!
DD-837 Ken Worthington BT2 2/50- 5/52 kenynany (AT)  
DDE-837 Robert Altomare STG2 1960 to 1964 bobandhari (AT)  
DDE-837 Donald Barnes FT1 1946-52 donbarnes27 (AT) My first ship and still the best
DDE-837 Ed Bockol ICFN 1958 to 1960 EBOCKOL (AT)  
DDE-837 Charles Buckley MM2 12/58-2/62 cbbudman (AT) Seemed big while serving-looks tiny now.
DDE-837 Robert Bullock MM2 Mem of Baker4,aft eng rm-run by Wiley (Bebopp)Martin(clone of Fats Domino)-rem JJ Martin&H Parris-great tour.
DDE-837 Don Bullock YN3 02/59 - 02/61 donandjean1245 (AT)  
DDE-837 Cloyde G. Cady CS3 1959-1963 cgcady (AT) 1-616-866-9104
DDE-837 Robert Conklin E-4 10/55 to 06/59 conk (AT) Would like to hear from former friends aboard Sarsfield
DDE-837 R. W. (Bill) Cummins GM3 11/54-11/56 bdcummins4 (AT)  
DDE-837 James Daniel SN 5/63-8/64 jimdan (AT) Met my wife at the USO in Miami, have great memories
DDE-837 Lyle Dennison ET2 12/56 to 07/57 ldennis1 (AT)  
DDE-837 Dennis Dougherty BT2 1959-1963 Deceased My shipmate Dennis, died near the end of 2007. Sail on brother.
DDE-837 Donald Ellison BMSN 3/58 - 2/60 donald.ellison (AT) Enjoyed my reserve time aboard the Sarsfield & the people who made up this team
DDE-837 Don Frate MM3 1960-1961 donf (AT)  
DDE-837 James Keese MM3 12/60-07/62 Chtta4Jim (AT) I served on 3 ships during my hitch, and 837 was the best.
DDE-837 Clifford Kennedy GM3 1955 - 1959 clandbjk (AT)  
DDE-837 Ralph LaBarr BT2 3/58-1/62 heddamd2 (AT) new e-mail address above--phone 941-758-0537
DDE-837 Eugene J. Lauritano IC2 3/53 to 5/55 ROGENL (AT)  
DDE-837 Bill Limbaugh MM3 1960 to 1964 billywonder (AT)  
DDE-837 James Lindstrom MM2 1/57-7/59 jlindstrom (AT) Best Sea Duty in the Navy. Love to hear from my shipmates
DDE-837 Mead (Mac) McCabe ETSN 11/57-7/59 mccabe_m (AT) Key West! It's all a blur. Except Key West Kate.
DDE-837 John McCloy IC3 03/57 - 09/59 bigjohnmccl (AT) I am happy to hear from any who remembers me. (435) 656-5594
DDE-837 Melvin (Mack) Mclaughlin DR3 12/58 to 6/60 guru1274 (AT) I'd like to talk with old shipmates.
DDE-837 Kenneth Middleman SN 1960 to 1961 samkam (AT)  
DDE-837 William Moore MM2 8/56-1/60 ezra6 (AT)  
DDE-837 Gerald Newton YN3 1960 to 1961 gnewton4803 (AT)  
DDE-837 Dennis O'Connell BM/SN 1962 Galway2 (AT) I'd like to talk with old shipmates.
DDE-837 Daniel Patt SOG3 JUNE 1956-SEPT.,1959 dpatt (AT) Looking for shipmates that served 56-59, info on Carl T. Snyder EDD 837 and DESDIV 601
DDE-837 Ronald Perry BMSN 1958 to 1961 none phone# (731) 688-5116 key west , what a ride
DDE-837 Henry Piasky QM2 1959-1962 hpiasky837 (AT) Please join the Sarsfield Family Assocation.
DDE-837 Ron Rose E-3 1960-1964 WOODZGOOD01 (AT) I still remember a few names-would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
DDE-837 Albert Ruane RD2 2/52 to 7/55 angusis (AT)  
DDE-837 Joie Ruggles SN 1961-1964 Rugglesjoie (AT) Looking for Shipmates
DDE-837 Burton Schaen BT2 1951 to 1955 MIASCHAEN (AT)  
DDE-837 Steve Sebastian SM3 1960/1962 steves58 (AT) Wouldn't mind hearing from old shipmates!!
DDE-837 Larry Smith RM3 1960 to1962 918-636-6446 cuban missile crisis russian ship patrol
DDE-837 Albert Steenwyk MM3 1951 to 1952 al_steenwyk (AT)  
DDE-837 Douglas Thompson CS3 1960-1962 flodoug62 (AT) Key West was great
DDE-837 Robert Thrasher YN3 1959 to 1960 Taterbud (AT) Go Navy
DDE-837 Frank Whitten FT2 1959 to 1961 fwhitten (AT)  
DDE-837 Dale Wiggins QM3 11/56-9/58 moksha1 (AT) I remember 12 shipmates, Glad you're still steaming!
DDE-837 Marshall Wood MM3 1961 to 1964 farnorthwood (AT) Worked forward engine room
DDE-837 Donald Zich RM3 6/53-7-56 dzich (AT) Was on DesDiv 601 Staff-the Sarsfield was the flagship-also served on USS F.M. Robinson,Uss Jack W. Wilke.
DDE-837 Francis Zucco FA-MM3 9/54-9/57 carz39 (AT) looking for JJ Martin MM2 or Robert Blough MM3
DDR-837 Ed Binder FT3 1962 edbinder1011 (AT)  
EDD-837 Robert Altomare STG2 1960 1964 Bobandhari (AT)  
EDD-837 Humbertoi Barrera CS4 1958-60 barreracustombldr (AT)  
EDD-837 Jack Bartholomew RD3 1951-1955 jbart96 (AT)  
EDD-837 Charles Stuart Belvin GM3 1957-1959 gojuiceplus (AT) Enjoyed chasing submarines with the RAT. C L Kennedy (GM3) and Hogue (GM2) will know all about this.
EDD-837 George H. Croom, Jr. SHLSN & mess cook 7/58 to 1959 croomgeorge63 (AT) Onboard until the uss bough came w/my dad on it-we both took the next ship to deep freeze the uss peterson de152
EDD-837 Bob (Ike) Isom SN 1/62-8/63 risom02302 (AT) what a ride---march of 62 noreth atlantic--anyone remember
EDD-837 Roy Marsico SN 1949 to 1950 rsmarsico30 (AT) My first ship, five more after it
EDD-837 Alfred M. Martochio TM3 1950-1954 tonymarks333 (AT) Specific duties: firing & retrieving experimental battety operated torpedoes
EDD-837 Daniel Patt SO3 6/56 to 10/59 dpatt (AT) Looking for anyone aboard 56-59,esp sonar gang & CPO/ENS Carl Snyder,my Chief who made ENS
EDD-837 Ronald Rose FN3 12/60-2/64 Woodzgood01 (AT) been a long time,anyone out there remember?????
EDD-837 George Shadowens SK2 1955-1958 gshadowens (AT)  
EDD-837 Kenneth Sollars RM1 1948-1953 kensollars (AT)  

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