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DD-217 Jeff Callahan   WWII calgaritaville (AT) my dad served on this ship/ george callahan
DD-217 Homer Cowan MoM1 WWII jimschaff (AT) Homer was my step dad. would be interested in hearing from his shipmates. Jim Schaff
DD-217 Ed Finigan FC2 6/44 to 11/45 efinigan (AT) (New address for 2003.) Remember the mess cooks & Hattaras?
DD-217 Roger Foerch SM20-V6 9/2/42-1945 peabod2007 (AT) Roger is my grandfather and I would love to recieve any info anyone has on him, or if anyone knew of him.
DD-217 William Millard WT2 1942 - 1945 c/o rantoon51 (AT) lots of good memories
DD-217 James Skelly   1920 to 1922 jmac893 (AT) My Grandfather-served onboard during her 1st cruise (Russia,Turkey,Syria,Egypt,Singapore,China,Phillipines)
DD-217 Harvey Westfall Y2 4/43 to 10/44 harveywestfall (AT) Convoy duty, North & South Atlantic, Caribbean
DE/FF-1062 Steve Busby EM2 1/74 - 7/77 crybaby53 (AT) Great memories-Mexican Navy named her aft my wife, Mina! (JK!)-wish I could see her one last time (ship, not wife)
DE/FF-1062 William Erndt FTG2 02/73-02/76 biller2001 (AT) I pissed the CO off by getting married in PI. No regrets.
DE/FF-1062 Andy Flores HT2 11/77-10/79 Dru555 (AT) I really enjoyed west PAC and the time I spent onboard
DE/FF-1062 Albert M. Gagnon OS1 5/70-8/74 MOGAGNON (AT)  
DE/FF-1062 Ronald Griffin BM/E-3 2/18/1975 rgriff08 (AT)  
DE/FF-1062 Thomas McConnaughey E-3 74/77 bearcub_1956 (AT) best crew I served with
DE/FF-1062 Rod Moore PC3 4/82-10/83 rwmoore (AT)  
DE/FF-1062 James Nechanicky BMC 1970to1974 ceskyman (AT) I know there are Whipple shipmates out there .
DE/FF-1062 Leonard Smith BM1,E-3,1st & SH2,E-3 10/72 to 8/74 leonardsmith84 (AT) Long time no see 319-693-1071 or text at 319-521-0226-always there-Grand view apts #4 801 22nd,st.,Marion,IA
DE/FF-1062 Dan Ward ETR2 01/74 - 04/77 ynnad49 (AT) Great ET gang. Troy boy, Ski, Phillips, Wimbley, et al;
DE-1062 Darryl Alexander BT3 72 to 75 CSAGun2 (AT) I got to paint the first red E on the mac
DE-1062 Albert Almada EM3 12/71-6/73 beto_b (AT) Changed name from Adalberto Almada to Adalberto Banuelos due to adoption-everyone called me Almada or Albert
DE-1062 Robert (Bob) Caraway HT1 4/70-4/73 carawayraiders (AT) Plankowner and would like to hear from any of you other plankowners.
DE-1062 Gerald (Grizz) Caskey FM 7/70-8/74 gmcaskey (AT) one of many plankowners
DE-1062 Gerald (Curt) Chastain GMG3 1975 to 1977 unclegerald57 (AT) Served with Anderson,Sears,Barlowe,Gregg,Cajon Joe,Cleavenger-started in Deck-spent half time in drydocks
DE-1062 Charles Crabtree ETR2 10/71-8/74 ccc1062 (AT)  
DE-1062 Richard Cunningham EW2 7/74 - 7/76 ivhs72 (AT)  
DE-1062 David Fore IC2 2/72-6/74 pcdiver (AT) Join' the Army.(age 50) Trying to get some requested info.
DE-1062 Daniel Garcia STG2 6/70 - 4/74 dcgarcia (AT)  
DE-1062 Steve Gasper GMG 1970-1974 Steveo1225 (AT) Plankowner
DE-1062 Jack Gradle ETR2 1970 to1974 jack5010 (AT) plankowner
DE-1062 Michael Gray SK2 1971 to 1973 showtunernyc (AT) Would love to reconnect. Anyone in the NY Metro Area?
DE-1062 Stephen Green SN 1973 to 1975 ssgreen54 (AT) Would like to re-connect with some of my old shipmates,in weapons division
DE-1062 Denny Haldeman FTG3 12/72-07/73 dennyh (AT) Loved crew-mixed experience-had to testify against Capt Orsic & Lt Peters-lawsuit by Paul Leighton-info on FB
DE-1062 Warde Hayden TM3 3/1973-12/1975 haydenwc423 (AT)  
DE-1062 Van Hazlewood GMT3 12/71-12/74 wolf313 (AT)  
DE-1062 Jim Jarman OS2 08/70-11/73 Jarmanj (AT) At sea, you find a leak but flooding finds you!
DE-1062 Paul Lefford E-2 4/73 - 12/73 pdlefford (AT) had a motor cycle wreck got transfered
DE-1062 Paul Levatino STG3 8/70-7/73 phuntingtonbeach (AT) Plankowner sonar crew
DE-1062 Lester McGowan HT3 1972 to 1973 lesterm501 (AT) Still in southern Ohio. Carroway was my div lead. He nicknamed me snake brain.
DE-1062 Gregory Miller EMFN 12/71 to 12/73 gmiller922 (AT)  
DE-1062 Robert Moore STGC 12/72 to 4/75 bmoore (AT)  
DE-1062 Delbert Moore MM3 7/72-6/74 mdelbert (AT)  
DE-1062 Albert Munoz IC3 1974-1977 hotelal (AT) Would like a get togather
DE-1062 James Nechanicky BMC/BMCS 1970-74 jnicky3765 (AT) Where all of the cpo mess Chiefs? I've found a few, and is there going to be another reunion?
DE-1062 Patrick Reith SM3 12/72 - 10/75 Reithpatrick (AT) Best crew / Best times / Love to hear from someone
DE-1062 Daniel Rodda SM2 8/70-3/71 rodda1942 (AT) OnThis Ship I am a Plank Owner!!!
DE-1062 Charles Simmons SN 1970 to 1972 csimmons1 (AT) Nickname ''TEX''
DE-1062 Leonard Smith SN-SH-BM 10/1/1972 leonardsmith387 (AT) Contact me at 3192704160
DE-1062 Ronald Stokes GMG2 precom to 11/1971 ronald.l.lstokes (AT) Plank owner
DE-1062 Gary Tyson QMSN 1970-1971 DD978 (AT) Plank Owner, Email me if you remember me
DE-1062 Paul Walker RM3 9/74 - 5/75 boghots (AT) Good mems/friends-where are Rick Bravois,Terry Drier? Served with my Adak shipmate Mike Cleavenger.
DE-1062 Danny Ward ETR2 01/74 - 05/77 dannyeward49 (AT)  
DE-1062 Jim Willson STGC 05/70 - 11/72 kyoko1 (AT) The finest crew I ever served with.
DE-1062 Dennis Winkler MM3 1971 - 1973 dennis (AT) Brother duty with FTG2 Larry Winkler. Two trips to Vietnam and became shell-back. How much fun was that?
DE-1062/FF-1062 Mark Hayes OS3 8/74 - 12/76 post1mark (AT) Good memories(good when they were being made)-crew/life aboard amazing for young man-ship/crew the best!
FF1062 Mike Cook BT3 1977- 1979 mickslick59 (AT) great ship and crew. many great ports.
FF-1062 Jesse Art MMC 9/77-12/80 usairon (AT) Great People and lots of new experiences (Boiler explosion)
FF-1062 Bertram Bargamento TM1 8/88-8/91 bargamen (AT)  
FF-1062 Antonio Baskins SN 11/90 - 2/92 abaskins (AT)  
FF-1062 Gene Bentley MM2 1975 to 1977 (AT)  
FF-1062 Ricky (Birdman) Birdwell MM3 11/81- 10/83 birdman1062 (AT)  
FF-1062 Ken Bogowith HT2 3/85 thru 9/86 KBogowith (AT) Worked hard/ partied hard
FF-1062 Paul Bordeaux QM2 6/79-6/83 roadscholar65 (AT) ahoy!
FF-1062 Drew (Jethro) Brodeen BT1 76-82 ? dbrodeen (AT) Will never forget the ship or crew
FF-1062 Kenny Brown EW2 4/81-11/84 KBrow (AT) ... alot of Spec Ops , Smiles Subic, Persian Gulf(Hormuz)
FF-1062 Kenny Capaz BT3 5/77-5/79 scapaz (AT) High times in high seas. Never forget the shipmates.
FF-1062 Matt Clark ET2 2/89-1/91 ks4ge (AT) looking for Brad, Donnie, Jimmy Lee, Jimbo, Zeek, ETC Eskew
FF-1062 Donald Clarke HT3? 1971-1975 (?) dolphinlovingmom (AT) Would like to hear from anyone who knew my father.
FF-1062 Ron Connell   80-82 Ronconnell123 (AT) Always nice to hear from old bud's
FF-1062 Carl Conner BT 4/81 - 9/85 carl202 (AT) hello old friends ben dillbeck mark scheer chaz tolden luke weed hope all is well
FF-1062 Mark Contatore STG3 02/82-06/84 mcontatore (AT) The Whipple was the finest ship and crew in PH ever !
FF-1062 Mike Cook BT3 1977- 1979 mickslick59 (AT) great ship and crew. many great ports.
FF-1062 Daniel Coons E-6 10/77-04/80 bassetbabies (AT) Looking for shipmates onboard during boiler explosion
FF-1062 Allen Corbett ET2 1988-1991 Great time with a Great crew
FF-1062 Steve Cunningham HT2 1/82 to 1/85 sacstevenc (AT) had a good time boxing in diego garcia and on the boat
FF-1062 David Davis EMFN 9/76-6/78 sprk57 (AT) Aloha
FF-1062 Allison Dawson MM3 1982 to 1986 dawsonvcool (AT) netzero Aux 1 we light up your life
FF-1062 Christopher Day OS2 4/87-9/90 sevendays96818 (AT) Still Navy as of 10/02, CWO2 stationed at NOPF Whidbey Isl.
FF-1062 Alfred Denofre BM1 1982 to 1984 Ajdeno (AT) really enjoyed my tour of duty on board the Whipple.
FF-1062 Mike Denton RM2 precom 1971 YogiMickBabe (AT) I also served on board the USS John S. McCain & USS Henderson. Would love to hear from anyone who is an ex destroyer sailor
FF-1062 Brad Dewson HT2 10/85 to 2/89 william (AT)  
FF-1062 Ricky Doby RM3 1976 to 1978 Doby54 (AT) Great westpac 1977. Great mates and memories. RM2 Gubish miss ya bud
FF-1062 Joe Dolgos RMC precom to 1972 jldolgos (AT)  
FF-1062 Mikeal Dupnik BT3 7/85 to 9/88 Milkman41965 (AT)  
FF-1062 Jeff DuPont RM3 6/84 - 4/88 (AT) It seems like it was only yesterday
FF-1062 David Elias MM3 1982-1985 dgelias (AT) Like to hear from some Alum! Alive and Well in Austin, TX.
FF-1062 John Elkins BMW/SA 1979 - 1981 Slowass17 (AT) Great ppl/times-saw the world/lived to tell about it-them aholes don't like USA we got places they need to visit!
FF-1062 Gene Estes SH3 1985 to 1988 g_manestes (AT) Machinst Mate turned Ships Serviceman
FF-1062 John Fincham HT1(SW/DV) 1980 to 1984 fincham220 (AT) Best crewfriends I've ever known contact me!!
FF-1062 Raymond Garvey PN2 3/81 - 11/85 bb63 (AT) links to my Missouri and both Whiple sites.
FF-1062 Larry Gilmore OSC 9/72-10/76 Larry1939 (AT) Great Ship and crew. Email welcomed
FF-1062 Jack Gradle ETR2 70 to 74 jack5010 (AT) plankowner
FF-1062 Gary Grahn RMCS 81-84 ggrahn (AT) Happy to have served with everyone, and have the best MARS afloat station on the high seas.
FF-1062 Gerald Hannah MSC 1978-1980 RetNavyCPO85 (AT)  
FF-1062 Michael Hodnett RMSN/E-3 2/82 to 1985 mhodnett18 (AT) First duty station-still remember all onboard-still care about you guys & pray for all of you-God bless you all
FF-1062 Chris Hope OS3 1976-1978 uscgr (AT)  
FF-1062 Patrick Houck BTC 11/82-10/85 Houck61 (AT)  
FF-1062 Thomas Jacobs ET1 12/76-3/1978 tsjac (AT) Great ship/ I had a great ET gang
FF-1062 Gary Jones SM2 06/76-05/81 dragonflysrest (AT) I grew up on that ship. I'll never forget that fine ship and my great shipmates.
FF-1062 Ken (Rily) Kallstrom GMG2 3/81 to 5/84 Erikshoes (AT) Found Stg2 Kurt J Jacobsen...Rest easy my friend ALOHA!
FF-1062 Jim Kelsey QMCS 1975-1976 keltal (AT)  
FF-1062 Rik Kennedy BT2 88-91 rik_kennedy (AT) The Mighty Whipple, Anyone remember names on the accumul
FF-1062 Steve Langley IC1 01/79-04/83 clangley (AT) Great ship!! Great crew!!! Great friends!!! What memories!!!
FF-1062 Jim Maciejewski GMG2 1987 to 1992 jimmaciejewski (AT) Great ship. Good memories.
FF-1062 William Mangers MM2 1981-1983 MangersB (AT)  
FF-1062 Tom Masaitis MM3 1970 - 1972 tmasaitis (AT) Proud to be Plankowner-2nd trip to Vietnam-lot of Great Memories-thx Whipple & all my shipmates
FF-1062 Steve May RM2 1980 - 1984 tedted53 (AT) Best Crew! Good Times!
FF-1062 William (Bill) McDowell DK3 1987-1990 mcdowewr (AT)  
FF-1062 Robert McLean TM3 05/75 06/77 mroberte (AT) Spent another 20 yrs in reserves-with billet availability made it to TM2-1 yr drydock,then sea trials & Westpac
FF-1062 David Meites SK2 09/76 - 01/80 meites4 (AT) Great crew, great ship
FF-1062 Rod Moore PC3 1982-1983 rwmoore (AT) geat ship and crew!
FF-1062 Kevin O'Donnell MM2(SW) 1978-1982 kp_odonnell (AT) Great crew! Great times! Great West Pacs! I'll never forget good ship Whipple.
FF-1062 Dean Opper MM1 1984 -1985   ph - 360 769 - 4052
FF-1062 Arthur Packard STG2 77-79 artpackard (AT)  
FF-1062 Fred Rapisura BT2 7/75 - 4/80 frapisura (AT) So many good memories
FF-1062 Cory Reilly HTC 3/81-3/83 Thereillyfamily (AT) Great crew and Great ship
FF-1062 Mark Roberts OS3 12/77 - 8/80 Steve_Roberts73 (AT) Destroyers Online
FF-1062 Roger Rutherford BT3 11/76 - 4/78 rogerr4482 (AT) I see several names on this web site that I remember. Drop me a line. Let's catch up.
FF-1062 Mark Scheer BT3 82-84 scheerfam6 (AT) We had a big time, Charlie Tolden, Ben Dilbeck ya out there?
FF-1062 Robert J. Smith MA1 08/87-11/88 bmick68 (AT) Was ACCMAA on board
FF-1062 MIlton Smith E-2 9/77 - 11/81 421 North Main St., Leeds, MA 01053 would love to hear from some of my former shipmates peace.
FF-1062 Mike Spalding GMT2 4/82-8/84 michael.spalding (AT) Lots of fun...should've taken the job more seriously.
FF-1062 Lewis Spencer RM3 10/82 - 5/86 lds2115 (AT) At sea no one can hear you scream.
FF-1062 Eric Stark QM3 12/85 - 4/88 eric.stark (AT) Great times!
FF-1062 George Stevens BT2 1984-1986 gafstevens (AT)  
FF-1062 George Stout OS2 10/84-8/87 cgnzg (AT) Three of the greatest years of my life
FF-1062 Gary Tyson QM3 1970-1971 DD978 (AT) plank owner. best ship i was on
FF-1062 Mark Uelmen MR1 01/80-08/81 Muelm (AT) Converted from MR1 to NC1 while onboard
FF-1062 Luke Weed BTFN 1979 -1982 laweed (AT) Ahoy Bucko's,lets here from you
FF-1062 Robert Weinheimer LT 1982-1984 LCDRET (AT) I'll be a Frigate sailor till I die.
FF-1062 Scott Welch OS2 1978-1979 oswelch (AT)  
FF-1062 Mike West LCDR 6/84-12/85 commpres (AT) Was XO of the best ship in P' Harbor. Great CO, great crew!
FF-1062 Tim White GMG3 1976-1978 1955 (AT) Great friends/Great times
FF-1062 Glenn Wilhite IC3 1983 to 1986 cpsglenn (AT) ''Haze grey and underway''
FF-1062 Matt Wilson BM3 1984 to 1985 mlw1963 (AT) Served my last year on this great ship-shocked to see her in the latest Pearl Harbor movie-was a nice suprise.

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